Japan Trains

by Extremeambient / bside.extremeambient.net /
  • Current Version 3.3a
  • Size 1024K


Japan Trains is the first application for Android in Romaji that allows us to find train routes and schedules in Japan, in the vein of: Hyperdia, Jorudan...

If you cannot find desired station, you can use % character as wildcard. For example: AZA%BAN will display AZABU-JUBAN station. SHIN%KOBE will display SHIN-KOBE...

Important: Hyperdia has changed stations names, so it is necessary to upgrade. No support will be given unless you upgrade the application to the latest version.

Recent changes:

- New database.

Content rating: Low Maturity


GettingThere Japanese - 1

by SJC Linguistics / twitter.com /
  • Current Version 2.2
  • Size 2M


Vocabulary apps are great, but all the vocabulary in the world will do you no good in Japanese if you don't know how to use it. Get on your feet and out there!

If you are interested in developing more content on top of this technology, please contact me via email<3

Recent changes:

Unlocked, as language should be. Lesson 2 can now be downloaded for free from the market, because at the end of the day everyone should have good software for something as cool as language. If you think more lessons would be awesome, contribute to feeding the developer by buying GettingThere Deluxe<3

Content rating: High Maturity


Japanese 8 Colors

by KUGO / kugoweb.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 3M


This is the plugin app for Calendar in Status Bar.

Shows the Japanese date icons and you can customize their color.

**This doesn't work alone. Use this with Calendar in Status Bar.

Recent changes:


-Made the status bar icons brighter on OS4.0 devices.

Content rating: Everyone


Japanese Hiragana Handwriting

by TeachersParadise.com / www.teachersparadise.com /
  • Current Version 10
  • Size 9M


Teaching Japanese handwriting for students of all ages! Whether a beginner or an expert, our Finger Tracing™ Apps help teach Japanese Hiragana characters.

With arrows or without arrows to help you learn at your own pace, students will learn the proper way to write the Hiragana alphabet.

★ Does not test for accuracy

★ Free Ad-supported version

★ Language/Speech and Sounds: Japanese

★ Age Level: 1+

★ Title: Japanese Alphabet Hiragana Handwriting For Kids

★ Copyright 2011 TeachersParadise.com, Inc.

Recent changes:

20140713 - Bug Fixes and New Tablets support

20130919 - Bug Fixes, Updated order, New UI, Tablet support

20120406 - Updated Sounds, Bug fixes, App2SD

Content rating: Everyone


JED - Japanese Dictionary

by Attila Korompai / www.umibouzu.com /
  • Current Version 0.5.5
  • Size 795K


The development of this app has been on hold for a while,

if JED is not working for you, please try an alternative:

IMI - Japanese Dictionary


WWWJDIC for Android

Kabuto Japanese Dictionary

Makimono Japanese Dictionary

Japanese plus

Cooori JED

Akebi Japanese Dictionary


JED is an offline Japanese Dictionary.


- If your app stopped working, please try to delete the jed folder on your sd card and re-install the app from scratch.

- The server is under heavy load, download might get slow.

Please be patient and retry.

- The app works offline once the dictionary files are downloaded, BUT sends ***ytics data (Google) if wifi is available!

- User data ( tags! ) gets deleted when updated!

Current features:

- Works offline

- Search and view results as you type!

- Multiple dictionaries ( English-Japanese, French-Japanese, Spanish-Japanese )

- Search in readings (romaji), meanings (english) and japanese (kanji, hiragana and katakana)

- Search results can contain words, expressions, kanji (both onyomi and kunyomi) and inflected form for adjectives and verbs.

- Filters results based on content type (meaning, reading, character type, parts of speech, common words, common kanji)

- Radicals lookup

- tags (vocabulary list) with possibility to search and export to Google Docs and Anki.

- Animated Stroke Order Diagrams for kanji

- Copy-Paste for most of the field and a notepad to gather information

- Move to SD card (above 2.2)


- Electronic Dictionaries Research Groups

- KanjiVG

- Tatoeba

- KanjiCafe

keywords: japanese offline dictionary, 英和辞典, learn japanese, study tool, learn kanji

Recent changes:

- Fix for missing dictionaries during installation.

- Fix for FC during install cancellation

Note: If these were not a problem for you, you can skip this update.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Hiragana - Learn Japanese

by Legendarya / Imaginactiva / learnexperiment.org /
  • Current Version 1.2.3
  • Size 968K


Learn japanese hiragana in a few hours without effort, with three types of exercises: drawing the hiragana with your finger on the screen, choosing the right hiragana for each syllable and writing the correct syllable for each hiragana.

Try to do different exercises, changing from one to another if you get stuck, and once resolved, repeat those with mistakes until you finish them flawless.You will see how fast you can learn japanese!

You can continue practising to write japanese words in hiragana & katakana with: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.legendarya.learnexperiment.japanese1

Recent changes:

-Corrected the hiragana "mo" and "ya", and replaced the "ki" and "sa" with the handwritten versions

Content rating: Everyone


Japanese for Smart Keyboard

by Dexilog, LLC / www.dexilog.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 2M


Dictionary to be used only with "Smart Keyboard Pro" app (version 3.5.0 at least is required)

Don't try to open it after installation, you just need to change the language in Smart Keyboard Pro to use this dictionary.

Language: 日本語

Content rating: Everyone


Aedict Japanese Dictionary

by Martin Vysny / www.baka.sk /
  • Current Version 2.9.4
  • Size 841K


An english-japanese dictionary which uses Jim Breen's EDICT data. Does not require japanese keyboard. Internet access is used only to download the dictionary - the application itself works offline. Features: radical search, kanjipad, kanji ***ysis, SKIP search, optionally shows romaji instead of hiragana/katakana

Developing Aedict is not free. Please consider purchasing an improved version of Aedict (with new GUI, supporting new dictionary formats) for $5 (one beer). Do not worry though: I will keep Aedict 2.9 available forever.

