PrinterShare Mobile Print

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  • Current Version 10.8.6
  • Size 4M


Print directly from your Android device via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB or Internet! Now you can instantly print PDF files, office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), emails, bills, invoices, and more to a printer right next to you or across the world.

*** Some of the features are NOT FREE! To unlock them you'll be prompted to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key.

Print photos and images (JPG, PNG, GIF), emails and attachments (PDF, DOC, XSL, PPT, TXT), contacts, agenda, sms/mms, call log, web pages (HTML) and other digital content from device memory, cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Dropbox and other applications via Share action.

Configure printing options such as paper size, page orientation, number of copies, page range, one- or two-sided printing (duplex mode), print quality (resolution), color or monochrome, input tray and more.

PrinterShare also provides native printing support on Android 4.4+ devices. On these devices you can easily print using Android Printing system (with PrinterShare Print Service Plugin) from the built-in Print menu of Apps that support Android Printing.

With the free version of the app you can:

* Print with certain restrictions on nearby wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth) and direct USB-OTG connected printers;

* Print on Windows shared (SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers;

* Print via Google Cloud Print (including save as PDF);

* Print 20 pages in remote mode over the Internet.

For unlimited printing you need to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key, a separate small application that simply needs to be on the device to unlock Premium Features of the free app. Prior to buying the key we highly recommend printing the test page to ensure compatibility with your printer.

Premium Features:

* Unlimited Nearby direct printing (PDFs, documents, photos and more) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without a computer;

* Unlimited Remote printing. The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buy pages or subscribe.

* No advertisements

PrinterShare supports a wide variety of HP (Officejet, LaserJet, Photosmart, Deskjet and other models including HP Officejet 100 Mobile and HP Officejet 150 Mobile), Epson (Artisan, WorkForce, Stylus and other series), Canon (PIXMA MP/MX/MG and other series), Brother, Kodak , Samsung, Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI and other printers including legacy networkable. A full list of supported printers available at You can also print to unsupported and legacy printers with our free computer software for Mac and Windows available at

Please note:

1) Requested permissions are needed to print content and are not used to collect your personal data. For a more detailed explanation see our FAQ at

2) Google Cloud Print requires latest version of Chrome browser on your computer or Google Cloud Print capable printer. For more setup instructions please read

3) If something isn't working as expected, please send us an email to

Have a good print!

*** For direct nearby printing to selected printer models PrinterShare downloads and uses drivers provided by HPLIP ( and GutenPrint ( These drivers are distributed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

Recent changes:

bug fixes and improvements

Content rating: Everyone



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  • Current Version 1.2.5
  • Size 249K


☆ ROOT is REQUIRED for automatic synchronization ☆

ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from Internet via NTP (Network Time Protocol).

Useful if provider doesn't support NITZ, sends incorrect time or if your device/ROM has heavy clock drift.

There are 2 modes: automatic for root users and assisted manual mode for users without root (rootless mode).

Rootless mode features:

- automatic atomic time retrieval with configurable interval

- notification when offset exceeds user set threshold

- assisted manual synchronization with the hint what time/date to set

- precision between 1 and 30 seconds (because Android doesn't allow to set seconds)

- 1 second precision if your device resets seconds on Set (most Samsung and some HTC devices)

- Greenwich Time Signal assisted sync if device resets seconds

Root mode features:

- automatic sync with configurable interval

- accuracy is ~1-20ms depending on your connection and NTP server

- statistics (average drift per day, total time corrected)

Root is required because of Android security restrictions, vote for if you want it to work without root, however Google has declined to fix it with the following comment:

"Hi, it is by design that applications can not change the time. There are many subtle aspects of security that can rely on the current time, such as certificate expiration, license management, etc. We do not want to allow third party applications to globally disrupt the system in this way." © some Google employee

Other features:

- customizable NTP/SNTP server and timeout

- displays current date or time since last sync

- NTP server details dialog

- 3 color schemes (dark, light, default)

- 12-hour or 24-hour clock format

- time zone detection and adjustment based on geo location

- system time zone override with custom offset

- time zone management based on latest Olson tz database (zoneinfo)

- optional haptic feedback and sync notification

- clean and easy to use interface (tap screen values or use menu)

Don't have root? See for the detailed instructions.

Don't want or can't root your device? You can still use ClockSync as your precise time source to adjust your watch or other clocks, or to verify how accurate your cell time is, or set time manually in rootless mode.

Move to SD is disabled because automatic synchronization (timers) will not work when app is moved, also app size is very small and since not all files are moved to SD in any case, it would not save you more than 50Kb.

