I Cried


Dark Cry

by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets / www.kaufcom.ch /
  • Current Version 1.3
  • Size 2M


A ghost sound will play when a voice/noise is too loud, on movement or on touch.

âââ Features âââ

â High quality sounds

â Nice graphics

â Highly ergonomic

â 3 different activation methods

â All configurable

â Many different sounds

â etc.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Far Cry 4 Countdown

by Glitch'd Studios
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 3M




With the highly anticipated release of the First Person Shooter, Far Cry 4, coming up, this application can tell you when it's time to play. The application shows screenshots and concept art from the game.

Content rating: Medium Maturity


I am patriot

by XCODIUM / www.xcodium.com /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 23M


Are you really a patriot of your country? Now you can confirm that with "I AM A PATRIOT" application.

You have access to 18 countries. Choose your country and you'll see your national flag. Also you'll listen to your county anthem. Now everybody can see that you are really proud of your country! You are the real patriot!

Supported countries:












Russian Federation







Content rating: Everyone


How to Fake Cry

by Classic Books / learn-it-now.org /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


This app will show you how to fake cry using 5 different strategies. Whether you need this skill for acting class or for whatever reason, the ability to fake cry can be a valuable tool for you. You'll learn how to fake cry using a variety of different techniques.

This app requires internet access, which opens your smart phone browser to a website that contains information on how to fake cry.

fake crying

fake cry

Content rating: Everyone



by Sheado.net / sheado.net /
  • Current Version 1.1.3
  • Size 14M


Furdiburb is a lovable alien virtual pet you can grow to love. Keep this creature happy by feeding him well and cleaning away his giant turds! Explore the beautiful environment and discover magical items and mystical characters.

Please be patient with him. He can take days to hatch. Weeks to grow up.


* All your data will be lost if you un-install the game. Please use the backup/restore feature if it is available on your device.

App permissions explained:

Internet Access - For connecting to the Internet.

View Network State - For checking your network connection before connecting to the Internet.

Storage Access - For letting you save screen-caps of your Furdi to your SD card.

Market Billing Service - For letting you buy more Golden Poops.

Vibrate Control - bzzz.. for vibrate feedback when interacting with Furdiâs environment. You can turn this off with Menu->Settings.

Discover Accounts â This allows us to get a list of the accounts available on your Android device. This is used when you backup and restore your game to and from the cloud.

Use Credentials â We use your account credentials to store your backed-up game to the cloud and only allow you access to your save game.

Brief Description: A virtual pet adventure game for all ages. Like a tamagotchi but with lots more adventure!

Search Keywords: alien virtual pet, adopt a pet, adventure game, pet game, virtuelles Haustier, ãã¼ãã£ã«ããã, mascota virtual, èæå® ç©, виÑÑÑалÑного пиÑомÑа, สัà¸à¸§à¹à¹à¸¥à¸µà¹à¸¢à¸à¹à¸ªà¸¡à¸·à¸­à¸, ê°ì ì ì ë물, games for girls, games for boys, games for all ages

Furdiburb® by Sheado.net


Recent changes:


Bug fixes and improvements

* Thanks for reporting them bugs!

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 3M


STAPç´°èã§å¤§äººæ°ã®ãã®ç¾äººå¥³æ§ç ç©¶å¡ãæããã¼ããã«ãã¡ã³ã¿ã¸ã¼



ãããªãã¨ã¯ã©ãã§ããããã ãï¼ï¼ï¼

ä¸ãã¦è½ã¨ãã¨ããæ¥æ¬äººãªãã§ã¯ã®ç¹æ§ã§è¿½ãè©°ãã¬ããã女æ§ç ç©¶å¡ã

ããæµ·å¤ã§å®é¨ãã¦æ¥æ¬ã«å©çããããããªããã°ãããï¼ã¨ãã声ãå¤æ°ã ããããã¦å¥³æ§ç ç©¶å¡ã®æ¥å¸¸ãæããã¹ãã¼ãªã¼ãæ°ä½ãããããï¼

