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Calculate your Body Mass Index

by BRL App Studio
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Simple calculator Body Mass Index.

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Body Fat Calculator

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Determine your Body Fat %, BMI & BMR with a few convenient measurements. A useful supplement to those monitoring their general health and fitness, and those involved in sports. Includes diagnostics, extensive help and an online web guide.

If you encounter any problems or if you have questions, send us an email by selecting the Support item in the Menu.

Recent changes:

3.2.1: Revised on-line guide did not load properly on some old devices. Fixed.

3.2: We've moved the on-line guide (detailed manual) from the web into the app. The menu-accessible guide can now be read even without internet access. The change was required to avoid feature unavailability due to planned web site changes.

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What is MYR?

MYR or Mix up Your Routine will repeatedly challenge your body into new muscle growth. Scientists agree that variety is a major key to muscle gain and avoiding plateaus. This muscle building plan employs a variety of techniques to continuously shock your body to gain muscles including hypertrophy training, drops sets, high volume training, strength training, powerlifting, high intensity interval training and even some MMA workouts! We use muscle confusion workouts to keep it fresh for both your body and mind.

Each MYR app utilizes a new muscle growth technique with 4 â 6 workouts per week and 2 â 3 OFF days. You may mix up where you take your OFF days as long as you take the correct amount of days OFF for the week. Depending on your level of fitness, you may need to adjust the plan for your needs. Try your best to complete each exercise routine in its entirety.

This muscle building program requires basic fitness equipment. The body building plan requires dumbbellâs, a barbell, and a cable pulley machine. If you donât have access to any particular equipment used, then just swap out the exercise with one of your favorite movements for that body part.

So if you already have a routine Mix up Your Routine with this Drop Set Superset Workout!

Drop Set Supersets â This is a great plateau killing workout. Start with appropriate weight for the first set and then drop 10% off the weight every set. Alternate between A1 and A2 with no rest until all sets are completed. Rest for 2 minutes before moving on to B1 and B2. Repeat for C.

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I'm so bored with persons like Dora and other BENETTA. Why are you so STUPID ?!


- Dora, 5'2 = 62 inches, and 62 inches with 120lbs = 21.94 BMI !!!

- Charles and Erik, you are not obese, just stupid.

- Yes Charles, if you put 6 FEET in the INCHES text field and 175 lbs, yes the calculation can't be right. 6 foot = 72 inches with 175lbs = 23.73 BMI !!!

My application can not guess that you have not learned to read

- Tom, 25.38, OMG, yes, more than 25 your are overweight, BUT if you exceeded by only 0.38, or 1, seriously! think! A lipo between your ears to get to 25? It's on the house!

- tyler, are you kidding ? BMI is ONLY calculated with Height and Weight (see wikipedia).


***Weight/lbs*** | ***Tall/inches*** IF you choose IMPERIAL UNITS (menu button) OR

***Weight/kg*** | ***Tall/cm*** IF you choose METRIC UNITS (menu button)

/!\ I want to thank those who took the time to understand this simple app. <3 all ;) (and your comments)

Spelling errors in my description? Certainly, but English is not my native language ;)


@Matthew, you're absolutely right, I try to find time to make this small change but it is not easy. Change the unit without going through the menu and allow to set "feet & inches" is the ultimate goal to eliminate all problems. I'm totally zen ;)

This app is a "Body Mass Index Calculator".

BMI cannot be accurate for "athletes" or "muscular persons" ! It's written bellow, in the description of this app ! >>> "The result is valid for "normal" children/adults/m/f (but not for the muscular persons or "athletes"). The BMI formula is UNIQUE, for everybody.

Why there is no GENDER and AGE ?! Again, it's written at the end of the description.

**** The only thing that differs between adults and children is the "reading table". I give you a "general reading table" for ADULTS ONLY (Health Organizations did this, not me) ! The reading tables may differ between country or population (but really not so much... even if they exists). There is a more precise reading table for children 5/19 years made by WHO (World Health Organization : The general reading table is just an INDICATION. If you want some "real" information about your condition, ask your doctor ***

My current BMI is 24.81, 1kg more and OMAGAD I'm in "overweight". And what ? I lift some weights, I run, I'm relatively muscled so there is nonsense to calculate my BMI. If you do sport, if you are in god shape, why do you want criticize a tool who isn't made for you ?

If you start doing some sport, you can use this application to calculate your "first" BMI. When you begin to lose fat and gain muscle, you (maybe) will arrive in the "normal" zone. From there, if you continue to lose fat without gaining too much muscle, you can still calculate your BMI, the reading table will remain accurate for you. By cons, if you keep gaining muscle (AND/OR losing fat), from a certain point, calculate your BMI has absolutely no sense.


