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  • Akira Kurosawa | Ningin, Ningin Blog - Ningin is a community for anything Asian around the world. Entertainment, Celebrities, Movies, Music, TV, News, Politics. Be part of the community and express yourself!

  • LikeTelevision Blog: Akira Kurosawa' Birthday, LikeTelevision Blog. Friday, March 23, 2007. Akira Kurosawa' Birthday. On March 23, 1910 legendary Japanese film Akira Kurosawa was born. In case you have never been fortunate enough to have seen a Kurosawa movie, by all means - fix that. There's many good movies to choose from

  • Movie Moxie: Akira Kurosawa blog-a-thon, If you love Kurosawa, you might want to check out the FilmSquish site for the Akira Kurosawa blog-a-thon, which runs November 15-22/07. Numerous entries are already linked and ready for reading! I'll be posting my contributions here from Nov 19-22/07. Posted by Shannon the Movie Moxie at 1:52 PM

  • RAN - a review by Roger Ebert by Akira Kurosawa on Myspace, Read RAN - a review by Roger Ebert by Akira Kurosawa on Myspace. Social entertainment powered by the passions of fans. Akira Kurosawa's Blog. Sign up Get the latest news and updates from Akira Kurosawa. Follow

  • Chasing Light " Blog Archive " Akira Kurosawa | Group, Kurosawa said he studied the master as often as he could, meaning John Ford. Kurosawa's compositions imbue his stories with such power and

  • Observations on film art : Kurosawa's early spring, ( For more on this matter, see my blog entry on Shimizu.) On Kurosawa, however, my feelings are mixed. I still find most of his official classics Future blog entries may talk more of this complicated filmmaker, but

  • Movie Masterworks " Blog Archive " Stray Dog by Akira, Critique: Stray Dog (1949), Kurosawa's ninth film, is generally considered his first all of Kurosawa's films, actually (except perhaps for The Most Beautiful, which I never quite enjoyed). Sorry about rambling on for so long. I didn't intend to take over your blog. Leave a

  • Akira Kurosawa Centennial at the PFA | CAAM Home, Home " Blog " Events " Akira Kurosawa Centennial at the PFA A master by any measure, Kurosawa exploited the epic possibilities of the big screen while remaining grounded in a fundamental humanism

  • Hommage To Akira Kurosawa | Fest21.com, fest21.com Hommage To Akira Kurosawa. On any poll where the greatest directors who ever lived is compiled, the name of Japansese director Akira Kurosawa is certain to show up in the top three slots. More loved outside of Akira Kurosawa Film Forum japanese film FESTIVALS. FilmNewYork's blog. FilmNewYork's

  • Q- " Kurosawa, blog.q- Blog. Kurosawa. by Roy on December 8, 2005 19:55. For lunch today, my group at work went to Kurosawa is named after Akira Kurosawa and the restaurant is fashioned after one of the houses in his film "Akahige". Akahige is

  • Interview with the Online Producers of Final Fantasy 14, Sage, From Finalfantasy14players: During Day 2 of the New York Comic Con, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Sage Sundi (Global Online Producer at Square Enix) and Yasu Kurosawa (North American Online Producer at Square Enix). We went through a

  • Get The Big Picture - Movie Reviews | Film News | Celebrity, A Movie Blog Magazine featuring best of movies, reviews, cast news and movie news on the best new 2010 movies, and official movie trailers and posters. Exclusive celebrities, actors, directors, and Oscars highlights. Today would have been the 100th birthday of Akira Kurosawa

  • KLue - Blog: Tag - akira kurosawa, .my KLue is your Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley guide. Find out about the latest events, hottest venues and the latest happenings in KL. Covering entertainment, nightlife, food, music, the arts - KLue keeps you on the city's pulse!

  • Youngblood on Film: Kurosawa Centennial at the Belcourt | The, Nashville historic Belcourt Theatre continues to impress with astute scheduling choices. Consider last Sunday's rare screening of Jean Eustache's 3 1/2 hour The Mother and the Whore, Tarr Bela's nearly 8 hour Satantango screening from a few years

  • Directors We Love: Akira Kurosawa - The Moviefone Blog, Akira Kurosawa's Ran (1985) is currently playing in a new 35mm print, making the rounds of the nation's top art house screens this summer, in conjunction

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  • blog-article - Akira Kurosawa News Archives, Ben Nuckols at "The Ill-Informed Gadfly" has responded textually to Kurosawa's The Bad Sleep Well. For the blog article, see here. News archived by date. 2011: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. 2010: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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  • Kurosawa festival at Film Forum | NEW YORK – TOKYO, newyork- © J*** Films NEW YORK - TOKYO is pleased to announce the 4-week, 29-film festival celebrating the centennial of director Akira Kurosawa at Film Forum

  • The Worse You Are, the Better You Sleep: Kurosawa at Film, The Worse You Are, the Better You Sleep: Kurosawa at Film Forum Kurosawa's works escape cliché because they are as sincere as they are heated, fevered valentines to the outer edges

  • General Discussion - Akira Kurosawa Discussion, Forum theme: General Discussion. Listed below are topics included in the forum "General ending film club forum high and low ikiru introduction japan japanese literature kagemusha Kurosawa list madadayo Movies music

  • Kurosawa's 'Tokyo Sonata' gets Jury Prize at Cannes Film, Kurosawa's 'Tokyo Sonata' gets Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival: Monday May 26, 2008 Japan

