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* Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market! *

Prenatal Lullabies offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning and enhance brain development of a fetus. Specially designed and highly recommended by obstetricians and researchers, Prenatal Lullabies utilizes leisure music with slow tempo resembling mothers' own heart beats when they are at rest. Mozart's piano sonatas are also included, well recognized as a solid assistant in fetus brain development.

Benefits brought by Prenatal Lullabies:

When listening to music, a mother-to-be is actually sharing a peaceful moment with her unborn baby who is also listening. Prenatal music is good for fetus brain development by promoting right brain functions and stimulating creative cells activity.

A state at relaxation is most suitable for a fetus to grow soundly. Totally relaxing with the music helps a mother-to-be staying at a peaceful mood; it also helps the unborn baby to cultivate an artistic temperament much earlier.

Men can download it for the beloved wife!

Notable features of Prenatal Lullabies:

- 10 fine-selected lullabies in Full Version (5 in Lite Version) that builds your baby's brain, and calms your baby and you with healing melodies

- Time-setting control that allows you to set the time you want the music to be played, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day.

- Elegant User Interface and elaborate descriptions

Recent changes:

- Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market!

- Fully support Android devices with different screen sizes

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Aroma Clock

by 7art Studio / www.the7art.com /
  • Current Version 1.7
  • Size 616K


Tender flower clock face will delight your phone with grace!

Little petals as clock hands make the time and you best friends!

The Aroma Clock widget is now resizable.

Aroma Clock is also available in Flower Clock live wallpaper:


To install it please open Widgets tab (usually next to Apps) and find Aroma Clock there. After that drag and drop it to your home screen.

By downloading and/or using this mobile application (the âAppâ or âServiceâ) you (âYouâ) accept and agree to be bound by the following terms of service (âTerms of Serviceâ) and all applicable laws and regulations governing the App. If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, do not download or install this App. http://app-privacy.info/terms-of-use-2/

Content rating: Everyone


İhale Haberi

by FİLİZ KESKİN / www.ihalehaberi.net /
  • Current Version 1.7
  • Size 2M


Yılların VermiÅ OlduÄu Birikim Ve Tecrübemizle, DoÄru, Dürüst, Hızlı Ve Ä°lkeli Habercilik AnlayıÅımızla Sizlerleyiz. www.ihalehaberi.net Tüm Resmi Kurumların Ä°hale Duyurularını, Ä°hale Sonuçlarını, KesinleÅen Ä°hale Sonuçlarını, Kamu Ä°hale Mevzuatını, TebliÄ Ve Yönetmelikleri Türkiye'nin Dört Bir Yanındaki Ãyelerine UlaÅtırarak Ä°nÅaat Ve Birçok Sektörde Faaliyet Gösteren Firmalara Rehber Olma Görevini ÃstlenmiÅtir.

Ãyelik için http://www.ihalehaberi.net adresinden bilgi alabilirsiniz.

www.ihalehaberi.net'e Neden Abone Olmalıyım?

Kamu Kurum ve KuruluÅlarına Hizmet Sunuyorsanız,

Kamu Ä°hale Mevzuatındaki DeÄiÅikleri Merak Ediyorsanız,

Ä°hale DanıÅmanlıÄı Yapıyorsanız

Ä°hale Duyuruları, Ä°hale Sonuçları ve KesinleÅen Sonuçları Hızlı ve Kolay Bir Åekilde ÃÄrenmek Ä°stiyorsanız,

Kamu İhale Kurumu İhalelerinin Yanı Sıra, Valilik, Kaymakamlık, Köye Yönelik Hizmetler ve Resmi Gazete gibi Kurumsal Web Sitelerinde Yayınlanan İhale Duyurularını Tektek Aramak Yerine Tek Tıkla Görmek İstiyorsanız,

Pazarlık usulü ihaleleri takip etmek istiyorsanız,

Ä°lgi Alanınıza Giren Ä°halelerin Duyuru, Sonuç ve KesinleÅen Sonuçlarının Zaman Kazanmanız Açısından Hergün Mail Adresinize Gelmesini Ä°stiyorsanız,

Rakiplerinizden Bir Adım Ãnde Olmak Ä°stiyorsanız

Sizleride Ailemizin Bir Parçası Olmaya Bekliyoruz.

Recent changes:

Düzeltme Yapıldı.

Content rating: Everyone


Sacred Flower Clock Widget

by 7art Studio / 7artstudio.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 714K


Enrich your home screen with true flowering Clock! Let tender circlet of flowers composing its clock face to bring joyful spring moods and concentrate good fortune around you!

