Action Swing

by Sunflat / www.sunflat.net /
  • Current Version 1.0.6
  • Size 2M


Jump from a swing timely and land on a SAFE platform!

Tap the screen anywhere to jump.

- If you land near the center of the platform, you get more score.

- You can also control by pressing a trackball, DPAD-center, or space key.

Recent changes:

- minor bugfix and improvements

- add interstitial ad

Content rating: Everyone


Boat Swing

by weimar / www.jweimar.de /
  • Current Version 0.1
  • Size 429K


Help the girl in the boat swing. Just move and tilt your phone as you like. This is a damped pendulum with reference to the current accelleration of the phone. Only works for phones with acceleration sensor.

© Jörg R. Weimar 2010.

Content rating: High Maturity


Panda Jungle Swing

by imadissu
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 5M


Panda Jungle Swing likes jumping and air stunts Free Game Android Application. Enjoy!.

You must prevent panda ( jungle animals ) from falling down and help panda by putting any bamboo bar bottom to jump and swing in jungle .

Please try to stand pretty panda never falling in front of world!!!

Features of Panda Jungle Swing

★★★★★ Challenging Levels

★★★★★ Lightweight Game

★★★★★ Amazing game control

★★★★★ Good Quality Graphics

★★★★★ Challenging and Addictive game

With Panda Jungle Swing Start the exciting adventure in jungle .

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 2M


WCS Metronome is designed to be used in practice session of West Coast Swing dancing. Half beats can be played at Straight count (& halfway between the down and up beats) to Rolling count (a 2/3 after the down beat and 1/3 before the up beat). For easy checking of dancing on time with video; the screen shows beat and half beats in a high contrast method. Another application, West Coast Swing Sugar Push, shows moves in half beat increments and has an integrated video player. Questions or comments email gm_us@yahoo.com.

Recent changes:

New in this version is larger text, and the one count and one beat time match was improved.

Content rating: Everyone


Golf swing cam Controller

by TAKASHI MIYAMOTO / badosuki0902.wix.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


This app is a remote control app for [Golf swing camera / video].

■ How to use

Please install exclusive application in a tablet photographing beforehand.

An application name: Golf swing camera / video

① I do pairing in Bluetooth with a tablet and a smartphone to use for photography.

② I attach it to an arm (when I use the armband which a smartphone for running can hold convenience)

・ I attach it to the left arm

・ So that when I posed, a screen turns to the top

・Please attach it so that the upper part of the smartphone turns to last direction of the hand.

③ I start application

④ I choose a tablet of the Bluetooth connection with "Connect List button"

⑤ I push "the Connect button" (connected in Bluetooth)

⑥ I push the "Rec" button (I start recording)

⑦ Please swing (after swing, photography is automatically finished)

⑧ Please confirm one's swing using "slow reproduction" "top forwarding" "top return"

⑨ When I want to record it again, please push the REC button.

⑩ When I finish application, I push "Disconnect button" before the end, and please cut Bluetooth.

Specifically, please confirm a homepage.


Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version 2.3
  • Size 2M


"WCS Sugar Push shows images of the Sugar Push in 1/2 beat increments on the left side of the screen, and a video of your sugar push on the right side of the screen. The images are based upon videos of champion level dancers dancing to a variety of music. The video player can advance your video and the images in 1/2 beat increments for easy comparison. Another application, Dance Apps West Coast Swing Metronome, allows easy checking of dancing on time with video by both playing and showing beats on the screen. Questions or comments email gm_us@yahoo.com.

Online instructions are on youtube: Dance Apps West Coast Swing Sugar Push 2.2

Recent changes:

Updated video record and about screens.

Content rating: Everyone


Swing CitΓ© 2013 Program

by Bram Smans
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


The only real, official, bilingual program of the most swingin' place at the 'Gentse Feesten' !!!

Always stay up-to-date with the most detailed program available.

