My Tracks

by Google Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.1.13
  • Size 3M


My Tracks records your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. While recording, you can view your data live, annotate your path, and hear periodic voice announcements of your progress.

With My Tracks, you can sync and share your tracks via Google Drive. For sharing, you can share tracks with friends, see the tracks your friends have shared with you, or make tracks public and share their URLs via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition to Google Drive, you can also export your tracks to Google My Maps, Google Spreadsheets, or external storage.

My Tracks also supports Android Wear. For watches with GPS, My Tracks can perform GPS recording of tracks without a phone and sync tracks to the phone. For watches without GPS, you can see your current distance and time, and control the recording of your tracks from your wrist.

Recent changes:

- a new map layer, Earth, for viewing tracks in 3D

Content rating: Low Maturity


FM Player

by TuneWiki / /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 3M


An FM player to be used on FM-enabled Motorola devices.

Recent changes:

Crash fixes based on user feedback.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by MacroPinch / /
  • Current Version 2.4.7
  • Size 2M


Battery indicates the battery charge level of your device.

Battery is a small, sleek and elegant app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, and even serve as a battery saver.

With Battery, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.

There is no other battery app with such intuitive, neat and gorgeous interface as Battery has. The UI of Battery is as simple as possible, but tremendously practical.

We will work constantly to improve Battery, adding in the very near future new features, like useful battery information, battery saver tips, new widgets, and many more.


✓ Displays battery information in percent (%)

✓ Supports the lock screen widget introduced in Android 4.2

✓ Offers quality support for Android devices - from Android 1.5 to Android 4.4

✓ Full support for all known screen resolutions

✓ Power source indicator

✓ The precise battery level is displayed in 1% increments

✓ It is helpful and can serve as a battery saver.

✓ Battery is incredibly lightweight!

✓ Additional battery information:

- Temperature

- Voltage

- Health status

- Technology

Get in touch with us and follow the latest news regarding our apps:

Recent changes:

Crash fix

Content rating: Everyone



by Facebook / /
  • Current Version 1.6.5
  • Size 3M


Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.

• See what friends are up to

• Share updates, photos and videos

• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts

• Play games and use your favorite apps

Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in our Help Center:

Problems downloading or installing the app? See

Still need help? Please tell us more about the issue.

Facebook is only available for users age 13 and over.

Terms of Service:

Recent changes:

• Upload multiple photos at a time in groups

• Improvements to help group admins pin and unpin posts, and review pending and reported posts

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by ChainsDD / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 193K


Grant and manage Superuser rights for your phone.

This app requires that you already have root, or a custom recovery image to work.

Note: App and binary will have different versions. The app is updated more often than the binary is.

This app cannot be uninstalled if it was installed with your ROM or root. If there is no uninstall option, it's because you placed it in /system/app, not me. It is impossible for an app to be installed in /system/app by the Play store. In fact, the entire /system partition is read only at runtime. The only way for an app to be placed in /system/app is via a rooting process (which usually installs Superuser), or by remounting the system partition as read/write and manually putting it there.

Permissions requested are for:

Internet - updating the binary

External storage - backup/restore for elite users

NFC - creating an allow tag for elite users

Boot completed - fix database on boot

Support request emails that simply say "Doesn't work" or something to that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

Recent changes:

Fix FC when entering preferences on pre-HC devices

Improve binary updater

Add button to action bar on tablets to access info page

Content rating: Everyone



by Motorola Mobility LLC. / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 40K


To prevent hackers from doing harm to your Android Smartphone, this app will prompt you to use “SafeTelHandler” phone dialer when it detects a USSD code sent to your phone. Hackers use URL or NFC to inject USSD codes into your phone’s dialer without requiring you to press the <SEND> button to activate. Hackers can deactivate your SIM card with these malicious USSD commands.

If your device is running Android version 3.0 (Gingerbread) or earlier, you should download this app to prevent USSD fraud. It is also recommended to backup your content from your phone frequently to prevent malicious activity.

