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Parallels 2X RDP

by 2X Software Ltd / www.2x.com /
  • Current Version 10.0.1156
  • Size 809K


Seamless and secure remote desktop access from your Android device! Tap into the capability of application delivery through Parallels 2X Remote Application Server whenever you want, wherever you are!

Stay connected to your home or office PC with the Parallels 2X RDP Client for Android. With the Parallels 2X RDP Client easily and securely, connect via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to your remote Windows desktop and applications.

You can also experience the full benefits of published remote Windows desktops and applications by connecting to Parallels 2X Remote Application Server. This way, the Parallels 2X RDP Client seamlessly runs published Windows desktops and applications from Windows Terminal Server and all the major VDI Hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix Xen.


- Comprehensive Android Support- Version 1.6 onwards

- Unlimited connections - Add as many standard RDP and Parallels 2X Remote Application Server connections as you want!

- Unique mouse with right click - Easily browse, right or double click your desktop

- Full keyboard - Type text from anywhere with a fully fledged keyboard

- SSL security - Secure access and two-factor authentication

- Full screen experience - Real-time control of your full desktop

- Minimal bandwidth usage - Lightweight access through 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi

- Clipboard redirection - Copy and Paste text

- Support for external Mouse & Keyboard - Use your own keyboard and mouse

- Supports 2 & 3 finger gestures - Zoom into and scroll your desktop

- Printing redirection, print from your android device

- Support NLA - Network Level Authentication


Parallels 2X RDP Client is provided free of charge, but without technical support.

Questions about Parallels 2X RDP Client should be posted here


We also recommend that you review our blog and support pages:



And read our manual:


Please note that these forums are answered by users, not Parallels 2X staff. If you need technical assistance from Parallels 2X, you would need to purchase a Parallels 2X Support Package

Recent changes:

Added: Graphics acceleration

Support for NLA

Support for proxy connections

Option to redirect a custom path as a drive

Session Connection information panel

Connection Speed in the experience category

Option to send keyboard event as unicode characters instead of scan-codes

Support for Microsoft session broker

Keyboard shortcuts

Improved: Settings UI optimization for tablets

Fixed issue with Galaxy Note with the stylus hover

Issue with virtual mouse clicks

Fixed backspace on Android 4.4 Native KB

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 8K


A tool for full screen test.

Tap the screen can change color.

Content rating: Everyone


Stopwatch & Timer

by Jupiter Apps / stopwatchtimers.com /
  • Current Version 1.26
  • Size 2M


<b>The popular FREE "Stopwatch & Timer" app on Android. Beautifully clean, simple and reliable.</b>

The chosen stopwatch and timer for millions of people since 2009.

Very simple and easy to use - this is a practical timer to get the job done. Perfect for every timing situation including cooking, sports, games and work tasks.

<b>Easy to read large digits and a full screen mode.</b>

<b>Notification of time elapsed or remaining in the notification bar so you can see with out opening the app.</b>

The timer remembers your last 3 countdown times for quick re-use.

Customize the look with a choice of several colors and fonts.

See app menu for options.


See paid app "Stopwatch & Timer+" for:


★ 99 hours

★ Multiple timers / stopwatches

★ Renaming of timers and laps

★ Export by email

★ Countdown then up

★ Countdown and repeat (loop timers)

★ Countdown then start next (chain timers)

★ 1/100ths (optional)

★ Show current lap (optional)

★ Control timer groups

★ Reorder timers

Link is in menu under "More apps".

NOTE: Internet access permission is for optional free app offers ONLY when closing the app. There are NO push ads , NO in app ad, NO spyware and NEVER will be. If you dislike the permission, need more features or find the app useful and want to support a small developer StopWatch & Timer+ is available.


To stop an alarm press Reset or drag down the status bar. To make an alarm insistent select "until canceled" in the settings.

Online stopwatch http://stopwatchtimers.com/stopwatch/

Online timer http://stopwatchtimers.com/timer/

Recent changes:

<b>Please support app with a good rating, it helps future development thanks</b>

V1.29 Multi-window support on compatible Samsung devices.

Content rating: Everyone


Touch Pool 2D Lite

by Seltice Systems LLC / www.selticeapps.com /
  • Current Version 3.1.8
  • Size 2M


Touch Pool 2D Lite, the fun pool game with many ways to play!

