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Action Potato

by Sunflat / /
  • Current Version 1.2.0
  • Size 791K


Catch fresh potatoes to make potato stew! Touch pots to jump and catch potatoes thrown from the right side.

If they catch a rotten potato, you lose the pot. But if they catches a heart item, a pot comes back.

Recent changes:


- add NEW LEVELS: Hard and Both (locked at first)

- minor bugfix and improvements

- add interstitial ad

Content rating: Everyone


Action Swing

by Sunflat / /
  • Current Version 1.0.6
  • Size 2M


Jump from a swing timely and land on a SAFE platform!

Tap the screen anywhere to jump.

- If you land near the center of the platform, you get more score.

- You can also control by pressing a trackball, DPAD-center, or space key.

Recent changes:

- minor bugfix and improvements

- add interstitial ad

Content rating: Everyone


Action Wall 3D

by Sunflat / /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 2M


There are so many walls on the way you go.

Touch anywhere to jump over the walls. Touch and hold for higher jump.

- If you get a star, you get a bonus score.

- You can jump longer by touching again even after releasing.

- If you crash into a wall, the game ends.

Recent changes:

- minor bugfix and improvements

- add interstitial ad

Content rating: Everyone


Free Action Images, Wallpapers

by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets / /
  • Current Version 1.7
  • Size 21M


Get the awesome military and NASA action wallpapers for free.

High quality images which you can save and use as wallpaper/background.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


ICC Champions Trophy 2013

by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd / /
  • Current Version 2.0.5
  • Size 4M


The highly anticipated Cricket tournament is here, the ICC Champions Trophy 2013! Get your hands on the official ICC Champions Trophy 2013 mobile game and be a part of the intense cricketing action! Be a part of your favourite team and step onto the field to fight for the ultimate prize, the ICC Champions Trophy 2013. Are your ready?

Game Features:


- Official ICC Champions Trophy 2013 game

- All 8 teams available for the player to choose from

- All the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 tournament features

- Easy to use controls. With 2 buttons for batting left, right anyone can pick this game up and start playing without needing a tutorial.

- This game is very rewarding with scoring runs made easy. If the players time their shots perfectly then every ball can be hit for a Six!

Download now to live the experience!

© ICC Development (International) Limited. All rights reserved.

This Game will work on devices with screen sizes 240x320,320x480,480x800,480x854

Recent changes:

Minor Fixes

Content rating: Low Maturity


Unified Remote

by Unified Intents / /
  • Current Version 2.14.1
  • Size 2M


The one-and-only remote control app for your computer. Turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Be lazy, you deserve it! Preloaded with support for 90+ programs including moue & keyboard, media players, presentations, screen mirroring, power control, file manager, terminal, and much more.


Ads help support our development. Upgrade to the Full Version for an ad-free experience + many more features.



âFantastic tool for those of you who want to have a remote control for their computer for watching TV, or maybe for listening to music.â â Gizmodo

<b>Key Features</b>

⢠Easy server and app setup, that just works.

⢠Automatic server detection to easily find servers on your network.

⢠Server password protection and encryption for added security.

⢠Supports single and multi-touch mouse control.

⢠Wake On LAN to easily start your server.

⢠Includes light and dark color themes.

⢠Server is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

⢠Control other devices including Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yún.

⢠18 free remotes

<b>Full Version Features</b>

⢠90+ remotes

⢠Custom Remotes

⢠Widgets & Quick Actions

⢠Voice commands

⢠Custom remotes

⢠IR actions

⢠NFC actions

⢠Android Wear (Quick Actions, Voice & Mouse)

⢠No ads


Mouse, Keyboard, Screen, Volume, and more.


Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Winamp, etc.


VLC, BSPlayer, Windows Media Player, PotPlayer, etc.

<b>Media Center</b>

Kodi (XBMC), Plex, Windows Media Center, Boxee, etc.


YouTube, Netflix, Hulu


PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentation


Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera


Power, Monitor, Files, Task Manager, Commands, etc.

<b>All Remotes</b>

Note that some remotes are not available for all operating systems.


⢠read phone status and identity: for auto-pause.

⢠control NFC: for NFC actions.

⢠full network access: for server connection.

⢠view network connections: for server connection.

⢠view Wi-Fi connections: for server connection.

⢠pair with Bluetooth devices: for server connection.

⢠control vibration: for optional haptic feedback.

