Write Up

  • Current Version 3.02
  • Size 3M


To use this application you must google voice speech. If you are willing to write down a text message or e-mail with your mobile phone but you're driving, or you're simply too lazy to use your keyboard, that's your app!!!

Select the contact from your address book, then speak up to your smartphone and send your message.

Remember that using the phone in the car is safe for you and for others, always uses the mode "drive" or park and use the phone.

Notice: With some versions of the Android app does not load the contact list, then update the version of Android, and sync contacts with gmail account. Please do not leave negative comments.

Content rating: Everyone


I Write! - demo

by Wizard Solutions Inc. / wizard-solutions.blogspot.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 449K


Coach your kid's writing skills - a simple, 4 level alphabet keyboard to help children learn how to write or express themselves by typing short sentences. A quick and fun way to play with words and teach spelling on a large ABC keypad and display. A surprise will pop-up when 3 or 7 words are added in the same session. A spell checker with word suggestions is available for Android versions 4 and up.

The words can be saved and sorted showing the daily progress. Typewriter sound style effects can be turned on and off.

First level is a simple alphabet with upper case letters. Last level brings the students up to a QWERTY keyboard, getting them ready to use the real phone and computer keyboards.

Educational, learning tool for parents, teachers and one more toy for the kids (... and grown-ups).

*SD Card installation. This is a demo version supported by full page ads. The ad-free version is available on the Google Play search for "wsiiw".

Recent changes:

Added spell checking for Android Ice Cream and Jelly Bean

Content rating: Everyone



by Facebook / www.facebook.com /
  • Current Version 1.6.5
  • Size 3M


Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.

• See what friends are up to

• Share updates, photos and videos

• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts

• Play games and use your favorite apps

Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in our Help Center: http://on.fb.me/133NwuP

Problems downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1

Still need help? Please tell us more about the issue. http://bit.ly/invalidpackage

Facebook is only available for users age 13 and over.

Terms of Service: http://m.facebook.com/terms.php.

Recent changes:

• Upload multiple photos at a time in groups

• Improvements to help group admins pin and unpin posts, and review pending and reported posts

Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 9M


Hayley Quinn's Pick Up Artist is your ULTIMATE GUIDE for getting girls' numbers and knowing exactly what text messages to send them. Make a girl Always respond to your text. Generate the text you want, edit it to fit your date, click send and wait for your ***y response. Start sending ***y flirtatious texts. Know how to ask a girl out. Never again lose track of what girls you're texting.

Hayley's Pick Up Artist is the DEFINITIVE PRO GUIDE on how to always know what to text a girl:

-Written exclusively by leading female dating coach MPUA and text game expert, Hayley Quinn.

-Pre-loaded with 125 original, inventive text messages that you won't find anywhere else.

-Fully customizable text messages that can be made unique to you.

-Over 125 text tips to help you decide what is the right message to send.

-Text filters help you to select exactly the right text message to send.

-Five amazing categories of texts that you'll use again and again.

-Keep track of all the girls you meet with he black book feature.

-No monthly upgrade fee. Free updates will be available.

-Automatic click through to your text message: no need for cut and paste.

-Fully functional on most Android devices and available for iPhone.

Ever wondered what the first message you should send a girl should be?

How you can keep track of all your numbers and dates?

How you can ask a girl on a date and always get her to say yes?

How to use texts to flirt with girls until they can't wait to see you?

How to contact a girl after not hearing from her for ages?

Hayley Quinn is a leading expert in Text Game, and she wants to help you to create original text messages, that always get the results you want, with the women you want.

Hayley Quinn has helped thousands of men globally get the women they want and has been the featured dating expert for Cosmopolitan, FHM, and Askmen.

You won't find these text messages anywhere else, and with the help of text categories, filters and customization features you can write text messages that are unique to you and the women you're dating.

Track what women you're dating using the black book feature, then send a message that is perfect for the individual girl that you want to hook.

Always have an amazing first text to send, text flirt, use text to ask a girl on a date, contact girls that you haven't spoken to in ages, and devise your own messages.

