by XlntBrain / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 2M


This is a fully integrated companion app to the XLNTbrain Sport concussion management program. All data is seamlessly interfaced with the online concussion management program. No need to email reports to a separate system.

Using this app you can:

- Use the XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool to assess a potentially injured athlete for concussion related signs and symptoms.

- Complete documentation of time, date, sport, position and injury.

- Documents observed and reported symptoms.

- Assesses word memory, orientation.

- Objective XLNTbrain Balance Testing using the smartphone accelerometer technology.

- Yellow alerts for the presence of concussion related symptoms.

- Red alerts for potentially serious injuries.

- Optional Medical Professional features including Glasgow Coma Scale and Cranial Nerve Assessment.

- Email alerts to parents and designated medical professionals that a potential concussion has been reported.

- Report immediately available on the dashboard.

- Use the smartphone accelerometer based XLNTbrain Balance Test independently to establish baseline balance, and track post injury balance impairment.

- Injured athletes can document their concussion related symptoms using the XLNTbrain Daily Symptom Checklist.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by AU GeeKs / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 3M


Wanna leave your farm for a few days? Wanna stop irrigation on a rainy day?

Control your irrigation system remotely using this app. (No internet connection required)

Water is the elixir of life. Nobody knows this better than a farmer. Save water and control your irrigation system in the palm of your hand like never before.

With this app you can:

Switch ON/OFF your motor from anywhere in the world ( SMS charges apply ).

Displays current status of your irrigation system.

Reports the amount of water irrigated for the duration the motor was kept on.

Logs the data in your phone for later reviewing.

Logs the complete data in a Web DB periodically.(Data charges apply)

Sends an e-mail with the comprehensive irrigation log of your crop.(Data charges apply)

Pre-requisites for your irrigation system:

Provision for switching ON/OFF motor using relay.

A GSM modem for sending SMS interfaced to the irrigation system.

Content rating: Everyone



by Raphael Jolly / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 594K


Mathematical editor - Android notepad sample, interfaced to the Scala Algebra System (ScAS)

Computations with symbols as well as numbers : BigIntegers, Rationals, Polynomials, Rational functions, Complex numbers

Supported operations: + - * / ^integer

Functions: div, mod, factorial, factor, real, imag, conjugate

Comparison operators: = <> <= < >= >

Boolean operators: & | ^ ! =>

Constants: pi

Interaction through "Evaluate" action on selected text:

(a+b)^2/(a^2-b^2) "Evaluate"



graph(f(x), x) "Evaluate"


Algebraic functions

Elementary functions

Trigonometric & hyperbolic functions

Derivatives & Integrals

Polynomial factorization

Vectors & Matrices

Geometric algebra

Boolean algebra

Recent changes:

+ can import from the web

Content rating: Everyone


Smiley Pops

by Boolba Labs NZ / /
  • Current Version 1.9
  • Size 6M


Another hit from the makers of the greatest casual games on the market: "Toss It", "Link It" and "Paper Jet"!

Swap 3 side by side smileys to get 3 in a row.

Smileys will laugh, wink, cry and entertain you along the way.

Enjoy the superb state of the art animation, sounds and music. Share your score on Facebook and Twitter.

Search for "Smiley Pops" to get Ad Free version.


"The art style really is the game's strong point, with each of the brilliantly expressive bubbles gurning at you in their own way. There are the angry reds, the bored blues, and the bemused pinks, to name just a few...Smiley Pops does take a slightly different approach to match-three. It stacks the balls rather more realistically than most, so each ball sits wedged in between the two below. This means that when you make a match, the balls spill and tumble into place at funny angles." -

"A quality game that has been well thought-out and implemented. A definite keeper for those situations where you want to pass the time with a challenge!" -

Recent changes:

- bug fix

- Smiley Pops 2 Released!

Content rating: Low Maturity


USB Reverse Tethering

by jasongong
  • Current Version 1.23
  • Size 2M


Connect your android to Internet using PC side network connection via a USB cable. Support both windows and linux (ubuntu)! Your phone has to be rooted for this app!!!

You phone need to have "sqlit3" installed the app to work as well.


Very important, please email to developer if you had

problem!! and Please see the youtube video first.

Don't leave comments like "my internal browser works but

opera doesn't"! it is mostly likely because of your proxy setting and has nothing to do with this app!!!

Just connect your android phone to computer via a USB cable.

With this app and some simple setup steps, the PC side Internet will be shared by your android phone.

This is also known as reverse tether (tethering) or USB reverse tethering.

Again this app requires ROOTED phone.


reverse tether, reverse tethering, usb, internet, windows,

liunx, ubuntu, network

Recent changes:

1.23 fix the bug of crashing

1.22 solve the bug of quitting the app

1.21 solve the bug of stopping tethering error

1.20 this version should solve most of the "kernel not

supported" problem found in different devices. Please try it out.

Content rating: Everyone


Fastmag Mobile Sales

by Fastmag / /
  • Current Version 1.03
  • Size 2M


Fastmag Mobile Sales est l'application mobile permettant d’effectuer des ventes directement depuis votre smartphone. Cette application est interfacée avec le logiciel Fastmag Boutique. Les ventes effectuées avec Fastmag Mobile Sales sont immédiatement communiquées au logiciel Fastmag Boutique.

La vente accompagnée

Avec Fastmag Mobile Sales, accompagnez vos clients tout au long de leur acte d’achat. En un instant, le vendeur validera la commande de son client soit par reconnaissance vocale ou par scan des codes-barres via la caméra de votre smartphone.

Plus de mobilité

Rendez vos vendeurs “nomades” en multipliant leur présence sur la surface de vente. Fastmag Mobile Sales vous permet d'interagir avec vos clients sur l'ensemble de leurs parcours.

Moins d’attente

En augmentant la disponibilité de vos vendeurs, vous réduirez le trafic en caisse. Lors des pics d’affluence (soldes…), favorisez une diminution des files d’attente en caisse pour améliorer le confort de vos clients ainsi que l’expérience en magasin.

Recent changes:

Correction du lecteur de codes barres pour les étiquettes contenant des caractères #

Content rating: Low Maturity

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