  • Seven Samurai -- Kurosawa - Objectivism Online Forum, In this Kurosawa classic, a village plagued by bandits decides to hire samurai mercenaries. Samurai look down on villagers; most would rather go hu

  • Interesting places for a Kurosawa fan - japan- forum, japan- Japan Question Forum: Interesting places for a Kurosawa fan. Hisao Kurosawa, the son of Akira and the directer of Kurosawa Foundation, gave up the construction of main memorial museum

  • THIR*** Forum " Akira Kurosawa, thir***.org THIR*** Forum " Akira Kurosawa. 50 Years with Akira Kurosawa: An Evening with Teruyo Nogami

  • The Mixed Bag of 100-Years-Young Akira Kurosawa, at Film, Akira Kurosawa was a cultural Commodore Perry. His 1950 Rashômon opened the West to Japanese movies. From there, he became one of the giants of '50s art-house importing, mentionable only with Bergman and Fellini. The Mixed Bag of 100-Years-Young Akira Kurosawa, at Film Forum

  • Kurosawa packing them in at Film Forum - Joe's View, There was a long line of people waiting to see Akira Kurosawa's 1958 classic "The Hidden Fortress" at the Film Forum in Manhattan Saturday night. Kurosawa was heavily influenced by American cinema and he in turn inspired American

  • Kurosawa's Dodes Ka Den - Home Theater Forum Community, My apologies for the spelling of the name I get confused on this one Amazon is now recommending a purchase to me of Kurosawa's Dodes ka den on DVD. I was

  • Kurosawa festival at Film Forum concludes with Ran starring, When Akira Kurosawa cast the young actor Tatsuya Nakadai in his 1961 film Yojimbo, he directed him to play the villain Unosuke with the fascination of a serpe

  • Film Forum's tribute to Akira Kurosawa - , The Film Forum's exhaustive salute to Akira Kurosawa on the 100th anniversary of his birth ends with a bang: a two-week run (starting today) of the spectacular "Ran" (1985), in which the director

  • Asuka Kurosawa Forum :: Topic List, tvrage.com information @ TVRage.com: Biography, Picture, TV Appearances, Trivia, Quotes, News and more Asuka Kurosawa => Forum Index. Currently No Topics In This Forum. Api Center. Websites. Applications. Phones. Visit API Website. Whether you are a programmer wanting TV program information so that you can put it onto

  • RE: AKIRA KUROSAWA, I just get the feeling that some people on this forum are mistaking Kurosawa's greatness for the greatness they see reflected in other directors' work - partly because of Kurosawa's influence and those other Directors' own individual talents. I go back to comparing Kurosawa to David Lean

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  • ScribeHard: @tcm RODAN dir Ishiro Honda was asst dir on 5 Kurosawa films, including 1985's RAN (where he was credited Inoshiro Honda) #GreatMentor

  • Citizenrandall: Retro Review: Rashomon -Kurosawa's skillful direction may anchor it, but it's Mifune's performance that adds the special touch. Grade: A

  • Meimi132: Ahhhh so the Princess switcheroo of Phantom Menace is taken from Kurosawa's...? Oooo totes just saw Darth helmet LOL

  • ShelfLifeCC: #godzilla Kurosawa wanted to make a Godzilla movie but Toho deemed the idea too expensive

  • MPcherkowsky: @GCDB @ShelfLifeCC Chris nolan + Neil Marshall = Kurosawa + Honda

  • gcdb: QT/Kurosawa to Rodriguez/Honda ? Ok I see what you mean. #godzilla

  • ShelfLifeCC: I wouldn't! Maybe QT/Rodriguez..? “@gcdb: How would you compare Kurosawa to Honda using filmmakers from today? @ShelfLifeCC #godzilla

  • gcdb: How would you compare Kurosawa to Honda using filmmakers from today? @ShelfLifeCC #godzilla

  • tittsworth: "where's tom cruise at?" 13 assassins > the last samurai. #kurosawa

  • Hanarelle: Like Kurosawa I make mad films, kay I don't make films, but if I did they'd have a samurai. #RadioMemories

  • The_Starman: I just gave my friend a lecture, linking Tarantino to Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa, and how he probably took influence from them both. XD

  • NoelCT: @Populusque Ikiru is great, but I prefer I Live in Fear, a dark counterpoint on the same themes Kurosawa made a few years later.

  • vendazero: @SlyJuana I didnt go to cinema only the shop and got some dvds - RAN/Kurosawa/old english docus + a western.Gary Cooper/thePlainsman.

  • MendoKhan: Wish List.- High & Low - Akira Kurosawa

  • PopulusQue: @samjuro you're a Kurosawa fan, clearly. What are your thoughts on Ikiru? I was ambivalent 1st time 2 years ago, so watching it again now.

  • intrigostore: Check out our New Arrivals: More than 44 new products from Napapijri, Aeronautica Militare, Takeshi Kurosawa and more - http://intrigo.co.uk

  • jbizzarrd: upon review, Kurosawa's Ikiru contains one of the most well defined example of the archetype proto-MPDG (manic pixie dream girl)

  • clam4dotcom: Free *** Video: Caribbeancom A College Student Is *** Ami Kurosawa Wmv New 0000

  • oldtriangles: @OliJBA KUROSAWA WAS THE GUY HE WAS TALKING ABOUT see i dunno about films cos i'm not from the past #zing

  • OliJBA: That's Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Rashomon) compared to Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Visitor Q). Makes sense.