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Mother TV

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Mother Box

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What does this app do?


What else?

You touch it to go Ping or you can shake it to go Ping. The faster you touch and shake the faster it goes Ping.

Now seriously, what is a Mother Box?

Created by Apokoliptian scientist Himon using the mysterious Element X, they are generally thought to be sentient, miniaturized, portable supercomputers, although their true nature and origins are unknown. They possess wondrous powers and abilities not understood even by their users, the gods of New Genesis. These range from teleportation (they can summon Boom Tubes) to energy manipulation. Mother Boxes have been seen healing the injured, including Darkseid himself, after he was beaten by Doomsday. Metron stated that each Mother Box shares "a mystical rapport with nature". They provide their owner with unconditional love and self-destruct when their owner dies.

To the New Gods, they are common appliances (used much like a PDA on Earth), in as much as a sentient device can be called an "appliance". Other DC characters are given access to them at specific times, when they are in need of aid. Notably, Superman was given one when he went in pursuit of Doomsday, which managed to open boom tubes to take Superman to Apokolips, heal Darkseid (when Superman needed his foe's aid against the Cyborg Superman after he'd taken a serious beating from Doomsday), give Superman a power boost to battle Doomsday in the form of various high-tech weapons such as an ultrasonics gun and a laser sword, used Waverider's gauntlet to send Doomsday to the end of the universe, and healed Superman's injuries (simultaneously restoring his original clothes) at the end of the battle, although this last act drained it of power.

Mother Boxes can only be manufactured by a being born either on New Genesis or Apokolips, and not all of them can do it (at least one on Apokolips failed). This is accomplished through much training. It is implied in the books that the maker's character influenced the successful construction of a Mother Box. This applied to all the Fourth World books created, written, and drawn by comic legend Jack Kirby. Later writers altered the fabrication and capabilities of the Mother Box to include its making and usage to humans and beings from other worlds.

No really, please be sensible?

Okay, basically they're a fictional item in the DC Comics Universe.

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Version 3. Public Test

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Mother Goose

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A collection of Nursery Rhymes that we all know and love. The collection is web based and subject to change so load the app often to view new editions.

Personalized Posters are available for purchase within the app.

Rhymes included:

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Humpty Dumpty

Jack and Jill

Little Bo Peep

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mistress Mary

and more to come...

*Please comment if you experience any issues

IE Small images, slow loading, missing images etc.

Example comment: tiny images on HTC EVO 4G Sprint but love the rhymes ***(3 stars)

Recent changes:

Initial Set: (Oct. 2011)

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Humpty Dumpty

Jack and Jill

Little Bo Peep

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mistress Mary

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Learn more than 100 Mother Teresa Quotes.

Learn by multiple choice quiz. Match the topic to the inspirational quote.

Also includes flashcards and quote listing.

Send a quote quiz by text message with one touch.

Save a quiz report card to email.

Post quiz score for global ranking.

keywords: Mother Teresa, humanity, unselfish, giving, inspire, inspirational quote, Theresa, catholic, loving

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Mother Teresa Quotes - Free

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Quotes and pieces of wisdom from the great Mother Teresa.

Now with the ability to share with friends and family. There is also the ability to store and later view favorites.

Recent changes:

* New cleaner, more improved interface.

* Share features: txt, email, and other programs.

* Favorites

* 100's of quotes.

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* Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market! *

Prenatal Lullabies offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning and enhance brain development of a fetus. Specially designed and highly recommended by obstetricians and researchers, Prenatal Lullabies utilizes leisure music with slow tempo resembling mothers' own heart beats when they are at rest. Mozart's piano sonatas are also included, well recognized as a solid assistant in fetus brain development.

Benefits brought by Prenatal Lullabies:

When listening to music, a mother-to-be is actually sharing a peaceful moment with her unborn baby who is also listening. Prenatal music is good for fetus brain development by promoting right brain functions and stimulating creative cells activity.

A state at relaxation is most suitable for a fetus to grow soundly. Totally relaxing with the music helps a mother-to-be staying at a peaceful mood; it also helps the unborn baby to cultivate an artistic temperament much earlier.

Men can download it for the beloved wife!

Notable features of Prenatal Lullabies:

- 10 fine-selected lullabies in Full Version (5 in Lite Version) that builds your baby's brain, and calms your baby and you with healing melodies

- Time-setting control that allows you to set the time you want the music to be played, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day.

- Elegant User Interface and elaborate descriptions

Recent changes:

- Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market!

