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Quran for Android

by Quran Android / /
  • Current Version 1.6.1
  • Size 2M


Quran for Android is a free, open source Quran application for Android devices. There are many features under development. Please send us your feedback and feature requests and keep us in your prayers!

Quran for Android provides the following features:

- crystal clear Madani compliant images.

- gapless audio playback

- ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing

- over 15 audio recitations are available with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar).

- search

- night mode

- customizable audio repeat

- translations / tafsir in over 20 different languages, with more coming soon.

*Please Note* - we need phone state permissions so we can stop the audio playback when a phone call comes in (otherwise, it would continue playing). also, we need internet to download data due to the limitation on non-sdcard memory on most android phones.

Because Quran for Android is an open source project, it makes it easy for anyone to contribute and help improve the project. we are also open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran for Android the best Quran application on the market.

Recent changes:


- fixes for indonesian

- fix sdcard issue on 4.3+

- various bugfixes and improvements


- fix galaxy note 8 black bar issue

- various improvements and bugfixes


- fix many crashes

- updated icon for nexus 5

- updated german translation


- fix crash while playing audio at the end of the Quran

- other misc fixes

Content rating: Everyone


Audible for Android

by Audible, Inc / /
  • Current Version 1.3.6 Market
  • Size 4M


Not enough time for all the books you want to enjoy? Download the app by, an Amazon company, to listen to books on the go.

Immerse yourself in a great story anytime, anywhere, by downloading from a breathtaking range of 180,000+ titles to your Android device—from best sellers to classics, and everything in-between.

Now you can turn on and listen to a good book even when you can’t pick one up—on your way to work, at the gym, while folding laundry, or any other time your eyes and

hands are busy.


• Transfer books to your device over Wi-Fi

• Audiobook chapter navigation, bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, button-free mode

• Multitasking for background downloading and listening

• Switch between reading and listening with Whispersync for Voice (compatible Kindle device required)

• Access the Audible store to purchase more audiobooks

• Earn badges and keep track of your listening habits and audiobook achievements

• Get insider information about author events and more with the Audible Newsfeed

Listening with Audible is always time well spent. Download the free audiobook app now and discover a smarter way to use your smartphone.

Visit us at or get in touch on Twitter @audible_com

If you're in the UK, visit us at or get in touch on Twitter @audibleuk

Are you in Germany? Go to Follow us on Twitter @audible_de

Are you in Australia? Go to Follow us on Twitter @Audible_au

Are you in France? Go to Follow us on Facebook at

Recent changes:

What's new in version 1.5.5

• Resolves errors on Android 4.4.x (KitKat) devices with SD card

• Improved automatic sign-in to the Audible store

• New setting to customize how Audible responds to audio notifications

• Other bug fixes

-- Older --

Version 1.5.4

• Improved stability on Samsung devices running Android 4.3

Version 1.5.3

• Now supporting and customers

• Improved syncing with your Kindle device and all other Audible apps

Content rating: Everyone


Sleep as Android

by Urbandroid Team / /
  • Current Version 20121216
  • Size 5M


Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings.


- Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up uses your phone's accelerometer (2 weeks trial)

- NEW Pebble, Android Wear and Gear (Tizen) smart watch wrist-tracking

- NEW Philips HUE smartlight integration

- Sleep graph history

- Sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring statistics

- Social sharing (FaceBook, Twitter)

- Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...)

- Alarm music playlists

- Nature sound lullabies with binaural tones for fast fall asleep

- Never oversleep again with CAPTCHA wake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, Bathroom QR code or NFC tag)

- Sleep talk recording, snoring detection and anti-snoring

More features waiting for you to explore!

Watch our latest smar***ch integration progress and battery consumption chart here

Permissions explained

Quick start



More information

Recent changes:

20140306 BETA

Get the BETA at:

-Location-based feat.: weather, sunrise alarm, how do I sleep not at home?(COARSE_LOC. perm.)

-Lucid dreaming improvements

-Hypnogram view

-In-app payment Unlock option(BILLING perm.)

-Battery-save tracking

-Multiple QR/NFCs

-Repeated time to bed

-Graph redesign

-Playlist: shuffle, in order, loop single

-Precise graph selection

-Reoccurring alarm dialog(GET_TASKS perm.)

-Tracking survives updates better

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.5.7
  • Size 311K


☆ ATTENTION: ROOT REQUIRED!!! If you don't know what root is, please search for "Android root" in the Internet.

Front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall.

Allows you to restrict which apps can access the network.

This is the perfect solution if you don't have an unlimited data plan, or just wants to see your battery lasting longer.

For advanced users, it also allows you to manually define custom iptables rules.

Please remember to disable the firewall before uninstalling, otherwise you will need to reboot your device to turn it off.

Recent changes:


☆ Added application icons to the list.

☆ New applications are shown on the top of the list.

☆ Enabled hardware acceleration on Android >= 3.0.