Play pool on your phone. The Lite version of this pool game includes achievements, a single player game mode, a challenge mode, a vs Computer mode and 2 Player (single phone) game to try it out. Play all these game modes as much as you want for free.

MAKE 8: You must pocket balls in the fewest shots to do well at this game.

3 MINUTE CHALLENGE: You have 3 minutes to pocket as many pool balls as possible, hit the Starred holes for BONUS points.

FIRST TO 4 vs Cpu or Friend (one phone): Beat the computer or a friend by pocketing 4 balls first.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Multiple achievements provided in Lite version of Touch Pool 2D as well.

The FULL version of Touch Pool 2D has:

- 12+ pool game modes in all

- 8 Ball and 9 Ball vs the Computer

- Several unique challenge modes like Run the Table and the Flick Challenge

We really hope you enjoy this pool game for your phone and send us your feedback.

This game was originally designed for smaller phone screens. It depends on the individual device as to whether or not it supports the ability to stretch the game to full-screen.

Recent changes:


+ Fixed problem where cue ball shadow appeared when it shouldn't.

+ Changed default settings when first installing.

+ Replaced a few sounds files.

+ Changed home and splash screens


+ Home screen change


+ Minor updates and a roll-back


+ Graphics and Sounds Updated.

+ Fixed bug where the drop shadow did not appear under cue ball.

Content rating: Everyone


Cubes Free

by The Mob / www.themobsoftware.com /
  • Current Version 1.3.1 Free
  • Size 4M


Goggles McGillicutty just got dropped into a strange world full of cubes, and only you can help him avoid a fiery end! Dodge your way through endless levels of cubes of all shapes and colors, as hitting a cube will send our little droid friend straight to the scrapyard!

Cubes Free is an accelerometer-controlled game in which you navigate Goggles McGillicutty through a 3D field of cubes. Similar to Cube Runner on the iPhone and Cube Field on the PC. Features worldwide Leaderboards, many different levels, multiple ship types, and full HD tablet support! Best of all, everything is 100% completely free! OpenFeint is completely optional.

1.3.1 Bug Fixes: Fixed the Force Close issues!

1.3.0 Bug Fixes & Improvements: Crashing due to the ads that we removed. Tablets now display at full screen and tablet accellerometer issues have been fixed. Invisible cubes will now be rendered correctly. All wireframe cubes now render much more sharply. Phones with large screens will now run the game at a higher resolution.

In addition, we've removed those annoying full screen ads to get you back to the game as quickly as possible!

*Location is for admob local ads. We do not track or store user location.

Recent changes:

*Force Closes issues should now be resolved on all devices running Android 2.1 and lower

*Out of memory exceptions were due to the higher resolution splash screen, which has been replaced with the original

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Gpc / www.gpcsoft.net /
  • Current Version 1.9.5
  • Size 20M



█ Free Android Video Player even you don’t want the floating popup features.

█ Why do you choose the software as your media player ?

☆ Multiple-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique; You can play the video in anywhere, for multiple windows.

☆ Simple & Customize Theme Style System; You can make your own theme in a easy way.

☆ Easy Operation and User Interface; View your media in list, grid, and 3D Gallery mode, play the video with simple gesture to adjust. You can also use the widgets to play the video from the launcher.

☆ Wide Video Format Support; You can play almost all types of the media files with software decoder with subtitle files, like the rmvb, wmv, …etc. It also support to play the YouTube (HTML5) and URL.

☆ Group Media Sharing; You can share the media with your friends in a high speed wireless channel without any configuration.

☆ Personalize List; You can mark the selected media with favorite or privacy, it only shows in the mirror list.

☆ Performance and Reliability Improve; Better performance in the loading and playing. For the large amount of video files, its loading time is more fast compared to the others video player.

█ Introduction

The GPlayer is an innovation video playback software for Android OS. It can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing feature. Better operation experience, support subtitle and popup video technique. In other words, you can watch your video content in any application. You can watch the video and do something else at the same time!

█ Description

The floating system make you can move the video window position and resize the window boundary according to your personal favor. You can also play with full screen or minimize the playing video to the system notification tray . If your device is strong enough, you can also play the video with "Multi-Window"(Maximum is 6). It means you can watch up to six video files at the same time.

The "GPlayer" is not just a popup video player, it has a friendly and simply user interface with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style. You can customize the theme as your wish.

It can record the playback position of the file and set the favorite files. Moreover, it supports the subtitle (.srt, .ass, and .smi file formats) when you play a video file. it also can play the audio files (mp3, wav...etc).

