Mother Teresa Quotes - Free

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Quotes and pieces of wisdom from the great Mother Teresa.

Now with the ability to share with friends and family. There is also the ability to store and later view favorites.

Recent changes:

* New cleaner, more improved interface.

* Share features: txt, email, and other programs.

* Favorites

* 100's of quotes.

Content rating: High Maturity

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Learn more than 100 Mother Teresa Quotes.

Learn by multiple choice quiz. Match the topic to the inspirational quote.

Also includes flashcards and quote listing.

Send a quote quiz by text message with one touch.

Save a quiz report card to email.

Post quiz score for global ranking.

keywords: Mother Teresa, humanity, unselfish, giving, inspire, inspirational quote, Theresa, catholic, loving

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Mother Box

by AdyCarter
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What does this app do?


What else?

You touch it to go Ping or you can shake it to go Ping. The faster you touch and shake the faster it goes Ping.

Now seriously, what is a Mother Box?

Created by Apokoliptian scientist Himon using the mysterious Element X, they are generally thought to be sentient, miniaturized, portable supercomputers, although their true nature and origins are unknown. They possess wondrous powers and abilities not understood even by their users, the gods of New Genesis. These range from teleportation (they can summon Boom Tubes) to energy manipulation. Mother Boxes have been seen healing the injured, including Darkseid himself, after he was beaten by Doomsday. Metron stated that each Mother Box shares "a mystical rapport with nature". They provide their owner with unconditional love and self-destruct when their owner dies.

To the New Gods, they are common appliances (used much like a PDA on Earth), in as much as a sentient device can be called an "appliance". Other DC characters are given access to them at specific times, when they are in need of aid. Notably, Superman was given one when he went in pursuit of Doomsday, which managed to open boom tubes to take Superman to Apokolips, heal Darkseid (when Superman needed his foe's aid against the Cyborg Superman after he'd taken a serious beating from Doomsday), give Superman a power boost to battle Doomsday in the form of various high-tech weapons such as an ultrasonics gun and a laser sword, used Waverider's gauntlet to send Doomsday to the end of the universe, and healed Superman's injuries (simultaneously restoring his original clothes) at the end of the battle, although this last act drained it of power.

Mother Boxes can only be manufactured by a being born either on New Genesis or Apokolips, and not all of them can do it (at least one on Apokolips failed). This is accomplished through much training. It is implied in the books that the maker's character influenced the successful construction of a Mother Box. This applied to all the Fourth World books created, written, and drawn by comic legend Jack Kirby. Later writers altered the fabrication and capabilities of the Mother Box to include its making and usage to humans and beings from other worlds.

No really, please be sensible?

Okay, basically they're a fictional item in the DC Comics Universe.

Recent changes:

Version 3. Public Test

Content rating: Everyone


Mother Goose

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A collection of Nursery Rhymes that we all know and love. The collection is web based and subject to change so load the app often to view new editions.

Personalized Posters are available for purchase within the app.

Rhymes included:

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Humpty Dumpty

Jack and Jill

Little Bo Peep

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mistress Mary

and more to come...

*Please comment if you experience any issues

IE Small images, slow loading, missing images etc.

Example comment: tiny images on HTC EVO 4G Sprint but love the rhymes ***(3 stars)

Recent changes:

Initial Set: (Oct. 2011)

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Humpty Dumpty

Jack and Jill

Little Bo Peep

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mistress Mary

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Magma Mobile / /
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A burger-serving game is coming now for your best enjoyment in a free version with the Magma Mobileâs touch!

You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customers and make a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas. The more you will play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food !

Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode to cope with a higher difficulty each day of the year!

Work from Monday to Saturday and reach your goal to get more money and new ingredients for the service. Then if you are a great employee, you will even unlock a lot of achievements!

Time is money!

Try also to do your best in the Time Attack Mode to collect a maximum of coins within the time limit!

This time management game will definitely entertain and challenge you and your family!

<font color="blue">Features of Burger:</font>

-Ingredientsâ list : bread, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, cucumber, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, bacon, fish, muffins, ice creams, french fries, potatoes and sodas

-More than 300 levels and 40 achievements for burgerâs maniac

<i>So come play Burger and become the master king of burgers!</i>

Recent changes:

Bug Fix

Content rating: Everyone


The Coupons App

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Unbelievable coupon savings and shopping deals at your favorite stores, restaurants & gas stations - coupons always at your fingertips, everywhere you go!