* Units: metric(cm - kg)/imperial(lbs - inches) (Use the menu button for changing that)

* Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Korean

* Long click on the result's zone to reset










Wikipedia info at:

Recent changes:

* Dithering is activated on the whole window, now gradients are smooth

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ALL ZinnFit Apps are Free and available on YouTube by searching the keyword: ZinnFit.

Your Low Back NEEDS to be regularly stretched and strengthened! Protect Ur BACK!

The fundamentals to a successful back care program are stretching, strengthening and weight loss. This is the first in a series of Low Back stretches & strengthening exercises. If you want to get your low back in shape, then this system was created for you. Designed by renowned fitness trainer, Adam Zinn, the entire system will allow you to stretch, strengthen and protect your low back from future injury. By focusing for just a few minutes each day on your low back, you can see dramatic improvements in your posture, your flexibility and the strength of your lower back. This program focuses not only on your low back, but also all of the muscles and areas that CONNECT to your low back. As a result, you have the most complete protection for your low back area.

This completely free introductory program is self-contained. At absolutely no charge, you can download the ZinnFitness Low Back Care Intro stretching program.

DIRECTIONS: Do a short cardio warm-up such as walking before using this app to get your heart rate up, blood circulating and body temperature elevated. CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS OR ANY EXERCISE APP. Never push through any pain. Stretching is only about a mild ache in your musclesâ¦not pain. Let your body be your guide. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Make sure your phone volume is set to the Maximum to be able to hear the instructions. If the sound is still not loud enough, consider using earbuds or headphones. Also make sure that any SCREEN BLANKING screen saver is turned off or to a time frame longer than this app so that your screen does not go blank in the middle of your exercise.

Initially perform exercises in front of a mirror to confirm correct form and technique. If you are having trouble performing this App, watch it a few times to see and hear the correct form.

Be sure to do the Low Back Care Intro App several times before moving on to the Low Back Care Complete & Low Back Care Protection Apps.

This is a static image with 3 choices showing three levels of difficulty. For each stretch, choose the one that provides a dull ache without any pain. On some you may decide on the Basic level while on other stretches, you may choose a more advanced level. (The pictures do not move or changeâ¦the app is not a touch screen during the stretches.)

The total time to run the App is 7 minutes.


1. Don't bounce!

You will get the best stretch, and prevent injuries if you avoid bouncing. Instead, hold the stretch, and feel a constant pull in the muscles.

2. Focus on those low back muscles.

While a good overall routine is helpful, your emphasis should be on the low back muscles since they will be most heavily involved in your workout.

3. Warm up before stretching.

Just some easy walking or a light jog will be sufficient to warm up your muscles, but it will make the stretching session much more valuable.

4. Begin slowly.

You don't need to touch your toes right away: Begin slowly and push yourself as your muscles loosen up. Stretching too much, too soon can be painful and potentially harmful.

5. Hold the stretch.

Once you feel your muscles reaching their limit, hold the position for a count of 5 and BREATHE. Then push yourself a little further and hold again for a count of 5 and BREATHE.

6. Don't rush your stretching routine.

If you're going to have to cut your workout short, don't skip or shorten the stretching. This is more important than an extra set of reps or another half mile.

7. Losing weight will significantly help your low back. If you are overweight, then losing weight will give you large gains in your efforts to improve your low back.

8. Do app daily.

Recent changes:

Do not use this app if you have any of the following: chronic low back pain, back pain, sciatica, lumbago, piriformis syndrome, ischiadic passion disease, back pain, low back pain, slipped disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondy***sthesis, sciatic nerve, back injury, TENS, nerve root irritation, nerve impingement, ruptured disc, spinal degeneration, musculoskeletal pain syndromes, myofascial pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, sacroiliitis.

Content rating: Everyone


Calculate ideal weight (BMI)

by Imagination and Knowledge
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Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) with this application easy to use.

You can check if you are at your ideal weight, what is your possible weight, the percentage of fat and overweight that your body presents and a classification of nutritional status.

The variables handled are: ***, weight, height and age.

You can change the background and pick the one you like the most.

The advanced mode offers even more details that you want to know.

The calculations are designed for people over 18 years.

Content rating: Everyone


Best BMI Calculator

by Łukasz Dymek
  • Current Version 1.2.0
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BMI calculator for everyone. Use this simple tool to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This indicator tells you whether your weight is correct. There are six ranges of BMI values: Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese Class I, Obese Class II, Obese Class III.

This is complete list of Best BMI Calculator features:

- Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

- Supports English (feet/inch/lb), English (inch/lb) and Metric (cm/kg) units

- Simple and effective

- Two language versions: English and Polish

Thank you for comments. Hope youâll enjoy it.

