City Tour

by 中華國際黃頁股份有限公司 / /
  • Current Version 1.0.0
  • Size 7M


City Tour is the App for the people who travel around the Asia Cities.

There are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sanghai, Bacau and Brunei local information in the App.

If you have âCity Tourâ you donât need to install too many city Apps in your smartphone.


1.There are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sanghai, Bacau and Brunei local information in the App.

2.You can use the familiar interface to search local information in the different cities.

3.Integration English, Simple Chinese, and Traditional Chinese version in the City Tour App.

Recent changes:


Content rating: Low Maturity


Beer Tour

by Lightweight Coder / /
  • Current Version 1.69
  • Size 428K


Beer Tour downloads your current Old Chicago beer tour status onto your phone. To use this app you must already have an Old Chicago card and have registered it on their website.


I know itâs been a long time since you have received an update, but hopefully this one should make up for it. This is a complete update to the Beer Tour app, front and back ends, with some more goodies almost complete after a little more testing. Iâve been tinkering with this for awhile, but a couple of users who reached out to me a few weeks ago gave me the push to finish this update. Iâve been using this release for a week now and think I have most of the bugs ironed out, but if you run into anything PLEASE email me so I can work on them.

Included in this update

-Updated for ICS

-Added Android Action Bar

-New Tablet Layouts (side by side display)

-New tab pager with swipe gestures

-New Backend Server (this helped with a lot of the items on this list)

-Mini tour names for each store, no more generic âCinco #1â names

-Beer Details (Brewerâs description, ABV, categories, styles, etc.) Iâm still in the process of populating this data starting with the current Minitour beers.

-Rating sync (this will pull your ratings back down to your phone after a reinstall or to another device if you have multiple. Hopefully no more lost ratings.)

-Updated login page to accommodate newer date picker

-Updated beer history logic (I had a user send in an excellent example of the app horribly determining his current tour beers. This appears to be corrected now.)

-App update notifications

Almost Complete Features

-Custom names for beers, this will allow you to submit Minitour and Rotator beer names for your location.

-Beer comment system

-Personal beer notes

-Picture submission system for bottles and taps

-Rework remaining screens for tablets

Removed for this release (Iâm in the process of re-adding these)

-Beer sorting

-Sample data upload

-Ratings for Rotators (this will be reimplemented with the custom names feature)

Features In Progress

-Sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc...)

-Beer suggestions based on previous ratings

Unfortunately all of this came at a slightly cost. Those of you running Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1 wonât be able to use this update. Originally the update was slated to support Android 2.1, but it started exhibiting an odd database corruption issue which renders the app useless. As of this update, only Android 2.2 and higher will be supported unless I can find a fix for 2.1 in the future.


We have added a feedback page under the website link below. Please use this or direct email for suggestions and issues.

Recent changes:

Update to support new Old Chicago World Beer Tour website.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Tour Bangalore

by Vasistha.K.J / /
  • Current Version 4..0
  • Size 26M


What does this app do?

You name it, we lead you there !

Planning weekend trips and holiday outings cannot get simpler than this! This APP gives you a reliable guide to the numerous tourist places in and around 100 km of Bangalore, give or take a few kilometers.

A brief info about the places, distance from Bangalore, plus timings, entry fees, availability of food, water and other facilities, and the connectivity of the places by bus, taxi, auto etc are all covered here.

Places are listed by proximity to each other, so that you can plan on visiting many of them in a single trip.

How to use it?

Just click on Start Tour, select the place from the list and know everything you need to know to Tour Bangalore, Happily ! :)

An additional link connects you to the internet where you can find more info on the place without the hassle of googling it and searching through a heap of pages.

Please point out the bugs in the app. All feedback (good, bad and ugly) is welcome!

Many more places and with more details and features will be added in coming versions.

Keywords: Travel, Karnataka, Bangalore, Tour Bangalore, India, Lalbagh, Tippu, Palace, Cubbon park, weekend outing, nandi hills, skandagiri, vidhana soudha, innovative film city, wonderla, amusement park, temple, iskcon

Recent changes:

40+ places in and around Bangalore.

1. Added two new places viz Lepakshi and Fun World - Amusement park.

2. Redesigned the look and feel.

3. Bugfix.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Tour Taiwan

by 交通部觀光局 / /
  • Current Version 2.0.2
  • Size 5M


"Tour Taiwan" is a free App that provides tourist information including directions, guidance, and tour planning with Augmented Reality on restaurants, hotels, scenic spots, businesses and more in Taiwan.

â»Please note that the distance between POI (Points of Interest) used in this App is linear distance, not highway distance. The actual distance will depend on the roads used.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Knight's tour

by Whole Group / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 104K


The earliest known references to the Knight's Tour problem date back to the 9th century. The Knight's Tour is a mathematical problem involving a knight on a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and, moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once.

Content rating: Everyone


Tour CNM

by BarZ Adventures / /
  • Current Version 4.1.7
  • Size 943K


TourCNM offers you an in-depth look at the different resources available to you at the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) Main Campus. Tour the resources you need and save the rest for later. Each resource tour can be streamed or downloaded on your device. Streaming saves hard drive space and allows you to avoid waiting for the file to download, though downloaded tours can be viewed without 3G or WiFi.

Once you start your self-paced tour youâll find:

- Zoomable and interactive GPS maps based on your current location

- Tour videos and audio/image slideshow files that share a variety of interesting information about the college

- Pause, play, fast forward and rewind through any tour easily

- Tour Stop images will help you orient yourself to your surroundings and find points of interest quickly

- Easily contact the different resources available to you by phone, email, web and more

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Nurettin Acar / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 100K


I.M.X Tour is local tour and travel agency which located in Didim Altınkum Turkey.