☆ Fixed OK button not showing in the Custom Script dialog on some devices. Pressing "back" also asks to apply on that screen now.

☆ Added support for a custom shutdown script, which can be used to define cleanup rules when the firewall is disabled.

☆ Avoid reloading the apps list all the time.

☆ Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Best Apps Market - for Android

by by Fetch Mobile / /
  • Current Version 2.1.4
  • Size 2M


The easiest way to the best new Android Apps! BAM discovers new apps & games and recommends the best for you. Focused on FREE Top Apps & Top Games, BAM brings new apps you will love!

Now powered by Fetch, your smart personal assistant for apps and games. Fetch uses our team of Android experts and the technology of App Genome Project to find the best apps that match your likes.

We test and review dozen of new apps and games every day so you can quickly get to the best ones. Optimized for speed: Fast to open, fast to browse & fast to search, no clutter!

- FREE: New Top Apps & New Top Games, everyday

- REVIEWED: Android experts test and review the best apps for you

- PERSONALIZED: our algorithm learns what you like and brings more

Install the best alternative to the Android Market. It's the best discovery tool in the Market, including personalized recommendations based on app you have installed.

We organized the applications in ways to get to the best apps & games quickly & we have tools for expert Android user:

- Top Apps & Top Games: 100+ editorialized lists with daily updates

- Apps of the Day: hand-picked top apps every day in your feed

- Better Search: Quick suggestions as you type & human optimized

- My Apps: The fastest App Manager! Move2SD, Easy Uninstaller & Share, App updates coming soon

- Widgets: Last Installed Apps, App of the Day, Apps you Liked

"BAM", now powered by Fetch, is the Best Market App for Android to search Google Play! Update Today! Start with Top Apps & Top Games: it’s like the editorial lists in iPhone for the Android Market. BAM is the best way to find a new app & new game without wasting time searching through junk!! Our editors review many apps & actually play games, then create useful lists of only the BEST ones for you. We have the best for each type: you'll only see one "poker" app or the best antivirus for Android or the best camera app, not many similar ones. Each has quotes on why we like it & we make our lists useful & practical: "Optimize My Phone", "Pranks & Jokes", "Best Themes",etc



• Top Picks from Google Play

• Optimize Your Phone

• Organize Your Life Apps

• Shop Near You

...Many More


• Our selection of the most fun games on Google Play

• Action & Adventure

• Classic Arcades

• Multiplayer

• Strategy and Simulation


• Powered by Fetch

• Brings Games and Apps selected for you

...Many More


• Filter by 100+ categories, paid/free, ratings & installs. Combine filters to explore the best apps in the market.

• Sort by Recent, Best, Popular and Trending


• See trending up app & games installed by the community

• No sign-up required, but pick a nickname to be recognized

5) APPS FOR YOU: Personal app recommendations based on your installed apps


• Easily access apps you favorite here

• App wishlist. To add apps to your wish list, tap on the heart

7) MY APPS: All your installed apps

• Apps Manager: See apps that are movable to sd card. Move apps2SD / Move apps to the phone

• Quick Uninstaller: Uninstall apps with 1 click

• Share/Send with friends or post on Facebook, Twitter, Email

• Sort by installation date, sd-card availability, size & name

8) APPS OF THE DAY - Daily suggestions in your feed


• Last Installed Apps Widget: recently installed apps, easily accessible

• Apps of the Day Widget: new apps every day tested by us

• NOTE: BAM must be on phone for the widgets to work, not on SD. Move & restart phone

Learn more about Fetch at

Powered by Fetch and the App & Game Genome Project (beta for Android only)

Best Apps Market is also known as "BAM"

Recent changes:

New viewing options and many bug fixes in 3.0.1

+ Toggle between grid and list in the search results.

+ New layout for Apps and Games tab

+ Use "Newest" sorting option to see newly reviewed apps and games

+ Memory improvements

+ Other numerous bug fixes

Try brand new BAM 3.0, now powered by Fetch! Upgrade today!

- Get a personalized feed of new apps and games

- Enjoy a beautiful design that supports all Android devices.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Camera360 for Android 1.5

by PinGuo Inc. / /
  • Current Version 2.7.0
  • Size 4M



Thank you so much for selecting Camera360 v2.7 for Android 1.5.

Also thank you more for supporting Camera360.

To provide you better mobile photography experience, Camera360 v2.7 for Android 1.5 will be suspended on May 15th, 2014. To not miss any great moment, please update to Camera360 v5.0 to make more beautiful photos.

Camera360 v5.0 can work only on Android 2.3 and up. Please update if your Android OS is low.

Let me know at if there is anything I can do for you.

Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Thousand heartfelt thanks to you for being with us in the past, at present and in the future.

Have nice days and take photos of the moments.