Time is a magical substance. It permeates the Universe in all directions and let it exists in the way we used to know. But there is much more in all of this. Let the invisible nature of time to blossom by Sacred Flower Clock and fill up the world around you with wonders of existence full of harmony and happiness!

By downloading and/or using this mobile application (the âAppâ or âServiceâ) you (âYouâ) accept and agree to be bound by the following terms of service (âTerms of Serviceâ) and all applicable laws and regulations governing the App. If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, do not download or install this App. http://app-privacy.info/terms-of-use-2/

Content rating: Everyone


Lilium Flower Clock

by 7art Studio / 7artstudio.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 774K


Lively flower clock face will enrich your screen with grace.

You will feel the time with joy. It's right moment to enjoy!

You can adjust the size of Lilium flower clock widget as you like. Just put it to your home screen and long tap on it to see the resizable border.

The widget designed both for Android phones and tablets and contains no ads.

Link to alarm clock works on many devices as well. Just touch the widget to open its settings.

Lilium flower clock is also available in Flower Clock live wallpaper.

By downloading and/or using this mobile application (the âAppâ or âServiceâ) you (âYouâ) accept and agree to be bound by the following terms of service (âTerms of Serviceâ) and all applicable laws and regulations governing the App. If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, do not download or install this App. http://app-privacy.info/terms-of-use-2/

Content rating: Everyone


Soul Food Recipes

by Kindle Trove Apps / kindletrove.com /
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 2M


The Best Darn To-heck-with-Calories

Soul Food Recipes

Period. from Soul Stirrings: How looking back gives each of us the freedom to move forward with soul food!

The onion, like many of us, starts its life under the garden, compressed and without light. But the tender green shoots that grow into the sun are enough to bring that life to the surface where it breaks through into the brightness above. Beyond the bitterest tears, even the first time cook can release the sweetest flavor, with a little fire and ⦠a little Stirring.

Following are some special foods from a Celebration Menu that have been the centerpiece of get-togethers over the years. Try them the next time you have a family gathering.

Content rating: Everyone


Código de Processo Civil FREE

by FREEBOOKS Editora
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 385K


Código de Processo Civil Brasileiro completo 100% GRÃTIS

Compilado. Constantemente atualizado.


A concorrência está postando comentários ruins nos nossos apps pois eles são GRATUITOS e os deles são PAGOS. Baixe, teste e poste um comentário. Obrigado.


Muito útil para advogados, estudantes e concurseiros.

Funções: Pesquisa por palavra e por artigo, retorna ao último ponto de leitura, zoom in, zoom out, toque em um artigo ou parágrafo simula caneta marca-texto, totalmente GRATIS, FREE

Codigo de Processo Civil brasileiro otimizado para estudar para concursos públicos. Toque em um artigo ou parágrafo faz com que o texto fique destacado. Muito melhor e mais fácil do que estudar com papel e caneta. Experimente.


Baixe já o VADE MECUM JURIDICO para concursos públicos FREE (o melhor e mais completo do Google Play, totalmente grátis). Pesquise por "Leis para Concursos Públicos"


Procurando por ebooks? Dê uma olhada nos outros livros clássicos e material de estudos para concurso público que temos publicados no Google Play.

Recent changes:

v1.0 - Primeira versão.

Content rating: High Maturity


Mini Guide Chow Chow

by Neptuno App
  • Current Version 2.3
  • Size 3M


The new mini guides: The first was devoted to our favorite breed, the Chow Chow.

It is available in 4 languagesââ, which include the main characteristics, temperament, health, history and trivia.

Furthermore we accompany with tender photographs of our race Chow-Chow.

We hope you like it!

Neptune App

Content rating: Everyone


Empregos e Concursos

by DLE Mobile / www.facebook.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
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Notícias diárias sobre concursos, empregos, carreiras e oportunidades.

Vagas em todos os estados e dicas para melhorar sua carreira.

100% Gratuito.



Notícias, noticia, vagas, vagas de emprego, concursos, carreiras, oportunidades, news, dicas, funcionário, empregado, chefe, gerente.