The Coupons App -Deals features:

* Coupon WIDGET - Real-time coupons and daily deals throughout each day. Shopping has never been easier or more fun when the deals come to you!

* GAS prices - Cheapest gas at local gas stations nearby. Gas pricing updates based on your current location - save money on gas whenever you fill up the car no matter where you are.

* BARCODE scanner - Price comparison shopping tool.

* SHARE Coupon - Text deals & email coupons, Twitter coupons, even coupon sharing onto Facebook!

* VOICE search coupons - Fast, easy and hands-free coupon and product deal searching means it is now even easier to find exactly what you want at the lowest price available.

* SAVE Coupons - Coupon to calendar, one-tap maps navigate you to the nearest venue, phone the nearest location shown in each coupon and much more!

Coupons continuously update throughout each day, it's like a fresh coupon buffet at your fingertips! Place the coupon widget onto your home screen and preview coupons instantly as they become available.

SMS Text coupon & deals - share each deal coupon with any phone. You may even text each coupon to older ***og phones without The Coupons App - Deals installed & on other carriers!

Search coupons and local Groupon daily deals while shopping - Coupon & deal searching even while shopping in the store checkout line.

Redeeming coupons from The Coupons App offers is easy! Simply display coupon on your phone to cashier.

- Christmas Holiday Shopping Sales

Recent changes:

* v10.02 Improvements:

- Personalized coupons shown upon open - all stores/restaurants in your notifications & favorites shown atop screen (in menu->SETTINGS)

- Crash fixes for older phones


* Multiple wireless coupon print with 1 click + queue - also print to PDF online, accessible via any computer.

* Auto-backup & restore

* 30% smaller size

* Sharing with friends is now friendlier

* Removed sound from favorites notifications

* Security improvements

* Unlocked

Content rating: Low Maturity



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Your friends have been abducted by aliens, and it's up to you to save them! Follow the ufo into space, grabbing power-ups and rescuing friends as you go.

This version includes the random Quick Game modes, kids mode, as well as a demo of Adventure and Challenge modes.

Recent changes:

Fixes for larger screens

Improved some graphics

Move to SD enabled

Content rating: Everyone

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* Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market! *

Prenatal Lullabies offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning and enhance brain development of a fetus. Specially designed and highly recommended by obstetricians and researchers, Prenatal Lullabies utilizes leisure music with slow tempo resembling mothers' own heart beats when they are at rest. Mozart's piano sonatas are also included, well recognized as a solid assistant in fetus brain development.

Benefits brought by Prenatal Lullabies:

When listening to music, a mother-to-be is actually sharing a peaceful moment with her unborn baby who is also listening. Prenatal music is good for fetus brain development by promoting right brain functions and stimulating creative cells activity.

A state at relaxation is most suitable for a fetus to grow soundly. Totally relaxing with the music helps a mother-to-be staying at a peaceful mood; it also helps the unborn baby to cultivate an artistic temperament much earlier.

Men can download it for the beloved wife!

Notable features of Prenatal Lullabies:

- 10 fine-selected lullabies in Full Version (5 in Lite Version) that builds your baby's brain, and calms your baby and you with healing melodies

- Time-setting control that allows you to set the time you want the music to be played, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day.

- Elegant User Interface and elaborate descriptions

Recent changes:

- Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market!

- Fully support Android devices with different screen sizes

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Tic Tac Toe Free

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Stop wasting paper! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. Tic Tac Toe Free is the best-selling mobile Tic Tac Toe game of all-time.

"Tic Tac Toe Free remains one of the top free apps on iTunes because you get exactly what you paid for - a classic game of Tic Tac Toe."

-Appolicious Review (5 / 5 bars)

Tic Tac Toe Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can play against another human or against your Android device.

The AI for one player mode includes three difficulty levels, so you can play against a computer player that matches your skill level. A move randomization engine ensures that your device won't keep making the same moves over and over again.

Tic Tac Toe Free offers a host of exciting features, including:

* Great graphics and exciting sound effects

* Configurable player names and score tracking

* Undo function

* Automatic save when you get a phone call or exit the application

Tic Tac Toe Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertising.

Tic Tac Toe is a great way to pass the time, whether you're standing in line or spending time with the kids. Get Tic Tac Toe Free now and let the fun begin!

Recent changes:

* Improved support for high-res smartphone and tablets

* Minor bug fixes

Content rating: Everyone



by Magma Mobile / /
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  • Size 8M


Discover all the words hidden in the grid!

