Free Worldwide

  • Current Version 5.6
  • Size 3M


The lite version gives you access to ALL world feeds & you can add as many private feeds as you want.

The feature for browse by country & category is unavailable in the lite version & the maximum number of favorites is restricted to 8.

Access over 5000+ webcam feeds (even in LITE version) + your own IPCam feeds. Expect the unexpected - watch the happenings around the world in REAL TIME. Who knows what you will find today....A couple in a restaurant in Switzerland having a romantic dinner, a bird in Milan guarding its little ones, nice & serene beaches in Honolulu, a playful doggy daycare in Atlanta, ***agers in Sweden trying out the trendy jackets in a shop.......The list goes on and on. We have over 5000 live webcam feeds that we make available to you on your phone and new feeds get added every day . The webcam feeds are tested everyday to ensure that you will always get the best of the best feeds.

Add your private IP camera (webcam) feeds to this application and voila - you can watch your personal IP feeds anywhere in the world on your android phone. Anytime switch between your private feeds and world feeds without missing a beat. Add those interesting feeds you find to your favorites list so that you have a view to your favorite place/people/things on your finger tips. Take snapshots from the webcam feeds and share with friends and the whole world (if you chose to).

Browse the feeds by country or categories. There are over 70 countries listed in the application & 27 categories.

The picture gallery feature will allow you to browse the pictures taken by other users. Take a look at how places look at different time of the day and during different seasons. You can browse the pictures by category or country. If you like a picture just hit the play and the feed for that location can be seen live. Over 100K picture available for you to enjoy.

Keywords: webcam, ipcam, spy, watch, mjpeg, beaches, private

Recent changes:

Dec 12th, 2013

+ Issue related size of dialog windows on Samsung phones resolved

+ Many of you requested for the removal of checkbox transition - done

+ Better performance

NOTE: LITE version allows you to access ALL 5000+ feeds. The feed played cannot be selected. In paid version you can access feeds by category/country

Content rating: Low Maturity


Worldwide Zip Code

by Grog Bottle
  • Current Version 1.6
  • Size 79K


With this application you can enter an address and immediately know more about it: postal code, country, coordinates...

Internet connection is required.

¡Thank you very much for your support and feedback! :)

Recent changes:

Now, postal code is displayed without needing a specific address, like a number or a street name. It's enough with a city name or a neighborhood.

You can see coordinates on Google Maps by simply clicking a button.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.4.0
  • Size 363K


Makes every long journey a pleasure. Quick, simple to learn, also suits short trips or daily play. Use your GPS for real fun by car, bus or foot. Claim land then enjoy its defense.

Maps navigate, Foursquare lets you explore your city, TGLG lets you own it!

-Take advantage of new smaller parcels

-QR Code scanner

Content rating: Low Maturity


AntiVirus Security - FREE

by AVG Mobile / /
  • Current Version 2.11.2
  • Size 3M


<b>Free, top-rated, real-time antivirus and anti-theft protection for Android™ devices.</b>

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ protects you from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and text messages and helps keep your personal data safe.

<b>Download Free Now!

♦♦ Or take advantage of our limited time Easter SALE - 20% off our full-featured premium app: NOW for just $11.99! ♦♦</b>

Over <b>100,000,000</b> people already installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. Join them now and:

► Scan apps, settings, files & media in real time

► Enable finding/locating your lost / stolen phone via Google Maps™

► Lock / wipe your device to protect your privacy

► Kill tasks that slow your device

► Browse the web safely & securely

► Monitor battery, storage and data package usage

AVG AntiVirus FREE – mobile security software for Android. Quick & easy protection for your phone!

With the AVG Android app you’ll receive effective, easy-to-use virus and malware protection, as well as a real-time app scanner, phone locator, task killer, app locker, and local device wipe to help shield you from threats to your privacy and online identity. Real-time security scanner protection keeps you protected from downloaded apps and games.