To determine if your phone is vulnerable, perform the following steps:

1. Open your device’s browser and navigate to

2. If your device is vulnerable, you will see your IMEI displayed.

3. If you see *#06#, your device is secure and you don’t need to download this app.

Note: Once this app is installed onto your device, the app is hidden and therefore will not appear in the apps tray (no setup required). If you want to remove this app, go to SETTINGS> APPS, select “SafeTelHandler”, then click on the “UNINSTALL” button.

Keywords: USSD, blocker, security hole, prevent wipe, tel code

Recent changes:

Initial Release

Content rating: Everyone


Tiny Flashlight + LED

by Nikolay Ananiev / /
  • Current Version 5.2.4
  • Size 2M


Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, free flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe / Blinking light make Tiny Flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device.

Try the best flashlight on the market!


- No need for a real flashlight

- Insanely bright flashlight

- Bright screen light

- A flashlight, which is always available when you need it.

- Strobe / Blinking, Morse Code, Police Lights plugins

Recent changes:

* Reintroduced Strobe Light, Morse Code, and Color Light inside Tiny Flashlight. Now you can delete the standalone plugins if you have installed them.

* Fixed several bugs

Content rating: Everyone


PrinterShare Mobile Print

by Mobile Dynamix / /
  • Current Version 10.9.1
  • Size 4M


Print directly from your Android device via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB or Internet! Now you can instantly print PDF files, office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), emails, bills, invoices, messages, and more to a printer right next to you or across the world.

*** Some of the features are NOT FREE! To unlock them you'll be prompted to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key.

Print photos and images (JPG, PNG, GIF), emails and attachments (PDF, DOC, XSL, PPT, TXT), contacts, agenda, sms/mms, call log, web pages (HTML) and other digital content from device memory, cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Dropbox and other applications via Share action.

Configure printing options such as paper size, page orientation, number of copies, page range, one- or two-sided printing (duplex mode), print quality (resolution), color or monochrome, input tray and more.

PrinterShare also provides native printing support on Android 4.4+ devices. On these devices you can easily print using Android Printing system (with PrinterShare Print Service Plugin) from the built-in Print menu of Apps that support Android Printing.

With the free version of the app you can:

* Print with certain restrictions on nearby wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth) and direct USB-OTG connected printers;

* Print on Windows shared (SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers;

* Print via Google Cloud Print (including save as PDF);

* Print 20 pages in remote mode over the Internet.

For unlimited printing you need to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key, a separate small application that simply needs to be on the device to unlock Premium Features of the free app. Prior to buying the key we highly recommend printing the test page to ensure compatibility with your printer.

Premium Features:

* Unlimited Nearby direct printing (PDFs, documents, photos and more) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without a computer;

* Unlimited Remote printing. The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buy pages or subscribe.

* No advertisements

PrinterShare supports a wide variety of HP (Officejet, LaserJet, Photosmart, Deskjet and other models including HP Officejet 100 Mobile and HP Officejet H470), Epson (Artisan, WorkForce, Stylus and other series), Canon (PIXMA MP/MX/MG and other series), Brother, Kodak , Samsung, Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI and other printers including legacy networkable. A full list of supported printers available at You can also print to unsupported and legacy printers with our free computer software for Mac and Windows available at

Please note:

1) Requested permissions are needed to print content and are not used to collect your personal data. For a more detailed explanation see our FAQ at

2) Google Cloud Print requires latest version of Chrome browser on your computer or Google Cloud Print capable printer. For more setup instructions please read

3) If something isn't working as expected, please send us an email to

Have a good print!

*** For direct nearby printing to selected printer models PrinterShare downloads and uses drivers provided by HPLIP ( and GutenPrint ( These drivers are distributed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

Recent changes:

bug fixes and improvements

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.02
  • Size 268K


** This application is ONLY a shortcut menu. If your device DOES NOT SUPPORT Mobile AP (Wi-Fi hotspot) and USB tethering, the menu DOES NOT WORK.

