• Current Version 1.7
  • Size 8M


"This spring will never come."

It's a bland new shoot'em up.


Improovement in performance.

Ranking unlocked.

Ranking version is FREE!!

Let's try! And join ranking!

Content rating: High Maturity

  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 685K


Music Charts Deluxe shows the current rankings of music toplists from more than 50 countries all over the world. Furthermore you can directly watch the corresponding music videos via Youtube app or website.

A data update containing the most recent song rankings is provided once a week.

Data provided (amongst others) by partners: last.fm / world-dj.net / eurohitlist.eu.

Content rating: Everyone


Pool Billiards Pro

by TerranDroid
  • Current Version 3.1
  • Size 6M


Welcome to the Pool Billiards Pro game! How about a nice little game of pool? This is the No.1 Pool game in Android market and it's totally FREE.

Game Features:

1. Realistic 3D ball animation

2. Touch control for moving the stick

3. 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool

4. Single Player Mode:

4.1 VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)

4.2 Time Mode - Straight Pool Game (no rules)

- Challenge (2 minutes time limit with high score record)

- Practice (no time limit but no high score record)

5. Play Online Mode (with rules):

Compete 1-on-1 with real players all over the world. Win the matches and take the chips at stake. You can use the chips to customize and upgrade your cues or enter into higher ranked matches!

6. Arcade Mode: 180+ Challenging Levels (no rules)

How to play:

1) VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)

Play against the computer AI/Player with standard 8 ball rules or 9 ball rules. Touch the screen to adjust the direction and drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike. Touch and hold at any point to move the cue-ball and tap to confirm for Free-ball.

2) Time Mode (no rules)

The object of the game is to pocket your set of assigned balls. The more balls sink the higher scores you get. Touch the screen to adjust the direction and drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike.

The initial time limit of Challenge Mode is 2 minutes but once you sink a ball you will get additional time. As all the balls have been cleared, the pool will create a new group of balls to keep the game going on. Also you can play the Practice Mode which has no time limit but no high score record.

3) Arcade Mode (New and no rules)

You need to pocket all the balls on the table within the given number of cues. There is no time limit and rules for this mode but watch out you have only limited number of cues.

Rack em!

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board. Thanks.

Recent changes:


1. Fixed the physics of ball movement in the last update. Thanks.

2. Notes: The original practice mode and challenge mode is in the 2nd tab of Single Player mode.


1. Added Play Online Mode: You can now challenge real players all over the world.

2. Combine the original VS Mode & Single Player Mode (renamed to Time Mode now) into new Single Player Mode.

Content rating: Everyone


Finger Runner

by radstyle / allmine.co.kr /
  • Current Version 4.6
  • Size 2M



As fast as you can,

for 10 seconds,

with your fingers.

It's Finger Racing Game.

Challenge! To the world Ranking!

- red, blue buttons are just guide line,

you can touch all screen with fingers.

* keyword:

finger runner, game, finger olympic, finger race, racing, drinking game

* version history

ver 4.5 : fix contents, when playing with no name

ver 4.1 : fix the portrait mode on the tablet

ver 3.9 : ads bug modify

ver 3.8 : add big size layout for high quality phone

ver 3.7 : delete call permission for tablet

ver 3.6 : ad@m ads sdk version up

ver 3.5 : game usage intro added

ver 3.4 : heyzap remove, change ads to ad@m, admob(remove cauly)

ver 3.2, 3.3 : you can upload rankging screenshot on facebook and twitter.

ver 3.1 : heyzap game sdk added

ver 3.0 : without sdcard, or no internet connection, you can play it.

ver 2.8 : ad@m ads added

ver 2.7 : ads sdk version up

ver 2.6 : change ranking view, check phone type

in every phone, machine touch speed is different.

so to the detail ranking check,

phone type will be checked.

to work this option,

click "check phone" button.

after collecting some infomations,

ranking will show depends on phone type, also.

ver 2.5 : server moved(critical upgrade)

ver 2.4 : modify ads

ver 2.3 : modify ads

ver 2.2 : add ads on webview

ver 2.0 : modify ads

Content rating: Everyone


Master of Words

by Rockhead Games / www.masterofwords.net /
  • Current Version
  • Size 19M


Master of Words™ is an amazing word-construction game. Have fun and train your brain – at the same time!