AVG AntiVirus FREE also:

► Defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware and spyware

► Identifies unsecure device settings and advises how to fix them

► Helps ensure contacts, bookmarks and text messages are safe

► Checks media files for malicious software and security threats

► Guards you from phishing attacks

<b>App Features:</b>


► Scan downloaded apps and files and remove malicious content

► Search, shop and use social networks with peace of mind knowing your identity and personal data are protected from phishing and malware

► Scan websites for harmful threats. If a suspicious URL is detected, you will be redirected to a “Safe Page”

* Safe Web Surfing is applicable to Android's default browser only


► Kill tasks and processes that can slow down or freeze up your device

► Monitor battery consumption, set battery level notifications and enable power saving

► Monitor traffic - keep track of your 3G /4G mobile data plan usage by getting notifications when you are near to reaching your monthly data plan limit

► Optimize internal and SD card storage space by either uninstalling apps and games or by moving them between the internal device memory and SD card

<u>Anti-Theft & Phone Location:</u>

Use AVG’s remote management console or text messages (SMS) to:

► Locate your lost or stolen phone and get help finding it via Google Maps™

► Lock your phone and set a lock screen message to help the locator find you

► Make your phone ring (shout) even if it is on silent mode

► Wipe your phone and SD card content

► Camera Trap [14 day trial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your phone

► SIM Lock [14 day trial]: automatically locks your phone whenever someone replaces your SIM card


► App locker [14 day trial]: lock apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device settings to secure its configuration

► App Backup [14 day trial]: backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can restore them whenever necessary

► Call and Message Blocker: protect yourself against spammers, hackers and scammers. Get warned about suspicious text messages, filter and block unwanted calls and messages

►Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card, and restore mobile device to factory settings

AntiVirus FREE is available in 20 languages

For the latest mobile security and protection updates:

By installing/updating this app, you agree that your use of it is governed by these terms:

Google®, Google Maps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries

Recent changes:

* Bug fixes

* App design enhancements

* Malware Detection Engine enhancements

* App storage size significantly reduced

Content rating: Low Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Essential tool to find and book the best hotels in Italy and around the world.

Supported by the most famous onlie Agency in the World, "Hotels in Italy" is the most safe, easy, practical guide for Hotels, B&B, Apartments and Inn worldwide.

With more than 170.000 Hotels around the world, you will find always the suiting accommodation, even if you are travelling with no access to computers, because this application comes always with you!!! THe nooking system is secured by a 256bit encryption according to security standards.

Content rating: Everyone


Jobrio Job Search

by Bostone Consulting / /
  • Current Version 3.1.2
  • Size 477K


Jobrio brings unique approach to the job search. Our app support 15 job searching engines, all accessible with a single request. Search worldwide - if you can't find your dream job here it probably does not exist!

Currently supported engines include: LinkUp, Beyond, Careerjet, Monster, Dice, JobServe, GitHub, Careers 2.0, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Indeed,, CareerBuilder, and Elance (NEW). Engines can be removed, added and resorted from the settings screen

Never miss an opportunity: subscribe to past searches and be notified when new listings are added. Run your search, then review, rate and annotate your favorite positions. Using supported apps you can share individual listings or all your rated or favorite items to your email or social account.


The predecessor app - HireADroid is still available to users with older devices or at it's own site

Recent changes:

v. 5.2.4

* Fixed reported FC when opening detailed view

* Performance improvements

* Updated 3rd party libs to the latest version

v. 5.2.3

* Fixed issue with "disappearing rates and notes"

* Further performance improvement and bug fixes

v. 5.2.2

* Performance improvements

* New and recent listings on main view are limited to the last 24 hours now

* To see more - rerun your search and see each engine results

Content rating: Low Maturity


QuickMark Barcode Scanner

by SimpleAct Inc. / /
  • Current Version 4.3.5
  • Size 2M


QuickMark is a mobile barcode scanner app that allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats from your phone. (Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code39, Code128, Interleaved 2of5)

Use mobile barcodes to access web links, add contacts, navigate maps, and much more! Works with QuickMark's Chrome browser extension!