If you want to contact Hayley Quinn about what's been featured on this app, or to learn more about how she can help you with ***, relationships, and dating send an email to hq@hayley-quinn.c or check out www.hayley-quinn.com.

Application designed, developed, and created by Helium Design Co 2012 & Guppy Media.

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by Yelp, Inc / www.yelp.com /
  • Current Version 2.7.5
  • Size 4M


Top-ranked Yelp for Android has over 50 million reviews on businesses worldwide — all in the palm of your hand. Whether you are looking for a pizzeria that is open now or a coffee shop nearby, Yelp is your local guide to finding just the place to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play.

★ Discover great local businesses.

★ Search for nearby restaurants, shops, and services.

★ Filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and what’s open now.

★ Read millions of reviews written by a community of active, expert locals.

★ Get to know a business through beautiful photos.

★ Find great Deals offered by your favorite local businesses.

★ Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app.

★ Write reviews, check-in to businesses, upload photos, and add tips of your own!

This software uses code of FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org) licensed under the LGPLv2.1 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html) and its source can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Yelp/ffmpeg-android

Recent changes:

☆ We've added a ton of new search filter options. Only want to see places that are good for kids? Accepts credit cards? Offers delivery? We've got you covered!

☆ We've refreshed toggles/switches throughout the app: you'll notice them when you check in or on any screens with on/off settings.

☆ More prominent review search: Tap on "More Reviews" at any business and the search field is more visible at the top of the page. It'll allow you to search inside all reviews (if there are more than 20).

Content rating: Low Maturity


PicSay - Photo Editor

by Shinycore
  • Current Version
  • Size 2M


The fun award winning photo editor. Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

This is the free Lite edition, buy PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more.

Edit and quickly share using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other service you have installed on your device.

Recent changes:

- Word Balloons and Titles are now in the Stickers list

- Transform Picture is now available by pressing the Menu button - Fixes Marker, Pixelize, and other bugs.

- Upgrade to PicSay Pro for much more stickers, effects and other features like high resolution editing.

Please email if you have issues.

Content rating: Everyone


AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

by MobiWIA - AndRS Studio / www.mobiwia.com /
  • Current Version 5.3.1
  • Size 423K


AutoKiller Memory Optimizer boosts your device and defends your battery at the same time!

Forget task killers! AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is <b>not a regular task manager</b>, it is an award winner memory (minfree) tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also <b>lowers battery consumption</b>. Also includes a manual process/service manager and a DashClock extension.

- <b>ROOT REQUIRED</b> to set minfree values, unrooted devices will only have an emulation of this feature

- if you have questions or you face errors please check home page or write a mail

- for more details see home page http://andrs.w3pla.net

<a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rs.autokiller.pro">PRO key app</a> is available on the play store!

Donators and PRO users receive <b>additional features</b>:

- no ads

- Chuck Norris mode enabled

- apply kernel tweaks on boot

- alternate preset (while screen is off)

- all widgets

- quick restart

- memory reclaim

- low intervals selectable for minfree emulators

Please be careful, apps with very similar look and name are distributed, they can be malicious.

-- MobiWIA - a cooperation with EclipSim --

Recent changes:


-fixed widget chooser

-fixed minfree display


-way better root handling

-4.4 compatibility


-updated libs


-improved offline donator mode handling

-updated libraries


-better PRO license handling

-updated translations

-deprecated pulltorefresh

-lots of fixes

-new version coding schema


-fixed startup issue

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 3.4.6
  • Size 4M


Period & fertility taken seriously:

OvuView tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and fertility, using sophisticated sympto-thermal methods (STM).

This app can be used both as an advanced birth control tool, or as a simple menstrual calendar, and help you to:

• maximize your chances of conceiving a baby/getting pregnant

• avoid pregnancy using natural methods (contraception),

• plan your next holiday with future menstruation and ovulation dates predicted,

• track weight, headache, appetite, PMS and other symptoms,

• replace sympto-thermal paper charts with a more convenient way of charting.

