Graphic Artists


Guf Graphics

by Jazzi Jess
  • Current Version 7.0
  • Size 4M


Guf Graphics is a small graphic business that was started out of Chicago IL ... To provide affordable Graphics Art at affordable prices. Guf Graphics will try to match or beat any price out there! Why spend a whole lot on printing and your graphic needs. Guf Graphics can be you’re on stop shop for all your printing needs for every occasion. Guf Graphics dedication to customer satisfaction puts them ahead of the competition.

Recent changes:

Updated weekly

Content rating: Everyone


My Art !!!

by Mighty Land
  • Current Version 1.5
  • Size 5M


Using My Art !!!

1. Create beautiful collage of Facebook album & phone images.

2. Picks Random images from Facebook & create cool graphics collage.

3. Apply different unique frame styles on group of your images.

4. set number of images in a frame.

5. Share with friends / email /MMS etc.

6. Save created collage on mobile phones.

Many more new effects coming soon.

Recent changes:

1. New User Interface.

2. New Frame added.

3. Crash issue fixed.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Todo Tiles List (Graphic)

by / /
  • Current Version 6.0
  • Size 992K


Minimalist Todo List with graphic interface "Tiles" style.

In order to guarantee your privacy, tasks are stored on your device only.

You may insert:

- Expiry date

- Priority

- Color (for easy identification of type of task)

- Text (250 characters max)

Reccomended Android 4.1.1

Segnalato il 06/06/2014 da AppGratuita - Ogni giorno ti consigliamo un'App da scaricare GRATIS -

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 2.5.1
  • Size 1012K


Art lowers can vote and enjoy art from worldwide known artist.

Welcome to Gallery of Karol Felix, the Modern Art Alchemist. Art App is created to help you stay informed of all the artists’ thoughts, ideas, creativity, happenings and releases for Individual or Collective Exhibitions.

Karol Felix is one of the most talked modern artists around the world. He is engaged in graphic art, painting, drawing, book illustration, and stamp design. His works are in private collection in many countries and museums. Look at his art,enjoy and let us know your feelings.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Super Tumble (LITE)

by Camel Games
  • Current Version 1.4.5
  • Size 3M


Addictive, sometimes maddening physics game! Fantastic graphics! Fun for all ages and all genders! Remove the blocks to get the star safely onto the platform.

Full version has loads of levels and no ads.

Recent changes:

Bugs fix

Performance improvement

Content rating: Everyone


Checkers Free

by AI Factory Limited / /
  • Current Version 1.333
  • Size 6M


★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★

Checkers Free from AI Factory has arrived! Strongest Checkers on Android. Sharing the high quality and performance as the rest of our games, Checkers Free brings classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more!


- 10 difficulty levels, from Beginner to Expert

- 2 player hot-seat

- 6 Checkers Piece Sets and 7 Boards!

- User stats against each level

- Undo & Hints

- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

- Supports both non-compulsory captures (popular rules) and compulsory captures (official US/English rules)

Tested against and beats Checkers Pro!

Supported by unobtrusive Ads.

*Note: Requested permissions are a requirement of the in-game ads only. The Paid version has no ads, and therefore no permissions beyond writing to external storage.*

The new version 1.33 adds the following permissions


This allows various bundled options but is used simply to allow the Home key press to be detected and for no other purpose.


This permission is used simply to detect the difference between a program exit and entry into a new sub app.


This is used simply to ensure that exit ads cannot interrupt a phone call.


This is simply to allow local ads to only appear in that local territory.

Checkers (AKA Draughts) is one of the world's most popular board games. The earliest records of this game date back to the Egyptians 3500 years ago. In more recent times this has been most favoured by the USA and Scotland, the two countries to provide the most World champions in this game. In England and Scotland this classic board game is known as English Draughts. This implementation has been designed to provide a strong engine, even if only running on a mobile phone. Unlike many commercial Checkers programs, it correctly plays the common 2K v K, essential for quality checkers/draughts play.

Recent changes:


- Addresses some ad related instability


- New "Quick Moves" option added, which allows one touch moves where there is only one legal move for the piece/square selected.

- see main description for details about new permissions


- 3 New piece sets added!

- Festive board added!

- Rare US rule bug fix


- Stability improvement to ad system


- Two new boards!

- Fix to possible stats logging bug

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Magma Mobile / /
  • Current Version 1.0.12
  • Size 8M


Discover Elements ! A brain challenging, addictive puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !

The goal of the game is simple. Move the various elements to their matching elements. Select the elements and drag them in the direction you want them to go.

As you progress along, you will be faced with more challenging levels in which you will have to strategically move the various blocks.

With Elements, you can play with the Taoist basic elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth.

The free game is packed with 500 Levels for your enjoyement. We also included an Arcade mode to improve your skills and also a time attack mode in which you will push yourself to solve as many puzzles as possible in a limited number of time.

For those of you who know and enjoy Sokoban, you will surely like Elements.

Recent changes:

If you would like to see this game translated in your language, send us an e-mail

* V1.0.6

- 300 new levels !

- Translated in :

Danish by lasse christensen

Wini Maj Bjørneboe Olesen and Jan Christensen

Italian by Fabio Filiputti and Marco Tanfoni

Turkish by Bora Noyan

Many thanks to them for their precious help !