Recent changes:

Camera360 works only for Android 2.2 and up since v3.0. To extend sincere thanks form all staff of Camera360 for your support, we decide to release Memento Version of past versions---- Camera360 v2.7 Memento Version (for Android 1.5 and up). It is all free without advertisements and limits. All functions are available for you with Memento Version. Hope you like it and support us all the time. Thanks a lot.

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 3M


The most simple & easy QR Reader - 100% FREE.

Fast and effective. App opens instantly in real-time scanning mode.


- Scans QR codes in real-time using the Android camera

- Share using email, facebook or twitter

- Integrated web browser

- Integrated map view

- Save QR contacts to your Android Contacts Book.

- Create your own QR codes and share them.

- Create your own business card QR code.

Download the free QR Reader for Android app now! QR Reader for Android is optimised for Android platform v1.5 and later. In order to help improve this version, or should you have any trouble using it, please feel free to send your feedback to us using the support link in the QR Reader app.

"QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Content rating: Low Maturity


VNC Viewer for Android

by androidVNC team + antlersoft / /
  • Current Version 0.5.0
  • Size 241K


VNC Viewer for Android is the original Open Source (GPL) remote desktop program for Android devices. Connects to most VNC servers: incl TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X. Lots of customizable features let you adapt the way your device controls map to the controls of your desktop.

0.5.0 -- Will preserve sent text from session to session (optionally; there is a new button to send text without remembering it); Import/Export settings to a file on SD card (Can import from URL; useful when deploying to many devices with same configuration); add button in zoom control to bring up keyboard; Hungarian translation; no longer prefers to install to SD card because that was causing problems

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 2.6.2
  • Size 184K


Checkers for Android consists of an 8x8 checkers engine and a GUI. The application accepts moves through the touch screen or trackball. An optional "move coach" shows all valid user moves and highlights each last played move. An undo feature can take back up to eight half-moves to correct mistakes. The engine plays at various levels (including random and free-play). By popular request, an option was added to select between mandatory captures (the official rule) or optional captures (a common home rule, but without "huffing", where the piece that should have performed the capture is forfeited; instead the game simply continues). The user can play either side and, independently, view the board from the perspective of white or black.

Recent changes:

Capture animation control

Content rating: Everyone


Save The Bird

by roidstudio / /
  • Current Version 5.0
  • Size 4M


***Tap the screen to shoot***

***Target is let the apple besides the bird***

One of the best Android action game, full of intellectual challenge.

Dish out the red or yellow apples to feed the starving birds, Use the

catapult to toss the apples to the stuck birds, after the birds have

the apples, they have the energe again, then can fly away.

The game is look like angry bird, but it has so much different, you don't need to hit the bird, just feed them and save them.

Recent changes:

Fix error.

Content rating: Everyone


Guess the Code Free

by Optime Software / /
  • Current Version 1.50
  • Size 3M


Think you're smart? Find out how smart you really are! Match wits against your Android device with Guess the Code Free, an outstanding implementation of the classic game Mastermind.

The evil computer mastermind has chosen a secret code. Your objective is to guess the code before you run out of guesses.

"Absolutely amazing, I can't put this game down."

-iTunes User Review

"Just like the Mastermind that we played as kids. Love this game. My kids play the easy setting too."

-iTunes User Review

Guess the Code Free includes three difficulty levels, ensuring everyone can find an appropriate challenge.

Optional "Letter Mode" allows players that have difficulty with colors to use letters instead.

Guess the Code Free includes a host of exciting features, including:

* Great graphics and exciting sound effects

* Configurable difficulty levels

* "Use Letters" mode for colorblind players

* Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call

If you love Mastermind, this is the game for you. Download Guess the Code Free and put your mind to work!

Guess the Code Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertisements.

Recent changes:

* Improved support for tablets and high-res smartphones

* Minor bug fixes

Content rating: Everyone


Clocks around the world

by Dr Klukas
  • Current Version 1.33
  • Size 503K


Easy to use, beautiful world time clock application. Incl. db of ~21000 cities with historic and translated names for large cities. Shows ***og and digital time and date in the particular time zone. Innovative "time sliders" ease finding good calling times. Smooth second hand movement.

Android 5.x: If after pressing (+), to search for a city, the 'Search'-command button is not shown in the dialog, please hold your phone vertically. The search option button will appear in this case. I'll try to find a workaround for that layout problem of this standard dialog.

This app is one of the few in its field, which require no permissions at all. Thus it does not need any download or internet-lockup to perform its function, to show the time from different places around the world. This app does not and will also not in the future contain tracking, banners or other advertisement.

If you travel, don't change the hour or minute time setting of your phone, select the correct local time zone setting instead! Contains list of time zones and city names, no states or countries. I have been notified, that with old Android versions time in Russia may be one hour off. Accuracy depends operating system time zone information, handling of special incorrect cases may be added in the future. Still, don't forget to check your phone time zone and time settings in case of error.

Recent changes:

New in V1.33:

- Improved layout for devices with a portrait display orientation

Content rating: Everyone

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