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chomp SMS theme add-on

by Delicious Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.10
  • Size 408K


This is an add-on to the chompSMS application that allows you to choose from a number of predefined themes.

Once installed, access the themes in chompSMS > Settings > Theme It!

We'll be adding a lot more themes soon!

Recent changes:

* Thanks for valuable user feedback, we appreciate it and have updated the icon to be less florescent!

Content rating: Everyone


User Dictionary Plugin

  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 23K


=======This is used for by both ICS keyboard and Jelly Bean keyboard=====

A user dictionary addon for android devices that do not have a standard user dictionary component.


You do NOT need to download this unless the user dictionary is not working in ICS Keyboard.

Recent changes:

UI updates

Icon changed

Content rating: Everyone


DailyBibleVerse Widget

by Andrei Goumilevski / /
  • Current Version 3.0
  • Size 36K


This widget is now available also on your Chrome or Firefox browsers

Search for DailyBibleVerse in Firefox Add-ons or Chrome extensions

Widget (3 sizes) that displays different Bible Verse of day every day

Random verses selected by computer


To add widget:

On screen with enough space

From Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> DailyBibleVerse


KJV English




Chinese NCV

Chinese Union
























Recent changes:

Please uninstall and install the widgets again

It will change to new verse every 2 hours

Now when you click on widget you can read the whole chapter

Content rating: Everyone


Ultra KB Hero Theme

by Binary Bulge / /
  • Current Version 1.1.3
  • Size 370K


This is an add-on theme for Ultra Keyboard (or Better Keyboard). It will not load on its own.

If you don't have Ultra Keyboard, click "View more applications" under "About the developer" below and install either the full or trial version.

Content rating: High Maturity



by K.-M. Hansche / /
  • Current Version 2.1.4
  • Size 60K


This is the Android-version of Passwordmaker, formerly known as Apoma.

If you feel that the android passwords differ from the Firefox-plugin please make sure, that your profiles match.

PasswordMaker is open-source software.

Recent changes:

* 2.1.9 Enable "one-word" URLs.

* 2.1.8 Add verification-code for master-password.

* 2.1.7 Use mono-spaced font for password.

Content rating: Everyone


WebSMS: Betamax Connector 2012

by Thomas Ritter / /
  • Current Version 1.4.2
  • Size 104K



This app is a connector for WebSMS, an cannot be used stand-alone (like a plugin or addon). You have to install WebSMS first:

If you like this app, please consider rating it.

With this connector installed, you can use most of the Betamax providers. Most providers don't support balance checks. See for more information. If your provider does not support balance checks, a question mark ("?") will be shown instead.

If you can confirm a working provider or find out that one does not work, send me an email or post an issue on the WebSMS website

If you like this app, you can flattr me:

The code for this app is hosted on GitHub

A non-complete list of supported providers:

Recent changes:

Balance information was turned off for most providers. Check this page:

If you had issues sending texts, this update might work better for you

* trim white spaces for user names and provider domains (to circumvent errors due to text auto completion)

* changed from HTTP POST to HTTP GET URL calls, which should lead to fewer errors for some problematic providers.

Content rating: Everyone


App Scan

by Conntek
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 97K


A simple utility that will scan all installed application manifests for search input. Useful for finding which apps use certain libraries or third party add ons (such as ad networks like airpush).

Use either a full or partial package or class name.






Content rating: Everyone



by Holabar Ltd. / /
  • Current Version 1.0.12
  • Size 854K


Store all your usernames and passwords in one safe place.

Then use your smart phone as a smart card to login.


# Download our browser add-on from:



How it works:

- Scan2Login is an innovative passwords manager tool, which securely stores your login information (using AES 128bit) on your personal phone.

- With the Scan2Login extension on your PC browser ,the application will automatically fill your login information.

How to use:

1. On your PC, browse to the login page.

2. Scan the extension QR code using this application.

3. You will be automatically logged in.

Web site:

Recent changes:

- New option to backup the accounts list

- Support unlimited number of accounts.

Content rating: Everyone



by / /
  • Current Version 0.2
  • Size 78K


** DOES NOT SUPPORT OAuth (Yahoo!) login yet ** made easy! Unofficial applet inspired by Firefox plugin.

Share bookmarks on Delicious (or compatible services, e.g. Gnolia). Supports tag autocomplete and suggestions. Basic tag/bookmark viewing functionality.

Content rating: High Maturity



by Nabiev Sanjar / /
  • Current Version 1.5
  • Size 5M


PixiRacer is an endless racing game and just to spice up the game we have added add-ons. Use nitro to quickly by pass between blocks. Break through blocks with armor. Can't handle the speed? Use slow add-on to slow your speed two times! Become ultimate PixiRacer and submit your score to OpenFeint. Are you up for the challenge?

Recent changes:

New Add-ons!:

- Oil Spill

- Switch!

- Random

New Block type!

Neutralizer removes any add-ons user has collected.

OpenFeint Integration - now you can submit your score and compete with other people. Are you ready to beat your friend's score?

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.0.16
  • Size 118K


Application that will allow you to carry your Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) data around with you.

- Sync bookmarks with Android Browser

- Add, update, and delete Bookmarks

- View Open Remote Tabs

- 14-day free trial, requires $12/year Xmarks Premium subscription afterwards

Android Browser doesn't currently support synchronizing folders. To sync a single folder with Android Browser, go to Menu -> Settings and choose Sync folder with browser.

Recent changes:

- Fixes for create account

- General bug fixes

Content rating: Everyone


Legal Dictionary for DroidLaw

by BigTwit Software, LLC / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 23K


A free legal dictionary for DroidLaw!

Arranged in a 0-Z index with the capability of filtering results and/or searching for individual definitions.


DroidLaw Includes:

*Federal Rules of:

- Civil Procedure

- Evidence

- Appellate Procedure

- Criminal Procedure

- Bankruptcy Procedure

- U.S. Constitution

*Available purchase options:

- State Codes / Laws

- United States Code

- United States Supreme Court case opinions

- Code of Federal Regulations

- Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

- 2010 & 2011 Federal Register

**** Uniform Commercial Code coming soon!

*Features include:

- RSS Section for legal news/blogs

- Keyword searching

- Limit searching to specific chapters/titles

- Bookmark and include your own notes

- Save offline

- Share content

- Change font size

- Move App to SDCard

**** Now compatible with Android Tablets!

**** Additional legal reference material available on the Android Market. All purchased add-ons can be accessed through the center app drawer or by adding a shortcut on the DroidLaw Dashboard by long-pressing the screen.

Content rating: Everyone

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