- Fully support Android devices with different screen sizes

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SriLalithaSahasranamam Meaning

by Meenakshi Ramamoorthi / /
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This application helps to under stand the meaning of Sri lalitha sahasranamam

This particular application contains the meaning of the following words.

1) Sree Matha: The Divine Mother. From Whom are born these things. The mother of the Universe

2) Sree Maharajni: The Great Queen. By whom the created beings live

3) SreemathSimhasaneshwari-The Queen Seated on the Lion throne. Lion is both the vehicle and throne of the divine mother

4) Chidagni Kunda Sambootha - Born of the fire of consciousness in the sacrificial altar

5) Deva karya Samudyatha - Born for the divine purpose. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of dharma, Devi comes into being in every age

6)Udyadbanu Sahasrabha - One who shines with the red brilliance of a thousand rising suns. The Divine mother has three forms: Gross, Subtle and Unmanifested supreme form. The gross form has hands, feet etc. The subtle is SYLLABLIC. And th

e supreme form is Unmanifest.

7) Chaturbahusamanvitha - Endowed with fours arms

8) Ragha Swaroopa pasadya - She who has love for all in the form of rope. Devi holds this in Her lower left hand

9) Krodhakarankusojwala - She who glitters and has anger in the form of Anghusa –in one of her right hands. This symbolises her wish to spur Her devotees towards right conduct

10) Mano Rupeshu Kodanda - Having the sugarcane Bow of mind. She is holding the bow made of sugarcane in her upper left hand. The sugarcane bow symbolises SANKALPA (desire) of the mind which creates the phenomenal universe

11)Pancha than mathra sayaka -Having the five subtle senses as her arrows. The five subtle senses (sound, touch,from,taste and smell) represented by the elements space, air,fire,water and earth are Her arrows. She holds them in Her upper right hand

12)Nijaruna prabha poora majjath brahmanda mandala - Engulfing the entire universe with Her crimson effluence. Devis brillance or effluence engulfs the whole universe. This indicates that the entire creation is only her radiance

13)Champakasoka – punnaga-sowgandhika- lasath kacha: One having a lock of hair that is adorned with Chambaka, Askos, Punnaga and Sowgandhi flowers

14)Kuru vinda mani–sreni-kanath kotira manditha-Her Crown is resplendent with the rows of Kuruvinda gems. Kuruvindha gem is a kind of Padmaraga stone. Her crown shines with the rows of these gems. Divine Mother's crown is adorned by Kuruvinda stones and other precious gems

15) Ashtami chandra vibhraja–dhalika sthala shobhitha - Devi's forhead is beautifully shaped and curved like the half moon

16) Muka chandra kalankabha mriganabhi viseshaka - In the forehead which is like the crescent moon, the black Kasturi mark shines in contrast and appears like the black spot in the moon

17)Vadana smara mangalya griha thorana chillaka - Devi's eyebrows are so well shaped and beautiful as the arches that one may erect with great skill in the front entrances of palaces on festive occasions

18)Vakthra lakshmi –parivaha-chalan meenabha lochana - With eyes that are like fishes swimming in the lake of Her beautiful face. Mother nourishes and protects Her devotees by Her mere glance which has the power to bestow all auspiciousness. Hence she is also called Meenakshi

19) Nava champaka –pushpabha-nasa dhanda virajitha - One who shines with nose which is beautiful like the newly blossomed Champaka flower",

20)Thara kanthi thiraskari nasabharana bhasura -She shines with the nose rings which excel the splendour of stars

21)Kadambha manjari kluptha karna poora manohara - She is beautiful being decked with a cluster of Kadamba flowers above the ears

Recent changes:

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Meaning Revealed

This application contains the meaning of first 21 words of Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam

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Descend of Grace

by Sanjay Rajvanshi / /
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Seeds of Light(a new message everyday) for your fields of consciousness are selected from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, to help Descend of Grace to fill your being with Bliss and Delight.

Mother's Symbol:

The central circle represents the Divine Consciousness.

The four petals represent the four powers of the Mother.

The twelve petals represent the twelve powers of the Mother manifested for Her work.


Sri Aurobindo was born in Calcutta on 15 August 1872. At the age of seven he was taken to England for education. There he studied at St. Paul's School, London, and at King's College, Cambridge. Returning to India in 1893, he worked for the next thir*** years in the Princely State of Baroda in the service of the Maharaja and as a professor in Baroda College. During this period he also joined a revolutionary society and took a leading role in secret preparations for an uprising against the British Government in India.

