Advanced Task Manager

  • Current Version 2.1.5
  • Size 2M


Works on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 with latest system update (OTA update build LMY48I) !!

Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, save battery life, 1 tap boost your phone.

■ Feature


• Kill selected tasks

• RAM Cleaner

• CPU lagging monitor (Remind user if CPU lagged by some apps)

• App or game killer

• AntiVirus - Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported)

• Android optimizer

• Ignore apps when kill tasks

• Auto kill tasks on every screen off

• Regular kill

• Startup Kill

• One click task kill widget

• Quick uninstaller

• Show battery life

• Support all android version

• Kill GPS: Kill apps to stop GPS

• Memory Booster, RAM Booster

• Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner

• Permission manager addon for Android 4.3 (App Ops)

• Holo style

■ Description


The Advanced Task Manager can list all the running tasks on your phone and it can help you stop any of the tasks easily and quickly. It is also a task management tool which can manage all the installed apps on your phone.

The task management mechanism of android system has been changed after the release of the version 2.2 of the android system. Task killers cannot kill the services and notifications on your phone.

By use of the Advanced Task Manager, you can thoroughly stop tasks in the following steps:

1) long press the task that you want to stop

2) chose the “force stop” option

3) press the the “force stop” button on the application info system panel

If you want to manage running services, click menu->service, then it will open the system service panel where you can stop running services.

**Please note that installing other task manager or task killer tools may make your phone unstable or cause potential conflict.**



Q: Why do apps restart again after killing?

A: Some apps are restarted by system events. Apps cannot be prevented from restarting because of system limitation. We suggest you to enable auto kill in settings, and it will kill tasks on every screen off. It will help to save battery life and release memory for the phone.

Q: How can I add apps to the ignore list?

A: You can long press the task that you want to ignore, and then you will get a poped up context menu, click "Ignore". The ignored apps will not be shown in the task list, and will never be killed. You can manage the ignored apps in settings.

Q: How can I manage startup apps?

There is "Startup Kill" in settings. It can help you to kill tasks when system starts up.

■ Trademark


The Android robot is modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Recent changes:


#Add permission manager addon


#Multi-window support

#Change language


#improve loading speed


#Fix promotion code bug.

Content rating: Everyone


File Manager

by Topnet999 / /
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 134K


Manage files on the SD card.

users: If you have problems updating, please read the section "NOTICE" below!

File Manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, copy, move, and delete files. It also acts as an extension to other applications to display "Open" and "Save" dialogs.


NOTICE TO CYANOGENMOD USERS or derived ROMs: If you see this error "package file was not signed correctly", then you are using a custom build of CyanogenMod or similar that ships a version of OI File Manager with wrong signature. Please write to CyanogenMod to fix this issue. To delete the wrong version do the following:

Alternatively, you can also uninstall with Titanium Backup, reboot, then install the update.


release: 1.2

date: 2011-11-10

- add tool box:"task manager" "app uninstaller" "wallpaper slideshow"

- bug fixes


release: 1.0

date: 2011-08-02

- fix bug that prevented sending attachments through menu "Send"


date: 2011-07-28

- new menu item for multiselect: copy, move or delete multiple files at once.

- case insensitive sort order (issue 334).

- handle projections in the provider (issue 324).

- drop "mimetype" from provider path.

- delete files and folders in background (issue 294).


date: 2011-06-05

- new application icon for Android 2.0 or higher.

- exclude/include directories from media scan (activate this feature in advanced settings).

- allow app installation on external storage (requires Android 2.2 or higher)

- fix browser file upload (issue 288)

- support Android 2.3.

- translations into various languages.

- bug fixes (issue 308, 318).


Recent changes:

release: 1.2

date: 2011-11-10

- add tool box:"task manager" "app uninstaller" "wallpaper slideshow"

- bug fixes

Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version ASTRO_2.5-426-std
  • Size 3M


<b>ASTRO Cloud & File Manager is a no cost, ad supported file explorer with over 110 million downloads worldwide! </b>

Use ASTRO to install mods and maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) for Android.

Android Pit - ASTRO "is considerably easier than the ES File Explorer and is set up much faster,"

Organize, view, and retrieve all of your pictures, music, videos, & documents; built-in app backup & task killer; manage all your files regardless of where they are stored (in a cloud or on another device such as):

* Phone

* Tablet

* Clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Box & SkyDrive)

* PC, Mac, Linux (via networking)

Click here to ask to join our Beta Test Google + Group:

If you have any problems downloading or using ASTRO, please email us at before rating. We will do our best to resolve your issue.