We do Daily Excursions, Airport Transfers, Holiday lettings, Hotel reservation,Rent a car, Flight Ticket, Ferry Ticket, Private Touring and group Touring and much more around Didim Altınkum.

Content rating: Everyone


Gelato Tour

by iTown / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Gelato Tour percorrerà l'Italia in lungo e in largo, regione per regione, alla scoperta delle gelaterie artigi***i.

Solo le gelaterie con produzione propria, NON affiliate a franchising, hanno la possibilità di essere inserite nel circuito di "Gelato tour".

La valutazione si basa sulla qualità del gelato e degli ingredienti usati, l'accoglienza del cliente da parte del personale e la cura del locale.

Vi piace il gelato artigi***e?

Vi diremo noi dove mangiarlo

tags:gelato, tour, gelatotour, italia, gelato artigi***e, artigi***e, gelatotour, gelato, tour, gelato, cioccolata, vaniglia, crema, fragola

Content rating: Everyone


Vans Warped Tour Tickets

by / /
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 2M


Buy Vans Warped Tour Tickets App for Android makes it possible to buy tickets for Vans Warped Tour concerts easily and directly from your Android phone or mobile device

Buy Vans Warped Tour tickets to scheduled events based on your geographic location, or buy tickets for any event in the country using the search tool.

Specialized in Cheap Vans Warped Tour Concert Tickets.

If the event is tonight or this weekend, same day purchases are available and you can buy most Vans Warped Tour tickets over the phone just press the button to call. guarantees that your Vans Warped Tour tickets will always arrive in time for the event.

Buy Tickets for

Vans Warped Tour Tickets

Vans Warped Tour Ticket

Vans Warped Tour Concert Tickets

Vans Warped Tour Concerts Tickets

Vans Warped Tour Tickets App

Recent changes:

All name and trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

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by Multisystem
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


With <b>" Singapore Map Tour "</b> you can get information on <b>20 major places to visit in Singapore:</b> you can figure out how to reach them and can be seen by satellite and other useful informations. You can obtain also useful informations about POIs (Point of Interest) like as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, etc.. An exciting Tour for tourists and lovers of travel and geography. Very easy to use. Get your pocketable tool . Navigate now with fun !

If you want a personalized application of your city with your logo and link to your website to make a contact :

Content rating: Everyone


Charleston Tour Lite

by David Brinkman / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


The ultimate history walking and talking tour of historic Charleston, South Carolina which was named the 2012 Top Destination in the World. Charleston Tour Lite is just like the app "Charleston Tour Extra (3D & GPS)" except that it is not GPS enabled and does not include the hundreds of historical (and modern day) stereoscopic (3D) content.

FREE ALERT: For a limited time (starting on April 14, 2014), all the features of Charleston Tour Extra (3D & GPS) will be available in the Lite version. To learn more about the full features and see 3D examples, check the page of the full version at:

Even without the GPS and 3D features, the rich history of Charleston provides, in this Lite version of the app, over 325 points of interest that you can select from an interactive map. You can also select an animated tour mode which will take you to each spot and a non-stop talking history of Charleston that goes on for over 6 hours! Even more information can be retrieved for each point from direct links to the Historical Marker Database and Wikipedia all while the phone continues to talk to you about each site. Of course, this is pushing the limit of a single core smart phone so it might be time for you to upgrade to a newer model. Charleston Tour is a big step forward for HistorySoft in its coupling of History and Technology.

Besides history, the Charleston Tour Lite also provides tours of just Churches, Eating Places, and Parking places to help you select among the many fine places to worship and eat in Charleston.

About the tour data:

The Charleston Tour data (downloaded each time you start the app) is dynamic and always being updated. Hidden points are sometimes offered with clues. If you find the point in Charleston, you can win a prize. Just listen for "Clue Alert" at the start of the app. For 2013, the following tour is available:

For the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the tour starts with Charleston points from just prior to the War until its occupation by Union troops at the end of the war. This part of the tour is in chronological order and each point also includes 3D pictures (full app version only). Hundreds of these pictures are from stereoscopic images taken in Charleston during the Civil War and others are modern day photos of the same scenes. Inter-weaved into this tour is the mystery of the missing John C. Calhoun statue which was solved during the development of the tour. This mystery is broken into nine locations that are all part of the mystery as well as part of Charlestonâs Civil War history. In all, there are about 45 Civil War points in this Civil War portion of the tour. Of course, Charleston History includes more than just the Civil War. There are also almost another 300 historical points that are covered by the remaining portion of the tour. These are listed and completed in the auto-tour mode in an alphabetical order. In total, the historical content contains: 328 historical markers. 237 stereoviews (all over 100 years old), 106 period illustrations (which have been converted to 3D), and 125 new 3D photographs of the same scenes.

The Charleston Tour Quick Start guide and details of app functions are at the following site:

To view the 3D content (which is available in Charleston Tour Extra and for a limited times in Charleston Tour Lite) you will need a pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses. You can get them real cheap at the following site:

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by Multisystem
  • Current Version 1.6
  • Size 2M


With <b>" London Map Tour "</b> you can get information on <b>20 major places to visit in London:</b> you can figure out how to reach them and can be seen by satellite and other useful informations. You can obtain also useful informations about POIs (Point of Interest) like as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, etc.. An exciting Tour for tourists and lovers of travel and geography. Very easy to use. Get your pocketable tool . Navigate now with fun !

If you want a personalized application of your city with your logo and link to your website to make a contact :

Content rating: Everyone

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