Stage Costume

by Appyliapps3 / /
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 79K


Who do you want to be today? Here at Stage Costume, we have over 10,000 costumes for you to choose from! Whether you want children's fancy dress or adult themed parties, we have been helping customers with their fancy dress needs for many years from areas such as Eltham, Orpington, Medway, Bexley, Sidcup, Welling, Erith, Gravesend, Swanley and Bexleyheath.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


This app is a simple calculator for determining beam and field spread information for common theatrical lighting fixtures. It comes preloaded with data for 50 units plus has the ability to calculate generic spreads for fixtures not included.

To use, select the fixture from the drop down menu and input either the Trim Height and Floor Distance or the total Throw Distance. The calculator then determines the Beam and Field spreads and the estimated Footcandles at that distance for the fixture. As a bonus it will also tell you the color frame size for the unit.

In addition, if you need more information about the unit the app links to the manufacturer's data sheets.

This app will be fully supported so if you need additional units not on the list, feel free to use the provided method on the app to request new fixtures or features that are not on the initial release.

To our European users: Most measurements are based upon multipliers, so if you input meters instead of feet, the app will output meters. The only unit that will not be correct when you input meters is the footcandle measurement.

This app is free thanks to a sponsorship by Altman Rentals, a New York area rental company that provides lighting rentals in the greater New York area. Most of the fixtures provided in the app can be rented from Altman Rentals including the Source Fours and Altman Units.

Content rating: Everyone


Break the Bricks

by Candy Mobile / /
  • Current Version 2.5
  • Size 4M


Break the Bricks is the #1 smash bricks game available on Google Play and boasts more features than every other arcade game.

Let's experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played! We've got more than 100 levels and 3 different modes of speed (slow, medium & fast) for you to conquer. Break your first brick to start a revolution today!

Game Features:

- Two detailed worlds with 100+ levels and more to come

- Colorful graphics that will leave you hungry for more

- Engaging music and sound effects

How to play:

Touch the bottom part of the screen (or use the track ball) to control the paddle to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom. Remove all the bricks to level up. You can turn off the sound in the stage selection screen(top right button).

Recent changes:

v2.8/v2.5: Fixed the ball stuck issue on some devices.

(If the issue happens again in the new version, please kindly drop us an email. Thanks a lot!)

Content rating: Everyone


Pac-Ball Lite

by Corv Studios LLC / /
  • Current Version 4.2.3
  • Size 5M


Pac-Ball fuses labyrinth with arcade classics. Tilt Pac-Ball away from the Android bots and collect as many dots as you can! Use the red dots found in the maze to turn the tables against them.

★ Theme Music by Jared Anthony

★ 3 Game Difficulties

+ Easy

+ Medium

+ Hard

★ 3 Game Modes

+ Classic - collect all dots in the stage.

+ Survival - avoid enemies for 45 secs.

+ Gate - light up all gates in the stage.

★ 30 Stages

+ 4 Unlocked

+ 26 Unlockable by Spending Earned In Game Points

★ 2 Controls Tilt/Touch

★ Local/Global High Scores

★ Trophies

★ Power Ups

★ Bonus Fruits

★ Variety of Environments

* Ice

* Brick

* Racetrack

* Halloween

* Pyramids

* Red Stone

* Portals

★ Over 20 Items You Can Buy

Beach Ball

* Soccer Ball

* Baseball

* Basketball

* 5, 10, 20 Power Ups

* 3, 7, 10 Extra Lives - One Use Per Game

* Apple Enemies

* Snowmen Enemies

* Pumpkin Enemies

* Sweets Enemies

* 1, 3, 5, 10 Keys - Unlock New Stages

* 100, 300, 500, 1000 Android Credit

Send us an e-mail with the type of device you have if you have any issues.

Recent changes:


New Partnership with My Go Games

New My GOBucks

New Logo

Fixed Purchasing Credit


Revamped menu flow

New shop menu


New Game Theme Music!


Purchase Items from the Store with in game credit!

Added announcement of our new game Bug Zap

Removed Interstitial Ad


* Beach Ball, Soccer Ball, Baseball, Basketball

* 5, 10, 20 Power Ups

* 3, 7, 10 Extra Lives

* Apple, Snowmen, Pumpkin, Sweets Enemies

* 1, 3, 5, 10 Keys - Unlock New Stages

* 100, 300, 500, 1000 Android Credit

Content rating: Everyone


Bubble Shoot Magic

by phoebe
  • Current Version 1.0.6
  • Size 4M


This is the most magic and amazing shoot bubble buster game.

Make combinations of three or more bubbles to make them burst, clear all the bubbles to level up.

Have fun!

How to play:

Tap where you want the ball go to. Game level and scene can be selected.

Game Features:

* Game Mode - 280 fun levels of puzzles.

* Game Stage - extraterritorial battlefield, lava infernal, the king of palace, the final battle.

