Function Plot

by Jon-G
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 246K


This application plots and ***yzes mathematical function entered by the user.

It accepts input as a mathematical expression with a variety of operators, functions and constants.

The X and Y scales of the plot can be adjusted.

It resolves special intrests, such as:

- Extreme points (estimated)

- Roots (some exact, some estimated)

- Y axis intersection point (exact)

- Horizontal asymptotes

- Vertical asymptotes

These will be marked on the graph and shown as text below it.

And, should you allow it and ask it for the derivative, it can go online and download the derivative from the internet.

The full available operators, functions and constants list can be found in the application itself.

Supports: English, Hebrew. Note that Android devices with version 2.1 and lower can't install the current version, only an old one (which has no Hebrew)

Keywords: mathematica, maths, function, plot, plotter, draw, drawer.

Recent changes:

V1.4 Some general improvements.

Content rating: Everyone


Detexify LaTeX Recognizer

by cool cherry trees / /
  • Current Version 0.1.1
  • Size 58K


Detexify: A LaTeX symbol recognizer for Android.

Detexify turns your Android-powered mobile phone into an interactive LaTeX cheat sheet. Draw a symbol into the clean interface and presto! You get a list with the most similar symbols and details for each one. Give it a whirl!

Has optional sdcard caching of symbols.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Calc & Plot Lite

by R. Aubel
  • Current Version 1.3.2
  • Size 193K


Scientific calculator with the ability to draw curves.

Limited, free version.

1.3.0: context menu & screenshots

1.3.2: help page

Content rating: High Maturity


Next Big Thing - LIGHT

by Verdoofd Amalgamated / /
  • Current Version 7.0
  • Size 2M


More plot lines than you can shake a stick at!

This amazing app mashes up random elements into a single-sentence plot line that can help creative writers overcome writerâs block. There are trillions of possible combinations. Not all of them are guaranteed to make perfect sense, but the creative parts of your brain will heat up as you try to make sense of the plot lines. Itâs a cognitive dissonance thing. Save plots that interest you and rate them using a five-star touch-bar.

Use it as a cure for writerâs block, or just some good random diversion. You might find a good creative writing prompt. Who knows, maybe you will stumble on an idea that will be your own Next Big Thing.


DICE BUTTON â generates random story line for your review.

SPEAK BUTTON â sends the story line to the voice synthesizer.

STACK ADD BUTTON â sends story line into temporary storage stack.

STACK DELETE BUTTON â purges currently displayed story line from the storage stack.

RATE STARS â lets you rate the story line in 1 to 5 stars.

STACK UP BUTTON â cursors up the storage stack to display stored story line.

STACK DOWN BUTTON â cursors down the storage stack to display stored story line.

FREE ADVICE BUTTON â to recalibrate your common sense should your brain run off kilter.

NOTE: This application is not pre-configured with a set number of stories. The Verdoofd Story-Line Amalgamator takes ten random components for each sentence and configures them into randomly selected syntactic patterns. Every seed is different. The mathematical possibilities are in the trillions.


This LIGHT version contains elements from a broad sampling of many genres, including science fiction, suspense, drama, action and romance. Because of this, although most of the story lines are syntactically plausible, their logical plausibility is subject to random chance. Depending on your sense of humor or appetite for nonsense, the least plausible are often at least entertaining.

For more intense genre-specific NBT stimulation, check out these other fine products from Verdoofd Amalgamated.

* NBT-SciFi

* NBT-Horror


English Teachers: Have an NBT competition to see who can develop the best story line from an NBT seed within a certain time limit.

Clinical Psychologists: Have an experimental group read NBT prompts for 10 minutes before executing certain measured tasks to see what statistical difference the cognitive dissonance exercise may have on performance related to a control group who did not read NBT prompts.

Recent changes:

even more variants

Content rating: Everyone


3D Plotter Free

by SpeedyMarks / /
  • Current Version 1.0.5
  • Size 9K


Plot graphs of 2-dimensional functions in 3D. Enter the formula for the function and the range you want to plot.


- toggle grid display

- different color themes

- contol speed and quality with the number of tiles

Ad supported freeware

Recent changes:

- bug on Android 4.x fixed

Content rating: Everyone


WiFi Tracker

by Ian Hawkins / /
  • Current Version 1.0.61
  • Size 45K


Wifi Tracker is a WiFi scanner that can help you see the state of wireless networks in your area.

Ever wanted to sniff out and plot those elusive open WiFi access points?

This wi-fi scanner uses your GPS and WiFi in combination to scan for Wi-Fi hotspots, then saves their location to a file which you can then export a KML file to Google Earth , export to Kismet, or use realtime web uploads to scan and upload in realtime!

