Time Management Application



by IDJ Group
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


TIME MANAGEMENT - Professional Time Management Techniques

Life is very busy, and at times, everyone needs a little help making things come together and makes sense. That is what this eBook is all about – - helping to make things come together and make sense.

Time management is a vital and critical skill that an individual must possess and have a solid grasp on in order to be successful in any field. However, it is particularly important skill and manoeuvre for those individuals who are trying to make a living online.

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Time Management for Success

by EntertainingTube.com / entertainingtube.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Are you looking to for proven time management techniques and tips? This app consists of some of the best time management methods by Brian Tracy that will facilitate you to boost productivity, get organized, achieved your goals and stop procrastination forever!

If you wish to hit high degree of success, you will need to master this efficient time management system! Inside this app, you will learn:

- Brian Tracy's favorite Time Management System

- Morning Routine: Start the Day Strong

- How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Day

- Eat That Frog & The ABCDE Method

- How to Stay Energetic Throughout the Day

- 3 Parts to Self-Concept for Peak Performance

- 7 Keys to a Positive Personality

- 6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

- 7 Ways to Deal with Telephone Interruptions

- Multitask and Maximize Your Time

Download this FREE app now and start applying the techniques as taught by Brian Tracy on time management skill!

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Financial budget management

by enfandroid
  • Current Version 4.6
  • Size 2M


This application allows you to record revenueS and outputs in a very simple and quick way thanks to a number of features that make it unique in its kind. The app allows you to manage your household budget, household expenses, accounting, cost control, corporate budget, personal budget and can also be used to store changes in loading and unloading, to have, revenue outputs, costs and revenues, expense management. It is possible to manage multiple movements (for example 2012 revenues outputs, 2013 revenues outputs)thanks to the functionality of archiving separate movements and you can query the balance of all the storage in a single screen. The app displays a list of movements, total revenue, total output, average income, average output, total movements and balance. You can also display the totals for items (note 1, note 2). On the Home screen of 'application, it inserts the date, amount, a field notes 1, notes 2 and indicates if there is a revenue or an output, there is updated in real time the balance and there is a button labeled the last operation, which can be called up by clicking on the button. In automatic mode, the app stores the Notes 1 and Notes 2 inserted so that you can enter quickly in subsequent movements.






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Slackmeter Time Control

by dorogoff / dorogoff.ru /
  • Current Version 1.3.1
  • Size 200K


This application for time management. It lets create the yours timers with custom names. Try it, and you can control yours resting and working time and improve your productivity!

Page on my website for this application: http://goo.gl/OIfjm

Recent changes:

- add "reset stat" and "reset" for each timer

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Time Catcher

by Nabil Dehaini / www.its-a.com.au /
  • Current Version Time Catcher Number 1
  • Size 179K


Time Catcher is a time management app that allows you to seamlessly log your daily work tasks as you start them or just when they are completed.

You can group your tasks by projects and generate regular reports for the tasks that you have finished.

Go to menu->How To on the main screen to get an overview of the app.

Recent changes:

First Release

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Manage Your Calls Free

by MetaOption LLC / www.manageyourcalls.com /
  • Current Version 1.13.1
  • Size 2M


Manage your calls is an application presented to you by MetaOption, LLC. It is an application made for the convenience of our users. The objective of this application is to automatically receive incoming calls, reduce the effort spent by the user to receive call by sliding out the receiver every time, auto reject or block calls from specific numbers like from telemarketers or all incoming calls as selected by the user convenience to simplify the call-handling process. User could also receive the calls automatically and record their conversation for future purposes. SMS feature is added as an update in the application.

Manage Your Calls Features:

Application Settings

Block Calls

Auto Answer

Block/Save SMS


Record Incoming/Outgoing Calls

Recorded Files

Log Details

Referral Manager

Functional Description:

• Block or answer incoming calls from contact list, from a number list created by user or all incoming numbers.

• Automatically receive incoming calls after a time delay of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 Seconds.

• Automatically record calls and save the conversation in .3gpp or .mp4 or .amr format.

• Manage a list of recorded files shown to play or delete the records directly from the list rather than from SD card.

Application Settings:

It gives the functionality to user to activate the application for automate call-handling at all times or for a given time interval as desired by the user.

Block Incoming Calls:

It can block all Incoming call and provide dual functionality of blocking some particular calls from contacts or blocking the incoming calls for a specific mobile number.

Auto Answer Incoming Calls:

If the user enables the Auto Answer setting, the user can automatically answer all incoming calls, some particular incoming calls from contacts and incoming calls for a specific number.

Block And Save SMS:

This will let the users block or save unwanted or important SMS respectively from any particular number from the contact list or a list of numbers from which SMS has to be blocked or saved. All the numbers in the contact list can also be added in the Block or Save SMS List.

SMS Log:

Saved SMS are shown in SMS Log with date, time & phone nos. The record will be maintained, even if the user deletes the messages from Inbox.

Record Incoming Calls:

It gives option to user for recording calls automatically or to ask the user before recording; it has also the functionality of recording calls from contact or the number list provided by user as in block calls and auto answer.

Record Outgoing Call:

It has all the same functionality as of "Record Incoming Calls", but it works for outgoing calls only.

