• Current Version 1.5
  • Size 9M


* Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market! *

Prenatal Lullabies offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning and enhance brain development of a fetus. Specially designed and highly recommended by obstetricians and researchers, Prenatal Lullabies utilizes leisure music with slow tempo resembling mothers' own heart beats when they are at rest. Mozart's piano sonatas are also included, well recognized as a solid assistant in fetus brain development.

Benefits brought by Prenatal Lullabies:

When listening to music, a mother-to-be is actually sharing a peaceful moment with her unborn baby who is also listening. Prenatal music is good for fetus brain development by promoting right brain functions and stimulating creative cells activity.

A state at relaxation is most suitable for a fetus to grow soundly. Totally relaxing with the music helps a mother-to-be staying at a peaceful mood; it also helps the unborn baby to cultivate an artistic temperament much earlier.

Men can download it for the beloved wife!

Notable features of Prenatal Lullabies:

- 10 fine-selected lullabies in Full Version (5 in Lite Version) that builds your baby's brain, and calms your baby and you with healing melodies

- Time-setting control that allows you to set the time you want the music to be played, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day.

- Elegant User Interface and elaborate descriptions

Recent changes:

- Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market!

- Fully support Android devices with different screen sizes

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Thunder Bear

by Magma Mobile / m.magmamobile.com /
  • Current Version 1.0.8
  • Size 8M


Thunder Bear is an addictive Android game in which Thunder Bear will have to use his new powers to fight off Magic Meteorites thrown at him by the angry Zeus. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase and you will to use wisely your new given bonuses.

The game offers 3 modes: Classic, Survivor and Time Attack. All the scoreboards are powered by OpenFeint.

Full Thunder Bear Story:

Little Bear is a bear who enjoys spending time in the forest with his animal friends. Little Bear is a very curious bear. One day, his curiosity takes him into a dark cave where he discovers Zeusâ hidden thunderbolt.

As Little Bear picks up the thunderbolt, a large thunderbolt shoot up into the sky! With this new found power, Little Bear becomes Thunder Bear.

Zeus, sitting up in his thrown, sees the large thunderbolt in the sky and knows someone has stolen his powerful thunderbolt. He then decides that he will find and kill the one who has stolen his thunderbolt.

Zeus finds Thunder Bear in the forest and begins sending down Magic Meteorites. Thunder Bear decides to fight back by using his new power to defend himself.

In order for Thunder Bear to stop Zeusâ Magic Meteorites he must prove that he deserves this God-like power. Thunder Bear will therefore have to fight his way through the forest.

Recent changes:

* V1.0.6

- HD graphics

* V1.0.5

- Translation in Chinese by Keira Liu. Many thanks to her for his precious help !

- Translation in Dutch by Ivo van der Linden. Many thanks to him for his precious help !

* V1.0.3

- Collect all the stars !

- Choose your control type : Sensor or TouchScreen

- Translation in Danish by Sarah Windeløv

- Translation in Spanish by Hector Lazcano Hernandez

Content rating: Everyone


Aroma Clock

by 7art Studio / www.the7art.com /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 479K


Tender flower clock face will delight your phone with grace!

Little petals as clock hands make the time and you best friends!

Please tip few mBTC or anything you like to: 14YxVyihmKpTpt7yXFMc2trzH8vUTg2zAq

Tapping Aroma Clock will launch Alarm Clock app. Other sizes available: search Market for "Aroma Clock 1x1", "Aroma Clock 3x3" and "Aroma Clock 4x4".

Aroma Clock is also available in Flower Clock live wallpaper:


Recent changes:

* the new Aroma Clock collection is now blooming in Flower Clock live wallpaper and Flower Lake live wallpaper

Content rating: Everyone


Astro Panel (Astronomy)

by Shibby Developments / stargazerslounge.com /
  • Current Version 2.17
  • Size 2M


Astronomy weather forecast. Forecast data is from 7Timer and includes:

- Cloud cover

- Seeing

- Transparency

- Humidity

- Wind

- Temperature

- Lunar Phase

- Lunar Altitude

- ISS Passes (automatically localised)

- Support for GPS-only devices

- Support for devices with no location services (manual long/lat entry)

- NEW overview graphic

Astro Panel is entirely free. If you would like to support me as a developer, please download my game, Finger Shepherd! (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shibby.fingershepherd)

This lightweight astronomy app detects your location and uses it to instantly give you a forecast that is highly localized and works worldwide.

