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Dice Poker

by Filip Heryan
  • Current Version 1.2.2
  • Size 2M


Dice poker is a game similar to game known as "Yahtzee"¹, its rules are based on two earlier games Yacht and Generala. It is also known as Yatzy or Cheerio.

Main objective of a game is to collect points by throwing combinations of dices.

(¹"Yahtzee" trademarked by Hasbro)

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.02
  • Size 678K


Play Texas Hold'em Poker for fun. Its free. This is a large format offline version of our popular game in which you play against a single opponent.

So you can play anytime. You can post your score, good fortune to Facebook, Twitter and our leaderboard. Whether you are starting to play Poker for the first time, learning or experienced Texas Hold'em has something for you. Opponents you play against have different styles of play - just like real life.

Free version - Ad supported.

This is an alternative format of our popular PlayTexas game.

We have lots of options for Texas Hold'em Poker:

- Awards - shows awards e.g. Great Bluff, Opponent Bankrupted

- Rank - view your rank in the world, country, region and town

- Leaderboard - view the leaderboard for the world, country, region and town

- Stats - games played, won, VP$IP etc

- HandOdds - shows you your chances of winning and of a particular hand

- Commentary - shows a log of the play

- Settings - including:

- Language - you can change default language for app

- Play sounds

- Difficulty - Learning to Pro

- Currency - $ etc

- Background - Blue, Green, Pink etc

- Name - used when posting to leaderboard

You can also view our leaderboard online at

If you have any suggestions for improvements or feedback then please contact us on We always respond to email.

By downloading you accept the terms of use at

Recent changes:


1. Daily Bonus added

2. Translations corrections

3. BB - Shows CHECK rather than CALL 400

4. Latest odds evaulation code

5. Defect Fixes


1. New Facebook Community Page

2. Better Facebook Options

3. Feedback option

4. Translation improvements - particularly Russian

5. Defect fixes

Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version 1.50
  • Size 2M


A new version of Video Poker based on the popular Texas Hold'em game! Call to pay to see the next card, Fold to start a new hand, or End Hand if you have a qualifying hand. Be sure to check the Payouts for each hand rank. Use Scoreloop to play against friends and try to top the global scoreboard!

Great game to practice risk/reward (pot odds) ***ysis for Texas Holdem Poker. If you can't gradually increase your score, you're probably not winning money at your weekly poker game.

Permissions required to upload high score to the Scoreloop service.

v1.40 - Add global scoreboard using Scoreloop

v1.31 - Enabled play to continue while ads are displayed.

New background.

Fixed Install to SD.

*Ads Enabled

*Report Problems

Recent changes:

v1.50 - Additional fix for checking royal flushes

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Dragonplay Widget

by Dragonplay / /
  • Current Version 2.12
  • Size 680K


The Dragonplay widget is the best way to stay up to date with the latest news, bonuses and promotions in all of Dragonplay's games.

You can now select from two widget types, each with its great features:

- Receive an extra Live Holdem Pro daily bonus when you select the Live Holdem widget.

- Gain instant access to all the Dragonplay games in one click when you select the Dragonplay Games widget.

Be the first in the know! Install your Dragonplay widget of choice now.

Recent changes:

Version 212


Holdem Poker layout is now working with Dragonplay Poker

fix for the Widget "stuck" problem

Content rating: Everyone


Pokerzee Lite

by stonedonkey / /
  • Current Version 1.0.9
  • Size 642K


Pokerzee is a game of dice where instead of the traditional numbers on each side, the nine though ace of a deck of cards is represented instead.

This is a lite version so the local and online scoreboards are disabled. The full version is only $0.99.

Think Poker + Dice + Yahtzee

Recent changes:


- Fixed bug when opening options screen

- Removed delay between games

Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version 2.3
  • Size 6M


10 card games in one app. All games are free in this version. Single-player,online multiplayer, multiplayer on one device. English and Русский. Texas Hold'em, Draw Poker, Hearts, Black Maria, Oh Hell, Knaves, Napoleon, Slobberhannes, Pharaoh, Thousand. Ver. 2.1.3

(3,7,Туз - Сборник карточных игр)

Recent changes:

Algorithms were improved.

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by Richard Obradovic / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 136K


Avengers new generation

+ Revolution android aplication for sports betting,poker and casino.

+ Fastest Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha on the market-Fast Fold’em

+ Most popular casino NetEnt include Slots,Table Games,Video poker and progressive jackpot games.

+ Fastest cashout

+ 200% first deposit bunus up to 400Eur,bonus code: BKNOVI

+ Deposit method: Skrill(MoneyBookers),Visa,MasterCard,Euteller,Neteller and vouchers.

+ Tehnical support on Skype: pokeravengers

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Xoise Solutions / /
  • Current Version 1.5.3
  • Size 416K


Andzee is a simple dice game, played just like Yahtzee.

- Play this classic strategy game on your Android device

- Try to get the best score every time

- Save your scores and compare them online with others

Andzee is a poker-style game where you roll 5 dice and try to get the best score possible by getting numbers, 3 of a kinds, 4 of a kinds, full houses, straights, and andzees!

Gfx by Daniel Romney (

Recent changes:

- Background bug fix

Content rating: Everyone


Than Bai TαΊ·ng XU

by VuLongit
  • Current Version
  • Size 16M


♠ Game bài ( Game bai) cực đặc biệt trên thị trường với các chức năng và ưu đãi cho người chơi không game nào có được. Đến với game bài Online – Game hoàn toàn Bài Miễn Phí bạn sẽ được vừa được chơi bài ( Choi bai), vừa giao lưu kết bạn còn gì vui hơn.

♠ Đầy đủ hơn 20 tựa game đánh bài dân gian, lối chơi cực sát phạt và gay cấn với luật chơi phổ biến nhất, đặc biệt HOÀN TOÀN MIỄN PHÍ

<b>♠ GamePlay đơn giản cho tất cả các tựa game quen thuộc có trong cổng game: Liêng ( Lieng), Sâm ( sam), Tiến lên Miền Nam ( Tien Len Mien Nam) , Tiến lên Miền Bắc ( Tien Len Mien Bac), Chắn ( Chan), Phỏm ( Phom) , 3 cây ( 3 cay), Mậu Binh ( Mau Binh), Tiến lên đếm lá ( Tien Len Dem La)<b>

♠ Hơn 14 nghìn tay bài đang chơi giúp bạn tha hồ so tài, kết bạn, giao lưu, trò chuyện.

✔ Hoạt động sôi nổi, diễn ra suốt cả ngày:

♦ Tự do tạo bàn, khiêu chiến với tay bài khác liên tục.

♦ Chat làm quen bạn mới, học hỏi những kinh nghiệm đánh bài hay.

♦ Giải đấu vinh danh Thần bài được tổ chức thường xuyên với nhiều phần quà hấp dẫn.

♦ Sự kiện diễn ra liên tục, quà thưởng hấp dẫn.

✔ Giao diện đẹp, dễ sử dụng, chơi cực mượt, không giật lag:

♣ Màu sắc 3D sang trọng, chân thực, đẳng cấp.

♣ Thao tác mượt mà, không giật lag hay bị văng ra ngoài.

♣ Hoạt động tốt trên mọi thiết bị: máy tính để bàn, máy tính bảng, smartphone.

✔Hoàn toàn miễn phí

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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