* V1.0.5

- 300 new levels !

- Translated in :

Polish by Berenike Jodlowska

Hebrew by Adi bar chaim

Many thanks to them for their precious help !

Content rating: Everyone


Digital Creations

by Digitaljens
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Promoting three awesome websites for graphic artists and 3D modelers.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Israeli Art Magazine

by Denis.k Art / /
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 3M


Welcome to the Art Magazine

Israeli Art Magazine For Android

Israeli Art Market represents the best emerging artists and photographers from Israel.

The magazine exhibits original works of art, lithographs and quality fine art prints for sale. We are passionate about our collections and continually looking for talented artists to join our community. We provide a premium marketing service for selling artwork on our site to destinations worldwide. Free shipping on all artwork!



Available also at,, and in a Kindle version at

All works of art for sale displayed in the Magazine are part of the larger

Collection of Israeli contemporary fine art for sale online at

Editor & Founder : Dafna Navarro

Graphic Design : Ziv Kay

Contributor: Doron Azuri

Recent changes:

New Design!

Content rating: Medium Maturity

  • Current Version 2.1.1
  • Size 11M


Impressive vertical space shooter, HD Graphics and Music.

"My dear servant, I, your Emperor, have strict orders for you. You must finish all opposition to my power, you must destroy all my enemies."

Increase your rage against the rebel horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter.

Classic space shooter with a modern touch , outstanding graphics and music.

Play to gain experience, collect gold to obtain more power-ups and unleash an extreme firepower and defeat the bosses.


Nice graphics.

Superb music and realistic sound effects.

10 levels. 12 in paid version

6 Different planets.

6 Deadly final bosses.

3 Difficulty Options

Loads of differents enemies ships flying in strategic formations.

Gather bonuses, lives and 9 weapons upgrades.

Three modes of control: tilting, touching and Zeemote.

Graphics quality adjustable to improve the performance in low-end smartphones.

Works fullscreen on Android Tablets.

All screens supported.

APP2SD supported.

Integration with ScoreLoop online leaderboards.

This is an Android ONLY exclusive title, cool shooter game for the Android.

Ad version, ten complete levels.

The permission of "Read contact data" and "Personal information" and used by Scoreloop. The permission of "fine (GPS) location" are used to serve ads. The permission of "Bluetooth" is used by Zeemote to control joystick.

A secure version without permissions for those who seek security in their applications exists. All My Enemies Secure

Deals of the Day []

"All My Enemies is beautifully designed and rendered. The game also moves at faster frame rate than your usual Android games. Is a pretty good Android game. It has enough of the stuff that you’ll look for in an action-adventure-space-shooter."

-Arnold Zafra, Android Apps.

"Fantastic space opera"

"Number 21 in the list of the 46 best applications of the week."

-Artem Russakovski, Android police.

"The app show" video review:

"If you like shmups, check this one out." Android Rundown review:

"All My Enemies is a successful tribute to the arcade blasters of yesteryear, and is the ideal score attack game"

Recent changes:

Zeemote error fixed

Content rating: Low Maturity


Tic Tac Toe FREE!

by Feelingtouch Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.06
  • Size 1017K


Classic Tic Tac Toe game. allow you to play with AI or play with your friends.

refined graphics design and smart AI to challenge.


* Classic mode. connect 3 to win.

* 4 X 4 mode. connect 3 to win also.

* 5 X 5 mode. connect 4 to win.

* Suport one player mode that play with AI.

* Support two player mode that play with your friend.

Recent changes:

update performance

Content rating: Everyone


Solitaire 3D

by Jawfin Developments / /
  • Current Version 3.2.2
  • Size 12M


The original and best version of Klondike Solitaire 3D, also called Patience! It features amazing graphics, as you can choose your own images! Game solutions are available if you get stuck! Move the cards easily with drag and drop, or point and click. It features full undo and redo history with the back and forwards buttons, you can even replay the game you just won. Keeps normal or Vegas scoring, with an online score board you can post to (hosted by Heyzap). The game animates from the shuffle through to the play and a mesmerising winning sequence where you can repeatedly blow up the cards!

Lots of graphic options like animation speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights and choice of backgrounds, decks and deck backings (with more on their way). Other customizations are sound, auto play, left or right hand dealing and the ordering of the Ace bases.

The free version is ad sponsored (although they can be hidden). There are NO full screen ads, NO video ads, NO interstitial ads, NO pop-ups or pop-unders and NO notification or bookmark or desktop shortcut ads - I hate all those and I'm sure you do too. Just the smallest banner the ad companies offer in the bottom left corner which hides when the cards come too close, try it!

Let me earn your 5 stars. For whatever reason this is not a 5 star game for you, tell me and I will try to make it so. I respond to all emails.

The Android permissions are downloadable decks, high score tables and for the advertising. The Pro version has no advertising and includes the solutions.

Developed by Jonathan Barton.

Recent changes:

★ Completely redesigned the Big print deck

★ Refactored the difficulty levels

★ Minor bugs fixed

Any problems? Please email me, I answer all messages.

The update history is in the comments of the web page at

Content rating: Low Maturity

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