Lite version also available with slightly less Permission requirements (which results in less functions).

Update Log:

Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions:


<b>About app Permissions</b>


<i>Network State</i>

Required for the ad networks we are using.


If you scan a QR Code that contains someone's business card information, you can save it directly to your phone's address book. And if you want to share someone's business card with another person, you can just as easily create a QR Code from one of your existing contacts.

<i>Bookmark History</i>

Just like sharing a contact, you can also share links of interesting websites that you have visited. Again, by generating a QR Code on your mobile screen and have your friend scan it.

<i>Write to External Storage</i>

Some users have wanted to share the QR Codes generated from our app with others, which is why we need a place to store the image.

NOTE: If the app for some reason fails to init the camera of your device or run into some other issue and you are interested in helping us fix the problem, please contact us at or find us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

Recent changes:


- Tries to gather information from Google when you scan ISBN book barcodes (only when using WiFi)

- Minor fixes and improvements


- Updated Dutch translations and some minor UI fixes


- Fix ad not removed issue for certain devices (Please contact us if issue persists)

- Will attempt to open line:// and fb:// links in browser

- Other minor fixes

Prefer the classic version? Direct APK download here:

Content rating: Everyone


Apn Global

by Osatek BiliลŸim ve Teknoloji A.ลž. / /
  • Current Version 1.0.0
  • Size 519K


- You can back up and/or reinstall your APN settings.

- APN settings can be deleted one by one or totally...

- You can add your APN settings over application..

- You can find updated country APN settings by live updates..