A new classic shows up at Magma Mobile!

On the same principle as crossword puzzles, this game asks you to find a set of words placed in a mixed grid of letters.

You will have the opportunity to choose from two game modes: Challenge (solve series of varying difficulty levels) and Time Attack (find out as many words as possible in a given time).

In addition, this game has a wordsâ base referenced in dictionaries of more than a dozen languages. Several categories of words are also listed including: names, common names, adjectives, verbs...

Features of Words:

- Available in several languages

- Several difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard)

- Several time sessions in Time Attack Mode (1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 min)

- Online dictionary to find an unknown word while remaining in the game

Share your experience and play Words with your family or your friends !

Recent changes:

Bug fix

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.2.2
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Easy & Fast & Handy uninstall tool for android, remove apps by several taps. Clean up storage and free up more spaces.

â  Feature


⢠App remove

⢠Batch uninstall

⢠AntiVirus - Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported)

⢠Battery Usage Tracking

⢠App Usage Tracking

⢠Batch uninstall

⢠Fast uninstall by one click

⢠List all installed apps

⢠Show app name,version,update time,size

⢠Search app by name

⢠Various sort mode

⢠App share

⢠Launch app

⢠Cached app list

⢠Search in Google Market

⢠Support Android 1.6-4.x

⢠Support App2SD

⢠Uninstall History (Recycle Bin)

⢠Uninstall Reminder

â  User Reviews


"Handy App! Every few weeks or so I sweep through my phone and uninstall any apps I don't need anymore. This app makes the process painless and allows you to check boxes for the apps you want to uninstall. Once you select the apps, the uninstall prompts for those apps will show up one by one, making it quicker and easier. My favorite part is how the app will also detect if an app has any unnecessary, left over files afterwards, and ask if you want to delete them." -- by Brandon Egan

"Does what it says. This is a nice and simple app that does exactly what it says, and does it well. It is especially useful for those like me who often install many apps to see what one works best me. Being able to mass remove apps saves a good deal of time." -- by Shawn Koniche

"Perfect! This is the best uninstaller,just right since my application manager always hang..two thumbs up for the developer.thank you so very much.keep up the good work.." -- by genalyn dumagsa

"Best app ive ever used for removing programs it works very quickly the developers did a great job making it. I h8ghoy recommend this app. Good job on the app you guys." -- by Andrew Rodriguez

"App works flawlessly and is so easy to use I think my mother could handle it! This is one app that really lives up to its advertising. This makes it almost too easy to remove an app I don't want to keep, a must for any body's tool box." -- by Dan DeBurger

â  Description


Easy Uninstaller is a tool to uninstall apps for android phones. It is quite easy to use, you can select multiple apps that you want to uninstall, and click "Uninstall Selected Apps" button to uninstall them.

Easy Uninstaller also supports app search & sort. Type keyword in the textbox on the top to search the app that you want to uninstall. Click "Menu"->"Sort" to sort the apps in many sort types.

Long press specified app, a context menu will pop up and provide more options. You can view app details by clicking "Application Details". You can share apps by clicking "Share", and you can search the app in the Google market by clicking "Search in Google Market".

Easy Uninstaller cannot uninstall pre-loaded or pre-installed apps in the system because it is limited by the system mechanism.

â  FAQ


Q: How to uninstall android app?

Check the apps that you want to uninstall, then tap the uninstall button.

Q: Why can't it list pre-loaded apps?

A: Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled, only if your phone is rooted, you can search "root uninstall" in Google market.

Q: Why are some apps not on the list?

A: Try to click "Menu"->"Refresh" to clean the cache and re-load the app list.

Q: Why can't I close the app?

A: The notification bar icon is used for quick start of the app. If you don't want the notification bar icon shown after you exit the app, you can just disable it in the settings. Click "Menu"->"Setting", uncheck the "Notification Bar Icon" checkbox.

Recent changes:


#Uninstall history

#Uninstall reminder

#Change language


#Fix batch uninstall bug


#Hide vendor system apps for sony xperia z

Content rating: Everyone



by Progimax / /
  • Current Version 8.2
  • Size 862K


Realistic shot sound

Engaging graphics

Intuitive interface

With Shotgun Free you'll turn your Android smartphone into a pump action shotgun. To work it, simply "pump" your phone back and forth to load the virtual gun, and then simply swing your phone upward to fire.

Recent changes:

Fix share

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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