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A simple utility to set the wallpaper from bitmaps selected with the Gallery activity.

It's always been a mystery to me why the standard Android wallpaper setter always distorts images even when I have them sized correctly. I never seem to be able to use the scaling controls in a way that doesn't damage the bitmap.

There are other simple wallpaper setters out there, but so buggy and poorly made. I decided to write yet another. Enjoy.

Images selected that are the same height as the screen will default to being used as-is. You can override this behavior with a checkbox which will proportionally scale to screen height.

ATTENTION NOOK USERS: I can't reproduce your environment. Please email me so we can work on the bugs you're seeing. Really, anyone who is having problems, I need more than Market comments.

This is the donation version of Wallaby for anyone who feels like supporting the author. If you're purchasing now: thank you!




  • Switzerland Trip report, The white-faced clock, of course, is the classic (and patented) Swiss Railway design. He told me that Mondaine pays a license fee to the Swiss railway for the use of the design, but that he himself does not because Moser-Baer helped develop the design. Good thing, too, as

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  • Login, Iconic yet simplistic, Mondaine is the official and exclusive Swiss Railway Watch. a Swiss Engineer and Designer and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways, created the famous Swiss Railways Clock with its

  • Time clock | Law | , Blog home. Time clock. Tweet this. Comments ( ) OldSmoothie had a solicitor client today who was wise to OldSmoothie's billing tactics and was Swiss Railway Watch. The Mondaine Swiss Railway watch is a recognised design classic. This Swiss watch

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  • SBB " The Telltale Rail, On Tuesdays through the beginning of August, we'll be posting a blog post related with a trivia tweet. The Swiss watch and clock industry made its mark in Geneva during the mid-16th century thanks to reforms implemented by Jean

  • Mondaine Swiss Railway Clocks | Gear Patrol, The classic design by Hans Hilfiker is iconic. The railway clock is a standard throughout Europe and it's instantly legible without garish design. There are

  • Mondaine Railway Watches - mondaine-deals, mondaine- Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Watch Women's "Night Vision" A669.30334.14SBB The design is based on the Swiss railway SBB Swiss Mondaine watches patented design of the station. The clock Mikro is a series of drawings of women in the Bauhaus

  • Mondaine Clock – Aloof - Design Consultancy - Sus*** and London, Mondaine Clock/ 18.03.2011. Swiss Railway Clock designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944. The aloof blog is written by our team. This is what interests us,

  • swiss rolex watches | reeboknflcaps's Blog @ OleOle, The Seiko watch company was formed in Japan in 1881 at that time under the name of K. Hattori. It began life as a clock repair. - reeboknflcaps's Blog

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  • Free printable clock face with minutes Basel Farah, free printable clock face with minutes - dialogue in the public square printable sundial face diagram - i would like to offer a copy of her first book free to one of my friends in the blog world (because you know but i did notice and based on the swiss railway station clock created in 1944 by


  • Forum Archives available, Forum Archives available Not a Swiss clock railway this morning. The heart says "public transport", the head forces car. Meeting Season. Milk producers. An unusual journey for me - some observations. Want to comment? You're welcome on the forum. Where has our train gone?

  • Watch Batteries - Thailand Forum, can anyone suggest a decent place to get a new watch battery please? it's for a mondaine swiss railway watch. The big watch/clock shop on Thanon Tha Phae will take good care of you

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  • Gravity Clock ufo , page 1, here is one where he compairs gravity clock theory against the teather incident videos I really like how the speed compounds as the clock does its thing

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  • Java : Oli4 Soft GmbH Waotch Buempliz v2.0.8 S60 Java Cracked, ipmart- Oli4 Soft GmbH Waotch Buempliz v2.0.8 S60 Java Cracked-* http://i39/2gxeetc.jpghttp://i43/n2cxno.jpg Nice virtual ***og clock for your mobile. buempliz - the symbol of swiss precision - present in every

  • Railway station clock, basic4 Hi, When I tried to help someone with the trigonometry, I felt that this job could be finished. The result is a railway station clock. Uses "

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  • sntXrrr skin collection, rotlaus- Yes, I too had to use the swiss railway clock. It's a classic, I have one on my wall so Anyway, here's a swiss version with two timezones. The name of the timezone is displayed

  • Merc vito Y reg onwards - what to look out for? " Singletrack, reliable as a Swiss railway train. We did have Peugeot Experts but killed them quite quickly. VW is part of our branding and as such, they do us from a guy off the t4 forum. It's got 52k on the clock and the guy is kitting it out for

  • Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Message Boards: The Swiss Cottage, The Swiss Cottage Railway Incident 1888. Log Out | Topics | Search have noticed that there were many railway assault cases that criminal historians have

  • Answer me this... | The Back Room Archive | Back Room Forum, The Swiss are supposed to be the most anti-car bunch in Europe. The Swiss also have the highest standard of healtch care in Europe and one of the lowest

  • Recent Posts, General Category / General Forum / Miss Selfridge. on: May 09, 2011, Swiss Mondaine Pigeon Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Clock 6.27 Am Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Clock

  • Any Swiss clocks in Switzerland ? • Model construction, forum.miniatur- Any Swiss clocks in Switzerland ?Model construction & model railway forum. Tickets. News. Guestbook. Forum. VISIT We have heard about Swiss chocolate. But I wonder that we do not hear anything about Swiss clocks. Examples are the large outdoor flower clock in Geneva and the world largest Mondaine

  • G1 Themes and Wallpapers [Archive] - xda-developers, forum.xda- [Archive] Themes and wallpapers for the T-Mobile G1 [Skin] Swiss Railway Clock. My first boot screen [Theme] windows 7 beta 3.0 release 1-12-09 [Theme] Kspec Karbon v.99 now with 2

  • Watches, time of the watch are sync together with the atomic clock via radio waves, not all areas are covered with the want normal function swiss made ETA automatics, you can try to get Mido - around 2k and above, Tissot - above RM800, Swiss Army - around RM1.3k