Based on your cycle symptoms (such as menses, basal body temperature, cervical mucus and/or cervix), OvuView automatically evaluates and charts your fertility using proven natural family planning (NFP) methods. In particular, 4 sympto-thermal (Billings, Rötzer, Konald/Kippley, Cautious), 5 mucus-only (5 Day Dry Up, Döring, 21/20 Days Rule, Last Dry Day, 4/5/6 Day Rule), 3 temperature-only (Marshall, 4HT, 5HT) and 2 calendar methods (Standard Days Method, Calendar Rythm Method) are implemented.

Key features include:

• 14 fertility awareness methods

• tracking many symptoms, taking notes

• calendar view

• advanced chart showing temperature and symptoms

• guiding hints

• educational tips and information about your menstrual cycle and your fertility signs

• cycle statistics

• automatic morning notification to record basal body temperature (BBT)

• data backup/restore

• data import from ‘My Days’, ‘WomanLog Calendar’ and ‘Fertility Friend’

• color themes

• demo mode (giving you a glimpse of what the app is capable of in the long run)

Pro features include:

• password protection

• 2 widgets (discrete + cycle wheel)

• multicolor symptoms

• cycle and method management

• emailing spreadsheet data and chart images for doctor review

• backup to email/dropbox

• user-defined custom symptoms

• notifications (menses, ovulation)

• temperature chart coverline

• fullscreen mode in chart

• pregnancy mode

We also have a discussion forum! If you have any questions check if there is an answer available at http://groups.google.com/group/ovuview. Should you have any further questions, suggestions and/or feedback, please do not hesitate to post a new discussion topic by sending email at ovuview@googlegroups.com.

Recent changes:


- fixing FertilityFriend import

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 3.6.6
  • Size 642K


ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app.

* Notice *

- If you cannot find the widget, then please read the FAQ below.

- When you're finished using the notepad, an automatic save command preserves your individual note.

* Product Description *

ColorNote® features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option. Add as many as you want to your master list, which appears on the app's home screen each time the program opens. This list may be viewed in traditional ascending order, in grid format, or by note color.

- Taking a Note -

Serving as a simple word processing program, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can edit, share, set a reminder, or check off or delete the note through your device's menu button. When checking off a text note, the app places a slash through the list's title, and this will be displayed on the main menu.

- Making To-do List or Shopping List -

In the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you'd like and arrange their order with drag buttons activated in the edit mode. After the list is finished and saved, you may check or uncheck each line on your list with a quick tap, which will toggle a line slash. If all items have been checked, then the list's title is slashed as well.

* Features *

- Organize notes by color (color notebook)

- Sticky note memo widget (Put your notes on your home screen)

- Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list. (Quick and simple list maker)

- Checklist notes to get things done (GTD)

- Organize your schedule by note in calendar

- Write a diary and journal in calendar

- Password Lock note : Protect your notes with passcode

- Secured backup notes to SD storage

- Supports online back up and sync. You can sync notes between phone and tablet.

- Reminder notes on status bar

- List/Grid View

- Search notes

- Notepad supports ColorDict Add-on

- Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm, All day, Repetition.(lunar calendar)

- Quick memo / notes

- Wiki note link : [[Title]]

- Share notes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter

* Online backup and sync cloud service *

- Notes will be encrypted before uploading notes by using the AES standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.

- It does not send any of your notes to the server without you signing in.

- Sign-in with Google or Facebook.

* Permissions *

- Internet Access: For online backup & sync notes

- Modify/delete SD card contents: For backup notes to SD card

- Prevent phone from sleeping, control vibrator, automatically start at boot: For reminder notes

* FAQ *

Q: How do you put a sticky note widget on the home screen?

A: Go to the home screen and hold down your finger on an empty space and choose widget, Color Note will then be desplayed so you can stick on the page.

Q: Why don't the widget, the alarm and notes remider functions work?

A: If the app is installed on the SD card, your widget, reminder, etc. will not work properly because Android doesn't support these features when installed on an SD card! If you have already moved the app to an SD card, but want those features, then you have to move the app back on the device and reboot your phone.

Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Color Note - Move to Device

Q: Where are backed up notes data on the SD card?

A: '/data/colornote' or '/Android/data/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note/files' on SD card

Q: I forgot my master password. How can I change it?