Keywords: weight, weight loss, bmi, body mass index, bmi calculator, body mass index calculator

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Relax immediately with yoga nidra guided meditation

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of guided meditation without prior experience through the simple meditation technique of yoga nidra.

Just a few minutes of practice will improve your peace of mind, focus and mental clarity.

Unlike other meditation practices, yoga nidra works even if you get bored, your mind wanders, or if you even fall asleep. In fact, yoga nidra originated as a way of receiving knowledge during sleep, so even if other meditation methods have not helped you in the past, yoga nidra will work for you.

What are the benefits of yoga nidra meditation?

* calm and clear the mind

* reduce stress and anxiety

* balance the emotions

* relax deeply

* improve your immune and lymphatic functions

* detox your body

* improve focus and concentration

* fall asleep easily

* develop patience and inner peace

* build self-confidence

* no negative side effects

* become mindful of the present


"I just want to thank you sincerely for doing this. I suffer from crippling panic attacks and this is making a huge difference in my life. It's quick when I only have a few minutes and I love the option of a longer meditation when I have more time."


The Yoga Nidra Meditation App Features:

* Easy to learn and practice anywhere, sitting or lying down, any time

* Use your own background music on loop

* Listen to the meditation with or without music

* Choose to have a bell at the end or not

Note that this free version only includes the 7-minute long guided meditation. Download the premium version with longer meditations for progressively deeper relaxation if you liked this one.

Active Hands Yoga ( brings over 10 years of meditation practice to you in this yoga nidra application, with help from sound engineer Isaac Bigsby Trogdon (

Recent changes:

- bug fixed regarding audio playback on specific devices (Dell Streak)

Content rating: Everyone


Tattoo Clips Information

by UMeetOne / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


It all start with an idea. Art did.

Art is a tangible product of an mental image of something. And tattoo, being a practiced art, needs to have a constant

supply of ideas.

The good news is man, by nature is a creative being. He is able to produce new concepts every now and then. And all his

ideas, gathered into a heap, only have one effect- astounding.

Many tattoo seekers often find themselves awestruck with the infinity of tattoo ideas that will present themselves once the

hunt onsets. Like a bride overwhelmed with excitement on her bridal dress shopping day, a tattoo seeker will also feel an

unexplained overpowering sensation that will leave one with no idea of what tattoo must be chosen.

As we have earlier noted, there are endless arrays of tattoos and each one has a character (and probably a soul of its

own). The key is to identify one's self to the attributes a single design posses. After all, tattoos are for self-

expression. If you cannot partake with that idea, there is no sense in adopting a tattoo design that will reside in your

body for eternity.

Each being has a character of its own. Man has a greater sense of what he is more than any other species. If he cannot live

with the attributes that were given to him from the moment the first sparks of life ignited and those that he learned to

associate with himself, then the purpose of being a human is spoiled.

And that being said, let us continue with saying that each design is a character in itself. Once the being and the

character share the same residence within an individual's personality, then one complements the other. This is the idea

that constitutes your choice of a tattoo.

You can choose to have personalized tattoos, why not. Say, an I love Missy tattoo imprinted near your heart. But come to

think of this: will the message have its same meaning several years from now? If you can't answer that straight then go for

more universal design.

The majority of people with tattoos ... Read more by install this App.

What's in this App for me?

> Idea of a Tattoo

> Say it all with a Tattoo

> Tattoo Designs: The Choice is Solely Yours

> What to Watch Out in a Tattoo Parlor

> Removal and Health Risks of Tattoo and Piercing Practices

> Tribal Tattoos

> Celtic Tattoos

> Japanese Tattoo

And many more ....

If you like or dislike it, let us know by write down your review here. Rate this App and share it, too.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Ad Free BMI Calculator

by emmarbee
  • Current Version 0.7.1
  • Size 99K



App is very basic (with no future enhancements in plan) and the Body Mass Index calculation follows the World Health Organization standards for calculating BMI. So please don't complaint about the method. Only report technical problems.



--> Metric + Standard + Mixed unit systems

--> Swipe left/right to switch between different screens.

--> BMI values are age-independent and the same for both ***es. (Source: World Health Organization)

--> Better battery with Black Background (Colored Background consumes more battery power in AMOLED/SuperAMOLED displays)


--> If the application doesn't work or throws some FCs/error, please tell me your Android Version and Mobile Model(Important). It'd help me fix the problem.


Full Description:

Now you can calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) pretty quick.