If you get wrong time after synchronization, your phone time zone data is out of date, use to fix it.

Issues, questions or suggestions? Please e-mail me, developers have no way to respond to Market comments.

I reply to every e-mail within one day maximum (usually instantly).

See for more information.

Google+ Community:

Permissions explained for paranoid users:

- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used only for "Sync on boot" option

- VIBRATE: optional haptic feedback on tap and sync

- INTERNET: to get time from NTP servers, to get time zone from web services

- WAKE_LOCK: to perform background synchronization without being killed in the middle by the OS

- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to sync only when network is available

- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: to get best location for time zone from location feature when GPS is on

- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: if GPS is off, network location is used

- SET_TIME_ZONE: to automatically set time zone depending on location or for manual override

- SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: new permission since 1.1.5, used for transparent overlay in rootless mode to show countdown updated every second

- ACCESS_SUPERUSER: for compatibility with SuperSU and Superuser applications, see

Recent changes:

- an option to ignore setCurrentTimeMillis system call result for compatibility with some devices (please check FAQ for details)

- new high resolution icon

Content rating: Low Maturity


Jewish Holiday Listings FREE

by Simple Free Solutions / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 87K


Trailing part of 2010 and the rest of 2011 find out when the holidays are, or whether your friends have any restrictions.

Click on the event to find out details like when the holiday starts and stops, and whether it's okay to work or not.

While I've done my best to get this information right, It's up to you to confirm it.

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 0.12.9
  • Size 307K


Are you avoiding buying on eBay because getting outbid too often? Make buying on eBay fun again!

Snipe to win on eBay.

Myibidder Bid Sniper is a sniper for eBay buyers that places the last seconds bids to increase your chances to win.

No need to watch for auctions anymore, just set a snipe and let the sniper do the job for you.

Once the snipe is set, you don't need to keep the app running for the snipe to work.

PRO Version adds the following:

1. Groups support (set a snipe for multiple items and stop bidding until you win 1 or 2)

2. "Current Bid" field

Pro version:

Here is a nice review by guys at Which

Step by step instructions on how to add an item for sniping:


For those who never used eBay sniper in the past:





Questions? Want to get answers? Please feel free to ask:

Android Market is not for questions or suggestions. We have no way to contact you back and answer you through feedbacks.



a. No Groups management (Get the Pro version if you need Groups)

b. Does not refresh information automatically so if you miss snipe status, you have to do "Refresh" from the My Main Menu

If you expect any of those features, please do not download the app and leave 1 star because you expect it to be there.

Those features will be added in the future versions soon.


The application uses service (originally named to place your snipes, so you can turn off or disconnect your phone after you scheduled your snipe.

Currently, the service processes over 150,000 snipes weekly.

Sniping is done using eBay US by default.

The service is completely free.

The service is supported by donations of our users:

This application is in Beta stage, it's a proof of concept and testing user interface design. However, it's capable of placing real snipes on real eBay listings.

There are few bugs here and there, but it should not affect sniping.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 minutes before auction ends when scheduling your snipe.

Security tokens has very limited support. It's recommended not to use it when sniping. Please contact support for more details.

By using service you have to agree to the following terms:

The comments on Android Market are NOT for bug reports and suggestions. If you want to suggest something or found a bug to be fixed, please use the following official forums for bug reports and support:

It will not be fixed if you don't let us know on the forums.

Permissions used:

Internet connections: the app needs to be able to make connections in order to schedule snipes, retrieve your snipes information, etc.

Read logs: the app reads its own logs and error messages in order to properly address each crash. It does NOT access your personal information.


All 2 permissions are required for the app to run properly. Otherwise, the app won't work. The permissions will not be dropped.


Recent changes:

* Improved reliability of Database access

* Work-around for another issue on Samsung phones

* Fixed one weird crash on My Items screen (thanks Chris for reporting)

Content rating: Everyone



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  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 226K


Share any files with any one.

This is a lite version of ShareIt with size restriction

* Simple, Easy, one click sharing

* Share Pictures

* Share Music

* Share Video

* Share Any Files!

* Share to any phone

* Share to email, sms, twitter or anywhere

* Simple way to download files shared to you

Content rating: High Maturity

  • Current Version
  • Size 2M


WebSharing Lite enables you to wirelessly transfer files to and from your phone or tablet using a web browser. You can view images, play videos, and manage files on your device using your WI-FI network.

* FREE, AD-FREE, AND UNCONSTRAINED: The Lite version of WebSharing is entirely free. There are no advertisements displayed, neither on your phone/tablet itself nor in your web browser. Drag-and-drop file upload is included. There are no file-size limitations in the free version. The full version adds more features, but the Lite version is intended to be very functional and useful by itself.