Group Media Sharing allows the devices with the same network mask to share the media files. In other words, you can share the media contents with your friends in the same Wi-Fi environment (Wi-Fi Access Point). You can also try the "Sync Play" feature, it is very funny.

The "GPlayer" supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.2 with any screen size and resolution. It will integrate the build-in media Gallery for media source, you can input the video streaming URL or launch the "GPlayer" from others File Explorer..

█ How to use the application ?

Please read the help in the “menu” -> “Settings” -> “User Manual” in the software.

█ Free Edition

The software is a free edition; some features are only available in Professional edition. If you like the software, you can buy the Professional edition license via Google Play in-app purchase to support our development.

Recent changes:

2015-AUG-08 v1.9.5

Modify: bug fix

Content rating: Everyone


24 Clock Widget

by RDRR Labs / rdrrlabs.com /
  • Current Version Day 2
  • Size 357K


Day 2

Live Another Day for the stylish widget clock where every second counts.

First and only widget with live seconds accurately advancing on screen.

Everyday is a thrill ride.

Manage that ride with the 24 clock.

Jack your homescreen.

A stylish widget clock where every second counts.

The action never stops with hourly, 1/2 and 1/4 hour chimes. Full of options.

The following widget takes place on your desktop. Events occur in real time.


Day 2:

- New: Can be added as a lock screen widget on Android 4.2.

- New Fullscreen Mode.

- Added multiple size options to widget.

- Added more options for chime lengths.

- Added multiple size options for font.

- Works better in portrait and landscape mode.

- Added full support for tablets and large and small screen devices.

- Added higher quality sounds.

- Fixed HTC Sense bug that didn't display seconds.



Twitter: http://bit.ly/TwitRDRR

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/rdrrlabs

G+: http://bit.ly/GplusRDRR


* Recognition

- Featured live at Google I/O

- Top Android Developer by Google

- Droid Life - App of the Day

- The Droid Guy - App of the Week

- Featured Crave App

- Byte - App of the Week

- El Androide Libre Review

- Video Review by Android and Me

- Today Magazine's App of the Week

- Android Guys/Gal Review


Why all the permissions?

- Internet is used for statistics -- there's an option to share stats if you want to.

- Read logs is for sending bug reports -- we have our own bug reporting integrated in the app, it collects the app's logs and generates an email that you can review before sending. We don't collect other apps logs.

- Sdcard is used for sharing stats if you want to, e.g. save to sdcard and upload image to any social network you like (the app will auto-detect if you have some app like Google+ or FB installed and suggest that.)

- Read phone state is used to deactivate the chime sound during calls. The chime is an option of course, disabled by default.

- Retrieve running apps is used to only activate the widget when the home screen is visible. If another app is the main, the widget stops updating. Saves CPU/battery.


We are exclusive to the Google Play Store. Please make sure to get the newest version from us here:

24 Clock Widget - http://bit.ly/l9VazG


What is 24 Clock Widget?

A digital clock showing a 24 hour or 12 hour clock as beautiful widgets in varied size options all with active seconds. In addition get full screen clock, optimized for tablets and all screen sizes. No person can stop Jack Bauer.

Recent changes:

Day 2 (update 4):

- 24 Clock Widget can be added as a lock screen widget on Android 4.2.

- Minor bug fixes.

Day 2 (update 3):

- New Settings > Uptime tab: share your stats!

- Fixed chime alarm not firing at expected time

Day 2 (update 2):

- Better support for tablets

- New Heads Up Display for widgets

To use the new Heads Up Display, recreate your existing widgets to gain access.

- Improved controls

- Bug fixes

Day 2 (update 1):

see main description

Content rating: Everyone


Free best bubble shooter 2015

by Slaoui Apps
  • Current Version 2.8
  • Size 3M


Free best bubble shooter 2015 will keep you always entertained; no matter, you are a diehard fan of bubble shooting game or you are a beginner in shot the bubble bait!

This free android bubble app is an excellent gateway of an intuitive free bubble blaze game and will take a few minutes only to give you the hang of the play! It’s awesome and it’s addictive too.