ããºã«ï¼ãã©ã´ã³ï¼ã¢ã³ã¹ã¿ã¼ï¼ãªã³ã©ã¤ã³ã²ã¼ã ï¼ã©ã¤ã³ï¼ã¢ã¹ã«ï¼è³ãèãããªã人ï¼å·æ³£è­°å¡ï¼


ç§ãã¡éçºãã¼ã ã¯å°ä¿æ¹æ°ãå¿æ´ãã¦ãã¾ãã

ä¸è¬ã®ã²ã¼ã ã²ã¼ã ããã²ã¼ã ã«é£½ããç人ã素人éã«éãè¶å¤§äººæ°ã²ã¼ã ä½é¨ï¼ã¨ã¯ã¹ããªã¨ã³ã¹ç¬ï¼ãæ¯éã楽ãã¿ãã ããã

â»ã¨ã­è¦ç´ ã¯ããã¾ãããç´ é¡ãã»ã¯ã·ã¼ãªã®ã§ææ¢ãã¦ãã ããã

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.2.2a
  • Size 703K


Everywhere Clipboard extends Android clipboard function and brings real desktop clipboard experience to you on mobile phone. Imagine a clipboard panel that you can quickly locate, copy, paste, and delete from clipboard history without leaving your current window.

Unlike other clipboard apps found in Android Market, Everywhere Clipboard quick panel can be used anywhere in any window instantly and can be hidden at any time too and that makes it superior than any other existing solution. It also reads txt file for copy and paste action too!

If you are a heavy email or note taking user, you will find Everywhere Clipboard increase your productivity to next level. Thanks to its desktop like clipboard solution.


â Instant on, always available clipboard panel

â Manage content to copy from files/folders

â Built in note editor for quick file creation

â Easy to use folder management (Pro only)

â Supports both clipboard history based or file based copy

â Save up to 20 clipboard history

â More to come.............


â WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required for saving clip data to sdcard

â ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Required for mobile ads

â RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Required to start on boot

â READ_PHONE_STATE: Required for mobile ads

Recent changes:



(1) Add support to non standard screen dimension

(2) FC on start



(1) ICS start on boot support



(1)Crash on SD card removal

(1)Crash if default folder is deleted


(1) Option for toast notification on copy

(2) Confirmation on Clear all clipboard history



(1) Incorrect popup location when trigger side is set to left

(2) Removed a trailing linefeed when copy from txt

(3) Fixed Pause button trigger area wider than displayed.

Content rating: Everyone


Elemental Wars

by Starwind Games / www.starwind-games.com /
  • Current Version 1.6.1
  • Size 25M


Welcome to the Elemental Wars. It is fantasy tactical game, with some RPG elements (character, spells learning). Beautiful graphics and atmospheric music will guide you deep into the world of Toleanor... Ancient land surrounded by the Sea of Tentacles...

For a thousand of years this land was torn by a War of all against all. Magic against magic, steel against steel... The Land cried in agony... Until The Forgotten One from the Outer Realm came to establish the orderâ¦

Five Mage Guilds of five elements were created. Magic towers have been built to reach the sky and five Arch Mages ruled the land by the name of Forgotten One. And there was peace for another thousand years...

But time passed by and their desire for power finally lead the Arch Mages to betrayal. A Great Spell was cast to banish the Forgotten One back to the Outer Realm and five Seals of Elements were created to lock the ancient portal...

A new age of darkness is coming... and here our story beginsâ¦

Choose your character and your Element! Stand against other mages and prove that you are the true ruler of Toleanor!

Game will require learning, each battle is a challenge of minds. You should think at every turn, don't expect easy walk gameplay.

AI is strong, but you also can test your skills against other players online! Invite your friends for match!

= Press on Elemental Wars =

AppAdvice.com - "Elemental Wars looks great and draws from well loved fantasy role-playing game concepts."

iPadAppServer.com - "If you are fond of battles, fantasy and role-playing games, then Elemental Wars is definitely for you. This iPad game brings together all of these components."