* FILE MANAGER: Use the file browser to upload and download content to and from your device. The file browser is a fully functional file manager, with the ability to move, copy, rename, and delete files and folders on the phone/tablet. DRAG-AND-DROP file upload lets you quickly upload files by simply dragging them into the browser. With Google Chrome, you can event drag-and-drop entire hierarchies of folders. Uploaded files are queued/uploaded sequentially, so you can be repeatedly drag files/folders into WebSharing without worry.

* IMAGE VIEWER: A built-in image viewer provides the ability to display large photos with pan and zoom capabilities.

* VIDEO PLAYER: Play videos stored on the phone directly within the browser. Videos may be downloaded or viewed directly using both HTML5 and Flash-based video players. The HTML5 player has streaming support, letting you quickly skip to a position inside large movies.

* PRIVACY AND PERFORMANCE: Your data never leaves your Wi-Fi network when you use WebSharing. It does not use the Internet / cloud to perform transfers. Your computer and phone/tablet will communicate directly and privately. And because your data doesn't go over the Internet, transfers happen at local network speed.

Network support: WebSharing is intended for use on Wi-Fi networks, but can work over cellular networks if your carrier allows direct access to phones/devices on their network. Most carriers do not allow cellular access.

Browser support: WebSharing supports modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Video format support: WebSharing can play videos using either an HTML5 or Flash-based video player. Video format support varies by browser and operating system. Most current browsers will play MP4 files using HTML5. The Flash player is capable of playing MP4, 3GPP, and FLV files.

This is the "LITE" version of WebSharing. If you'd like more features, you can upgrade to the paid version of WebSharing: The full version adds the following additional capabilities:

* A music player that enables you to stream music from your phone/tablet to your computer. Browse your entire music collection, or by artist, album, or playlist.

* Browse photo and video galleries.

* Access your device as a disk drive from your computer using WebDAV.

* Enable a guest access account with customizable restrictions.

More information and documentation are available on our web site:

Recent changes:

Drag-and-drop multiple file upload. Supports drag-and-drop of entire folders in Google Chrome.

Entirely new Holo user interface, both in the Web browser and on your Android phone/tablet.

Automatic startup and shutdown (configurable).

2.0.1: Fixes for Chrome 32 and IE 11.

Content rating: Everyone


1st Myanmar Reader

by Htin Aung / /
  • Current Version 0.1
  • Size 345K



1st Myanamar Reader is Burmese Script (Zawgyi-One font) supported android RSS Reader.

[✔] 100% Free.

[✔] No need root user access.

[✔] No need to change UI font.

[✔] No need to install Zawgyi-One font.

[✔] Support input text display (Zawgyi-One font).

How to use 1st Myanmar Reader

Go fan page and Get more information


[✔] automated feed updates

[✔] simplified URL entering

[✔] widget (n/a on apps2sd by android restrictions)

[✔] adjustable notifications

[✔] NO ads

[✔] NO search for feeds

[✔] OPML support

[✔] proxy support

[✔] feed sort

[✔] automated backups to sd card (unencrypted)

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 9K


This is a plug-in for the free, touch-controlled synthesizer "Ethereal Dialpad". Access this plug-in using the dialpad selector screen in Ethereal Dialpad.

Yup, it's just flips between black and white. Think you can do better? Email me to request the example code for making your own dialpads (no restrictions).

Content rating: High Maturity


URLy - the URL sharer

by Manuel Nauert / /
  • Current Version 0.9.997 BETA
  • Size 367K


URLy is your handy and powerful URL shortener and file uploader that helps you share URLs. It comes with a lot of features, is highly customizable and very easy to use. You can shorten URLs, upload files and insert them into a new message. URLy also functions as a plug-in for Twigee and Twicca to upload files and shorten URLs.

It supports a lot of famous services like,, Dropbox, ImageShack, Yfrog, TwitLonger and many many more (see below for details).

URL shortener:

• Support for about 40 different shortening services:, /, CloudApp,,,,,,,,,,, and more.

• User credentials for,,, and others so that URLs are added to your user's history.

• Shorten with your own Yourls or ShURLy shortener.

• Easily choose and rearrange the services you want to use.

• Custom URL support.

• Page title sharing.

• Shorten long URLs to short URLs.

• Search for songs and receive a short URL that points to the song at Grooveshark.

• Share shortened URL with other apps: Create a new E-Mail, SMS, Buzz, Tweet, Facebook post, Task, etc. with the shortened URL.

