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GetUp! Alarm Clock


Alarm clock designed to wake you up gently, and make sure you get up after.

Fully featured alarm clock, designed to wake you up gently and make sure you get up.

Trial version is also available. Search GetUp! Trial.

Tempted to keep hitting snooze? Try our optional "Walk to dismiss" feature. Get up and walk around or the alarm will sound again!

Features include:* Repeating alarms* Custom schedules* Gently increasing alarm volume (no more shocks!)* Play your own music* Snooze options (including max snoozes)* "Walk to dismiss" option to get you out of bed!and much more!

This application is actively being developed and we welcome your feedback. Want new features? Having problems? Feel free to mail me at

Notes:* Android alarms cannot work if moved to SD.* Phone state permission required so alarm doesn't launch during phone calls.* Android 2.1 users: Exclude app from task killers.




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