= Game Highlights =

â Epic Story

â Single Player Campaign

â Online Battles

â Unique Gameplay

â Easy to learn, but hard to master magical system

â Online Top-100 Leaderboard

â High quality graphics and special effects

â You will draw spells right on your phone screen

â Smart phones and tablets support

â Free demo version available

â Was featured on many mobile platforms

â Version 1.6 brings lots of improvements

â And more to come in 1.7

Game supports screens from 400x240, but some phones with 320x240 will work as well (HTC Wildfire is not supported).

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with game. Remember that we are not able to answer in comments, if you need help, please use support e-mail.

Recent changes:

Improved graphics

Improved spell recognition

Removed support of Android prior to 2.0

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Lullaby for babies

by DesenvDroid
  • Current Version 1.7
  • Size 3M


Your baby cries a lot? Can you put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel. Choose the music and the time and put your child to sleep, a beautiful song That will really calm your baby.

Lullabies are sung by mothers around the world for Their children fall asleep.

â You can choose the music.

â You can choose the time.

â Great quality of the sound

â Absolutely Relaxing!

â The best relaxing sound!

The lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung to young children before They go to sleep, with the intention of speeding That process.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 3.4.0
  • Size 2M


⢠Choose from millions of popular stories written by both amateur and published authors

⢠Search both popular genres and unique themes to find any story you can imagine

⢠Follow stories as they are written and receive updates when new chapters are uploaded.

⢠Connect with the authors and other readers. Leave comments on stories and discuss the newest plot twists!

⢠Organize your library and share what youâre reading with friends and family.

⢠Create your own stories and share them with the supportive Wattpad community. Get instant feedback on your ideas.

other features:

⢠download stories to the app so you can read offline

⢠stay connected to your stories with a newsfeed of updates, comments, and recommendations.

⢠sync all your stories between your phone, tablet, and computer

⢠cast celebrities as characters in your stories

⢠private messaging

⢠Android Wear

- popular cast celebrities: Lucy Hale, Harry Styles, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev

- well known authors to connect with: Margaret Atwood, Paulo Coelho, RL Stine

- trending fan fiction: Anime, Supernatural, Twilight, One Direction, SNSD, Harry Potter

- the classics: Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo & Juliet, Pride & Prejudice, and much more

Recent changes:


â Notification centre: get notified for new followers, when someone votes or comments on your story, replies to comments and more

â Quote sharing: Share story quotes to your favourite image sharing network

â Message users you're not following from inbox

â Much faster library loading

â Navigate easily between inline comments

â Bug fixes


â Brand new reading experience

â Share your reading lists

â Bug fixes

Content rating: Low Maturity


MLG Soundboard

by crackedcd12 / www.youtube.com /
  • Current Version 1.8
  • Size 11M




"I swer on me mum" This is the best montage parody soundboard available! ign 9/10 its the next best cawl of duty!

This app is purely made by a fan! it contains many hilarious and funny sounds from various Montage Parodies! If you would like a sound imported send me an email and then if it is MLG enough it will be in a future update!


I am a college student I may not have all the time to update the app but I will definitely try when i have time!

If you know how to use android studio I would be more than happy to collaborate with you [Send Me an email]


Recent changes:

[Put a better placed link to download the new app]



MLG Soundboard Dewritos edition

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Sound to children sleep

by DesenvDroid
  • Current Version 1.3
  • Size 5M


A beautiful sound to the parents put their babies to sleep is a sound that calms and relaxes babies.

Your baby cries a lot or delayed sleep? You can put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel. A beautiful song that will really calm your baby.

Lullabies are sung by mothers around the world for their children fall asleep.

â Great quality of the sound

â Absolutely Relaxing!

â The best relaxing sound!

â Truly miraculous relaxation that will keep you feeling rejuvenated once more.

Content rating: Everyone

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