Notes: The first 80 levels are derived from frozen bubble.

Recent changes:

add to 280 levels.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Space Pang 3D

by Balladry Studio / /
  • Current Version 1.0.3
  • Size 7M



To meet the aliens, is a disaster for us.

Planets discovered by gutan screws (NASA) and the SETI

Informing humanity alien to the Earth location information of foolish acts

Gutan planet than three years after the ...

Planet of Earth invasion gutan Started

Has started the last war to save the planet.

[Game Mode]

Should be removed as much as possible within 60 seconds invaders.

If you remove all enemies within a stage

Supplemented by an additional 20 seconds and the item, proceed to the next stage.

Acquire new enemies as much as possible by removing the high score!

Of the planet exceeds the Final Stage 100 gutan can stop the invasion.


From now on gutan invaders from the planet

It is up to you to protect the Earth ...

Recent changes:

v1.0.3 (using weapons purchase)

- Item Shop Open

- A variety of options, planes, weapons, items, and more will be added.

v1.0.2 (Enjoy the world you can compete with real-time)

Global ranking support

- Since the end of the game can check the Global Ranking

After you create a profile, compete with friends around the world

- Support mode

 all-time/24 hours

 Their country-specific competition / friends scoreloop registered in

Content rating: Everyone


Break it! Lite

by Sillycube / /
  • Current Version 1.06
  • Size 3M


Already Tired of Angry Birds? Want to try another one? Break it! can be a good substitue!

You'll shot the bricks with your stone ball. Get 100 points to proceed to the next level. On later stages there will be new challenges. In the Lite version 40 stages (4 episodes) will be available.


* Pull and Shot your stone to the green brick

* Each green brick will give you score

* 3 stones to choose from, each takes 5, 10 or 20 points per shoot

* Get 100 points to proceed to the next stage.

What are you waiting for? Install our game and have fun now!

The app works for android 2.1 or above, already tested on Nexus 1, Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy S. This version will be free. You can pay for the full version, Break it! Full. If you have any feedbacks, leave a note to You can follow our update @ We'd love to hear from you!

Our other apps:

tag: angry birds, Blosics, demolish, physics game, break the bricks

Recent changes:

1. Full screen ads bug fixed.

2. Some force close bug fixed.

3. Adding New App promotion button.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.18.01
  • Size 33M


Fantasy Arcade Game <Touch Touch Magic Battle>

Be the hero of a Fantasy World!

Defense your self from arrow, swords and magic attacks flying towards you

Focus and draw your Mana Gauge to give a Magic Blow!

1. Story Mode

60 Interesting Stages

How did Mika and her friends got to meet? Are they enemies?

Here's a fast way to win : TUTORIALS!

Unlock new characeters as the story goes on.

Who's still playing only with Mika?

2. Battle Mode

Battle with your friends near you through Bluetooth

Can you defend yourself from your friends' magic attacks?

Try new Characters : Karin, Harold, Martin and Alfred!(Character Purchase will updated in Jan. 2013)

3. Infinity Mode

Story Mode is boring? Try Infinity Mode without scripts!

No endings! But if you are beaten, should re-start from stage 0

Character change and wearing items will make you a great winner!

4. Story / Character

5 Characters : Mika, Karin, Harold, Martin and Alfred

Enjoy your battles with 50 effective items!

Reinforce your special skills upto Level 11

Skill Reinforce does not satisfy you? Strengthen your swords and armors!

5. Golds

Earn your golds for a batter battle!

Get them in game plays!

Notice to impatient users : Push <Gold +> Button on the right-upper corner and follow the steps!

Buy a lot, we will give you a lot more!

6. Bug Reporting, Q&A



-Twitter: @broadcon


Recent changes:


- In app purchase Fixed


- Text Bugs Fixed

- Heyzap


- Gold Shop/Item Price


- UI, Gold Shop Changed

- Admob


- Auto-fit applied


- Resolution Modification

- Galaxy 3 : Infinite Mode bug and Story Mode bug fixed

v1.13 Icon Change & Balancing

- Apply locale.(Korean, Japanese, English)

- Stabilization of DB

Content rating: Everyone


RhythmTouch Lite

by yo-rbn11 / /
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 475K


"Rhythm touch Lite" is a music game to the music to touch as for the panel.


Various color circle flows from side. You touch the button of the same color when entering it in the circle at the center.

*The point of this application program*

1:It touches the panel to the rhythm! Let's aim at the perfect game!

2:Let's play by using the multi touch!

3:It is possible to play readily when a few in becomes empty!

4:Everyone can compete for the score by registering my score in the ranking table of the WEB site!

*Manner of operation*

Play screen:

The red button touch down: When circle of the blood red enters circle at the center, it touches.

The red button touch up: When thin red circle enters circle at the center, it touches.

The yellow button touch down: When circle of the blood yellow enters circle at the center, it touches.