• Password-protect your URLs with, and

File uploader:

• Upload photos with URLy via ImageShack, Yfrog, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Imgur (including album support), picplz, Moby, Plixi, Pikchur, Twitrp, Posterous, TwitrPix, TwitRP, FileSocial,, Gallery3.

• Upload videos with Yfrog, ImageShack, Twitpic, Posterous, Pikchur.

• Upload any kind of file with Dropbox, CloudApp, FileSocial, Posterous, TwitDoc, or your FTP server (via AndFTP).

• Receive the URL to the uploaded file and forward it to other apps.

• Resize photos before uploading them (saves a lot of bandwidth / upload time).

• Insert forum code for uploaded images (see menu -> insert forum code -> this will wrap you URL into [img] [/img]

• Auto-shorten the file URL with your favourite URL shortening service.

Post messages:

• Use URLy to insert the short URL and file URL into a new message / status update.

• Post it directly to Twitter or any Twitter-compatible service like, or or forward it to other apps like TweetDeck.

• Shorten messages with TwitLonger.

• Insert special UTF-8 characters into the message.

• Send messages via Twitter API proxy if you can't perform the Twitter OAuth due to firewall restrictions.

Twigee & Twicca plug-in:

• Shorten all URLs of the currently composed tweet using your favorite shortening service or Yourls server via URLy without leaving Twigee or Twicca.

• Use URLy as a media uploader.

• Reply to a tweet in Twicca: Select a tweet, press "Reply with URLy" and a new Tweet can be composed in URLy. After sending it, URLy will close so that you're back in Twicca.

Please visit my blog or follow me on Twitter / Facebook for further information. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. If you have a suggestion / request / problem please send me an eMail. I can't investigate / elaborate it further if it is just a market comment.

Recent changes:

• Added support for

• Fix for OAuth problems on ICS and 1.6. If you still got problems, please send me an email to help me solve this.

• Fixed unicode characters in file description not transmitted correctly.

• Using new API.

• Added as new URL shortening service.

• Fixed some minor bugs.

Content rating: Everyone


Lorex mobile ECO

  • Current Version 3.2.5
  • Size 435K


Mobile video security app for Lorex Eco DVRs Models: LH114, LH116, & LH118 ONLY.

View live security video from your Lorex Eco DVR (LH110 Series) anywhere, anytime with Lorex Mobile Eco. Viewing your world while on the go has never been this easy or convenient. Keep an eye on your home, your kids, your business, your property, or even your pets on your Android phone with Lorex Mobile Eco.

*Compatible with Android v1.5 or greater

FREE Lorex DDNS registration required in order to view video from cameras.

Frame-rate and video quality subject to bandwidth restrictions and traffic.

Recent changes:

Live security video from your Lorex Eco DVR (LH110 Series only).

·Selectable Single channel viewing up to 16 ch

·Full screen viewing

·PTZ support


Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.18
  • Size 230K


Tether your Android phone WITHOUT rooting! Klink only needs a data plan and works without a tethering option.



This is a free demonstration version of the paid version of Klink that can be found in the market as "Klink - Tether without root".

- This demo only allows access to a select number of websites and is meant to test compatibility and speed before buying the paid version.

- The paid version is completely unrestricted and can be used with most computer programs, not just web browsers. Access is also unrestricted with the paid version: secure sites and such are never crippled after time.

- When testing Klink at home, DISABLE any other active network connections. (Turn off WiFi or unplug ethernet.) You can use one or the other, but both cannot be active at the same time. Network activity will not occur in that case but will resume functioning as soon as just one device is left active.


*** The paid version currently has limited time introductory pricing! Don't miss out! ***


After installing and running Klink, please tap "Set up your Computer" and follow the instructions. Klink requires the installation of a small companion program on your PC in order to tether without rooting, so following the step-by-step guide is suggested. The same documentation is also available on our website, in case you would like to follow along on a big screen while at home.

Special note to PdaNet or EasyTether users:

* Klink is comparable in nature to these programs and configuration should be similar.

Note that WiFi hotspot mode without rooting can only be performed with a carrier option; however, you'll find better battery life with Klink's USB connection. A connected laptop can usually reshare the connection with others via WiFi if desired.

Keep in mind that Klink's consumption of data depends on usage.

HELP: Please visit the Google Group via, or email


Are there moments when you feel like using your computer but cannot find an Internet connection? Perhaps you need to type a long email on the go despite loathing the idea of pecking around on a touchscreen. Or maybe you prefer to easily browse and chat while sending that email on a comfortably sized screen. Whatever your use case, if you have an Android phone with Internet access and want to bring your computer online, Klink is for you!

