Oil Paint

by fungame land / /
  • Current Version 1.5
  • Size 4M


Oil Paint can help you convert your images and photos into impressionistic oil paintings by applying a special image effect. Itâs really simple and fun. Just pick or take a picture and let Oil Paint do the painting for you, after complete you can save the oil painting and share it with the world.

How to use:

1. Pick a picture from your gallery or take a photo right now;

2. Just wait for your oil painting finish, it must be fantastic!


Recent changes:

Recent Changes:

Fix the can not saving or sharing issue under 4.0 for same devices.

Content rating: Everyone


Kids Finger Painting Art Game

by / /
  • Current Version 9
  • Size 9M


âââââ Kids Finger Painting Art Game by Studios âââââ

Inspire your child with Finger Painting. Bring out the little artist in your child with Kids Finger Painting app while exercising fine motor skills and allowing children to be creative and develop hand-eye coordination all at the same time. Save your child's creation to your device or share with friends.

Practice color recognition with the many color choices available.

Multiple drawing modes: Touch to fill using the paint bucket, finger draw using the pencil or paint brush tools.

Large variety of inviting images to choose from makes this an excellent game for painters of all ages.

More than 150 new coloring pages for hours of finger painting fun.

â 150+ Fun easy to color coloring pages

â Free Ad-supported version.

â Language: US English

â Age Level: 1+

â Title: Kids Finger Painting Art Game

â Copyright 2011, Inc.

Recent changes:

2013-11-13 UPDATE Updated Tablet Support

2013-10-26 UPDATE Bug Fixes

2013-10-21 UPDATE Fix version 6 crashes on certain devices

2013-08-13 UPDATE - Bug Fixes

2013-08-04 UPDATE - 40 New coloring book pages. Bug Fixes. Undo Button. Tablet Support

2012-05-12 UPDATE - 60 New coloring book pages. Bug Fixes. Less permissions required. APP2SD

Content rating: Low Maturity


Funny Painter

by Android developer / /
  • Current Version 1.7.1
  • Size 352K


Draw give you a pad and a brush to draw your colorful life.

Size of the brush.

Color of the brush.

Color background.

Choose drawing effects.

Eraser mode.

Load a picture.


Draw have kids mode,when you setted it,random color and thickness at each stroke, shake to clear!enjoy your drawing.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Painting Findings

by Oluss / /
  • Current Version 1.4.1
  • Size 9M


It's a different find-the-difference edutainment.

Spot different differences from 30+ replica paintings & 70 levels.

To donate and support us, you could consider getting 100+ more levels and paintings by buying Photo Findings in the market or simply visit for paypal donation.

Collect paintings in the gallery and learn about them.

Access & replay found paintings in gallery and set them as wallpaper.

Recent changes:

- SD install enabled.

- Donate link has been changed to market link for more levels and games by Oluss Studio.

Content rating: Everyone


Finger Painting - ABC

by kidgames / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 2M


Product Features

Large letters good for young children

Ability to save pictures to SD card

Supports App 2SD

Tablet support

Product Description

This fun finger painting app lets kids choose a line drawing and color it in using direct finger painting methods. Kids ages ones to five will have hours of fun coloring as they choose from more than 20 colors. Hit "Save" and the picture is automatically downloaded to the SD card. Scroll through the letters to pick a favorite or do them all in order. Happy coloring!

Recent changes:

add support to Android 1.5 and 1.6

Content rating: Low Maturity


Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint

by EquiComp Solutions / /
  • Current Version 3.3
  • Size 898K


Kids doodle draw, glow draw in neon paint color! Train your inner Picasso artist, share your glow art drawing with magic doodle toy kids game FREE! Easily post your creations to Google Plus (Google+) or Facebook or share with instagram or other apps!

Draw on the best glowing neon drawing pad app with fun kaleidoscope mirror drawing on photos! Paint and doodle draw on your instagram photos or any other gallery photos! Enjoy Doodle Toy mirror neon effects rainbow, Kaleidoscope, and more!

It's kid-safe completely free all features unlocked, no in-app purchases!

Multi-Touch drawing with multiple fingers so kids can draw and color together and share! Its an awesome app for kids and even the little kid in all of us adults to spark our creativity! Draw, paint and create cool designs and artwork from scratch or on top of your gallery photos! It's easy to use and lots of fun! Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams! Kids doodle Glow draw, color and paint with Doodle Toy!â¢

â All features unlocked, now kids doodle with Multi-Touch support! Its an awesome app for kids and even the little kid in all of us to spark our creativity! Doodle draw, paint and create cool designs and artwork from scratch or on top of your gallery photos! It's easy to use and lots of fun! Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams!

ââ Fun to finger paint even detailed art, helps bring out the artist in everyone! Start painting your masterpiece now!

There are many drawing effects for them to choose from â Choose any color you like, turn it into a neon version of the color or even hit the Rainbow button to draw with a rainbow colored brush! Kids love the mirror draw modes! There are tons of mirror effects to choose from too, you can mirror your drawing at any angle! (use the mirror mode for easy drawing of Christmas trees :)

âââ Load a photo from your gallery or take one on the spot and use it as a background and draw on it! There is even a cool kaleidoscope effect where you can choose your own kaleidoscope image and use that as a background too! Teach your kids to draw and paint or let them learn on their own all while having fun!