Ever try to find a file but can't remember where you put it? ASTRO has the most robust technology to search phones or search for files in the mobile world, giving you the ability to do anything from broad searches across all locations mentioned above for types of content (pics, music, videos, etc.) to very specific file searches based on file name, size, location, etc. And, with ASTRO's unique "CLOUD HOPPING (TM)", you can move files from one cloud to another in a single copy or move/paste - without having to download them first before sending to your destination cloud!

What are some of the benefits to ASTRO’s new file Indexing functionality:

- After your first search, results are almost instantaneous across all indexed locations (mobile device, clouds, networked locations)

- If you are offline, you can still search for files that have been indexed.

- Eliminates redundant network calls in ASTRO, making some file search operations faster.

- Better file search, file browsing experience in areas with spotty or slow network coverage.

ASTRO File & Cloud Manager FREE gives you the ability to kill tasks or processes that burn battery life (Task Killer Tool) and easily backup apps (App Backup Tool) in case you lose or change phones.

Quick Start Guide, FAQ's and Documentation:

ASTRO supports 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Portuguese.

Recent changes:


- Support for x86 devices

- updated to new Box API

4.4-543 - fixed several small bugs on several different platforms


- Improved memory usage

- Improved Skydrive support


- Indexed Searches. Search are now automatically indexed which greatly decreases search times for clouds and networks. Read more about how indexing works in the Description.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Autorun Manager

by MobiWIA - AndRS Studio / /
  • Current Version 2.2
  • Size 442K


Do you want to have control over automatically starting applications?

Autorun Manager (formerly Autorun Killer) is an ultimate tool that lets you <b>disable all the autostarting apps you don't need</b>. Unfortunately this app is misunderstood many times so please read help carefully and/or mail the developer if you have questions.

There are many applications that automatically start when you turn on your device; many of these you don't use or need, they just consume your valuable resources. This app sports a basic mode for the regular users and an advanced mode for power users with rooted devices.

Autorun Manager in <b>basic mode</b> lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device. Applications are terminated right after they start, but if the application is programmed to restart itself this can fail. Please note that some applications are written so that they cannot be stopped because of the android system design. These kind of applications are marked as 'self-restarter' and are better to be left enabled.

In <b>advanced mode</b> you gain control over all the system-wide events and enable-disable application starts. This is the ultimate solution to control what you want to be started, but you also can break apps, so this feature is <b>only for experienced users with rooted devices</b>.

<a href="">PRO key app</a> is available on the market!

Donators and PRO users receive <b>additional features</b>:

- no ads

- basic mode's prevent restart feature is selectable

- can block more than 10 receivers in advanced mode

- Chuck Norris mode enabled

- application freezing

If you have questions or face any problems please write me a mail.

-- MobiWIA - a cooperation with EclipSim --

Recent changes:


-disable all bugfix (PRO), sorry for the mistake


-fix: duplicates when filtering receivers

-way better root handling

-4.4 compatibility


-updated libs


-improved offline donator mode handling

-more apps discovered

-more info dialog shows install and update dates

-some dialog fixes

-updated libraries


-better PRO license handling

-better receiver info

-added force reload preference

-added sorting option

-lots of fixes

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 3.2.3
  • Size 6M


This is a powerful system utility for Android, more than 20 utility !!

You can install the software to replace the well-known software, such as: the EXPLORER ROOT, Titanium Backup, Task Manager, and APP Lock, the Schedule, ..., etc.

• You can download the user manual (PDF file) in our website.

• If you like it, you can buy the donation edition from Android Market now.(see "View more applications" below).

File Explorer: a transitional File Explorer with file operation.

File Explorer(ROOT): it is also a ROOT Explorer if you rooted your device first. Integrated with FTP, SMB, CIFS, File Encrypt(Paid only)

Task Manager: View the process memory usage and memory clean up

Auto Memory Clean Up: Free the unnecessary process to enhance the performance. You can do it manually, screen off and memory gap (When the free memory size is low than the value you set)

APK Manager: A powerful APK utility, you can remove, view, backup installed APK, APK Mover, APK Freeze ,Default Clear,

Startup Manager: Manage the APK running on system boot-up

APP Protector: Lock your customize apps with your password

Super Launcher: Device Information, Quick Launch, Switcher, Shortcut, Tethering Switch,Power Current Logger, Mobile Internet Switch

Super Launcher(ROOT):Screen Capture, Quick Reboot

Auto Schedule: the intelligent and integrate features for "sleep switch" software.

