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The easiest way to the best new Android Apps! BAM discovers new apps & games and recommends the best for you. Focused on FREE Top Apps & Top Games, BAM brings new apps you will love!

Now powered by Fetch, your smart personal assistant for apps and games. Fetch uses our team of Android experts and the technology of App Genome Project to find the best apps that match your likes.

We test and review dozen of new apps and games every day so you can quickly get to the best ones. Optimized for speed: Fast to open, fast to browse & fast to search, no clutter!

- FREE: New Top Apps & New Top Games, everyday

- REVIEWED: Android experts test and review the best apps for you

- PERSONALIZED: our algorithm learns what you like and brings more

Install the best alternative to the Android Market. It's the best discovery tool in the Market, including personalized recommendations based on app you have installed.

We organized the applications in ways to get to the best apps & games quickly & we have tools for expert Android user:

- Top Apps & Top Games: 100+ editorialized lists with daily updates

- Apps of the Day: hand-picked top apps every day in your feed

- Better Search: Quick suggestions as you type & human optimized

- My Apps: The fastest App Manager! Move2SD, Easy Uninstaller & Share, App updates coming soon

- Widgets: Last Installed Apps, App of the Day, Apps you Liked

"BAM", now powered by Fetch, is the Best Market App for Android to search Google Play! Update Today! Start with Top Apps & Top Games: it’s like the editorial lists in iPhone for the Android Market. BAM is the best way to find a new app & new game without wasting time searching through junk!! Our editors review many apps & actually play games, then create useful lists of only the BEST ones for you. We have the best for each type: you'll only see one "poker" app or the best antivirus for Android or the best camera app, not many similar ones. Each has quotes on why we like it & we make our lists useful & practical: "Optimize My Phone", "Pranks & Jokes", "Best Themes",etc



• Top Picks from Google Play

• Optimize Your Phone

• Organize Your Life Apps

• Shop Near You

...Many More


• Our selection of the most fun games on Google Play

• Action & Adventure

• Classic Arcades

• Multiplayer

• Strategy and Simulation


• Powered by Fetch

• Brings Games and Apps selected for you

...Many More


• Filter by 100+ categories, paid/free, ratings & installs. Combine filters to explore the best apps in the market.

• Sort by Recent, Best, Popular and Trending


• See trending up app & games installed by the community

• No sign-up required, but pick a nickname to be recognized

5) APPS FOR YOU: Personal app recommendations based on your installed apps


• Easily access apps you favorite here

• App wishlist. To add apps to your wish list, tap on the heart

7) MY APPS: All your installed apps

• Apps Manager: See apps that are movable to sd card. Move apps2SD / Move apps to the phone

• Quick Uninstaller: Uninstall apps with 1 click

• Share/Send with friends or post on Facebook, Twitter, Email

• Sort by installation date, sd-card availability, size & name

8) APPS OF THE DAY - Daily suggestions in your feed


• Last Installed Apps Widget: recently installed apps, easily accessible

• Apps of the Day Widget: new apps every day tested by us

• NOTE: BAM must be on phone for the widgets to work, not on SD. Move & restart phone

Learn more about Fetch at

Powered by Fetch and the App & Game Genome Project (beta for Android only)

Best Apps Market is also known as "BAM"

Recent changes:

New viewing options and many bug fixes in 3.0.1

+ Toggle between grid and list in the search results.

+ New layout for Apps and Games tab

+ Use "Newest" sorting option to see newly reviewed apps and games

+ Memory improvements

+ Other numerous bug fixes

Try brand new BAM 3.0, now powered by Fetch! Upgrade today!

- Get a personalized feed of new apps and games

- Enjoy a beautiful design that supports all Android devices.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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