Keywords: english french german dutch japanese dictionary kanji hiragana katakana learning tool offline Jim Breen JMDict Edict enamdic JMNEDict kanjipad jnlp

Recent changes:

- Added support for updating dictionaries to newer versions.

- Add an red X button on the word search field to clean the field.

- Added Joyo/JLPT N1/2500 most common newspaper kanji quizes.

- Force portrait mode in Show stroke order & Kanjipad view.

- Added support for radical ***ysis.

- Added support for Tatoeba.

- Fixed search bugs

- Include radical and its number into Kanji detail view.

Content rating: Everyone


Japanese Katakana Handwriting

by TeachersParadise.com / www.teachersparadise.com /
  • Current Version 10
  • Size 7M


Teaching Japanese handwriting for students of all ages! Whether a beginner or an expert, our Finger Tracing™ Apps help teach Japanese Katakana characters.

With arrows or without arrows to help you learn at your own pace, students will learn the proper way to write the Katakana alphabet.

★ Does not test for accuracy

★ Free Ad-supported version (Permissions required are for Ad system)

★ Language/Speech and Sounds: Japanese

★ Age Level: 1+

★ Title: Japanese Alphabet Hiragana Handwriting For Kids

★ Copyright 2011 TeachersParadise.com, Inc.

Recent changes:

20140731 - Tablet Support, Update character order, misc bug fixes

20120406 - Added landscape layout.

Bug fix.


Content rating: Everyone


Japanese Radio Japanese Radios

by iHues Media Ltd. / www.ihues.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 964K


Japanese Radios app. Japanese is a language spoken by over 120 million people in Japan and in Japanese immigrant communities. It is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family, which has a number of proposed relationships with other languages, none of which has gained wide acceptance among historical linguists (see Classification of Japonic).

Japanese is an agglutinative language and a mora-timed language. It has a relatively small sound inventory, and a lexically significant pitch-accent system. It is distinguished by a complex system of honorifics reflecting the nature of Japanese society, with verb forms and particular vocabulary to indicate the relative status of the speaker, the listener, and persons mentioned in conversation. Japanese vowels are pure.

The Japanese language is written with a combination of three scripts: Chinese characters called kanji (漢字?), and two syllabic (or moraic) scripts made of modified Chinese characters, hiragana (ひらがな or 平仮名?) and katakana (カタカナ or 片仮名?). The Latin script, rōmaji (ローマ字?), is also often used in modern Japanese, especially for company names and logos, advertising, romanization of Japanese characters, and when entering Japanese text into a computer. Arabic numerals are generally used for numbers, but traditional Sino-Japanese numerals are also commonplace (see Japanese numerals).

Content rating: Everyone


Japanese Name Converter

by Nolan Lawson / nolanlawson.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 822K


Converts any name from English into Japanese characters. Learn to write and pronounce your name in katakana, or even create a good approximation in kanji! Works best on common American first names.

Features: combine different kanji to change the meaning, save your favorites, share via Twitter, email, SMS, etc.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.12
  • Size 128K


*** We have updated the app to solve the problem mentioned in comments. Anyone that had a problem with downloading lessons should please update the app and the issue will be automatically solved. Also, after downloading the lessons (which you need to do only once) they will be permanently stored on your phone and can use the app offline. ***

LangLearner Lessons allows people from every level to learn the most important things for getting by in the Japanese language (japonés, japonês, japones, japonais, Japanisch,日本, 日本語, 일본어, японский), Japan travel, reading anime, and learning japanese characters.

Our multimedia flashcards and phrasebook allow you to see and hear each word and phrase that you are learning and include pictures, text, and correct audio pronunciation. Learn how to read and how to talk. Repeat and review the lessons and individual words as much as you want until you've fully mastered the material. Take language classes on the go with LangLearner your phonetic tutor!

Good for all learning levels and education backgrounds including adults, children, beginners, and advanced. Our lessons are perfect for kids learning a second language, people preparing for a trip, introductory courses, seminars, class supplements, and general education.

Our flash card lessons are prepared in different modules and subject matter and can be used in kindergarten, elementary school, home schooling, college, university, and adult language courses. Our modules intuitive teach you new language skills and allow you to master verbs and grammar rules in context and via immersion. As a result, this modern language theory method of teaching provides accelerated course study and introductory foreign language curriculum.

Our lessons are also structured to work with any learning style (auditory / listening / phonics, visual, and experimental).

Increase your vocabulary using our cards with 32 lists of new words using our state of the art picture dictionary and thesaurus. So easy to use that even a baby can even learn a new language. Soon you will be speaking like a native and be able to communicate, talk, and translate like a professional! We worked hard to make learning a new language as easy as learning your first numbers and letters of the alphabet! 123 ABC!

Download our study guide now and soon you'll be ready to put your Japanese knowledge into practice during your first trip to Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Kobe, or Fukuoka! And be prepared to speak with Godzilla or your favorite anime character!

Already have a language app or a dictionary from berlitz, babbel, codegent, busuu, yoshihiro, brak, naver, holfeld, nubee, or human japanese? Then try this free application from LangLearner. We're positive you won't regret the download!

No internet connection is required after download, so you can study on the go!

Ads-free version! 6 lessons (20MB of content).


Recent changes:


Fixed the issue that prevented customer from downloading lessons

Content rating: Everyone

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