Screen Tool:"Screen Adjuster","Screen RGB Test","Night Reading Mode"

Signal Booster: refresh the connection between phone and cellar station to improve the signal strength.


File Manager Task Manager Auto Task Killer APK Protector Root Explorer Quick Reboot Encrypt Decrypt Startup Manager Freeze Call Guard Schedule Timer Sleep Switch Screen Adjuster RGB Test Night Reading Signal Booster

Recent changes:

v3.2.3 2014-DEC-19

Modify: fix the crash on some Android L devices

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 4.9
  • Size 2M


Startup Manager aims at helping disable/enable startup items from system boot for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list (recheck to restore and it will start again). For other item that do not start with system boot, please use “Customize” to add and enable it to start with system boot.

Supported languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian.

User tab shows all the user applications that have restart function. You can uncheck them all to enhance system startup speed. Long tap an app name will give you access to enable/disable, read application info about, uninstall the app and search the app in Android Market.

System tab shows all the system processes that start with system boot. Some processes may not be necessary to start due to our using habits and preferences. Please uncheck these processes only if you know well about the effects of disabling them.

If you want to add a new item that does not start with device boot, Customize is the best choice.

Besides features above, from Startup Manager Menu - settings you can also select if you want to calculate system startup time and disable system boot sound.

Note: For android 2.2 and higher OS non-rooted devices, some processes will restart themselves right after being disabled.

Product Features:

- Master of Android system's startup entry management

- Intelligently ***yze and monitor all system startup entries (include user applications and system processes) in the background

- Safely disable any undesired application or process from auto-startup at device boot

- One click to view detailed properties for each startup entry

- Disabled startup entries are stored for future restoration

- Add your favorite applications (including 3rd party user apps or system apps) to system startup

Recent changes:

- Fix Startup Time not correct issue

- Improve UI

- Other bug fixes

v4.7 upgrades:

- Optimize UI

- Fix bugs reported by users

v4.6 upgrades:

- Fix issue: "could not disable some apps" on rooted devices

- Keep Youtube from being disabled for security reason

- Add Indonesian support (Many thanks to Andre SG Samosir)

- Minor UI enhancements

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.4.0
  • Size 975K


SystemPanel Lite integrates a task manager, system monitor, and detailed device information.

No ads.

Full version ($2.99) adds app manager (installer/uninstaller with multi-version APK archival), and long-term application resource monitor to solve app-related battery life problems.

See website for more info screenshots.

-- Frequently Asked Questions --

Why does CPU #2 appear "grayed out" on my dual-core device?

- A grayed out second CPU indicator indicates the second core is asleep to save battery. This is generally a good thing, it will turn back on when needed.

Why does it require the ______ permission?

- SystemPanel does require a fair number of permissions in order to be able to perform all of its duties. This product DOES NOT send ANY information from your device over the Internet to ANYONE. It requires the "Internet access" and "telephony/read phone state" permissions only to monitor and display the device's network connectivity state. A full description of why each permission is required can be found in the SystemPanel FAQ on our web site.

Does SystemPanel Lite consume battery?

- SystemPanel Lite does not run in the background in any capacity. The full version includes an optional "monitoring service" which uses about one minute of CPU time per day to record the CPU usage of other applications (though it is disabled by default). This feature is not found in the Lite version though.

Does SystemPanel automatically kill tasks in the background?

- No, SystemPanel is not an automatic task killer. It has been well-established (by the Android documentation and direct communication with the Android engineers) that randomly or periodically terminating arbitrary tasks in the interest of saving memory will NOT yield a benefit in performance or battery life. The only benefit you will see from an automatic task killer is if it happens to terminate misbehaving apps. The full version of SystemPanel provides a better solution to this problem by showing you which apps are consuming CPU in the background (over time) with the "System Monitor" feature. It is then recommended that such applications be reconfigured or uninstalled (or perhaps corrected by filing a bug with the offending application's author).

A much more extensive FAQ is available on our web site.

Please visit our web site at for more information, including a complete screenshot tour of the product.

Recent changes:

This release restores the major functionality of SystemPanel for 5.1.1/6.0 devices. It works around undocumented design changes in Android 5.1.1 and Android 6.0 which deliberately removed the ability to query information about running applications on a device. See for additional information on the issue.

