DroidPod Shuffle Silver

by Perdeas / perdeas.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 86K


DroidPod shuffle is a media/music control widget that looks like an Ipod shuffle. There are 5 different colors you can download but you can only install 1 color at a time.

Playlist and song selection is control by the default media app.

v1.1 slightly smaller widget(2x2) to better fit the desktop.

10 days trial.

Content rating: High Maturity


Doulci Activator

by Mundo android / form.jotformpro.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


DoulCi es la única solución real de derivación iCloud que funciona en cualquier dispositivo iOS.

Actualmente todos los modelos de iPhone, iPad y iPod son el apoyo

Herramienta DoulCi es compatible con todos los iOS 7, iOS 7.1 y iOS firmwares 8 beta!

Esto no es una herramienta de interfaz de usuario, pero estos archivos le permite ejecutar su propio servidor de derivación iCloud.

¿Por qué elegir doulCi Unlocker?

Obtener doulCi desbloqueador ahora y pasar por alto tu iPhone o iPad realmente fácil.

Funciona en cualquier iPhone o iPad con todos los firmwares

Es 100% efectivo y funcional

Instal los archivos del servidor y conectar su iDevice para desbloquear!

Content rating: Everyone



by Tiny Piece Co., Ltd / www.fotolr.com /
  • Current Version 1.0.0
  • Size 8M


Fotolr gives the iPhone/ipod touch users a photo and voice sharing community where you could make a lot of friends.

Do you want to make new friends? You can always open Fotolr to make friends with anybody near you when you are at home, school, company or on your trip.

When you take a photo, you could show and share them, and make your friends like and forward them.

When you say something, you could share the voice to make everyone hear you.

Just join the Fotolr community to share your photos and voices and make friends with more than 5 million users.

Have a good time with your cell phone!


1. Free SMS.

2 Photo sharing. Lots of classic and fashion photo effects will make your photos special.

3 Voice sharing. What you have said and sung will be shared to anybody you want.

4 Map. You can use the map to find the nearest user to you. You could make friends with them.

5 Share to other SNS. This feature also allows you to share the photos to Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Content rating: High Maturity


4 Football Fans

by Tom Axool / www.mobilaplikacia.sk /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 24M



We have prepared an application for iPhone and iPod with all the right noises to encourage your team.

Just click on the button and you have a sound of vuvuzela, trumpet, drums, clapping, football rattle, trumpet, horn, whistle, police siren, siren, ship klaxon and encouraging fans.



Pripravili sme aplikáciu so všetkými zvukmi na správne povzbudzovanie Vášho tímu.

Stačí kliknúť na príslušné tlačítko a máte vuvuzelu, trúbku, potlesk, bubon, rapkáč, píšťalku, roh, policajnú sirénu, sirénu, trúbenie auta, nákladnej lode a povzbudzovanie fanúšikov.

Na zvýšenie hlasitosti iPhone stačí pripojiť prenosné reproduktory.

Content rating: Low Maturity


DroidPod Shuffle Green

by Perdeas / perdeas.com /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 101K


DroidPod shuffle is a media/music control widget that looks like an Ipod shuffle. There are 5 different colors you can download but you can only install 1 color at a time.

Playlist and song selection is control by the default media app.

v1.1 slightly smaller widget(2x2) to better fit the desktop.

10 days trial.

Content rating: High Maturity


Phone Fix

by appyli / www.appyli.com /
  • Current Version 3.0
  • Size 45K


Welcome to Phonefix. Based in St Helens, we offer a full range of services for mobile phones. Broken your phone? need one unlocking? or do you need an mobile accessory? Let us help.

-Mobile Phone Repairs.

-Water / Liquid Damage Repairs.

-IPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5.

-Mobile Phone Unlocking.

-IPod Repairs.

-IPad Repairs



-Mobile Phone De-Branding.

-Mobile Phone Accessories.




-Mains Chargers.

-Car Chargers.

-Sim Cards.


-Bluetooth Headsets.

-Hands Free Car Kits.



Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 2.20
  • Size 3M


★ Over 25 million users worldwide and counting

★ Named "Top Developer" by Google.

★ Featured in the book "Amazing Android Apps for Dummies"

★ Top communication/social app for years

★ Completely FREE. No hidden fee or ads.

Instantly speak to or text one or many friends at once with the touch of a button. No setup needed, just have them in your address book or as Facebook friends. Fast and simple - TiKL turns your phone into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkie with instant messenger capability.

★ Quick one-on-one/group voice push-to-talk calls.

★ Lightning fast chat with delivery confirmation.

★ Uses data connection only. No voice minutes or SMS used for TiKL calls or chats.

★ Works across carriers and Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

★ Connects on WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE and GPRS.

★ Create widgets by long pressing any blank space on your home screen.

★ What if their device is off? No worries. TiKL automatically delivers your messages the moment it is turned on.

We are on Facebook and Twitter:




To ensure that you do not miss any incoming TiKL calls or chats, please launch the app at least once after installing/upgrading it.

If things don't work after updating, please uninstall and reinstall.

