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Pain Score

by Trinstor
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This is a small light application to calculate the severity of pain from any cause. Usefull to all patients as well as doctors and physicians to get an idea about pain severity.

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Chest Pain

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Severe, sudden chest pain can represent a life-threatening problem. This guides provides information on how to identify different causes of chest pain.

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back pain

by BAWidgets.com / bawidgets.com /
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News and information about back pain, surgery, rehab and pain relief.

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Back Pain Management

by InfoApps247
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Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine.

Back pain may have a sudden onset or can be a chronic pain; it can be constant or intermittent, stay in one place or radiate to other areas. It may be a dull ache, or a sharp or piercing or burning sensation. The pain may radiate into the arms and hands as well as the legs or feet, and may include symptoms other than pain. These symptoms may include tingling, weakness or numbness.

Here's a list of topics our Back Pain Management app contains:

- Causes of Back Pain

- How To Prevent Back Pain

- Non-Surgical Treatment For Back Pain

- Surgical Treatments For Back Pain

- Alternative Treatments For Back Pain

- Exercises For Back Pain

- Advice For How To Get Rid Of Back Pain Now And Later

- Head To The Gym

- When Lifting And Moving Heavy Objects

- Try Drinking More Water

- Some Solutions Which Cure Your Back Pain

- Reduce The Stress In Your Life

and much more...

Back Pain Management is one of the most valuable free back pain apps you can find. Period!

Here are some features of our Back Pain Management app:

1) This app covers everything there is to know about back pain causes.

2) The most comprehensive app on back pain treatment.

3) We have certain information on back pain exercises, get rid of back pain, infos about prevent back pain and back pain in general.

Install this free app and share with your friends. Don’t miss it while it is still offered for FREE.

This Back Pain Management app is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

Update contains new infos i.e.

- Lower Right Back Pain Treatment May Indicate Specific Problems

- The Truth Behind Electric Waves For Back Pain Relief

More will follow soon...


The full app can be downloaded for free. For this reason, it contains ads. If we collect enough

votes from users, we think about offering a paid version without showing up ads.


Some parts of this description were taken from Wikipedia.org to show you a definition of what this app will be about.

Recent changes:

New chapter/s added i.e.

- Lower Right Back Pain Treatment May Indicate Specific Problems

- The Truth Behind Electric Waves For Back Pain Relief

More will follow soon...

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Pain Control - R. Collingwood

by i-Mobilize Inc / i-mobilize.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
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The hypnosis session on this app is by ARIA record award winning hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood. A time tested and proven formula to control all types of pain by creating a switch inside your mind.

Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis directly on your phone or mobile device in complete privacy and comfort whenever and wherever you like.

About the Hypnosis Audio Program

This App contains a 60 minute guided personal hypnotherapy session by Rick Collingwood. It will positively empower your mind at the deepest level to help you:

• Calm and relax your mind when in pain

• Create an 'off' switch to help reduce pain levels

• Activate your mind body connection to balance pain

• Shift your mental focus away from pain to a positive mindset

This program is suitable for any type of pain from back pain, to migraines, to arthritis pain, and has even been successfully used to help balance post surgery pain. There is a powerful connection between your mind and body and this program uses this connection to safely help you deal with pain better. Simply by using this CD you may experience an instant pain reduction as your focus is taken away from the pain as you drift into a comfortable state of hypnosis. With persistent use, this program is also designed to rebuild better ways of dealing with pain on a subconscious level to give you more relief moving forward.

Audio Format

Contained on this recording is a unique audio formula for maximum results:

• Clinical spoken hypnotherapy

• Neurosonic Frequencies to assist deep trance

• Positive subliminal messages

This unique combination means that you can actually lose weight while you sleep. These patented frequencies have been scientifically proven through the use of an EEG machine, to help you reach a deep theta trance for the program to work more effectively.


Simply listen to this audio program nightly/daily for 6 nights/days a week, for 8 weeks straight. If you fall asleep using the hypnosis session that is fine as your subconscious mind is still receptive to the audio. Listen to track one which contains the instructions until you remember them in full. After that it is fine to just skip to track 2 which is the actual hypnosis session.

It is fine to use to 3 different hypnosis titles within this 8 week period. If you want to use multiple titles just alternate between each title equally. It is also fine to use this app/s more then once in a day or to even leave it on repeat of a night time. In many cases this has helped fast track the results people experience. Do not be concerned if you do not immediately experience results, sometimes it does take time to make changes. Just make sure you give it a good go for 8 weeks.