Content rating: Everyone


Apk Manager

by Magma Mobile Apps / /
  • Current Version 1.0.5
  • Size 22K


Apk manager is a lightweiht free apk installer and uninstaller.

Simple ui, no ads, no third party and sdcard support.

With this tool you can manage your apps easily and quickly.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 2.62
  • Size 2M


Android version of the desktop file manager Total Commander (

Main features:

- Copy, Move whole subdirs

- Drag & Drop (long press on file icon, move icon)

- Inplace rename, create directories

- Delete (no recycle bin)

- Zip and unzip, unrar

- Properties dialog, change permissions

- Built-in text editor

- Search function (also for text)

- Select/unselect groups of files

- Select by tapping on file icons

- Select range: Long tap+release on icon

- List of installed Apps (built-in plugin)

- FTP and SFTP client (plugin)

- WebDAV (Web folders) (plugin)

- LAN access (plugin)

- Plugins for cloud services: Google Drive, Microsoft Live, Dropbox

- Root support for the main functions (optional)

- Send files via Bluetooth (OBEX)

- Thumbnails for pictures

- Two panels side by side, or virtual two panel mode

- Bookmarks

- Directory history

- Media player which can stream directly from LAN, WebDAV and cloud plugins

- Configurable button bar for changing directories, internal commands, launching apps, and sending shell commands

- Simple help function in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech

- Optimizations for visually impaired, like text for icons

- Supported languages of the main program: English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

- Public translation via

About the new permission "SuperUser":

This permission is now requested to make Total Commander work better on rooted devices. It tells the SuperUser app that Total Commander suports root functions. It has no effect if your device is not rooted. Root functions allow Total Commander to write to system folders like /system or /data. You will be warned before anything is written if the partition is write protected.

You can find some more information here:

Recent changes:


- Bugfixes


- Android 5: write to external SD-Card without root

- New material design icons on Android 5 (configurable, also on older versions)

- Larger default space between icons and file names (configurable)

- Option to hide status bar also on phones with Android 4 or newer

- Show all user buttons in grayscale when using new button style

- Load JPG thumbnails from EXIF data (faster)

- Create new folder in "Save as" dialog

- Media Player notification:Small "x" button to close

Content rating: Everyone


Memory Manager

by JRummy Apps Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 2M


Memory Manager is more than just a task manager, it improves Android's built in task killer. This app will <b>improve performance and save precious battery life! </b>

This app requires root access for some features to work. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Memory Manager comes with a built in minfree tweaker and task manager. Minfree refers to the minimum free memory value, e.g. the threshold of free RAM below which idle tasks are killed. Tweaking these values can <b>save you precious memory.</b> There are multiple presets you can select to customize minfree to improve performance.

Memory Manager also has a Task Manager which will show you your current running apps and list them by process type, importance & oom group. There is also a built in <b>floating task manager</b> so you can have a task manager everywhere you go.

Other features you will find are a startup killer (<b>kill apps that start on boot</b>), kill all processes (autokiller optimizer), ignore list & the ability to kill apps with root. Some features are only available after a small in-app purchase.

This app, along with many more features, is also available in <a href="">ROM Toolbox Pro</a>.

Recent changes:

- UI improvements

- Fixed in-app purchase issues

Content rating: Everyone


File Manager

by Pixatel / /
  • Current Version 1.2.00
  • Size 448K


This ultimate File Manager app for both phones and tablets offers the ability to execute all your essential file management tasks without the overhead of other file managers. This lightweight application offers the ability to:

- Explore Folders and Browse Files

- Copy and Paste Files

- Move and Delete Files

- Backup Applications

- Launch Applications

Enjoy and let us know how we can improve!

Content rating: Everyone


Home Manager

by carp / /
  • Current Version 1.9.4
  • Size 140K


- switch / uninstall / kill home

- see if the home is running / default

- clear / set default home

- see memory use(android 2.1+)

- multi-language

- auto kill

- move to sd card

- create shortcut to switch home

Let me know if you have trouble or idea.

Report FCs, so that I can know what happen.

Recent changes:


- Fix bug in 1.9.3


- Change default setting such that only one item in the ongoing.

Content rating: Everyone

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  • theycallmeDC: Sooo I'm about to start interviewing for Managers for my Bar. I need an Executive Chef/BOH Manager and FOH Manager... Please RT

  • BiebersStuff: I just took ""Don't you like it when we're alone?" He said pinning me up a..." and got: Part 32:" Baby?"! Try it: