Talking Zebra

by Game For Lady and kids / www.mybananaapp.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 25M


Wild zebra is here! Limited time free.

He is wild horse of the cowboy, Don Quixote best mate, he shows you his strong body, movements with rich sense of humor, though heâs a bit greedy, but still maintain a good image of a gentleman. The most important thing is, he can imitate you speech, imitate every word you say, of course, if you find him irritating, you can turn off this feature.

He will have a mood level bar, he will suddenly feel like eating flowers, leaves, drink water and dance. Be surprised, his dancing moves is what you canât imagine of.

Stroke him from top to bottom, he will dance like crazy, click on his head and his mood will turn bad. Click on his mouth, he would knock his shiny teeth with his hoof. Click on his abdomen, he will knock on your phone screen a few times.

In this app, you can experience a zebra version of fruit cutting, wild zebras playfully searching for fruits inside the box, if do not like the fruits he will throw them out, therefore you have to carefully cut them with a single slice. Zebraâs natural sense of humor will take you to surprise of what he would do with some crazy things, such as ⯠⯠pooping! Yes, so you should be careful not to cut into the stool or the game ends immediately.


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Recent changes:

FIX some bugs

Content rating: Everyone


Zebra Sticker

by Orcraphics / www.orcraphics.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 101K


The Zebra Sticker is a beautiful way to decorate your homescreen. Stickers (sometimes also referred to as magnets) are nice widgets to place images on your background. Simple and beautiful. Please check out our collection of stickers/magnets.

This sticker is available in the sizes 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4. All are installed with this package. You will receive all three sizes by downloading.


Please remember that this is a widget, not a normal app. It will not show in the app drawer. In order to place it on the home screen, tap and hold an empty space on the home screen and select widgets. The sticker (or magnet) will be in the widget list, select it in order to place it. The widget menu is often also located in the personalization menu.

Canât find your ultimate sticker or magnet in the market yet? Do you have any other comments or ideas? Please contact us at info@orcraphics.biz. Please also report bugs and issues here. We will try to fix it immediately. Depending on how complex the issue is, we strive to fix any bugs within 24 hours. Thank you.

Enjoy your Zebra Sticker Widget and have a look at our other stickers/magnets.

This app is part of the intellectual property of Orcraphics. Unauthorized use or reselling can lead to legal action.

Content rating: Everyone


Zebra Brush

by Andreas Johnsen Sandvik
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 2M


Zebra Brush is an high quality brush app. You can paint whatever you want with six different brush sizes and five colours. Have fun! :)

Recent changes:

Paint screen is now larger. Use touch button to scroll

Content rating: Everyone


Zebra Theme

by Android Ink / www.androidink.net /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 257K


You must have a home replacement app like Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc. to use this theme!

Love zebras? Here's a theme for you! White and black round button icons with a white and black zebra background!

You must have a home replacement app to run this theme! Examples are Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc!


Search "Android Ink" for many other great themes on the Android Market!

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.73
  • Size 2M


Pink Zebra is a themed social application which lets you stay connected with your friends on the Facebook community. This is the older FASTER version of Facebook.

Pink Zebra Features:

- WAY FASTER then regular Facebook!!!

- Share status updates

- Chat with friends

- Check out your news

- Check upcoming events

- Check your friends walls

- Upload Photos

- Check your messages

.... And much more!

* Check out more of our apps ....

Search the market for "MJRAndroid"

* PLEASE rate & comment on the app when you have a free moment.

*Please Read*


* If you have any questions or problems then please email me before posting negative comments or ratings. The problems are usually not app related and can be fixed, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

* If you are having problems downloading from the market or your Facebook pictures are not showing up in the application then try connecting with a WiFi connection and trying again.

* This is a one time purchase and you will not be charged anything monthly.

* If you are having issues receiving notifications then go to your Facebook account settings on the Facebook website and set notifications to be sent to you either by email or text. The notifications in Pink work for some and not others, when a fix is found then a update will be released promptly.