How to play the game:

You have only one motto here: you need to bubble shoot and bubble popping as many as you can at one go. You have no serious task here while playing this bubble shoot game but to aim and shot the colored bubbles! However, all bubbles have to be of the same color and it has to be minimum three in number just like all the bubble classic game. You can join the bubble pop by using your reflex and instinct so that you can blast as maximum as bubbles possible at once! Shoot the bubble as much as you can and bag the score in your account! It is an easy to play game; like adults it is a great entertaining game about bubble shooting for kids also.

It will take a few seconds only because the size is not exceeded 2 megabytes to get downloaded on your android device and contrary to common myth that good games are always expensive, this bubble blaze game is available for unlimited play absolutely free of cost.

Before downloading, check its amazing features:

• There are more than 500 levels to play the game Sweet bubble shooter 2015: enjoy unlimited,

• Difficulty level changes as you climb up the level: enjoy the challenge,

• Brilliant user interface: it is extremely easy to understand the game,

• Enjoy the awesome bubble pop sound effect: it will stimulate your stamina level,

• The app is built with best animation, 2D graphics, and attractive colors: your bubble boom and explode venture will be extremely exciting!

• You can chase the highest score on this best bubble blaze : put yourself against challenge and improve your game play skill.

• You can play the bubble pop game without internet connection

Enjoy the free bubble shooter for free download game on your android device today and start playing. Use your brain for making a big bubble shooting and earn bagful points! Play more, earn points handful.

Copyrights : Free bubble shooter 2015 game is inspired on the famous and bubble classic shooter games on PC, android, and iPhone, please note that all the artworks are designed and copyrighted for the Slaoui Apps (SA) organization.

Ads : The game contain a small banner ads on bottom that will never effect the bubble popping game, and a transparent full screen ads will be displayed every new level and when the game is over, please understand that integrating this ads will support us for bringing more bubble fun features for this game and amazing bubble like games on the future.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Androcalc / www.androcalc.com /
  • Current Version 1
  • Size 861K



Free bubble shooter game for android

Fun and addictive bubbles game!

How to play classic bubble:

1. Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up

2 Tap where you want the bubble

3. To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst

Bubble Shooter Menu features options:

1. Full Screen off/on

2. Sound off/on

3. Aim The shoot - You move the arrow with your finger to aim and shoot.

4. Point to shoot - Tap with your finger where you want to shoot the bubble.

5. Rush me - for fast players.

6. Don't rush me - to play easy.

Tags: mini bubble, bubbles

More free android applications on www.androcalc.com

Content rating: Everyone


Ultra Keyboard Demo

by Binary Bulge / www.binarybulge.com /
  • Current Version 7.4.3
  • Size 5M


This is a 48 hour demo version. A full version is also available!


Ultra Keyboard has many features designed to give you a better Android keyboard experience.

<U>Choose your favorite way to type.</U>

Touch-type like usual, or combine adjacent keys into COMPACT KEYS so they're easier to press. Slide your finger over words using WORD TRACING (instead of touching each individual letter).

<U>The SUGGESTION BAR is smart and easy to use.</U>

Choose words with just one swipe, even if they're not visible at first. A built-in English LANGUAGE DICTIONARY is included (and many other languages are available for download). Add new words to your personal CUSTOM DICTIONARY. BLACK LIST words you don't want to show up anymore.

<U>Use WORD REPLACEMENTS to automatically expand abbreviations.</U>

Tired of always typing "be right there"? Try "brt". You can even create your own.

<U>The TOOL BAR provides a ton of functionality in a small amount of space.</U>

You can scroll, drag, or flick through the available buttons.

<U>Use SPEECH-TO-TEXT to transform your spoken words into text.</U>

<U>TRANSLATE your text to dozens of different languages.</U>

<U>CUT, COPY, and PASTE with a built-in CLIPBOARD.</U>

Text you copy is saved so you can access it later. Remove anything you don't want to keep.


Accurately select portions of text to edit or copy.

<U>The CHARACTER MAP makes more Unicode characters accessible.</U>

Set up your own list of favorites for easy access. Includes Emoji on Android 4.1 devices.

<U>Use the CAMERA OVERLAY* to see where you're going.</U>

Watch what's in front of you while you type on the go. (* Android 2.3 or newer only.)

<U>Create custom ACTIONS triggered by GESTURES or device buttons.</U>

Want to swipe left to delete the previous word? Want your device's search button to activate the camera overlay? Do all this and more.

<U>A DYNAMIC UI means you can customize the keyboard so it's perfect for you.</U>

Are the keys too tall for your liking? Make them shorter. Don't like the ARROW KEYS? Hide them. Many things can be tweaked directly from the tool bar.