Recent changes:

Correção de Bug

Content rating: Everyone


Kari Taylor

by SignMeMobile / www.signmemobile.com /
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I could say that Kari Taylor is a unique, hot, and talented, off the chain and off the hook â¨vocalist but I am not going to do that. I will let your ears be the judge of it. However, let me â¨tell you a little something about Kari and how this Bio arrived in your hands to read. â¨â¨Kari Taylor was raised in Los Angeles, California and at the tender age of three, showed â¨natural talent and an interest in music. Her family came to the conclusion that she was â¨destined to be a vocalist because the moment she came out of the womb, her first cry had â¨the sound of a note that only a vocalist could hit. One day, while playing at a neighbor's â¨house, Kari's talent was discovered by Hollywoodâs own, highly acclaimed Film Producer, â¨Cassius Weathersby, who formed a girls group called âThe Little Totsâ and placed her on â¨stage at Disneylandâs âGolden Horseshoe.â Throughout her school years, Kari continued â¨her pursuit of music by coordinating her own singing group and performing in various â¨school and community talent shows, social events, and drama productions, which earned â¨her an invitation to join a group called âSteamâ that would draw the interest of renowned â¨Legend, James Brown who introduced them on Soul Train. In college, her studies included â¨music, voice technique, sight-singing, dance, and theater arts, which prepared her to â¨become a professional Artist.â¨â¨

Kari was sought out to join other groups; By Design and Klear Cut, which prompted â¨interest from major artists like Prince (By Design), as well as entertainment magnate, Lou â¨Adler, who signed her group (Klear Cut) to Ode Records, a subsidiary of A&M records. â¨Eventually, she stepped out on her own and began a solo career. This opened the door to â¨various entities of the music industry - recording sessions, performing with headliners, â¨recording sessions, going on tours, writing songs, and ultimately, another record deal, this â¨time with MCA Records.â¨â¨Once the industry heard a glimpse of her voice, it did not take long for her to impress â¨some of the best in the industry, which led to her being featured on the âJackee and â¨Friends Show;â on the soundtrack of the re-make movie made for television âTo Sir With â¨Love IIâ starring Sidney Poitier; and a Stage Play entitled âWolves In Sheepâs Clothing.â â¨The highlight of her career was in 2010, when Kari was invited to join a cast of celebrities â¨including Chante Moore, Tata Vega, and Sheldon Reynolds (EWF) to perform in honor of â¨Michael Jackson; whoâs Award was accepted by his brother, Tito Jackson - an â¨unforgettable experience that shows she is making a name for herself and her appeal is â¨growing.â¨â¨Kari Taylor has been recognized by renowned entertainment entities. She is a two-time â¨winner of the BMI Showcase, KJLH Radio Talent Competitions, the Songwriters Showcase, â¨The 2011 History of Jazz Music.com Cyber-Star Search Winner, and others. Her â¨performances include studio sessions, festivals, concerts, and club venues. She has also â¨explored her talents as an actress doing background work, her latest being âDream Girls.ââ¨â¨From the beginning of her career as a child and throughout, Kari has had the opportunity â¨to work with some of the best songwriter/artists in the business, such as Babyface, "LA" Reid, Stevie Wonder, Ray Parker, Jr., and many others. Her opportunities also include collaborating with some of the most talented producers in the industry such as Jackie Jackson (of the Jacksons), Robert Brookins, Attala Zane Giles, Trevor Lawrence, and Preston Glass to name a few.â¨â¨Kariâs new single entitled, âLove Come Downâ was released the end of last year and she is â¨currently in the studio writing and completing her CD project. Her songs show her â¨diversified range and smooth, soulful, but powerful vocals complimenting the genres of â¨R&B, Pop and Jazz.â¨â¨To sum it all upâ¦Kari is a complete entertainer who combines all of her talents in live â¨performances and in the studio. She is ready for all to experience her journey.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Best Rated Drink Shots

by Kindle Trove Apps / kindletrove.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Recipes for the best Drink shots for those end of the work week party mode just before everything goes wild.

Shooters are short, potent drinks that are mixed with a combination of spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic mixers while shots only contain ingredients that are alcoholic. Both shooters and shots are served in shot glasses and consumed with one tip of the glass.

Content rating: Everyone


SAS Hair

by appyli / www.appyli.com /
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 20K


From our exclusive Bridge Street salon, Sass the Hair & Beauty Specialist has been offering the very best in hair styling and customer service for over 25 years.

The Salon was originally opened in 1963 by owner Samuel John Rose, who worked hard for many years to build up a large clientele base providing an excellent service to every single customer.

Daughter Samantha (Sass) who showed great potential from a very young age, started helping out in the salon from the tender age of 12yrs. A few years on with a family of her own, Sass now runs the salon full time. âItâs a great family ran business, Iâve got 4 children who (in the back of my mind) I hope will one day will take over the business and carry on what has become a very popular salon in the centre of Swindonâ. Stylists, Sass and Chloe share a wealth of experience in designer cutting, colouring techniques, âGreat Lengthâ Hair Extensions and Long hair put-upâs for Weddings and Proms.

Content rating: Everyone

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