Thousands of people from around the world play on the same board. By the end of every match, you can see the worldwide rankings and the progression of your skills.

It’s FREE and you can play it in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE.


- Unique word-construction gameplay

- Connects thousands of players worldwide (24/7)

- Achievements, powerups & much more!

- It’s FREE!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

To put to proof people’s vocabulary skills in a short period of time. This is the idea behind of Master of Words, a FREE game developed for Android. The game presents a board with letters for the player to arrange into words in a two-minute span. By the end of each round, players from all around the world can compare their performance through the worldwide rankings.

Master of Words is available in two languages, English and Portuguese. Its word-database has more than 500 thousand entries in it. Each letter has its own score, where the less-frequent ones are worthy more points.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Recent changes:


Improvements & fixes.

New valid words.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Live Soccer Match Result

by tpm media sarl / www.foot-ball-fr.com /
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Size 621K


Foot on our Direct application (result live soccer), you will find all the results of football matches live via live score. You can also comment and share your ***yzes and live free and live on our football forum football predictions.

Download our application and follow all football matches live 7 days 7 and 24 hours on 24, especially league games 1 and league 2! You will have access to live scores and rankings of the League 1 and League 2 as well as all the news and official football fixture lists of the two main French championships for the 2014 season - 2015 You can also find the results of national championship football and different groups of CFA.

Follow all the French championships (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National, different groups CFA) and the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Premier League (England), La Liga Sagres (Portugal), Jupiler League (Belgium), Eredivisie (Netherlands) and the various playoff games of the Euro 2016 will be played in France etc. ...

All the results and rankings of your favorite team live on the mobile application.

Feel free to download our app now ... A must for track and share all the news on the foot-ball live app!

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.2.7
  • Size 308K


The Official App for GrocerySmarts.com

-Especially for people who love to bargain-shop (Grocery Shopping based on what's on sale that week)!

-Tracks Items and Prices from the latest store Circulars of Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart (All are constantly updated).

-Cross-References all possible Manufacturers coupons with those circulars, and shows you your bottom line for each item. THIS IS HOW EXPERT GROCERY SHOPPERS GET BY SPENDING PRACTICALLY NOTHING. If you've seen TLC Extreme Couponing, this is what those people are doing.

Pricing tracked from- The Target Weekly Ad, Walgreens Weekly Ad, Rite-Aid Weekly Ad, CVS Weekly Ad and Walmart current pricing. We will be adding even more grocers as the popularity of the app increases. (To help this, please Rank this app 5 stars in the android market, and tell your friends about this awesome tool.) Printable grocery coupons tracked from multiple web sites and grocery manufacturers.

-You can plan a shopping trip based on what's on sale (To do otherwise is expensive and not recommended.) The App lets you edit and save your shopping plan, an even gives you an expected grand total based on your planned quantities.

To build your shopping list-

Enter a quantity next to an item you intend to buy. Your Bottom line TOTAL automatically adjusts.

Our professionals have given a "Star Ranking" above each item-

3 stars= OK deal

4 stars= Good deal

5 stars= Great

Using manufacturers coupons-

Grocery experts save money by knowing THEIR BOTTOM LINE AFTER COUPON. Without knowing your BOTTOM LINE, do not use coupons. Our lists tell you your bottom line for all items.

-Printable coupons will show a link*.

(*Androids cannot print coupons! To avoid confusion about this, the links are INACTIVE in the App. LINKS BECOME CLICKABLE ONCE SENT VIA EMAIL. Printable coupons change frequently. Some may have disappeared before you can print them.)

-Coupons without links (For those who get Sunday newspaper coupons).

These use an abbreviated special code to explain the Date that coupon came in the Sunday newspaper, and which coupon insert it was in. The codes are descriptive enough to recognize the insert by it's front cover. (The CODE does all the organizing work for you! Leave Sunday newspaper coupon inserts intact, then cut out only coupons from your grocery list just before you shop.)

CODE EXAMPLE: "EyemastersSS-1/24"

This DESCRIBES the insert containing the coupon-

This coupon insert was released by "SMART SOURCE", had an "EYEMASTERS" ad on the front cover. The insert was distributed inside your Sunday newspaper on "JANUARY 24TH"

--Menu Options--

SHRINK (hide items) button:

Shrink 5 stars-

Hides everything without 5 stars.