***Uses 7Timer's Astro Panel to achieve this (see http://7timer.y234.cn). The forecast grid and key are loaded directly from this website***

Please note I am not affiliated with 7Timer in any way.

Please contact me with any bugs/feedback!

About 7Timer


7Timer!, pronounced as "Tri-Timer", means "bell of clear sky" in Chinese. It is a series of meteorological forecast products. Most of the products base on a numeric weather model from NOAA/NCEP, called GFS, and aim on short-term (up to 16 days) weather forecast service for special purpose, for example, astronomical activities, or meteorological condition assessment. 7Timer! was first introduced in mid 2005 and has been revised for better fitting of public service operation in mid 2008. It's first designed as a weather forecast tool for astronomical purpose, as the author himself is a long-term astronomer and is always annoyed by fluky weather conditions.

Recent changes:

- (2.17) Quick fix to resolve some display issues

- App now falls back to IP address to circumvent DNS problems.

- Improved reliability of clear sky alerts.

- Removed some unused permissions.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Empregos e Concursos

by DLE Mobile / www.facebook.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 3M


Notícias diárias sobre concursos, empregos, carreiras e oportunidades.

Vagas em todos os estados e dicas para melhorar sua carreira.

100% Gratuito.



Notícias, noticia, vagas, vagas de emprego, concursos, carreiras, oportunidades, news, dicas, funcionário, empregado, chefe, gerente.

Recent changes:

Correção de Bug

Content rating: Everyone


BSA On-the-Go

by George R. Cain Jr. / www.georgercainjr.com /
  • Current Version 1.23
  • Size 2M


If you would like to Move this Application to the SD Card, please search for the BSA On-the-Go SD version.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) On-the-Go is reference and field guide for all of the Boy Scouts of America requirements, all 9000+ of them.

BSA On-the-Go IS NOT AN OFFICIAL Boy Scouts of America application. (Although, we were just listed as one of the ultimate BSA applications for mobile applications in Scouting Magazine, thanks everyone ...) This application is developed by a Scouter for Scouters. This version with all the requirements is FREE.

BSA On-the-Go IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for the BSA Handbook. Always keep and use your handbook and blue cards as a permanent record.

From the maker of BSA Quick Guide, we have completely reconstructed the entire list of BSA requirements and made it better and easier to use ...

Sorry to those who have been using BSA Quick Guide, to make this work, we had to totally redo the application. Do transfer of information is allowed.

But, here is the newest version and look at what you get ...

# All Requirements are not check able individually. There are over 9000 check able requirements through out the entire application.

# We have updated all requirements ... see what we have added:

+ Cub Scouting:

>> Tiger Cub

>> Wolf

* Plus Electives

>> Bear

* Plus Electives

>> Webelos

* Badge

* Activity Badges (all 5 categories, 20 Badges in all)

* Arrow of Light

>> Belt Loops and Pins

* Academics (25) and Sports (28)

>> Advancement Trackers

+ Boy Scouting:

>> Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle and Eagle Palms.

>> Merit Badges (All 126 of them ... over 4000 individual requirements)

>> Advancement Trackers

+ Venturing

>> Bronze Award

>> Silver Award

>> Gold Award

>> Ranger

>> Quest

>> Trust

>> Sea Scouts(Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quartermaster)

+ Varsity

>> Letter

>> Letter Bars

>> Activity Pins

>> Denali Award

+ Scouter Awards

>> Patches (25 different patches and cards)

>> Medals and Knots (5 categories, 40 different medals and knots)

This is the most complete collection of BSA requirements on the Android.

>> Reporting, export any one level of requirements to email, SMS, social media ...

If you have any comments or questions, please email me at georgercainjr@gmail.com.

Recent changes:

# 1.23: Fixed Swimming MB

# 1.22: Updated all Boy Scout Requirements (Merit Badges, Rank Advancements) to contain all changes up to Jan 2014. Added Cyber Chip, Stand Up Paddleboarding and Morse Code Awards.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has supported BSA On-the-Go over the last year. Sorry for the delayed updates, 2013 is behind and I look forward to 2014.

Content rating: Everyone



by InstantSys Mobile Developer / www.fbomobile.com /
  • Current Version 0.2
  • Size 28K


Find and win US Government contracts; or check status of RFP/bids from your phone on the go with the #1 Rated App for Federal Business Opportunities - FBO Mobile!

