• Current Version 2.81
  • Size 2M


This player is one of the best alternatives to the build in android player. It supports direct playback from any folder on your memory card. You can use this player for music, audio books, podcasts and whatever audio files you have stored on your phones sd card.

Choose one of 5 themes to personalize your music player.

Edit/update/delete files and metadata during playback.

You can also use the volume buttons to control the music playback. This feature is configurable in the preferences menu.

See the feature list below for detailed information.


Sorting files in folder:

* auto detect folders with audio

* sort files alphabetically

* sort by date


* normal playback

* shuffle folder


* toggle between playback mode and file browse mode while playback (long click on album artwork)

* show album cover in directory list mode, if available as jpeg or png in folder

* personalize font size and album art size

* choose one of five brilliant themes

* optional: ignore the "The" at the beginning of a directory name

* optional: auto capitalize filenames to improve readability


* play, pause, next, previous

* seekbar

* use volume buttons for next/previous song

* display album cover in playback mode

* mp3, wav, ogg, flac,... (depends on phone)

Edit file (long click on file):

* rename and delete files

* edit ID3-Tags


* ad banner IS REMOVEABLE FOR FREE in options menu

* sometimes a ad wall is displayed on exit (every 3-5 days)

Recent changes:

- 2.81

* fixed bug on big artwork loading

- 2.80

* added 5 themes to choose from

* caching directories for faster listing

- 2.71

* maximum file scan mode performance

* gui tweaks

- 2.60

* better performance in listing mode

* variable artwork/font size

optional settings:

* auto capitalize letters

* auto remove of a beginning "the" in listing mode


* edit view crashed on some phones. fixed it.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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  • cykelcity: Break splits 1 solo rider at 10 sec Pölder and Puusepp 15 sec to bunch. 10km to go!!

  • ocultado: The word "polder" has just dragged itself from the recesses of my primary school brain,right when I needed it. Not a word I thought I'd need

  • cykelcity: RT @stephanvdzwan: @cykelcity Who are in the Break? Polder, Putsep....?

  • cykelcity: Pölder takes 3th place in an intermediate sprint. The gap is 1.40min. Now Champion System is chasing for Kirsipuu.

  • kombropunktse: “@cykelcity: Pölder had done his homework for todays race. He followed experienced pro rider Erki Putsep when he attacked.” #Gilla !

  • stephanvdzwan: @cykelcity Who are in the Break? Polder, Putsep....?

  • cykelcity: Its nice to see the young cc's are riding so offensive! In olympia tour lindau, bertilsson and polder where in the breaks often.

  • cykelcity: Pölder had done his homework for todays race. He followed experienced pro rider Erki Putsep when he attacked, he is a big favourite here.

  • cykelcity: Pölder fast back in the break! At 91km gap 5min.

  • cykelfjant: Kämpa! RT @cykelcity Puncture of Pölder in the break!!!

  • cykelcity: Puncture of Pölder in the break!!!

  • debbiesmatth: Polder Stainless Steel Sink Dish Rack http://www.pinkflamingowine.co.cc/Polder_Stainless_Steel_Sink_Dish_Rack.html #Pillow

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  • debbiesmatth: Polder 2 tier Drying Rack http://www.pinkflamingowine.co.cc/Polder_2_tier_Drying_Rack.html #fb #store #shopping #Home #Pillow #Bathroom

  • cykelcity: We just talked to Robert Pölder and he feels good. Cooperation in break is good.