⢠prevent phone from sleeping: for optional wake-lock.

⢠transmit infrared: for IR remote control.

⢠install shortcuts: for launcher shortcuts.

Recent changes:


* Fixed widget export.

* Added ability to re-add widgets.

* Fixed IP issue with multiple servers.

* Fixed crash in Send Text and Spotify Adv.


Free + Full Version:

⢠New server (beta) available for Mac, Linux, and more.

⢠Added auto-update servers (to resolve IP changes).

⢠Fixed right-click issue.

⢠Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Full Version:

⢠Improved IR support for Samsung devices.

⢠Added GOM Player remote.

⢠Added KMPlayer remote.

⢠Added MusicBee remote.

Content rating: Everyone


Squibble Free

by MassHabit Games / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 10M


All the levels, all the action, all for free! Help Squibble swing, bounce, and slingshot his way home in an epic, fast-paced and fun 2D platformer thatâs easy to learn but hard to master. Future updates include bonus areas to explore and conquer at no extra cost! An ad-free, paid version is also available.

Squibble is now a finalist at the Canadian Videogame awards! We'll be competing for "Best Game on the Go" - Wish us luck and thanks for all your support!



Wired Magazine AppGuide

"Squibble is as much fun as Angry Birds!"

"I'm nuts about this game! I find myself playing it whenever I can and it's still as much fun as in the beginning. This app has it all: a cute story, good controls, lots of surprises, and it calls for sleight of hand and a bit of luck."

"Squibble deserves more reviews and publicity because of its simple platforming style, colorful art design, and addictively challenging gameplay."

"The art style is simple, bright, and colorful; comparable to that of Angry Birds."

"Squibble is an impressive Android game packed with 20+ levels of quality graphics and fantastic gameplay."

"Overall, this is a unique game that has great graphics, responsive controls and has a lot of potential... Thumbs Up."

"The controls are tight, the game runs flawlessly, the physics add a nice twist, and it's a great blend of action and pause-to-think."

"If you are looking for a new addiction on android to pull you away from angry birds try squibble."

"This is a very polished game, the graphics are perfectly realised and the levels scroll smoothly as Squibble swings and flies about the place."

"Like Angry Birds, Squibble does the vector-style, cartoony approach to graphics - and pulls it off quite well"

"Great fast paced platform game"

"Squibble is a very addictive, easy to pick up and challenging all at the same time."

Recent changes:

- Updates to sdks

- Smaller Ads

Content rating: Everyone


Cool Reader

by Vadim Lopatin / /
  • Current Version 3.1.2-101
  • Size 4M


eBook reader. Supports epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats.

Pages or scroll view. Page flipping animation.

Table of contents, bookmarks, text search.

Bookmarks on text fragments (comments or corrections) - useful for proof reading.

Export of bookmarks to text file.

Built-in file browser, quick recent books access.

Online catalogs (OPDS) support.

LitRes online book store support.

Text to Speech (TTS) support.

Hyphenation dictionaries;

Most complete FB2 format support: styles, tables, footnotes.

Additional fonts support (place .ttf to /sdcard/fonts/)

Support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages; autodetection of TXT file encoding (GBK, Shift_JIS, BIG5, EUC_KR).

Day and night profiles (two sets of colors, background, backlight levels).

Brightness adjustments by flick on left edge of screen.

Background texture (stretched or tiled) or solid color.

Paperbook-like page turning animation or "sliding page" animation.

Dictionary support (ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora Dictionary, Aard Dictionary).

Customizable tap zone and key actions.

Autoscroll (automatic page flipping) - start using menu/goto/autoscroll or assign action Autoscroll on key or tap zone; Change speed using volume keys or bottom-right and bottom-left tap zones; stop - tap any other tap zone or key.

Can read books from zip archives.

Automatic reformatting of .txt files (autodetect headings etc.)

Styles can be customised in wide range using external CSS.

Select text using double tap (optional).

Similar to FBReader, Aldiko, AlReader, Nook, Laputa, Moon+ reader.

Place additional textures to /sdcard/.cr3/textures/ -- to be used as tiled page backgrounds.

Place additional textures to /sdcard/.cr3/backgrounds/ -- to be used as stretched page backgrounds.

(/cr3/ directory can also be used instead of /.cr3/, and internal SD or internal storage instead of /sdcard/)

CoolReader requires following permissions:

WAKE_LOCK - to control screen backlight


INTERNET - to use online catalogs

CoolReader is free, open source (GPL), multiplatform project.