Content rating: Everyone


Swing to the Top

by nam vu / www.facebook.com /
  • Current Version 200
  • Size 9M


How high can you swing ?

Recent changes:

How high can you swing

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Demo Version of SwingGolfComparator. Small App for compare your golf or tennis swing with anothers, or ***ize only your swing. You can draw all shapes your need on screen and play swings in different speed.All shapes,start points on videos and frame speeds are saved for future plays. Be able to download youtube videos for compare.Enjoy!

NEW :OVERLAP!!! You'll be able to overlap your swing with another transparent pefect swing for watch frame to frame where are your weak swing points.

In this demo version the compare option is closed; you'll be able to open ten videos with all features.

If you like please consider buy pro version! All features, no ads, and you'll be able to compare with another swings!

Content rating: Everyone


Jet Fly

by ICECRY / plus.google.com /
  • Current Version 8.1.1
  • Size 4M


The Jet Robot has two skills – Jet and Swing

How to jet:

Catch star to get power and jet automatically

How to swing:

Touch buildings to fix rope and touch again anywhere to fly

Game mode:

15s 30s 60s Free

Running performance:

set background details to improve running performance


How far you can go in each mode

Screen resolution support:

WVGA(854*480), WVGA(800*480), HVGA(480*320), WQVGA(432*240), WQVGA(400*240), QVGA(320*240), Tablets


1.Cloud City – Catch the red star you can fly to Cloud City.

2.UFO & Aircraft are racing with you.

3.More Challenges-15s 30s 60s Free. Spacing of buildings will be more and more far away in Free mode.

PS: To improve running performance you’d better to cut off all background process that not in use

Recent changes:

Add 3 times first aid

Optimize the game quits

Content rating: Everyone


Rope the Frog

by wendytech.de / www.wendytech.de /
  • Current Version LieutenantBlue
  • Size 10M



Rope the Frog - You're a hungry frog and that makes you angry. You want your bugs and you want them fast. Swing through a world full of juicy mosquitos. Get fatter and fatter so you can eat even more. Get more scores for eating as fast as you can; an eat-o-meter helps to optimize your feasting. But be aware, the food chain is long, and those mean stork babies like them some juicy frog legs. The world adapts to your abilities: raise from a white tongue noob to the league of black tongue experts, unlock new extras and compete on the global leaderboard.

Rope the Frog is the newest arcade hit - More puzzles than Rope’n Fly, more action than Cut the Rope. Earn the black belt.

Here is the Rope the Frog challenge: can you reach the black tongue/belt level? We are afraid only Chuck Norris can do it. If you made it, then submit your result in our global leaderboard.

Rope the Frog is a free and clean arcade game: no annoying requests, no hidden costs.

Rope the Frog - Rope to the TOP!

Recent changes:

Game can be moved to external sd card.


Content rating: Low Maturity



by Magma Mobile / m.magmamobile.com /
  • Current Version 1.3.4
  • Size 4M


Pinball is the 1st Android Pinball game available on the market.

Control the flips with the buttons(SET IN OPTIONS). By DEFAULT touchscreen control flips.


Since version 1.2.0, if your device is multitouch, you can now touch right and left corners to control flips !

Check the settings to see if you can play with multitouch

Recommended key for G1

Left : Call Button

Right & Plunger: Back Button

Menu : Menu Button

Pause : Touchscreen

Recent changes:

If you would like to see this game

translated in your language,

send us an e-mail

[24] V1.3.1

- minor bug fixes

- Translation in Indonesian by Pras Haryanto

  Thanks to him for his precious Help !

[23] V1.3.0

- minor bug fixes


[22] V1.2.8

- minor bug fixes

- Translation in Korean by Wen Charmgene

Translation in Hebrew by Roy Jan & Gaby Bernstein

Translation in Turkish by Berkin Kayalar & Chingiz Aliev

Thanks to him for his precious Help !

Content rating: Everyone

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