Excellent for wardriving in your car, to scan lots of hotspots - it can handle logging the position of thousands of accesspoints without crashing and without posting duplicates.

Quite useful for site surveys (scanning for unsecured Wi Fi access points), or surveying large areas as part of a larger security audit. Has slow down options for scanning whilst walking as well, so you can go for a stroll or a run around a site and the scanner will still work without consuming lots of battery power

It can also be used if you just have a passing interest in seeing what is out there - for example you could take a drive around your city centre and see the state of access points (open, secured, insecure, etc).

The CSV export lets you export the data for manipulation in your favourite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice / LibreOffice), or visualise access points using the KML export.

WiFi Tracker also knows about who made the accesspoint that it has found so can detect most accesspoints made by netgear, d-link, 3com, apple, linksys, and so on

If the Torque app is also running on the device, and you have a high-resolution (QStarz 818XT) GPS device connected to that app, then WiFi Tracker will augment it's GPS data automatically with the higher resolution data from Torque

If you have any suggestions, drop me an email using the 'contact developer' link and I'll see what I can do!

Recent changes:


* Better memory management of the open access point database display

* Some UI tweaks to enhance interactivity when a lot of APs are displayed


* Remembers discovered access points on the map (were always saved in the log though)

* Stability improvements (thanks for the error reports)

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Salgacorp Corporation / /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 3M


RobTronic(R) foi criado para servir como rastreador pessoal, totalmente independente de website, fornecendo a posição precisa de onde está o objeto ou pessoa. Para usar o RobTronic(R) basta ter um smartphone com Android(R) e um chip de operadora com créditos. Não é necessário ter acesso a internet pois todas as informações de localização serão enviadas via SMS. Caso tenha acesso a internet ainda poderá acompanhar um histórico por onde a pessoa andou, ou por onde seu motorista trafegou ou ainda onde sua mercadoria está naquele momento e todo o caminho por onde ela percorreu. RobTronic(R) foi idealizado para se tornar um sistema de rastreio simples, fácil de usar, fácil de instalar sem muitas configurações e complexidades. Você pode por exemplo instalar ele num smartphone antigo que não esteja sendo mais usado e transformar esse seu smartphone velho num rastreador muito útil. Pode instalar ele em um smartphone e esconder dentro do seu carro e saber por onde o carro está trafegando. Futuras melhorias incluirão cerca eletrônica e alerta antifurto e proximidade, transformando o RobiTronic num verdadeiro alarme antifurto. RobriTronic é gratuito e sempre será. Sua ideologia é de que seu smartphone já foi um bom investimento e não queremos tirar dinheiro de você. Agradecemos se usar e compartilhar suas experiências e aceitamos sugestões para melhorarmos o RobTronic(R).

Podem enviar sugestões e comentários para Tentaremos responder a todos.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Corbin Champion / /
  • Current Version 2.0.1
  • Size 16M


Advanced plotting tool. Supports 2D and 3D plotting and so much more.

Support now on kickstarter:

Most of gnuplot ported.

Can be used standalone or be used by other apps.

Used by Addi only right now. Addi is a tool like Matlab or Octave. If you are a dev and want to use this as your plotting engine, contact me.

Some terminal types currently not supported (PNG, BMP, JPEG), but will be later.

Mouse/touch interaction for zooming currently not supported, but will be later.

Recent changes:

Most of gnuplot ported.

Fixed race case that caused a crash, more likely when called from Addi.

Support now on kickstarter:

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.5
  • Size 103K


Function plot lite is a user-friendly yet powerfull 2D function plotter.

Increase your mathematical understanding of complicate function, by drawing its graph.

Its optimized GUI will allow to define your function in a couple of clicks.

Easily enter scientific function (sin,cos,tan,

ln,log,sqrt,+,-,/,*,^) and compute the function value at x=0 with the "=" button or plot the function with the "plot" button.

In the graph panel, easily move, scale, and recenter your graph. Enjoy !

Recent changes:

Version 1.5: support for quick polynom typing (3x2+2x-2 -> 3*x^2+2*x-2)

Version 1.4: support for shorten typing (3x -> 3*x)

Version 1.3: support scientific notation

Version 1.2: support all sizes of screen (from 240x320 and higher), bug corrections.

Version 1.1: GUI improvements, bug correction.

Version 1.0: Initial version.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Corbin Champion / /
  • Current Version 1.98
  • Size 21M


Much more than a scientific calculator.

A Computing Environment useful for solving many complex problems.

A Matlab / Octave clone for Android.

Java based and open source.