* Pink Zebra & MJRAndroid are in no way affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

* This is a theme and is intended as such.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Pink Zebra Theme

by Android Ink / www.androidink.net /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 249K


You must have a home replacement app like Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc. to use this theme!

Love zebras? Love the color pink? Here's an app for you!Pink zebra wallpaper with pink round buttons.

You must have a home replacement app to run this theme! Examples are Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc!


Search "Android Ink" for many other great themes on the Android Market!

Content rating: Everyone


Zebras Photo Book

by DigiGlyph / digiglyph.org /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 18M


In the zebras photo book app you'll learn interesting facts about zebras with beautiful pictures of the animal. This isn't just a kids book, it is great app for anyone who who enjoys zebras.

Get started with the Explore Your World series by learning about zebras. Make sure to check out the other photo book apps in the series to see pictures of animals with fun and engaging facts.

=== RECOMMENDED: Android Version 2.2 and Above ===

Content rating: Everyone


Zebra Pink Clock

by AndroidGO!
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 193K


A Zebra Pink Clock for your android device.

This is for the clock widget only.

After Download & install > long-press on your home screen > select widgets > choose this widget!


Content rating: Everyone


Blue Zebra Theme

by Android Ink / www.androidink.net /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 314K


You must have a home replacement app like Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc. to use this theme!

Love zebras? Love the color blue? Here's an app for you! Blue zebra wallpaper with blue round buttons.

You must have a home replacement app to run this theme! Examples are Pandahome, OpenHome, LiveHome, dxtop, etc!


Search "Android Ink" for many other great themes on the Android Market!

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 2
  • Size 2M


Be a part of the world famous world diary project for android. This app is a fully functional diary disguised as a calculator. You can save all your diary entries within the app and participate in the world diary project by posting your diary entries online. Thousands have participated, what are you waiting for?

What is Calculator + WDP? Calculator Plus is two apps in one, first a fully functional calculator and 2nd it is a password protected diary. The calculator replicates android's stock calculator but when you input your password into the calculator it takes you to a secret diary. Within this diary you can store all your daily entries and with WDP you can anonymously broadcast your diary to the entire world. It is completely anonymous, your location, gender age or any information on your phone cannot be retrieved. No registration, no nada.

What is WDP? WDP is The World Diary Project, a completely anonymous forum where you can share your daily journals or diaries with others that might find them interesting. Call it a social experiment if you want. The posts are not reviewed edited or otherwise tampered with. It is truly unfiltered ant anyone in the world can comment on your diary entries. vrs 1


When app first opened enter new password MUST BE NUMERIC

Enter Password into calculator and press the bar to the left of the clear button. This should take you to the secret diary!

Lose your password?

It's ok, email us to reset!

Content rating: High Maturity

  • Current Version 1
  • Size 2M


Dream Safe is the ultimate dream keeper. Log your dreams in this application without fear of prying eyes. Set your password only once and keep your dreams firmly locked away. Share your dreams with the world at the World Dream Project anonymously. No registration.

From the makers of the World Diary Project!

Content rating: High Maturity


Pink Zebra Skin Hearts

by Antrix
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 142K


Zebra Hearts Skin for better keyboard and Smart Keyboard.

NOTE: This is only a skin not an APP. You need better keyboard or smart keyboard to use this skin.

To get better keyboard go to http://betterandroid.wordpress.com

To get Smart Keyboard Pro search "Smart Keyboard Pro" on the android market.

To use this skin with Better Keyboard. Hold your ?123 key and wait for the pop up. Click better keyboard settings. then click better keyboard skin and choose "Zebra Hearts Skin" in the Keyboard Skin listing.

To use this skin with Smart Keyboard. Hold your ?123 key and wait for the pop up. Click general settings. Click Select skin and choose "Zebra Hearts Skin" in the Keyboard Skin listing.


pink, girly, girl, stripes

Content rating: Everyone

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