FBO Mobile makes it easy to find US Federal Government business opportunities, right from your Android® Phone! You can search and view bids, solicitations, RFPâs, RFIâs, and contract award notices, from all federal government agencies and departments, with full access to public data available from fedbizopps and fbo.gov websites. This app provides access to *all* US Federal Government opportunities above $25K for execution in the US as well as outside the US.

Thousands of users have discovered the FBO Mobile app since it was released. Thanks to all our users, FBO Mobile is the MOST DOWNLOADED and TOP RATED app for government contracting professionals! FBO Mobile app provides the fastest and easiest access to US Federal Government contract opportunities on the go from Android® phones!

FBO Mobile is available FREE for all Android® users and there are NO subscription costs.

Recent changes:

Added ability to specify agency issuing federal government solicitation.

Content rating: Everyone


Sacred Flower Clock Widget

by 7art Studio / 7artstudio.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 714K


Enrich your home screen with true flowering Clock! Let tender circlet of flowers composing its clock face to bring joyful spring moods and concentrate good fortune around you!

Time is a magical substance. It permeates the Universe in all directions and let it exists in the way we used to know. But there is much more in all of this. Let the invisible nature of time to blossom by Sacred Flower Clock and fill up the world around you with wonders of existence full of harmony and happiness!

Content rating: Everyone



by Velociter Solutions / www.velociters.com /
  • Current Version 1.444
  • Size 14M


DURASHINE® is the flagship retail brand of Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd. The brand manufactures and sells roll formed colour coated steel roof & wall sheets, structural products and accessories. Launched in the year 2008, the brand has become the preferred choice in the segment.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Best Rated Drink Shots

by Kindle Trove Apps / kindletrove.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Recipes for the best Drink shots for those end of the work week party mode just before everything goes wild.

Shooters are short, potent drinks that are mixed with a combination of spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic mixers while shots only contain ingredients that are alcoholic. Both shooters and shots are served in shot glasses and consumed with one tip of the glass.

Content rating: Everyone



by MarimbaGroup
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 415K


We selected The best images of happy new year, tender, tenderness, comic, romantic, naughty and you can share on Facebook, Twitter or downloaded to your phone, tablet or SmarTV.

Each day we will have a new phrase that will help you communicate your feelings on this special date.

Celebrate with your loved ones.

Content rating: Everyone


Beezid Penny Auctions

by Free App World
  • Current Version 3.21
  • Size 2M


Beezid is changing the entire online penny auction game! Download our brand new free auction app now and see why Beezid is the fastest growing online shopping app of its kind. Penny auctions are a new way to save BIG on the retail costs of brand name electronics, gift cards, vacation packages, and just about anything else you can shop for online.

<b>Our members save an average of 94.5% off of retail! </b>

All products auctioned off are brand new in their original factory packaging unlike some other penny auction sites and apps that sell you factory seconds and returned merchandise.

Hereâs how it works â itâs that easy:

<i>Register in less than a minute and then bid by clicking the BID button

Purchase a bid pack â New members get FREE bids!

Standard auctions start the bidding at $0.00 and the price increases one cent with each bid

Keep an eye on the countdown timer and if you time your bid perfectly, you will be the winning bidder!

If you arenât the lucky winner this time, you can always BUY IT NOW for a great price and have all of your bids returned to your account!</i>

Our loyal members write in all the time to share their success stories of what theyâve won and how little they have paid.

<i>â Beezid has been a lifesaver for me! I could never afford a brand new 60 inch Sony Bravia LED flat screen TV, but I saw one pop up and I won the auction for $283.90. Thatâs an over two thousand dollar TV for a couple hundred bucks! AMAZING!!â â Sam from New York

âI love Apple products but theyâre so expensive. I have won an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and Macbook Pro all on here for WAY less than retailâ â Stacy Jones from Georgia

âThe deals on here are incredible. I was using quibids, zbiddy, and ebay before I found Beezid and didnât know what I was missing. Incredibly cheap merchandise and itâs all factory direct. I love itâ â Ben from California</i>

We are the <b>LARGEST</b> penny auction house on Google Play and have tens of thousands of LIVE auctions at any given moment. From iPads to steak knives, weâve got it all and for over 90% less than retail.

You really canât lose with <b> Beezid </b> so give it a shot today!

Recent changes:

- More free bids for new members

- Added items by new vendors

- Free shipping on ALL orders

Content rating: Low Maturity

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  • EvilJeanyis: Mannnnnn eatin #GloriousBocks that belongs to a near perfect tenders will MAKE u wanna keep ya eyes open & not miss nothin! Lol

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