Free and Ad free.

Has most needed math capabilities.

A lot of function included already.

Can parse and run .m files. (try "edit /sdcard/test.m")

Working on bugs and compatibility.

Basic plotting working (you need the app called AddiPlot).

Custom keyboard for entering commands faster.

Now have Octave built for Android, moving this soon to a separate app called "octave" (clever...I know). You can go checkout the first version soon. Addi will be going back to being solely java based and small and not very feature rich, while octave will be the real deal, but much larger.

Matlab is a registered trademark or Math Works.

Recent changes:

Minor: Help info prints now from experimental interpreter.

Major: Got Octave built for Android. To use Octave interpreter instead of existing one, go to preferences/settings and enable it. It is not the default as there are some obvious issues to work through (plotting, help, etc), but this is a huge step forward and I perceive no major technical hurdles in solving them at this point.

Content rating: Everyone


AndMeasure (Area & Distance)

by Mikkel Christensen / /
  • Current Version 1.15
  • Size 124K


The AndMeasure tool allows you to measure distances and calculate area between points on a map.

The tool has virtually unlimited applications. Use it PROFESSIONALLY for measuring distances and areas in landscaping, lawn care, water line measuring, paving and fencing. Use it in farming, agriculture and forestry to measure your fields and forests. Realtor's can use it for showing clients distances to certain landmarks.

For RECREATIONAL use, it can be used in measuring off-road routes, plotting running courses, water trips, range estimation at the shooting/driving range. Use it in Golf for getting real-time distance to the green.

âââ Featured on powered by Farm Journal âââ

"This app could be an easy way for farmers to measure new fields." March 2012


â Use it as a ruler on a map to calculate the distance between multiple points

â Calculate areas in acres, sq miles, sq feet, m2, km2, Hectare, Ares

â Measure the distance to your location from multiple points in real-time using the "continuous mode" feature

â Switch between Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain and normal map mode

â Find your current location via GPS or Network

â Share measurement and screenshot via email and Google Drive

â Add markers to the map either via tap or by dragging from the "add button" to get super accuracy

â Move markers around to get precise measurement

Keywords: map, maps, area, distance, length, ruler, gps, golf, area calculator, range finder, map measure, area measure, distance measure, field area measure, surface measurement, real estate, realtor, GPS measure, solar, landscape, area calculation, planimeter, efarmer, perimeter, landscaping, garden, fencing, acreage, terrain, geographical, property, geo, agricultural, calculator, forest, farm, field measure, location, roof area, solar, solar panel roof area, outdoor, snow removal, farmlogs, land calculator

Languages: English (write an email if you want to help with other translations)

Get it at:


Privacy Policy:

AndMeasure does not store any personal information at all. However Google ***ytics is used in the app to better understand how the app is used and performs.

The Google Privacy Policy can be found here:

Recent changes:

Version 1.15:

* Fixed search for some devices that have issues with default Geocoder

Version 1.14:

* Fixed various issues for older devices

Version 1.13:

* Added area fill color

* Fixed scaling issues for high resolution devices

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Inflim / /
  • Current Version 0.97.1
  • Size 146K


TracePing is a network diagnostic tool which combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs and is similar to MTR(MyTraceroute), WinMtr.

First, it finds the path between your device and any internet server and then starts to send periodical echo requests to each host on the way, gathering round trip time statistics.

TracePing is very useful to investigate network problems, to find out where exactly is the connection bottleneck or a failure.


⢠A list of recently used hosts.

⢠IP selection for multiple IP hosts

⢠Visual traceroute: IP geo location and map plotting (optional)

⢠Extended statistics panel with min/avg/max ping, jitter and StDev

⢠Works on both WiFi and 3G/GPRS connection.

⢠Internationalized domains (IDN) are supported

⢠Share report

⢠Pause/restart ping

⢠Switching between IP and hostnames

⢠Tuneable interval, timeout, packet size, ping count and hop limit parameters

⢠Experimental IPv6 support (Needs root, because ping6 executable has no SUID bit on Android 4.0)


⢠Root is not necessary (except IPv6 hosts)

⢠Currently doesn't work on devices without 'ping' executable.

⢠100% loss usually means that ICMP packets are blocked on this host or it is down.

Please send all questions and bug reports to support email below. Bug

WARNING: may not work on some devices and with busybox ping

IP geo location is provided by maxmind lite city db, accuracy is about 60%

Recent changes:

Version 2.0.*:

⢠IP Geo Location and map plotting

⢠new interface

⢠advanced parameters:

⢠share report

⢠possible to set ping interval to 200 (ms) or more

Content rating: Low Maturity

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