In 1906, soon after the Partition of Bengal, Sri Aurobindo quit his post in Baroda and went to Calcutta, where he soon became one of the leaders of the Nationalist movement. He was the first political leader in India to openly put forward, in his newspaper Bande Mataram, the idea of complete independence for the country. Prosecuted twice for sedition and once for conspiracy, he was released each time for lack of evidence.

Sri Aurobindo had begun the practice of Yoga in 1905 in Baroda. In 1908 he had the first of several fundamental spiritual realisations. In 1910 he withdrew from politics and went to Pondicherry in order to devote himself entirely to his inner spiritual life and work. During his forty years in Pondicherry he evolved a new method of spiritual practice, which he called the Integral Yoga. Its aim is a spiritual realisation that not only liberates man's consciousness but also transforms his nature. In 1926, with the help of his spiritual collaborator, the Mother, he founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Among his many writings are The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga and Savitri. Sri Aurobindo left his body on 5 December 1950.


The Mother was born Mirra Alfassa in Paris on 21 February 1878. A pupil at the Academie Julian, she became an accomplished artist, and also excelled as a pianist and writer. Interested in occultism, she visited Tlemcen, Algeria, in 1905 and l906 to study with the adept Max Theon and his wife. Her primary interest, however, was spiritual development. In Paris she founded a group of spiritual seekers and gave talks to various groups.

In 1914 the Mother voyaged to Pondicherry to meet Sri Aurobindo, whom she at once recognised as the one who for many years had inwardly guided her spiritual development. After a stay of eleven months she was obliged to return to France due to the outbreak of the First World War. A year later she went to Japan for a period of four years.

In April 1920 the Mother rejoined Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry. When the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was formed in November 1926, Sri Aurobindo entrusted its full material and spiritual charge to the Mother. Under her guidance, which continued for nearly fifty years, the Ashram grew into a large, many-faceted spiritual community. In 1952 she established Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, and in 1968 an international township, Auroville. The Mother left her body on l7 November 1973.

Recent changes:

1.Share with friends - sms facility added

2. Few minor bug fixed

3. Added more than 300 new messages

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This Powerful tool lets you hack into your brain.

Please use it with caution!!

To use BrainWave Tuner Advance.

You need to use with stereo headphones or earphones.

Select the preset and listen to them for at lease 30 minutes for effective.

"Brain Wave Tuner Advance" create "Binaural beats" in real-time.

It comes with flexible controls that let you tune up your Brain wave without any limitation!!

The "BWave" control in the App stand for "Brain Wave"

This control lets you adjust the target frequency of BrainWave,

So please use it with caution or leave this control as default if you don't know how to use them.

Example of Current Presets

Relax - This tune makes you feel relaxed.

Sleep Well - This tune, helping in promoting sleep. If you have problems with sleep, this set is for you. Listen to this tune before going to sleep, or listen to it while sleeping.

Concentration - This tune boosts your concentration level. It helps you for better reading, working, learning things, etc.

Schumann resonances - This tune lets you synchronize with Earth's Brain Wave. Become to be a part of Mother Earth.

Deep meditation - This tune helps you go into a deep level of meditation. Let you meditate more easily!!

Alert - This tune improves sense of awareness. Preventing you from drowsy/sleepy.


Do not use "Brain Wave Tuner Advance" while driving.

More presets will be added soon!!

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Geetai Audio Book

by Rajanikant Chandwadkar / /
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This app streams audiobook recording of Acharya Vinoba Bhave's Geetai (Marathi), therefore NO DOWNLOAD of audio files is required.




Acharya Vinoba Bhave rendered Bhagavad-Geeta in Marathi at Mahilashram, Wardha. (7th October 1930 to 6th Feb 1931) He named it as Geetai (Mother Gita). It was in 1915 or thereabout, in Baroda a scholar was giving talks on Gita which Vinoba's mother listened but could not follow. Hence she asked Vinoba to translate Bhagwat Gita. Vinoba says, It was mother's faith in me which prompted me to render Bhagwat Gita in Marathi. The 1st edition of Gitai was published on 14th July 1932, when Vinoba was in Dhule jail.

To listen to this Geetai audiobook offline, you can download the audio files here -

Recent changes:

- Fixed a problem which made the arrow button on Screen 01 look separate than the background image in some handsets. Now, it looks perfectly merged.

