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Call-Mate Unlimited calls App

by Global Utilities Limited / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 590K



UNLIMITED calls to over 60 countries

Call-Mate APP offers unlimited calls to landlines and mobile in 34 countries and landline in over 26 countries – see poster or web site for full list. You need a smartphone, the Call-mate APP and Wi-Fi, or Internet (data bundle). Once you have this you can make your calls for as long and as often as you want.

NO LIMITS!!!! You can make and receive calls ANYWHERE in the world (including cruise ships and when you fly) as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.



Download the Call-Mate app to your smartphone

I-Phone, I-Pads and Mac’s – search for Call-Mate in I-Tunes and download

Android phones and notebooks – download from Google play

Windows – download from


Buy the 7-day or the monthly pack from

On-the log-in page you will be asked to enter:

Enter user name:


Enter your mobile phone number and name

THREE – you are ready to go

To make a call enter the destination number including country code even for calls within the country you are in – e.g. 0044 20 3630 1000

If you are not in a Wi-Fi or Internet data area or you will be prompted to enter your destination number again – this call will be connected using a local call from your phone (this feature only works in UK).

To make calls to other destinations you will need to buy additional £10 to-up voucher. Enter 500 in the app followed by the pin number shown in the voucher.

App features

Image of app page with number in circle of the features

1) Your contact list

2) GSM – call using your mobile network

3) Call button

4) Delete button

5) Call history

6) Go to internet

7) Profile

Visit for more details

Technical Support 020 3191 1100 Sales 020 3630 1000 e-mail:

Subject to terms and conditions visit for more details

Some mobile networks and non-geographical numbers may not be available as part of the unlimited pack offer.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Uncharted Water

by Games for Papaya Inc.
  • Current Version 1.05
  • Size 34M


Perhaps the best sea battle game that you've ever played on your Android device! Uncharted Water will let you battle REAL players and bring you fun & addictive sea battle experience.

Ver 1.04 is online now! Find the following exciting new features:

1. Improved friend system. Now you can get at most 100 diamonds by recommending UW to your Papaya friends!

2. Diablo-like gear system and improved upgrading system. Now sea battle is more exciting and unpredictable!

Ver 1.03 features:

Arena is open now!

Join Arena battles will get you abundant DIAMONDs, GOLDs and VALUABLE ITEMS!

Arena guide:

Tap "Fight" button to challenge a player ahead of you. If you win, you'll exchange your position with him/her.

Tap "Reward" button to check your rewards to gain when the event ends every 5 days.

Ver 1.02 features:

-Relic skill battle system (If you like Pocket Monster/Dragon Quest Monsters/WOW pet battle, you’ll like it also!)

-48 different relic skills and beautiful graphic design.

-Exciting mini game: Relic excavation

BETA features:

-FREE to play online sea battle game

-Circle of fate, a unique battle system using turn based strategy, never used earlier in one game

-Fantastic cartoon artwork

-Managerial and real time strategy elements

-Watch your island grow with buildings with different functions & shapes

-Buy a ship and go into the sea battle with you as the captain

-Perform 160+ PVP & PVE quests

-100+ Equipments (ship+artillery+plating+flags)

-30+ items (wheel+buff+support+speedup)

-Social features like emails and chat, by which you can write messages to your friends

-Amazing Soundtracks

-Exciting mini game (roulette)

We will regularly update this game with fresh content. Don't hesitate to give your feedback and rating to encourage us improving this game!

For any bugs/questions/suggestions please contact us at:

Recent changes:

Ver 1.04 is online now! Find the following exciting new features:

1. Improved friend system. Now you can get at most 100 diamonds by recommending UW to your Papaya friends!

2. Diablo-like gear system and improved upgrading system. Now PVE is more exciting and unpredictable!

Content rating: Low Maturity



by / /
  • Current Version 1.1.3
  • Size 14M


Furdiburb is a lovable alien virtual pet you can grow to love. Keep this creature happy by feeding him well and cleaning away his giant turds! Explore the beautiful environment and discover magical items and mystical characters.

Please be patient with him. He can take days to hatch. Weeks to grow up.


* All your data will be lost if you un-install the game. Please use the backup/restore feature if it is available on your device.

App permissions explained:

Internet Access - For connecting to the Internet.

View Network State - For checking your network connection before connecting to the Internet.

Storage Access - For letting you save screen-caps of your Furdi to your SD card.

Market Billing Service - For letting you buy more Golden Poops.

Vibrate Control - bzzz.. for vibrate feedback when interacting with Furdi’s environment. You can turn this off with Menu->Settings.

Discover Accounts – This allows us to get a list of the accounts available on your Android device. This is used when you backup and restore your game to and from the cloud.

Use Credentials – We use your account credentials to store your backed-up game to the cloud and only allow you access to your save game.

Brief Description: A virtual pet adventure game for all ages. Like a tamagotchi but with lots more adventure!

Search Keywords: alien virtual pet, adopt a pet, adventure game, pet game, virtuelles Haustier, バーチャルペット, mascota virtual, 虚拟宠物, виртуального питомца, สัตว์เลี้ยงเสมือน, 가상 애완 동물, games for girls, games for boys, games for all ages

Furdiburb® by

Recent changes:


Bug fixes and improvements

* Thanks for reporting them bugs!