Doesn't work with MOTOROLA stock rom. But if you install CyanogenMod on your motorola phone, app will work!

Tested with:

CyanogenMod 7

CyanogenMod 9

CyanogenMod 10

CyanogenMod 10.1

Galaxy 5 - Android 2.2

Galaxy S2 - Android 4.1.2

Galaxy S3 - Android 4.1.2

Galaxy Note 2 - Android 4.1.2

Transformer TF101 - Android 4.0.4

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 2.0.5 (Free)
  • Size 896K


Bored of ordinary battery widgets? All looks the same? Try this ***og one! Measure your battery life and have fun.

★ Do you want to know why this is one of coolest battery widgets on the market? Visit for more info ★

★ App is not working as expected? Visit for troubleshooting ★


- small, medium and large versions with high quality graphics

- battery percent in widget (shows percentage of battery life left)

- battery status in status bar (can be turned off!)

- configurable battery widget color options

- customize look of the widget (colors)

- shows temperature and voltage in status bar

- experimental support for Motorola 1% (one percent) change detection


* To improve your phone's battery you should kill running tasks, adjust screen brightness (volume), turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth and Auto-sync

* Uninstall task killer (to add into ignore list is not enough)

* Please note that very small set of features is donator only.

* Internet access permission is required for crash reports and anonymous usage metrics. Contact me if you need more details.

IMPORTANT: This app is home screen widget. Long press on home screen to install.

If you like this app please rate it!!!

If you miss some feature or see bug please DON'T RATE BAD but send me an email! I'll fix it!

Recent changes:

Please visit to get info about new version.

Content rating: Everyone


Ice Cream Sandwich Clock

by juliojs
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 176K


Enjoy the clock from the new version Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on any Android version.

- HQ graphics, tablet resolution compatible, resizable on Android 3.1+

- Same style as the official clock of the new version of Android.

- Open your default Alarm Manager on click. Supported: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Froyo, Eclair, default, etc.


The design is based on the leaked screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich, it'll be improved after the official release.


TIP: To show the clock, long press on a empty space on your homescreen, then select "Widgets" and search for "Ice Cream Sandwich Clock".

tags: honeycomb clock, ***og clock, android 3.0, android 3.1, ice cream sandwich, ics, nexus, tron, samsung galaxy tab 10.1, motorola xoom, lg g-slate optimus pad, asus eeepad transformer, acer iconia a500 a100, archos 101 70, arnova, epad zt-180

Recent changes:

-First release

Content rating: Everyone


1-click Recovery Flasher

by Alexandre Dumont (Adlx) / /
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 43K


1-click Recovery Flasher


I made this application to make it super easy for n00bs to download and flash an updated custom (or stock) recovery onto their phone with just 1-click!

- When opening the application, it will show an updated list of known recoveries for that phone model.

- Choose a recovery: CWM, Amon_RA, or even Stock Recovery...

- Click on "Flash" and the app will download the recovery for you (to SD card), ask for confirmation and flash it to your phone's recovery partition.

- The phone must obviously be rooted prior to using the app (like you would need to root it to install manually

There are some known issues that I'll fix (maybe), but they don't impact the app functionality:

- the app will simply FC is you don't have network access (needed to download the list of recoveries).

- the app won't check either if there is an SD card inserted

Supported phones for now:

- Motorola MB200: Cliq & Dext

- Motorola MB300: Backflip

- Motorola MB501: CliqXT & Quench

- HTC Glacier: MT4g

- LG GT 540 (you must have installed a custom rom first)

** If your phone is not stated above as supported: Don't download, neither rate 1 star #notfair.

** Unfortunately I can't support all and every phone you people may have, so please dont' send me requests to support your phone model **

Content rating: Everyone

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