Shrink 4 Stars And Above-

Hides everything without 4 or 5 stars.

Shrink based On Quantity-

Hides everything with zero (0) in the Quantity column.

NOTES button-

Just opens a text area where you can type anything you want. Click the "Back" button on your phone to exit, it saves automatically. When you SAVE a list, notes in this area are saved with the list.

SAVE button-

Saves your list for later use. The default name it saves under, is the store name and todays date. You can change the name to save as needed (for example, if you want to create different saved versions of the same store.)



-This sends the complete list of selected coupons to yourself or any email recipient.

-Printable coupons will have an ACTIVE link to where our experts found the coupon.

(Printable coupons change frequently. Some may have disappeared before you can print them.)

In some areas- Smiths Weekly Ad, Albertsons Weekly Ad, Safeway Weekly Ad, Vons Weekly Ad, Ralphs Weekly ad, Frys Weekly Ad, Bashas Weekly Ad, Fred Meyer Weekly Ad, Raleys Weekly Ad, and Stater Bros Weekly Ad. -More Regional grocery ads will be added as the app grows. Many grocery deals.

Recent changes:

Gave access to the All-In-One list to the free app

Added search to the All-In-One list

Added notes to show at bottom of list

Added delete button, for easier deleting

Fixed huge bug with last update that caused force close

Download size improvements that improve speed

Memory management improvements that improve speed and reduce force close

Improvements to Email whole list added

Changed look

Content rating: Low Maturity


[B]TypingCONy Lite

by BroadCON / www.broadcon.net /
  • Current Version 1.27
  • Size 13M


Let’s learn Hangul(Korean) with little alien CONy from Andromea!! You can learn consonants , vowels and keyboard location. And you can learn also the words through this typing game.

This thrilling shooting typing game will help you to learn Hangul with amusement.

■    Learn keyboard mode ■

1.     You can be used to the Hangul keyboard location of Qwerty.

2.     It’s very helpful since the stages are classified by consonants and vowels.

■    Learn words mode ■

1.     You can learn consonants from [ㄱ] to [ㅎ].

2.     You are able to check your typing speed and leave your records on Facebook, Twitter.

3.     You can compare your rankings with other player’s in the board.

l  The sentence mode will be added later.

■    Game mode ■

1.     The words will be eliminated by your typing.

2.     When the words fall into the bottom line, your HP is decreased. And the game is over as the HP becomes 0.

3.     The aim of game is to send the CONy to the highest level of Sky by erasing the words.

4.     You can meet the good and bad item words.

5.     You can compare your rankings with other player’s in the board. And you can boast your record through Facebook, Twitter.

l  Another game mode and network play game mode will be added later.

■    Support List ■

1.     OS – more than Android 2.1

2.     Resolution – 480*800

3.     Hardware

-       Galaxy (S,U,K), NEXUS ONE(KT,SK), Mirach, Optimus2X

-       This app can be played in other devices although we can’t confirm.

4.     Keyboard

-       This app is optimized to Google Keyboard. You can download that from AD market.

-       Other keyboards might not match the graphic.

-       If you use Smart Keyboard, you can set the configuration by using

Settings=>Keyboard=>Smart Keyboard=>Customize Height.

l  Other devices are being applied now, we’ll release update version sooner.

■    Contact Us ■

1.     Mail : Appstore@broadcon.co.kr

2.     Home : http://www.broadcon.net

3.     Twitter : @typingcony

■    Others ■

Naver Naum Font is applied into this application.

Recent changes:

◎ Bugs Modified ◎

1. Ending pop-up bug when the game starts.

2. Useless images deleted

Content rating: Low Maturity


Glow Chain Reaction

by Lazy Developer / lazypackage.blogspot.com /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 899K


What is the best time-killing game?

Chain Reaction must be one of the answers.

Just one touch to start the chain reaction.

*** Normal game is the original game.

** The world ranking only display the records who do not delete the game.


1, Colorful glow graphics.

2, Normal mode

3, Stage mode

4, World Ranking System

Recent changes:

Chain Reaction Live Wallpaper is available!!

Click the bottom left button to download.