* Suitable for children and adults 8 years +

About the Author: Rick Collingwood

Author of this App, Rick Collingwood, is considered by many to be the worlds' leading hypnotherapist. He has worked with countless celebrities, sports stars, business leaders and also appeared as a hypnosis expert on many international media programs including NBC, Good Morning America, Coast to Coast Radio, Fox Sports and MTV.

Rick's CD's have sold more then a million copies and been awarded 2 Platinum & 5 Gold prestigious ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Record Awards.

What others are saying:

Hi, This is Teresa from freezing Manitoba Canada. Thank you so much for phoning. I was on my cellular phone so it was a little hard for me to hear you .I do a lot of meditation, so I believe the Pain Hypnosis was effective for me during that particular dental procedure of having my braces removed. What caught me a couple times was Rick’s reference to Fibre Myelga (spelling?) I think a hypnosis specific for dental procedures would be wonderful.Take care and I hope your weather gets better too.It was a pleasure to speak with you

Cheers, Teresa

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Pain Tracker ( Pain Log ) 2

by Senthil Sambandam
  • Current Version 2
  • Size 2M


This app will help track and keep a log of your pain in text and graphical format. You can email your pain report to your physician (doctor). This can help you report the effectiveness of your treatment and pain medication to your doctor and hence manage your pain better. Overall helps in getting better pain relief.

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No Back Pain Problems

by UMeetOne / umeetone.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
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In any given year between 30 and 60 percent of the U.S. population will experience some form of low back pain.

Back pain is believed to be a seldom case among individuals. In opposition, back pain afflicts around 80% of all people some time in their lives. Nobody escapes from this reality, it seems that back pain is a normal part of any stage of life. It will most likely appear during old age but there are people who have been suffering over the pain since time immemorial.

Having back pain doesn't mean that there is an ongoing damage or degeneration on the lower back. Unlike with acute pain where the level of pain may be associated with the degree of damage on the affected part, chronic back pain doesn't normally correlate with the level of damage.

Know more by install this No Back Pain Problems App and read the information.

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My Pain Diary

by PKML-Apps / www.pk-pc-service.de /
  • Current Version 1.0
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Write comments, feelings and thoughts in your pain diary and take it to your doctor.

Keywords: pains, diary

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Natural Pain Management

by The Optimate / ebooks2android.com /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 266K


Decrease or eliminate your dependence on pharmaceutical drugs by learning the natural pain management secrets, at a reasonable price

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.0.6
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This product allows for simple entry of information into your pain journal. It is built for patients who like easy to use interfaces will record their pain levels in order to communicate better with their Doctor. Up to 4 alarms can be set to remind you to enter data into your journal. An email tool is set to send your data to your provider. This is to keep your doctor up to date on your health.

Enhances communications with your Doctor and provides you with a graphical feedback.

Recent changes:

Remove extra screens if the user doesn't answer the alarm

Content rating: Everyone


Pain Management, 1000 MCQs

by KnowledgeTesting, Inc. / www.knowledgetesting.com /
  • Current Version 2.3a
  • Size 12M


Pain Management Board Review Includes:

1000 multiple choice fact, scenario and case-based questions

Correct answers and explanations to help you quickly master exam content

Take exam as many times as you wish

Score transcripts with missed key words to help you evaluate areas that need further study

Sync your app and receive the latest version of previously purchased questions

The mission of Knowledge Testing is to help you pass the test. We do this by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, educationally sound questions written by leading educators.

Knowledge Testing, LLC


Pain Med Board Review

Chronic Pain in Children

Review of Pain Management


American Society Of Interventional Pain Physicians

Pain Medicine Recertification Board Review Course

American Board of Pain Medicine

Sample Questions - American Board of Pain Medicine

Pain Board Review Course

Pain Board Test Questions

Pain Medicine Test

Pain Medicine Exam

Pain Medicine Review Questions

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by IDJ Group
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Pain is a fact of life that many thousands of people all over the world live with every day of their lives. For many who are in chronic (long-term) pain, this means that it is something they have to live with every waking moment of every day, which is likely to make life very miserable indeed.

The fact is that all of us, probably every single individual on the face of planet earth is either already familiar with pain or will have episodes of pain at some point in our lives yet to materialize. Does this therefore mean that we have to accept pain as an inevitable fact of life?

Content rating: Everyone

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