Vodafone NL-IT-NZ-PT-RO-SI-TR-BH-KW-AL-AU-CZ-CZ-DE-EG-ES-ES-GR-GR-HU-IE-IE-IN-UK-TR, LIME, Ludo, Luxgsm, M1, Manx Telecom, Mascom, Maxis, MBank mobile Megafon, Metropcs, MiWorld, Mobifone, Mobilink, Mobilis, Mobilking, Mobilkom, Mobily, Mobilych, Mobistar, Mobitai, Mobitalk, Mobitel, MobiTel BG, Movistar AG, Movistar CL, Movistar CO, Movistar EC, Movistar ES, Movistar MX, Mtc touch, MTC Mtel BG, MTN CI, MTN CM, MTN CY, MTN ZA, MTNL, MTS BY, MTS RUS, MTS UKR, Nar, Nawras, Nedjma, Netcom, NTT Docomo, NwN, O2 CZ-Internet, O2 DE-Internet, O2 IE, O2 SK, O2 UK, Oi, OLA, Oman Mobile, Omnitel, OneCall, Optus, Optus, Optimus, Orange AM, Orange AT, Orange BW, Orange CH, Orange CI, Orange CM, Orange DO, Orange World FR, Orange Internet ES, Orange World ES, Orange GQ, Orange IL, Orange JO, Orange MG, Orange ML, Orange NL, Orange PL, Orange RE, Orange RO, Orange SK, Orange UK, Pannon, PCCW, Pelephone, Pelephone, PEOPLES, Pepephone, Personal, Play, PlusGSM, Porta EC, ProMonte, Proximus, Q-tel, RCOM, Reliance, Robi, Rogers, Saunalahti, SCTL GPRS, SFR, SFR WAP, Siminn, Si.mobil, Simyo DE, Simyo ES, SingTel, SMART, SmarTone, SMC-Voda, Softbank(, Softbank(open), Sonera, SPICE, StarHub, STC, SUN, Sunrise Internet, Sunsurf, Swisscom, Syriatel, T-2 Internet, Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Mobile, Tak-Tak, Talkmobile, Talkmore, Tango, TA TA DoCoMo, TCC, TDC Internet, Tele, Telcel EDGE, Tele2 EE, Tele2 HR, Tele2 LT, Tele2 NO Internet, Tele2 SE, Telecom NZ, Telemig GPRS, Telenor DK, Telenor NO, Telenor PK, Telenor SE, tele.ring WEB, TELFORT, Telia DK internet, Telia SE, Telkomsel, Telipol, Telstra 3G Pay by Time, Telstra w/ Portal, Telus SP, Tesco, Tesco UK, TIM BR CONNECT FAST, TIM IT, TMN Internet, T-Mobile AT, T-Mobile CZ, T-Mobile DE, T-Mobile HU, T-Mobile HR, T-Mobile NL, T-Mobile SK, T-Mobile UK, T-Mobile US 160, T-Mobile US 200, T-Mobile US 210, T-Mobile US 220, T-Mobile US 230, T-Mobile US 240, T-Mobile US 250, T-Mobile US 270, T-Mobile US 310, T-Mobile US 490, T-Mobile US 580, T-Mobile US 660, T-Mobile US 800, T-Mobile US, TransAsia, True GPRS Inet, Tusmobil Internet, Ufone, Umniah, Unitel, Velcom Web, Velcom BY // Web Plus, Velcom BY // Web Basic, Velcom BY // Web 25, Velcom BY // Web 250, Velcom BY // Web 500, Ventelo Internet, Verizon, Vibo, Viettel, Vinaphone, VIPnet, Virgin AU, Virgin UK, Viva, VivaCell, Vivatel, VIVO ZAP, Vodacom CD, Vodacom ZA, VOX Mobile, Warid BD, Warid PK, wataniya, Wind CA, WIND GR, Wind IT WEB, Yesss, Yoigo, Zain JO, Zain SA, Zong, Etisalat, Beeline AM, CTI, Bob, Drei A, 3 AU, A1, Exetel, Azercell, Bakcell, BH Mobile, Digicel, Grameenphone, Ace Base, BASE Belgium, Globul, BATELCO BH, B-Mobile, Banglalink, DSTCom, BrT Internet, Claro BR, BATELCO BS, Amazonia GPRS, Life:) // Internet, Bell, Fido, Claro CL, Entel PCS, China mobile, China Unicom 3G, CHT, cmnet, cmwap, COMCEL, ICE Celular, Cytamobile, blau DE, E-Plus, 3 DK, Bibob internet DK, Djezzy, du, Elisa EE, EMT, blau ES, Jazztel, MASmovil, DNA INTERNET, Elisa FI, Bouygues WEB, Cosmote GR, 3 HK, CSL, CSL Data, 3 ID, Excelcom, Indosat, Eircom/Meteor, Aircel Internet, BPL, BSNL, Gee! (GPRS), IDEA, 3 IT, Claro JM, Alfa, Bite , Al-Madar, Libyana, CTM, Celcom, CellCOM, Digi, KPN, Chess Internet, 2 degrees mobile, GLOBE, Djuice EDGE, ASTER, Carrefour Mova, Cyfrowy Polsat, Era Internet, FM Group Mobile, GaduAIR, Heyah, MNI, Cosmote Internet RO, Cosmote WNW RO, BeeLine RU, AL JA WAL, 3 SE, AIS GPRS Internet, DTAC GPRS WEB, AVEA, Turkcell, FarEasTone, KGT, Beeline UA, JEANS, Kyivstar EDGE, life, 3 UK, ATT, CBW Internet, iWireless,

Content rating: High Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0.6
  • Size 9M



Full featured baseball game including 6 different modes, Baseball Superstars

has enriched My League Mode for up to 6 players customization, Season Mode for a huge game play time and Match Play Mode for a global competition!



"Baseball Superstars 2010 comes highly recommended."


"Baseball Superstars 2010 is a great game for both casual and *** gamers. "

- Touch Gen Editor's Choice Award (4.5/5)



Baseball Superstars series is not just a small partial baseball but has full features with even more in this year's edition.

As a 10 million seller worldwide, Baseball Superstars 2010 satisfies both casual players looking for everyday fun and *** baseball fans wanting the real deal.