Content rating: Everyone


Neonews Chile

by Neomit / www.neomit.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 591K


All Chilean newspapers in one place. El Mercurio, La Tercera and several more. Diaries Iquique, Santiago de Chile, La Serena, Viña del Mar and the rest of the country. All Independent Zoom.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

New features in version 4.0 of Neonews

New Name:

"Newspapers" is now called "Neonews" simply because we imagine a future with more than just 'Newspapers'.

Logo Changed:

The new logo try to indicate our Idea of what Neonews is: a Tool to save as 'bookmarks', Favourite or similar, all the news sites we follow.

Favourites as single tab:

Now only the favourites tab appears to show only news sites that the user chose.

Easy way to remove Favourites:

The way to remove favourites has changed. Sliding the favorite to remove, from left to right, can remove easily and intuitively.

Neonews search:

Neonews search has many new features that will detail below.

 * Tab "World" - Search news sites from a lot of countries: Now Neonews search let find news sites from others countries, allowing select News WebSites as fovourites from differents regions around the World. The search allows you to use more than one word to narrow the search of Websites News, so you can group in your favourites, all news sites in the country you want.

 * Tab "Local" - Grouping of news sites by region: Now, the Playlists tab, formerly the home screen, move to the Search section, to centralize configuration searches and favourites, from a single place. The navigation of the regions was improved to allow view all news sites from a single screen.

 * Tab "Top Ranking" - Favourite Neonews community: From here you can see the top 5 of your region more News Sites selected as favourites, as well as the top 10 news sites worldwide. This tab also lets you choose from this list new favourites that are of interest.

 * Suggest diary: From the Browser, it could suggest a diary, stating which country belonged, thus making possible the suggestion of a news site than the country that owns your Neonews.

Navigation - Browser:

We implement a new way to browse your favourites websites from the slideshow-menu. That allows you to navigate them without having to return to the Favourite list screen.

Downloadable Videos:

Previous versions did not allow watch videos from the browser. Fixed!

Tablet Version:

Now also supports Neonews 'native' from Tablets, enabling you to exploit the width of the tablet in a more intelligent and comfortable.


Follow Us on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/neomit.mobile

twitter: https://twitter.com/NEOMIT_Market

Recent changes:

New features in version 4.1 of Neonews

Changes in the search - 3 Tabs:

- World Ranking

- Ranking by Country

- Select by Region

Navigation - Favorites:

 - You can sort by name, by Country and Country & Region.

- Navigation 'in-browser' to view the country is the site of News.

Core Changes:

- Increased stability.

- Memory optimization.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Adventure Runner Goku SaiYan

by game runner adventure for childs
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 29M


Adventure Runner Goku SaiYan

You can also create tons of unique tracks using the Track Editor with all the main game track pieces available.

Enjoy this adaptation of the mythic novel with the whole family.

Market rankings and expert feedback from the user Decided rankings and reviews.

All fans of platform arcades and racing games welcome the new amazing race game.

Help to order to exceed the obstacles and achieve all levels.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Yelp, Inc / www.yelp.com /
  • Current Version 2.7.5
  • Size 4M


Top-ranked Yelp for Android has over 50 million reviews on businesses worldwide — all in the palm of your hand. Whether you are looking for a pizzeria that is open now or a coffee shop nearby, Yelp is your local guide to finding just the place to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play.

★ Discover great local businesses.

★ Search for nearby restaurants, shops, and services.

★ Filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and what’s open now.

★ Read millions of reviews written by a community of active, expert locals.

★ Get to know a business through beautiful photos.

★ Find great Deals offered by your favorite local businesses.

★ Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app.

★ Write reviews, check-in to businesses, upload photos, and add tips of your own!

This software uses code of FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org) licensed under the LGPLv2.1 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html) and its source can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Yelp/ffmpeg-android

Recent changes:

☆ We've added a ton of new search filter options. Only want to see places that are good for kids? Accepts credit cards? Offers delivery? We've got you covered!

☆ We've refreshed toggles/switches throughout the app: you'll notice them when you check in or on any screens with on/off settings.

☆ More prominent review search: Tap on "More Reviews" at any business and the search field is more visible at the top of the page. It'll allow you to search inside all reviews (if there are more than 20).

Content rating: Low Maturity

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