Content rating: Low Maturity


4 Football Fans

by Tom Axool / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 24M



We have prepared an application for iPhone and iPod with all the right noises to encourage your team.

Just click on the button and you have a sound of vuvuzela, trumpet, drums, clapping, football rattle, trumpet, horn, whistle, police siren, siren, ship klaxon and encouraging fans.



Pripravili sme aplikáciu so všetkými zvukmi na správne povzbudzovanie Vášho tímu.

Stačí kliknúť na príslušné tlačítko a máte vuvuzelu, trúbku, potlesk, bubon, rapkáč, píšťalku, roh, policajnú sirénu, sirénu, trúbenie auta, nákladnej lode a povzbudzovanie fanúšikov.

Na zvýšenie hlasitosti iPhone stačí pripojiť prenosné reproduktory.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Eat'Em All Free

by Starwind Games / /
  • Current Version 1.0.2
  • Size 10M


Green alien is hungry! His space ship crashed on the unknown planet, your mission is to help him to survive! Eat everyone on this planet!

Eat'Em All is absolutely unique physics based arcade puzzle. Challenging levels, nice characters and unique gaming experience, this game is fun for everyone.

Recent changes:

Initial version

Content rating: Everyone



by DokThor
  • Current Version 1.06.4
  • Size 6M


Gravitational BALL there are 2 units: a spaceship, piloted with 8 directional keys, that will allow you to collect bonuses and accumulate energy in a capsule-tank. This can only be moved by gravitational force, then properly orienting the smartphone. However, you can use the key BOOSTER [rocket] that will give a short acceleration to the capsule-tank, or the  TELEPORT [atom] that instead a random teleport. Both of these actions, however, consume fuel, so must be used with care. The gravitational-tank is very delicate: any collision resulting in a damage and loss of energy, except with your spaceship [ignored] and with the sun-squares in the north-east and south-west corners, whose contact produces +1 power, and teleport capsule in the central area of the game.

Different types of bonuses may be acquired to produce various effects: increase energy, increase in stocks of fuel, temporary stop to the hostile ships, etc.] and improve your score.

Energy accumulation produces an enlargement of thegravitational tank, up to generate a +1 life.

A ranking system will show you the scores of the TOP 10 players.

Game suitable for all ages: reflexes, ability to anticipate the bounce angles, strategy to coordinate the movements of the spacecraft with those of gravitational tank to collect bonuses while dodging the enemies, are all skills that will be put to the test by a progressively frenetic action.

thanks to "KINGS OF THE CITY" authors of the song "FOREST OF BABYLON" []

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Battle drones and warships. Scan new star systems. Mine asteroids. Launch missiles and fighters. Jump into hyperspace!

The starcruiser Mercia is on a routine training mission when it is ambushed by drones from the Cyber Collective. Most of the crew are killed and only the auxiliary control room - or "Battle Bridge" - is functional. As senior surviving officer you must take command and get the Mercia to safety. But move fast, another wave of enemy drones is already closing in...

Battle Bridge is a fast and simple turn-based strategy game with surprising depth and replayability:

- Make a series of "hyper-jumps" through enemy territory to get the Mercia back to safety.

- Along the way, scan for resources to build up your fleet of probes, fighters, mining ships and tankers.

- Combat an unrelenting stream of enemy drones.

- Remember to repair Mercia and conserve fuel between jumps...

- Intense ship-to-ship tor*** battles when enemy warships hyper-jump into the sector unannounced: Deflect incoming warheads with your gravity beams. Strip down that probe to build another warhead!

- Fight or flight: Choose to jump away if you're outgunned... but do you leave some of your fleet behind or risk waiting for every ship to check in? Each ship and every turn is crucial.

- Cloaked mines, asteroid collisions, ship-to-ship ramming and weapon overloads increase the strategic options and the carnage in equal measure.

- Your attention is your most limited resource: Choose to directly control your probes for a turn or command your fighter squadron? Or maybe speed up mining that asteroid? Your fleet is autonomous, but turning your attention to specific units will greatly improve their performance.

- The pressure is on: Games are saved between sessions but if Mercia is destroyed there's no going back...

In the full game (paid version only):

- Work your way up through 8 different ranks (difficulty levels).

- Complete 8 unique scenarios (game play mode combinations).

- Work towards 3 prestigious medals (achievements).

- Experience the campaign story-arc (through scenario-based narrative text).

- Use tactical bombing runs to decimate your enemies (blockade mode).

- Randomly encounter distress signals, temporal anomalies, wandering planetoids and more (badlands mode).

- Extend your voyage, enlarge your fleet... (epic mode)

Battle Bridge has deceptively simple rules yet offers hours of tense, strategic gameplay. Plus, it's free to try:

FREE VERSION includes the FULL standard scenario plus 3 ranks (up to Commander) -- NO ADS!

In space, when pursued by a cybernetic intelligence, you don't get to stop for breath... But keep your wits about you and your finger on the "jump" button and you might just survive, or even save the Galaxy...


***Please note customer support and in-game text is currently ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY. Apologies for any inconvenience.***

BATTLE BRIDGE: "Launch fighters! Jump now!" Stars & space wars: Fast, addictive strategy game. Explore the galaxy, jump to new stars, build space ships - fight a war against alien force. Turn-based (non real time) strategy; combat tactics; resource management; semi- procedural space exploration and survival - by an experienced board game designer.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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