Klink allows you to share your Android device's Internet connection with your PC. With it, you can run your favorite browser, most chat applications, many games (TCP/IP and UDP support), and more, all using your phone's existing data plan without an additional tethering option. (NOTE: Data and plan limits still apply, so please check the terms of your plan before using Klink.)


- Does NOT require rooting or a tethering plan to work

- One-time purchase fee -- upgrades are free

- Uses USB for longer battery life and greater speed

- Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.5 (or later), and Ubuntu (32-bit and now 64-bit)

- Written in C (NOT Java) for efficiency, speed, and lower power consumption.

* Handles hundreds of simultaneous connections. Klink can take on the most demanding applications.

* Is fast and capable of handling 4g speeds

- Can transparently rewrite "User-Agent" headers so that your PC browser will look like a mobile device when browsing web pages. This can save bandwidth by conveniently defaulting to the mobile version of websites.

- Designed so that network traffic effectively originates from the phone. This differs from rooted devices, which forward packets directly from the PC. Klink is not a modem!

Recent changes:

- Add WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission requirement so that Klink can properly download files when using the default downloader in the setup guide. (bugfix)

- Add three more user agents.

Content rating: Everyone


Signpost Free

by / /
  • Current Version 1.1.2
  • Size 105K


Shows distance and direction to your saved destinations.

Customize your roadsigns with color, launch radar or google maps navigation.

Support for miles and metric units.

Free version is ad-supported and has restrictions.

Recent changes:

- fixed "force close" bug

Content rating: Low Maturity

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  • Forum Restriction " bbPress Plugin Browser, i have reinstalled bbpress and now the forum restriction admin-interface appears. .de/wordpress/forum/my-plugins/forum-restriction.php:215) in /home/www/kunden/fsj-/wordpress/forum/bb-includes

  • My restriction code [Solved], Hello, plz i need a restriction code to my nokia 2720a-2b,imei:012349000226412 country india,network t-mobile typerm520.plz send it to my box senatormiracle@,code0587180gr21i21,fcc id;qtlrm520,ic661ab-rm520.thankz Configuration: Windows

  • How do you log out? " atebits forum, Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/f1/content/atebits/public/forum/bb-templates/lorenb/login-form.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/f5/atebits

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  • devonsellers: RT @WTVY: WTVY Headlines Dothan Under Annual Water Restriction Alert.: Dothan City Officials want to remind people about a...

  • iTweetBalita: [@manila_bulletin] BSP eases bank branching restriction

  • Lilihampton: @Penguingonemad I'd go for @IngloriousTward dude, mines not that bad its on par but there's a height restriction

  • WrongTurnStock: STHG is a POS... 150m shares came off restriction may 24th.. They were all dumped today by the company.

  • Del_Dung: Check this video out -- [Sunny Win] SNSD 'Beautiful Restriction' (Eng.Sub) LaLaLa 아름다운구속 via @youtube

  • WrongTurnStock: @MNYCx There is 150m shares on restriction from last summer.... They were cleared on may 24th.... Thats what happen

  • killllllah: RT @lamarXO: couple months ago you removed coming down, you recently took down rolling stone... Now The Morning is on some age restriction bull***??

  • WrongTurnStock: SMHS is a monster... STHG 150m shares came off restriction.. huge diltuion by the company.

  • WrongTurnStock: @MNYCx 150m shares came off restriction today is what i'm hearing... Sucks :(

  • _AMBBBBB: No Restriction ! Lmao

  • WiregrassWx: RT @WTVY: WTVY Headlines Dothan Under Annual Water Restriction Alert.: Dothan City Officials want to remind people about a...

  • GabrielSoundz: @MitchieeMitch I've been on home restriction lol

  • WrongTurnStock: Looks like shares coming off restriction for STHG... huge dilution going on.

  • lukiee: @rhiian_x you have to be 16+ to give your consent to be filmed that why there's an age restriction

  • Free: @imightbejack Yes, I removed country restriction. Rule here:

  • arrisweb: Anti Aging Treatments: Life extension and disease treatment through periodic fasting and caloric restriction - t...

  • oldivory: RT @SkipHatos: Another screwing in the Paul Ryan kill Medicare plan is it removes the pre-existing condition restriction, so people will pay more than ever

  • medicaltraveler: Hospital Angeles is offering its all-inclusive LAP-BAND program at $5,000 More than 5,000 US patients

  • fenixtao: @kittenwoo If you're not going to use the internet much it's okay! Having a restriction sucks big time though, as a warning.

  • SkipHatos: Another screwing in the Paul Ryan kill Medicare plan is it removes the pre-existing condition restriction, so people will pay more than ever