A: Menu → Settings → Master Password → Menu Button → Clear Password. You will lose your current locked notes when you clear the password!

Q: How can I create todo list note?

A: New - Select checklist note - Put items - Save. Tap an item to strikethrough.

Recent changes:

** If you cannot find widgets, you have to move the app back to device in application settings and reboot your phone!

** The best way to report bugs of the update is to send an email.


- Nook tablet bug fixed.

- Android 4.3 bug fixed.


- Supports auto link in checklist

- Auto link setting changed

: Settings -> Auto Link -> Auto link phone number

- Supports Web Search (long press list item)


- Long tap checklist item to copy text

Content rating: Everyone



by LifeChurch.tv / www.youversion.com /
  • Current Version 3.4
  • Size 4M


On more than 170 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the #1 rated Bible App—completely free. Hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans, and hundreds of languages. Add your own highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes. Customize your reading experience. Access everything when you’re connected, or download specific versions for offline use.

Now, Bible App 5 brings you brand new features that allow you to explore the Bible with your closest friends. Share honest conversations about Scripture with a community of people you know and trust. Learn along with them as you see what they’re discovering.


* Set your Bible App’s interface for your choice of more than 35 languages.

* Easily select from hundreds of Bible versions, in over 700 translations.

* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, ASV, The Message, and more.

* Offline Bibles: Read even without network access (available for select versions).

* Listen to audio Bibles as you do other tasks (audio Bibles available for select versions and are not downloadable).


* Put the Bible at the center of your closest relationships with mutual friendships in the Bible App

* See a stream of Bible activity that shows what you and your friends are noting, bookmarking, and highlighting

* Comment to share your thoughts, ask questions, and have meaningful conversations in the app as you study God’s Word together


* Hundreds of Plans: you’ll find devotionals, as well as Plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or even the entire Bible in a year.

* Watch and share clips from ‘The Bible’ TV miniseries, the world-changing ‘JESUS’ film, and ‘The Lumo Project.’

* Search the Bible using keywords.


* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible.

* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or just keep track of favorites.

* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS (text).

* Add notes to passages: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends.

* With a free YouVersion account, see all of your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reading plans on any supported device through cloud syncing.

* Read easier with settings like fonts, text size, and contrast for bright or low-light conditions.


* The Bible App requests access to your phone calls in order to pause audio playback if you're listening to a Bible when a phone call comes in.

* The Bible App requests read/write access to your SD card because that's where Bibles are downloaded and stored if you choose to do so.

* The Bible App requests access to your account list to help the signup process go more smoothly. If you choose to sign up with an account connected to your device, you can skip the verify step.

* We do not sell any personal information you provide us, nor will we share it without your consent. You can read our privacy policy at http://youversion.com/privacy.

* Location: We have thousands of live events and use your location to help you discover YouVersion live events near you when you go to the live event function.

* Contacts: We will access your contacts to make it easier for you to share the Bible App with your friends.


* Contact support from directly inside the Bible App.

* Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/youversion

* Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/youversion

* Catch up on the latest on our blog: http://blog.youversion.com

* Use YouVersion online: http://bible.com

Download the world’s #1 Bible App now and enjoy the Bible reading experience loved by millions!

700+ languages:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Papiamento, Yoruba, Pedi, Iban, Tswana, Cebuano, Urdu, Igbo, Hilgaynon, Hausa, Bengali, Javanese

Recent changes:

What’s New in the Bible App v. 4.3.7

* Updates to reading plan navigation

* New user tips

* Addition of new font for Bible reading

* Bug fixes and performance enhancements

* Redesign of bottom toolbar of Bible Reader

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 3.001
  • Size 5M


Work from anywhere: View, edit, and create Microsoft® Office files & view Adobe PDF® files on your Android smartphone and/or tablet with the original & #1 selling mobile Office suite of all time.

Docs To Go 4.0 contains best-in-class document viewing & editing at no charge. Options for connecting to multiple cloud storage accounts, desktop file sync, and opening password-protected files are available via in-app purchase.


• Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader in developing mobile Office & productivity solutions for Android, iOS, and more.