Customizing your own player to become a Superstar can't be achieved by just harsh training. Spend money on upgradable gears and even throw events to cheer him up. World champs are waiting for your final challenge, so get ready and batter up, Sluggers!




Beginning from 2002, the Baseball Superstars Series have been a beloved game by worldwide gamers


With 6 different modes, Exhibition, My League, Season, Homerun Race, Mission and Match Play, this game guarantees long play time and tons of fun


Regarding RPG elements, you can customize batters and pitchers to be major players in your team throughout training, motivating, and upgrading various items


Line up your customized players and create the best team ever, be the champ of the season, and defeat other players in the new Match Play mode



Tips & Tricks @

Tweet us @

Facebook @

YouTube @

Email @

Content rating: Medium Maturity


Voxtrot Beta

by Voxtrot / /
  • Current Version 0.87.715
  • Size 3M


Voxtrot allows Android mobile users to make free calls to each other anywhere in the world. It uses the Internet (2G/3G or WiFi) to connect Voxtrotters to one-another.

Voxtrot is 100% free and very easy download and use. No email, logins or passwords required to register!

Find out more on

Recent changes:

* Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility

Content rating: Everyone



by Amazon Mobile LLC / /
  • Current Version 1.5.1
  • Size 3M


Now supporting, the United States, India, and Canada. The Amazon App allows Android users to browse and “Shop by Department”, quickly search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases on To make on-the-go shopping and price comparison even easier, the Amazon App includes helpful shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode, snap a photo, or type a search, to quickly compare prices and check availability. Customers can sign up to receive a daily notification for Lightning Deals and also stay up to date on status of their orders.

Shoppers are able to access any of Amazon's sites around the world from a single app by simply selecting their desired Amazon country store. Amazon customers have full access to their existing cart, wish lists, payment and Amazon Prime member shipping options, order history, 1-Click settings and can also take advantage of' Subscribe & Save. All purchases made on the Amazon App are routed through Amazon's secure servers just as they are on the web.

** Requires Android OS 2.1 & up and rear facing camera.

*** The Amazon App for Tablets is available on Google Play. Search for "Amazon Tablet" to install the app and begin shopping.

Important note regarding permissions. The Amazon App requires access to the following services to operate properly:

Location: due to the fact that this is now a world wide app, location permissions are required to support a delivery service feature offered by Amazon in France and Japan. Only in those stores is the location data required or used. In those locations you are able to request delivery to a convenience store closest to your current location. That service is not available in other Amazon countries.

Phone calls: within the app you are able to place a call to Amazon Customer Service. Tap Menu -> More -> Help -> Call Customer Service, and we will place the proper number in the phone app and dial it.

Take pictures: bar code scanning and image search require access to the camera function if you choose to start the bar code scanner from the app.

Account Permissions: This permission is used by the Amazon app suite for account authentication on select handsets.

Recent changes:

• Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Note: Amazon Mobile for Tablets is available on Google Play. Search for "Amazon Tablet" to install the app and begin shopping.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Barnacle Wifi Tether

by / /
  • Current Version 0.6.7 (evo)
  • Size 130K


Turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc HotSpot

Share your 3G with Windows, Mac/iPod/iPad, Linux, Xbox

Requires __ROOT__ access

Barnacle is unlimited, free and open source. If you like it, please donate by getting Barnacle Widget!

See website for FAQ, supported hardware, troubleshooting.

Recent changes:

See the blog for details of each update.

0.6.7: routing fix for HTC phones (Evo, see blog for Aria, Liberty)

0.6.6: immediate stop fixed for Milestone and other phones

0.6.5: getcwd error fixed, 3G <-> 4G switching with simple restart (clear the LAN setting)

0.6.4: FC fixes, auto-restart after WifiManager interferes

0.6.3: widget (w/ donation), wpa_supplicant, WEP, fixes to "run not found"

0.6.2: new client actions

0.6.1: auto associate, port forwarding, local mode

Content rating: Everyone

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