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Mantra of Transformation

by Sanjay Rajvanshi / /
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Savitri - The Mantra of Transformation (Daily selected lines from Savitri for you)

Savitri is a Mantra for the transformation of the world. - The Mother

About Savitri : Savitri began as a narrative poem of moderate length based on a legend told in the Mahabharata. Sri Aurobindo considered the story to be originally "one of the many symbolic myths of the Vedic cycle". Bringing out its symbolism and charging it progressively with his own spiritual vision, he turned Savitri into the epic it is today. By the time it was published, some passages had gone through dozens of drafts. Sri Aurobindo explained how he wrote the poem: "I used Savitri as a means of ascension. I began with it on a certain mental level, each time I could reach a higher level I rewrote from that level... In fact Savitri has not been regarded by me as a poem to be written and finished, but as a field of experimentation to see how far poetry could be written from one's own yogic consciousness and how that could be made creative".

Author's note on the poem : The tale of Satyavan and Savitri is recited in the Mahabharata as a story of conjugal love conquering death. But this legend is, as shown by many features of the human tale, one of the many symbolic myths of the Vedic cycle. Satyavan is the soul carrying the divine truth of being within itself but descended into the grip of death and ignorance; Savitri is the Divine Word, daughter of the Sun, goddess of the supreme Truth who comes down and is born to save; Aswapati, the Lord of the Horse, her human father, is the Lord of Tapasya, the concentrated energy of spiritual endeavour that helps us to rise from the mortal to the immortal planes; Dyumatsena, Lord of the Shining Hosts, father of Satyavan, is the Divine Mind here fallen blind, losing its celestial kingdom of vision, and through that loss its kingdom of glory. Still this is not a mere allegory, the characters are not personified qualities, but incarnations or emanations of living and conscious Forces with whom we can enter into concrete touch and they take human bodies in order to help man and show him the way from his mortal state to a divine consciousness and immortal life.

Sri Aurobindo : Sri Aurobindo came upon earth to teach this truth to men. He told them that man is only a transitional being living in a mental consciousness, but with the possibility of acquiring a new consciousness, the Truth-consciousness, and capable of living a life perfectly harmonious, good and beautiful, happy and fully conscious. During the whole of his life upon earth, Sri Aurobindo gave all his time to establish in himself this consciousness he called supramental, and to help those gathered around him to realise it. - The Mother

Background Audio:

Readings of first few lines of Savitri by The Mother:

" IT was the hour before the Gods awake.

Across the path of the divine Event

The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone

In her unlit temple of eternity,

Lay stretched immobile upon Silence' marge.

In the sombre symbol of her eyeless muse

The abysm of the unbodied Infinite;

A fathomless zero occupied the world."

From : Savitri - The Book of Beginnings,Canto One,The Symbol Dawn

About us:

To provide a living platform and a seat of Knowledge at internet for all those Who are the seekers,

Who are in search of true self and Light,

Who are the hunters of pure Delight,

Who want to find the secret of the body and of the matter.

Who want to surpass the ordinary human consciousness ,

Who are aware of imperfections of human life and aspire for a new world,Who want to remove the shackles of ignorance, falsehood and darkness from the earth atmosphere,who are goodwill persons.In short everybody who dreams of light,love and delight.

To bring a piece of sky,rainbow,fresh air andlittle bit of sunshine to everybody.WeIt is our offering at the lotus feet of The Divine Mother,To The World.

To collaborate with nature for accelerating the process of evolution.

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May God bring peace and prosperity to you and your family.

This is a Virtual Temple Mobile Application of Hindu Deities where you can Pooja/Worship for your inner peace and loved ones. It features Virtual Aaarti Puja for Lord Shiva, Shri Ganesha, Jai Hanuman, Shri Krishna & Radha, Shirdi Sai Baba, Shreenathji, Tirupati Balaji, Maa Saraswati, Sherawali Mata Durga and Lord Rama. This application are specially for those who don't have time for daily Aarti at home. Just simply start the application, play Aarti and listen to meditation music in the background, you can also play with virtual Bell and Diya. By listening to this soft and soothing music you will be able to heal your stress and will have peaceful mind.

This app includes a button at the bottom with an image on it by pressing on it you can change the images of Hindu Deities. You can also ON/OFF background music. Worship your deity and feel close to your god.