Recent changes:


★ Fixed crash on some phone models


★ Shows which contacts have the app


★ Support chat with new TiKL on iPhone


★ Added option to use the volume-up button to PTT. Enable it in menu Settings.


★ Send and receive unlimited free picture, video and voice chat messages, delivered super fast!

★ Create home screen widgets for individual TiKL favorite or TiKL chat.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Vakcolor Digitaal BV / www.vakcolor.nl /
  • Current Version 1.2.4
  • Size 366K


Altijd je (trouw)album bij de hand, om aan je vrienden en familie te laten zien!

Met de App “FotoBoek” kun je overal waar je maar wilt, je album laten zien op je iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad of Android.

Om je album in de App te downloaden vul je de albumcode in, die je van je fotograaf ontvangen hebt.

Content rating: Everyone


Barnacle Wifi Tether

by szym.net / szym.net /
  • Current Version 0.6.7 (evo)
  • Size 130K


Turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc HotSpot

Share your 3G with Windows, Mac/iPod/iPad, Linux, Xbox

Requires __ROOT__ access

Barnacle is unlimited, free and open source. If you like it, please donate by getting Barnacle Widget!

See website for FAQ, supported hardware, troubleshooting.

Recent changes:

See the blog for details of each update.

0.6.7: routing fix for HTC phones (Evo, see blog for Aria, Liberty)

0.6.6: immediate stop fixed for Milestone and other phones

0.6.5: getcwd error fixed, 3G <-> 4G switching with simple restart (clear the LAN setting)

0.6.4: FC fixes, auto-restart after WifiManager interferes

0.6.3: widget (w/ donation), wpa_supplicant, WEP, fixes to "run not found"

0.6.2: new client actions

0.6.1: auto associate, port forwarding, local mode

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.41
  • Size 2M


This application is an advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.

KMusicLink features a simple, fast and intutive interface.

In addition, there is a function for Car Audio. if User has Car Audio(BLAUPUNKT Product) that supported this application, User can use easily the music in Phone without any controls.

It look like ipod/iphone function in car audio for Andorid OS devices.

Recent changes:

1.Modify App Name(Germany: Music Player)

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.41
  • Size 2M


This application is an advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.

KMusicLink features a simple, fast and intutive interface.

In addition, there is a function for Car Audio. if User has Car Audio(BLAUPUNKT Product) that supported this application, User can use easily the music in Phone without any controls.

It look like ipod/iphone function in car audio for Andorid OS devices.

Recent changes:

1.Modify App Name(Germany: Music Player)

Content rating: Low Maturity


Polarity Checker

by DWA ICT Solutions / www.dwa-ict.com /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 2M


For a good working Sound System it is essential that all loudspeakers are wired correctly.

With this app you can check the "polarity" of a speaker, whether it first moves forwards or backwards (often mistakenly named "phase", which is also time and frequency related).

A loudspeaker should have the same polarity as it's "friend on the other side" when measured at the same position/distance. This also counts for multiple speakers which should be doing the same (a cluster of multiple subwoofers for instance).

Important notes:

- Red is NOT bad!! A lot of filter-designs that drive loudspeakers have out of polarity components (so for instance the high frequency speaker CAN be opposite polarity to the low frequency speaker).

- Try to measure as close to the speaker as possible (and away from bass-ports).

- dBFS means "Decibels relative to full scale". So 0dBFS is the maximum soundpressure your device is capable of handling without distorting (clipping).

- Using a different pulse signal CAN give opposite readings, due to loudspeaker filter designs. Use the same pulse when comparing!

Polarity Checker can be useful for testing almost all sound sources. Like large scale concert PA systems, home theater systems, studio monitors, car audio en even headphones..


For playing the pulse signal you have 3 options:

- Use a wire to connect your phone/tablet to the Sound System.

- Use 2 phones/tablets (one wired for pulse generation and one without wires for measuring).

- Copy the pulse files (which can be found in sd-card/PolarityChecker) to a playback medium (cd/iPod) that is able to repeat single tracks.

- When the polarity-reverse button "Ø" is pressed (red), the pulse generator plays a negative pulse. So the measurement should give opposite readings! (equal to playing an INVERTED_pul******.mp3 file)


- Avoid CLIPPING the microphone, this could corrupt the measurement.

- Adjust the threshold, so the checker doesn't get triggered by background noise.

- Try to measure one speaker at a time. If possible mute all other sound sources.

When measuring "passive filtered" speaker cabinets (for instance when you've got one amplifier driving your low and high speaker at the same time), it can be useful to select a frequency dependent pulse to isolate the speaker you want to measure.

If you like this app, please comment and rate. If you've got any questions, bugs or feature requests, please visit the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PolarityChecker


- RECORD_AUDIO: To use the mic input of the device

- STORAGE: Needed to copy the pulse files to the sdcard

- FULL INTERNET ACCESS: Needed for Ads (not used when donation key is purchased)

- VIEW NETWORK STATE: Needed for Ads (not used when donation key is purchased)

Search tags: popper, pop, plopper, sine, inwards, outwards, cancellation, stereo, positive, negative, reverse

Recent changes:

- Added: Move to SD support

Content rating: Everyone

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