The yellow button touch up: When thin yellow circle enters circle at the center, it touches.

The blue button touch down: When circle of the blood blue enters circle at the center, it touches.

The blue button touch up: When thin blue circle enters circle at the center, it touches.

Drug:It is a drug in a right edge (The operation: ↓ → ↑) from the left end as for a corner round quadrangle that appears on the screen.

Excluding the play screen:

Red button: ”→” is moved on. Yellow button: Selection.

Blue button: ”→” is moved below.


Gold coin: The mistake is 0 pieces stage.

Silver coin: 5 in one stage mistake pieces or less.

Bronze coin: 10 in one stage mistake pieces or less.


0-7: Crystal of water

8-15: Crystal of fire

16-23: Crystal of wind

24-31: Crystal of thunder

32-39: Crystal of dragon

40-44: Crystal of heat

45:Crystal of Conquest


A free version can be played only to stage 1-10.

(A new stage appears when a pay version clears all stages 1-12. )

*Copyright mark

Sound effect: Music material/maoudamashii

BGM: Music material/rengokuteien

Others: Android Note

It is prohibited to sell this part or all without permission.


The design and the system were changed.

It can move to a ranking page from the "MENU" button.

Please push the "BACK" button, in order to return from a score screen to the original screen.

Recent changes:

1.0: "Rhythm touch Lite" was opened to the public.


The design and the system were changed.

It can move to a ranking page from the "MENU" button.

Please push the "BACK" button, in order to return from a score screen to the original screen.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 0.12.9
  • Size 307K


Are you avoiding buying on eBay because getting outbid too often? Make buying on eBay fun again!

Snipe to win on eBay.

Myibidder Bid Sniper is a sniper for eBay buyers that places the last seconds bids to increase your chances to win.

No need to watch for auctions anymore, just set a snipe and let the sniper do the job for you.

Once the snipe is set, you don't need to keep the app running for the snipe to work.

PRO Version adds the following:

1. Groups support (set a snipe for multiple items and stop bidding until you win 1 or 2)

2. "Current Bid" field

Pro version:

Here is a nice review by guys at Which

Step by step instructions on how to add an item for sniping:


For those who never used eBay sniper in the past:





Questions? Want to get answers? Please feel free to ask:

Android Market is not for questions or suggestions. We have no way to contact you back and answer you through feedbacks.



a. No Groups management (Get the Pro version if you need Groups)

b. Does not refresh information automatically so if you miss snipe status, you have to do "Refresh" from the My Main Menu

If you expect any of those features, please do not download the app and leave 1 star because you expect it to be there.

Those features will be added in the future versions soon.


The application uses service (originally named to place your snipes, so you can turn off or disconnect your phone after you scheduled your snipe.

Currently, the service processes over 150,000 snipes weekly.

Sniping is done using eBay US by default.

The service is completely free.

The service is supported by donations of our users:

This application is in Beta stage, it's a proof of concept and testing user interface design. However, it's capable of placing real snipes on real eBay listings.

There are few bugs here and there, but it should not affect sniping.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 minutes before auction ends when scheduling your snipe.

Security tokens has very limited support. It's recommended not to use it when sniping. Please contact support for more details.

By using service you have to agree to the following terms:

The comments on Android Market are NOT for bug reports and suggestions. If you want to suggest something or found a bug to be fixed, please use the following official forums for bug reports and support:

It will not be fixed if you don't let us know on the forums.

Permissions used:

Internet connections: the app needs to be able to make connections in order to schedule snipes, retrieve your snipes information, etc.

Read logs: the app reads its own logs and error messages in order to properly address each crash. It does NOT access your personal information.


All 2 permissions are required for the app to run properly. Otherwise, the app won't work. The permissions will not be dropped.


Recent changes:

* Improved reliability of Database access

* Work-around for another issue on Samsung phones

* Fixed one weird crash on My Items screen (thanks Chris for reporting)

Content rating: Everyone


Glow Chain Reaction

by Lazy Developer / /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 899K


What is the best time-killing game?

Chain Reaction must be one of the answers.

Just one touch to start the chain reaction.

*** Normal game is the original game.

** The world ranking only display the records who do not delete the game.


1, Colorful glow graphics.

2, Normal mode

3, Stage mode

4, World Ranking System

Recent changes:

Chain Reaction Live Wallpaper is available!!

Click the bottom left button to download.

Content rating: Everyone


Lung TNM Calc

by Bernardo Agoglia
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 2M


Define your patient´s TNM stage according to the 7th Edition of the Lung Cancer TNM Classification (2010) and find the treatment options available according to current evidence-based data. A must have for oncologists, thoracic surgeons, pneumologists, radiologists, pathologists and medical students, as long as any professional that deals with lung cancer.

Keywords: lung; cancer; TNM; stage; pulmonary; calc; calculator

Content rating: Everyone

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