<U>Change the keyboard's look with downloadable THEMES.</U>

You can use the built-in THEME EDITOR to create your own themes, or customize existing themes with your chosen fonts and colors. You can even use themes designed for other keyboards!


If you are experiencing problems or bugs, please submit a report at http://www.binarybulge.com. It only takes a few minutes and allows us to respond to and fix issues more quickly.

A list of all permissions requested by this app, and their associated uses, can be found at:


Recent changes:

• Customizable actions for long pressing modifier keys

• Show the current dictionary on the space bar when multiple dictionaries are installed

• New interface for word lists (custom dictionary, replacements, clipboard entries, black list)

• Smoother tool bar and suggestions

• Fixed crashes and regressions

More changes can be viewed at:


Content rating: Everyone


Electrical Wiring Lite

by Intineo LLC / www.intineo.com /
  • Current Version 4.1
  • Size 3M


Partial subset of Electrical Wiring Pro functionality.


- Pire Wheel/Ohms Law

- Conduit Offset/3pt saddle

- Ampacity Sizing

- Residential Load - Standard and Optional Methods

o Demand Load in VA and Amps, Neutral Current

o Copper and Aluminum Service, Neutral, GEC, EGC conductors

- Ground Wire Sizing

- Box Fill

- Conduit Fill

- Voltage Drop

- Burial Depth

- Motor electrical/components

Upgrade to Pro version > 4x # of tools, more functionality,

more updates, as well as full screen functionality on all tools for more screen real estate. There are, and will be

many more, a richer set of features on the Pro version than the Lite.

Essential Electrician tools.

2008 NEC & 2009 Canadian Electrical Code

Recent changes:

4.1 Adds Single Family Dwelling Load Calcs - Standard and Optional Methods. Pro version allows emailing detailed results for verification of design details.

Content rating: Everyone


Gallery 3D

by Hiwapps
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 3M


Your device is designed for photo gallery. High quality 3D galleries are free. Gallery image browser and viewer. Photo gallery quickly and easily. Collect all of the images on a single screen by scanning your device. Great interface more fun. JPEG, PNG, GIF supports all formats. You can determine the position after the photo shoot. You can see all the details of the images. Slideshow feature is available. Gallery 3D intelligent image editing tasks is seen. Image editor functions are available. Touch mode support. Pictures trim, crop, rotate and zoom feature has. Phone and tablet photo scans all files in a batch manner lay in front of you in different files. It's too simple to see the pictures you have taken. Social sharing feature is also available, you can share the image you want. Video playback available. Managing album. Description and you can see the details. There are camera. You can take pictures with the camera without leaving the program. 3D gallery for you.


- Manage your photos and images.

- Supports all photo formats.

- Full-screen browser feature

- Share in social network environments

- Cameras, GIF and video playback

- Slide game.

- Pictures of the set as wallpaper.

- Scans everything in very quickly.

- Gorgeous interface.

- Preview

- Stylish and precise interface design

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Twitter about Full Screen

  • evilnoob: the video quality of geordie shore on @mtvuk is DREADFUL. full screen = super blocky. mtv, sort that one out please! *shakes head*

  • ThePerfectBieb: http://twitpic.com/51zcby/full HOLY ***! Can I lick MY SCREEN????? *drooling*

  • ualreadykno83: @DomynoHarvi My inbox is always full. I screen the ones I THINK are important, lol.

  • ASBO_Allstar: @ScrivenerApp I was panicking for a few seconds though, I'd grown very used to my green and black full screen mode :D

  • rachlatham: RT @rickedwards1: RT @C4Paralympics go 'full-screen' on our live streaming, and you can click through the highlights of the day. http://bit.ly/lAo4iP #BTPWC

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  • ASBO_Allstar: My keyboard shortcut for full screen mode within @ScrivenerApp has suddenly stopped working for some reason....

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  • monkeylooker: RT @snowness: I bring up your avi's full screen on my iPhone and pretend to facetime with you guys because none of my friends have iPhones. Or any phones.

  • Kokopuff: Would you go this far to preserve free speech? First Hindu newspaper in Pakistan. (Do full screen for the subtitles.) http://is.gd/3FoX6Z

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  • cslashw: RT @snowness: I bring up your avi's full screen on my iPhone and pretend to facetime with you guys because none of my friends have iPhones. Or any phones.