• Documents To Go, now in its 15th year, is currently preloaded on millions of devices around the world and has been downloaded over 40 million times on Android.

• InTact Technology™ retains original document formatting of edited files.

• No account sign-up necessary to get started in creating files and the freedom to save files where you choose!

• All your files in one app - no need to download separate components or cloud service/drive apps.

• Multiple file save & synchronization options – Save & sync directly to your Android device, desktop & laptop via USB*, and to various cloud services*.

• Technical support is available via email & via our robust knowledgebase at DataViz.com.

NEW in v4.0:

• Editing is now free for new users and existing Docs To Go ‘Viewer Edition’ users.

• App redesign – Modernized user interface includes a refined file explorer and easy access to extensive editing & formatting options without sacrificing valuable screen real estate.

• Cloud services support* – View, edit, save, and sync with multiple cloud services: Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive/OneDrive, and Google Drive.

• Android Kit Kat (v4.4) OS compatible.


• Includes both Android smartphone & tablet versions in one download.

• View, edit, and create MS Office files (97-2013).

• View PDF files.

• Save changes directly to your device, memory card, multiple cloud services*, or to your Windows computer with our desktop/laptop application*.

• Send & receive supported email attachments using Gmail or your favorite email app.

• File sorting manager (sort your file list by Name, Modified, Size, etc.).

• Localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Brazilian Portugese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Polish, Czech.


• Format font type, size, color, bold, italics, underline, and highlight text

• High fidelity viewing for embedded graphics, tables, bookmarks, comments, footnotes/endnotes, text boxes, table of contents, and hyperlinks

• Change paragraph alignment

• Edit bullets & numbering

• Find & replace

• View Tracked Changes

• Word count

• Open password protected Word 97-2013 files*


• Freeze panes

• Sort

• Auto-fit

• Extensive cell, number, and sheet formatting options

• 111 functions supported

• Insert, delete, resize, hide/unhide rows & columns

• Rename, insert, and delete worksheets

• Find/find next

• View charts

• Open password protected Excel 97-2013 files*


• Effortlessly “flick” through slides

• Rehearse timing

• View speaker notes

• Sort and edit slides, including promote/demote bullets

• Open password protected PowerPoint 97-2013 files*


• High-fidelity viewing of PDF files with page view, word wrap, auto-rotate, bookmarks, search, and select/copy text options

• Pinch-to-zoom to desired PDF page size/width

• Open password-protected PDFs*

*Select features only available via in-app purchase in Docs To Go, such as file access via cloud services, desktop sync (Windows only), and password-protected file support.

Recent changes:

4.000 (1432)

• Fixed PDF crash (seen on some Samsung phones)

• Fixed sorting problem in recent files

4.000 (1424)

• Editing is now free for new users and existing Docs To Go ‘Viewer Edition’ users.

• App redesign

• Additional Cloud services supported - Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive/OneDrive, and Google Drive*

• Android Kit Kat (v4.4) OS compatible

• Various bug fixes and enhancements

Content rating: Everyone



by ChainsDD / androidsu.com /
  • Current Version
  • Size 193K


Grant and manage Superuser rights for your phone.

This app requires that you already have root, or a custom recovery image to work.

Note: App and binary will have different versions. The app is updated more often than the binary is.

This app cannot be uninstalled if it was installed with your ROM or root. If there is no uninstall option, it's because you placed it in /system/app, not me. It is impossible for an app to be installed in /system/app by the Play store. In fact, the entire /system partition is read only at runtime. The only way for an app to be placed in /system/app is via a rooting process (which usually installs Superuser), or by remounting the system partition as read/write and manually putting it there.

Permissions requested are for:

Internet - updating the binary

External storage - backup/restore for elite users

NFC - creating an allow tag for elite users

Boot completed - fix database on boot

Support request emails that simply say "Doesn't work" or something to that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

Recent changes:

Fix FC when entering preferences on pre-HC devices

Improve binary updater

Add button to action bar on tablets to access info page

Content rating: Everyone

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  • JaymaGleeFans: I opened my fic to write and eneded up tweeting to much i went over my limit :/

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