Ad Free BMI Calculator is Simple, easy to use and very light on resources. For your convenience, this BMI calculator includes both the Metric, Standard Unit Systems and a Mixed unit system. And as the title says, this BMI calculator is ADFREE (No Advertisements what so ever).

--> This BMI calculator allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index precisely** and very efficiently by consuming very low system resources.

--> Body Mass Index is independent of ages and same for both ***es.**

--> No need of checking with confusing BMI charts anymore.

--> Application asks for Storage and Phone Calls permissions since the minimum supported version is set as Android 1.5 Cupcake (Still many of them are using cupcake and I can't abandon them).

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this fitness application (like adding Fitness Tips/ Fitness Videos/ Fitness Articles / Fitness Web Links )feel free to mail me or write it in the comments.

** Source: WHO's Global Database on Body Mass Index


Recent changes:

V 0.7.1

=> Fixed few bugs in the "Mixed" screen.

V 0.7

=> Added swipe gestures. Now you can swipe right or left to switch between the different screens.

=> Added a new screen "Mixed" which allows you to enter values in different unit systems (Ex: cm with lbs, ft with kg)

Content rating: Everyone


Check Weight

by kzk / /
  • Current Version 3.6
  • Size 75K


this application helps you manage and check your weight.

are you overweight?

find out in thisãapplication without consulting your dietician or connecting to your computer.

you can easily access in your phone and check your Body Mass Index.

Recent changes:

delete an advertisement

Content rating: Everyone


Age of Brain

by trustmobtech
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 4M



This app is simply the most addictive game for the brain, designed for all devices and resolutions!

Memories tend to get fuzzy as people AGE, but it does not have to be that way. Keep Your Memory and Attention Sharp for Decades.

Keep your brain young by testing and improving your mind age with popular and challenging brain game for free - AGE OF BRAIN.

Unlock achievements! You have various in-game achievements: student, private, officer, berserker, astronaut and many more! Unlock them all to open more new game modes!

Improve your work and school productivity and increase the quality of your everyday life. Make your brain be above others!

The best app for kids, adults, girls, boys, women, men. All ages and genders! If you are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman or love space and puzzles you'll love this Brain Age Test free teaser.

You can train your brain at work, school, train, bus, borring party or even in toilet. Improve your brain performance with progressive gameplay!

Try to achieve highest level before your brain crashed. Use this app daily and improve your brain's stamina and increase your productivity in the mental area of your life.

Compete with your friends and see who possesses the greater power of short-term memory and quick thinking. Let your brain a real candy and play AGE OF BRAIN!.

Your Brain is most important muscle in your body and the more you train it, the better results you get in everyday life.

Test and train your concentration levels by using the power of your short-term memory and long-term memory.

As well playing the game is a great way to start the day or end procrastination, as it prepares your brain for any hard work to come - especially great for students is to use it before an exam.

Challenge memory and attention with our other scientific brain games.

Available game modes:

Play - main mode that validates your current BRAIN AGE)

Training - let's you choose from various mini games for better training like math workout, memory numbers, memory bubbles, rotating numbers.

Blitz - the berserk game mode only for extremly trained brains

The application is for free so don't forget, train your brain! This app can even raise your potential IQ!

The permissions this app requests are standard and necessary for the gameplay, as well as for displaying the ads ââ¬â this keeps the app free.

How to play instructions available before each test inside the app. Still reading? Start playing instead, you wonââ¬â¢t be disappointed!

Supports move to SD card and installed there by default.

Encourage us by installing our other FREE games!

Keywords: focus, number sequences, letter sequences, memory trainer, genius trainer, mind trainer, concentration, brain test, brain teaser, IQ test, sudoku, math ninja, brain lab, brain challenge, fun brain games, mind apps, brain exercises , memory games, logic games, brain trainer, brain training, IQ games, math games, mathematics, mind games, enhancing games, mind improvement, like Lumosity, luminosity, What's my iq, stupid test, moron test, funny test, brain school, Brain Age Test free

Content rating: Everyone

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  • PeAcHsAnDcReMe: #youknowyouugly when your avi is your body instead your face #buttaheAD

  • Kit_Cattt: Love to your mind not your body instead

  • AMG_Records: "@x0ashleax0: 'Baby let me lick yu up && down, till yu say stop! Lemme play with your body baby, till yu get hot!' that dude was a FREAK"lol

  • SinfulSorceress: @***ySouthDamon *laughs* Oh don't worry, I wouldn't subject you to that. *smiles & kisses your cheek* Besides, you don't have the body for--

  • ClaudGilpatrick: Eat Righ Now and Lose Weight - by Gilad: Eat the food your body was designed for and lose weight and feel great....

  • tc1458: Ready to have YOUR Summer body?