Recorded Files:

This feature will show the list of recorded files to the user from which the user could play or delete any file just by selecting an item from the list.

Log Details:

It contains the whole list of the call log generated by user while using the application.

Referral Manager:

Refer this amazing application to your friends to use it.


All Android devices are not capable of Call Recording while others only support call recording via the Microphone, which can sometimes be improved by putting the call on speakerphone. Block calls and Auto answer function works on all android devices. Please visit our website www.manageyourcalls.com for further details.

Feel free to post on our Website or email us if you need help adjusting the settings to achieve best Call Recording results.

This app is an ad based application, so, in order to keep it 100% free; you will receive the following –

• Search shortcut icon on your home screen

• Search shortcut on your bookmarks and browser homepage

• This will help us bring you more cool apps like this in the future

• You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to the garbage);

this will not affect the application in any way

Send your feedback, comments, feature requests & issues to support@manageyourcalls.com or visit our website www.manageyourcalls.com.

Recent changes:

version 1.13.1

1. Bug Fixes

Added auto answer for incoming calls functionality.

Added support for 1.5+

Fixed bugs related to crash for some of the devices

Fixed bugs related to auto answer & call recordings.

SMS Feature is added in the new version 1.13.0.

Profile and Registration of application by users has been removed.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Time Manager

by Xu Wu, Adrian Perrig / groups.google.com /
  • Current Version 2.3
  • Size 357K


Time Manager helps monitor how much time you spend on each daily event.

You can create your own event and see the time portion of each event, the timeline of each event in the past 7 mins/7hrs/24 hrs.

You can also export your data by email.

Email us for improvement.Thanks

Recent changes:


(1) Adjust some layouts.

(2) Create Google Group.

If you get any suggestions, please feel free to email us: timemanagergroup@googlegroups.com

Or come to our google group to post messages: http://groups.google.com/group/timemanagergroup

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Inventory Management Small

by MassiMo
  • Current Version 1.6
  • Size 2M


I state that I am not a programmer or rather my knowledge of programming is scarce and therefore do not use languages ​​such as Java or .. my apps are created thanks to the App Inventor and therefore limited their chances.

Application management/inventory of any product that you are going to enter at your leisure.

You can add information such as name, description, code scanning (either manually or by scanning with the application Barcode Scanner), single price, number of items bought, supplier name, phone provider (with the possibility to call it), photos (and in automatic spending total for the purchase of the product with the date of purchase.

You can search for your product by: name, location in the list, quick list, voice search (using the Voice Search application) code scanning (scanning or manual). The application is translated using Google translate, in two languages, English and Italian.

This is the Small version that allows you to store a maximum of 10 products. With the full version you will have no limits in terms of products and you can set the image for the product even from the gallery, as well as taking a picture.


If you then decide to buy the full version products can not be acquired from the Small version.

If you like the app rate it with the stars/comments otherwise send any suggestions/constructive criticism and, in case of problems, what kind of error you are presented with the message, all via email. If at all possible I will (of course) to find the solution to the problem.

Thank you.


Inventory, Warehouse, Products, Manage, Organize, Place, Catalog, Ordering, filing, List, Inventory, Warehouse, Product, Manage, Organize, Fix, Catalog, Order, filing, List.

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Time Card

by Hung Huynh / www.mypostads.com /
  • Current Version 3.1.2
  • Size 55K






The Time Card application helps users to manage their work hours quickly and much easier than ever before. Below is a list of features that the application is currently providing. More features will soon be added. Once you paid for the app, you will get free updates for Life time.

•Ability to add multiple jobs.

•Ability to quickly create a Job from a pre-defined periods including daily and weekly.

•Ability to instantly view total working hours for the job.

•Ability to quickly jump between jobs to view the times.

•Ability to quickly enter the times without having to go to different screens.

•Ability to view the time entries in military time mode (i.e. 24 hours) versus 12 hours.

•Ability to send data for backup via e-mail.

Recent changes:




Content rating: Low Maturity


Handcent 5 Skin Summer Time

by handcent_market / www.handcent.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Handcent SMS Skin (Summertime)

Summertime skin for new Handcent SMS 5.0. Happy summer time, the blue sea, the vast beach, the coconut trees of tropical amorous feelings. Install it and apply it from handcent services->skin->active

*** App2SD ***

This plugin support App2SD, you can move it to SDCARD from System settings->Application manager->Move to storage card

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Time Manager

by Nixan / nixan.org /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 46K


Switch your current state - work or rest, and count how much time do you spend on this.

Available EN and RU locales.

Update 1.1



Content rating: Not rated



by Droidek.com / droidek.com /
  • Current Version 0.7.1
  • Size 274K


Application allows tracking of locations, creating new landmarks, calendar events, money transactions for Contacts, supporting Todo list.

An action item can include several simple events. E.g. Calendar, Contact, Todo means that when Contact calls you the app notifies about the moment of time, Contact and Todo during ringing.

Money balance could be calculated with any Contact based on Opening Balance and List of transactions. Debit field means that a Contact gives money to you and Credit vice versa, that you give your money to the Contact. When a Contact calls you the application shows ending balance with this person before you pick phone up.

Recent changes:

GUI improovements: added wizards, touch events handling, etc.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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