1. Shivji is one of the trinity of gods in Hinduism, known as the Trimurthi. The three main gods are Vishnu, Brahma and Shivji. These gods represent, respectively, creation, maintenance and destruction. Shivji is also known as Shiva. The "ji" is added to the end of the name to designate respect.

2. Lord Ganesha is a very popular god of Hindus. Hindu tradition states that Ganesha is a god of wisdom, success, knowledge and good luck. Also, intellect and eradicator of obstacles. He is also giver of different types of favours.

3. Hanuman is one of the many deities of the Hindu tradition. He is regarded as the monkey-general of a mythic monkey kingdom, known as Kiskindha. In Hindu tradition, Hanuman is most commonly known for his role in the Ramayana a Sanskrit epic featuring the characters of Rama, Sita, Hanuman, and Laksmana, character of the Ramayana epic.

4. Shri Krishna is the soul of Radha and Radha is definitely the soul of Shri Krishna. The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion. Radha's passion for Krishna symbolizes the soul's intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with God.

5. Shirdi Sai Baba, also known as Sai Baba of Shirdi, was an Indian guru, yogi and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu and Muslim followers as a saint. Some of his Hindu devotees believe that he was an incarnation of Shiva or Dattatreya.

6. Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, arts, of beauty, music and truth symbolized by a beautiful woman with four hands, riding on a white swan among water lilies to tell humanity that science is like a beautiful woman. Her hands hold a palm leaf.

7. The story of ShreeNathji is the amazing history of His worship, travels and lilas. ShreeNathji's manifestation and the subsequent developments were originally revealed by Shri Gokulnathji, the grandson of Shri Mahaprabhuji Vallabhacharya who appeared in India in the year 1479 on exactly the same day that ShreeNathji’s face appeared from hill.

8. Considered one of the most sacred temples in India, the Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Temple is situated in the town of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Also known as the Tirupati Balaji Temple, it has become a focal point of contemporary religion in India, and is dedicated to Sri Venkateswara who is the presiding deity and also known by the name of Lord Balaji, Lord Srinivasa, or Seshadri. He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe.

9. Maa (Mother) Durga symbolizes the power of the Supreme Being that maintains moral order and righteousness in the universe. Worship of the goddess Shakti is very popular among the Hindus. Durga stands for the unified symbol of all divine forces (Shaktis).

Please note free apps may contain ad which may support us to generate more free live wallpapers and applications for you. Thank you.

Recent changes:

Lord Rama has been added to the Temple

Content rating: Everyone

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  • sitten_pretty: @DJO718 smack ur mother if she ain't coming..I thought that was funny

  • 2phresh09kw1: Out n about wit my mother 2day then gotta get da kids at 4

  • hapSTAR: "Why is your name Anjali?" "Um... my mother & father liked the name. Why is your name Anjali?" "Perhaps my mother & father liked you."

  • beckycanning: great, my hairs caught on my headboard, only thing i can reach is my laptop and i'm in pain. somebody please inform my mother clare! #URGENT

  • DovesDeaths: trying to record a youtube video but am just going to say now, Im a bit piss off that mother 1+2 episode 10 got 2 views is not good a enough

  • dbdoestweets: @CharlieChilds was seconds away from punching my girls friends mother in the face just then, people are ***

  • KortneyMaggard: I've never sweated that much sitting in class! *** mother nature

  • AliChes: I need a fairy job mother

  • KioSwaggg: My mother IS proud of me after all. *sniffle*

  • _ArtfulDodger_: I'm burning in hell, along with half of you mother ***ers..

  • grnewsfeed: TheStar: "'Genderless' baby's mother responds to media frenzy" -

  • MinajJ_twah: RT @BarbChanty: @MinajJ_twah lmaoo yo mother do it too, wa'um 2 the jamaicans tho O_O>gworrl they are SO EXTRA

  • kaitycasey: Hot as a mother ***er on this bus


  • rocgirlapee26: Ah hell the mother heard me call him possumboy!

  • purplekelly: @chris_mayo My Mother In Law would be so very jealous. She is a massive David Es*** fan! Hope filming went well! x

  • MalomeNeo: It's funny coz it's impossible! Hahaha RT @YungThulz: Hahahahaha "my mother died wen she gave birth to ma older brother" hahahahaha

  • JillieBeannnn: orrr how about u either stay together or stay the *** away from eachother and stop with the Mother ***in BS! thanks fags :)

  • notAmberRose: @BeautyBill *is tackled, blinks, curls in a ball* No being rough with Amberrrr. Mother nature is a *** to her. -_-