Project homepage on SourceForge is

To donate this project, you can buy Cool Reader Gold ($10), Silver ($3) or Bronze ($1) Donation package from Market

In case of issues after update (e.g. crashes while reading) try to remove directory SD/.cr3/cache and book database files SD/.cr3/*.sqlite

Windows version can be downloaded here:

As well, consider using "Cool Reader GL" - cross-platform Cool Reader version with UI rewritten in C++, with hardware acceleration based on OpenGL. Optimized for new devices with big high resolution screens. Both versions can be installed together.

Recent changes:

Fix crash

Content rating: Everyone


T20 Premier League 2013

by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd / /
  • Current Version 2.0.11
  • Size 3M


The cricket tournament everybody is looking forward to!! Experience the T20 Season action! Choose from several modes of play including "Quick Match" and "Challenges". Which side are you on? So what are you waiting for? Get ready for intense cricketing action!!

T20 Premier League 2013 The cricket tournament everybody is looking forward to!

Game Features:

1. Quick Game Mode: A quick match against the opponent team

2. Tournament Mode: Experience the larger-than-life T20 Premier League 2013 Tournament



2 - Defence

4,6,8 - Batting Shots


2,4,6,8 - Place marker

5 - set angle and speed

Recent changes:

Minor Fixes

Content rating: Low Maturity


Papi Jump

by Sunflat / /
  • Current Version 1.10.0
  • Size 3M


PapiJump is a simple but addictive jumping action game!

Mr.Papi (red ball guy) wants to go up higher, is jumping eternally.

Tilt the device to move him left and right.

Note that the left side of the screen is connected with the right side (except for Level-Right).

This app contains the following 10 levels! (higher levels are unlocked by scores):


Recent changes:

- add new levels: Enemy2 and Fall+Enemy2

- change scores to unlock levels

- minor bugfix and improvements

Content rating: Everyone


Castle Defense Strategy

by Mateusz Dworak, Artur Tworzydlo, Konrad Koniarski / /
  • Current Version 1.45
  • Size 4M


Try our new game: Medieval Empires - full real time strategy for Android.

Castle Defense is a medieval tower defense game. The game has dynamic action in over 50 maps with beautiful graphics.

Create your own defense strategy to protect the castle from angry enemy hordes. Explore big miscellaneous maps with action taking place in forests, on deserts, marshlands and many others. Gain access to the new buildings and tower upgrades in different maps. Castle Defense introduces many innovative features into tower defense games world. Enemy attacks your buildings. You can build towers wherever you want, earn gold by accelerating next attacking waves, get several kinds of bonuses, decide which enemy should be attacked first by your towers, accelerate the game speed, choose difficulty level and do many more⦠Each tower has its own characteristic attributes as well as each soldier has its original attack strategy and strength, speed, life and damage values. You have to choose which tower is most suitable to defend various kinds of attacker like knights, archers, footman, black knights and many othersâ¦

Castle Defense is far ahead of the other tower defense games in quality, realism and game play. It is very close to RTS (Real Time Strategy) game type. Enemies can walk wherever they want and attack tower of their own choice. Some of them attack any tower it finds on the way, other just try to get to the main castle. Archers can shoot towers from the distance. Units have different speed and each type require special strategy to defend.

Our goal is to make Castle Defense one of the best tower defence games for mobile devices. We can do it with your help. We are waiting for your feedback because the game is made for YOU!

Join us on Facebook at:

The game is totally free!!!

Content rating: Everyone


Army Sniper

by Words Mobile / /
  • Current Version 1.4.5
  • Size 6M


Turn your android phone into a season battle field and snipe all your enemies. You are an elite army sniper and an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism.

Combining the fast pace of action games with the satisfaction of a precision sniper shot, Army Sniper offers exciting gameplay like never before. Shoot the walking enemies dead down now!

How to Play:

1. Touch to enter into Aim mode

2. Tilt your phone to move sight

3. Click the Fire button at bottom left to fire

4. Touch the black area to exit snipe mode

Game Features:

1. Gripping hollywood storyline

2. Tap & Tilt controls

3. Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and music

4. Two Modes: Story mode & Endless mode

5. Three different difficulties: easy, normal, hard

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board. Thanks.

Recent changes:

v1.4.5: Fixed some minor bugs of the game. Thanks for your great support!

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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