ââââ Easily post your creations to Google Plus® (google+) or Facebook® or share with Instagram® or other apps or save them to your gallery!

Older kids and adults should try our Doodle Gram!⢠app which not only lets you paint and draw on your Instagram® photos or any other photos but lets you create collages!

For younger kids, try our Doodle Color!⢠Kids Coloring app!

Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams.

Fun to finger paint even detailed art, helps bring out the artist in everyone! Start painting your masterpiece now!

You can load photos from your gallery and paint on top of them. It's very easy to draw with doodle toy, simply click to select a paint brush style and choose your color mode, the default already gives you fun vibrant random colors!

Teach your kids to draw and paint. Let them learn on their own while having fun learning!

Great doodle glow (neon glow) effects, rainbow colors and doodle mirror with all effects, kids love the mirror draw modes! (use the mirror mode for easy drawing of Christmas trees :)

"We're more addicted to this than angry birds, better than, paint joy, or others but wish could import instagram pics easier. It's definitely not just for the kids, they have to fight me over it!..." --User Review

Doodle Toy! for Kids or the lil kid in all of us! Try Doodle Fire Glow Draw too!

Enjoy DoodleToy!

Legal disclaimer: * All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole property of their respective owners. Android⢠is a trademark of Google® Inc.

* Not endorsed by or affiliated with Google®, Instagram® Inc. or Facebook®

Recent changes:

9-29-2013 UPDATE! Stroke Width(brush size) now in Settings. Warn before erase. Language Translations!

9-21-2013 UPDATE! More Kid-Friendly! :) Also fixes for some devices.

2-2-2013 UPDATE! New ColorPicker, click menu button and settings!

7-28-2012 New Features! Background options, click your phone menu button to see.

6-24-2012 Update! New SHARE OPTIONS, send by text SMS +more!

(press your phone's hardware menu button to see) and uncheck Sound and Vibration if you fish to disable sound/vibration.

Content rating: Everyone


Pic Paint

by Popcrowd Software / /
  • Current Version v1.99 NOTES: AF fixes, Froyo SD card fixes, support of saturation, sharpness, etc
  • Size 3M


Pic Paint is Androidâs highest res photo editing app with one Million downloads. Take photos with the camera or use existing pics and then mark up with:

"All this for free? WOW!" "This v2.2 update is a huge new one!"

Full Editor:

+35 clipart

+21 text fonts

+8 hipstamatic effects

+front facing camera support

+instamatic brightness/contrast


+draw, paint

+3 whitebalances

+4 filters

+flash control -if supported

+silent no sound mode

+focus control, including macro

+ISO control -if supported


+Import your existing gallery photos

+Scene modes -if supported

+Curve text, shapes

Let your kids use it and share your pics through Gmail. Like PicSay

Recent changes:

2.22 NOTES: More clipart, Bug fixes, better stability, picture save improvements, Froyo video fixes, flash and resolution fixes, support for rooted ROMs, fullscreen photo mode, front facing camera support

*New Permissions* - Internet and Phone State (screen state - on/off) required for Millennial Media ads network. No other data is required nor used.

DROID X and DROID 3 users - only use the "white" AF setting. Your phones do not support the "yellow" AF setting

Content rating: Low Maturity


Paint By Number

by KevvApps
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 2M


Just like the popular "Paint By Number"! The numbered guide helps you paint beautiful pictures! Each number represents a color. Or you can choose a color of your own. Choose from many different stencils. Have fun with this coloring book style game. Paint your picture and share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or picture message. Save your paintings to your phone and upload them to finish later. Have lots of fun with paint by numbers.

Recent changes:

5 more stencils!

New Sleek Design!

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version
  • Size 910K


Product Features

Ability to save pictures to SD card

Supports App 2SD

Product Description

This fun finger painting app lets kids choose a line drawing and color it in using direct finger painting methods. Kids ages ones to five will have hours of fun coloring as they choose from more than 20 colors.

The games is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

The game is recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

Children will have hours of fun with this game.

Recent changes:

add support to Android 1.5 and 1.6

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Firepip productions apps / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Simple drawing app for small kids. Best for tablets. Pick a colour with only one click and draw. To draw straight line click with one finger at the start of the line, and then another finger at the end of the line. Good for kids between 2-4 year.

Paint for kids

Content rating: Low Maturity


Kids Paint!

by Atanas Nankov
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Simple kids painting pad! Let your kids create their masterpieces with ease!

Includes 8 colors to choose from and an option to take a picture on which they can draw!

Note: When using the take picture feature be sure to lower your camera resolution so the picture will not come out squished!


Content rating: Everyone


Finger Paint

by Matchbook Apps / /
  • Current Version 2.1
  • Size 74K


Finger Paint is a fun and simple paint app.

If you would like to donate buy the pro version!

-Create a new picture or import* your own and edit it.

- Choose from pen, shape and text tools or import your own stamps.

-Pictures can be saved or sent to others directly from the app.

Content rating: Not rated

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