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Map Viewer allows you to explore a variety of maps available from servers located across the Internet. Interested in topographic maps? Political boundaries? Seismic hazards? Recent forest fire incidents? Weather? Just about anything you can think of is available on publicly accessible map servers and Map Viewer is a convenient way to see them.

We provide you with a predefined list of map servers to get started. Simply click on the map of your choice and it will appear. You can then zoom in and explore as you would on the more well known Internet map services.

We also provide you with the ability bookmark locations on these maps, and, if your device has a GPS, see your present location on the map of your choosing.

There are many more maps available on the Internet than we have included in the predefined list. Most are too specialized or regional to be of general interest. With Map Viewer you can access these specialized map servers if you know their URLs. Map Viewer is compatible with most web based Slippery Tiles type map servers and Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) Web Map Service servers. (Slippery Tiles is a map format used for most Internet based maps with Open Street Maps being a well known example. OGC is often used by governmental organizations like Natural Resources Canada.) Further details on how to access these servers is provided in the help sections within the App.

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A simple but very beautiful drawing application.

This application allows you to:

*Create a new workspace to draw very nice pics using brushes with many size and colors.

*Open an existing image or photo from your gallery and modify it with the drawing instruments.

*Save your works in different extensions and rename them.

*Shot an instant photo and modify it.

*Choose between a very high gamma of colors.

*Use quick buttons to draw and wipe.

*Wipe everything with the clear button.

*Insert text in the image for doing comics or something like that.

*A very nice and simple Edit Menù allows you to enlarge the brush width; set a background color or image and remove them; change the size of the texts and check or uncheck the rubber function.

In the down side of the screen there's an help button to drive you in the use of the application.

Enjoy yourselves!

Content rating: Everyone

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