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Desktop VisualizeR

by Bii, Inc. / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 2M


Desktop VisualizeR(DVR) is an application that allows you to personalize your home screen by creating icons or widgets with your favorite photos or images.

* Main characteristic

- Icon with any image

With the image of your choice, you can create the app starting shortcuts or widgets .

- Large icons

You can use large icons conveniently by pasting them on your desktop as widgets.

- More convenient with add-on features and icon pack

You can expand function by adding the add-on and the our original icon packs.

In addition, you can also make use of themes or icon packs for other launcher apps!

** Our translations are almost based by machine. Please participate in our translation project on

Recent changes:

- Bug and translation fixes.

- Added launcher icon for some Android 5.0 devices.

Content rating: Everyone


SMS2PC - Desktop SMS

by Scott Straughan / /
  • Current Version 2.6
  • Size 60K


Send and receive SMS via your phone from your PC, Mac or Linux computer. Fast and clean, the interface is a pleasure to use and easy to learn. Save your self time, don't pick your phone up when a text arrives, just read and respond directly from your computer.


- Auto PC location (no need to enter IP address on WIFI)

- Forwards SMS from mobile phone to desktop (osx, windows or linux(beta))

- Multi-send messages from desktop

- Phone address book sync with phone

- Handles send notifications and delivery notifications

- Secure Encryption

- Customizable interface

- USB support (enable debugging on phone)

- WIFI support

- Connect over internet via 3G

- Syncs message history

- Message smiles/emoticons

- Custom desktop audio notifications

- Streamlined, simple and clear interface

sms, sms to pc, sms2pc, desktop sms, sms computer, tethering, push, forwarding, smilies, notifications,routes

Content rating: Everyone


Remote Web Desktop Full

by SmartDog Studio HK / /
  • Current Version 5.9.4 Full
  • Size 3M


Remote Web Desktop enable you remotely manage & control your Android device from the computer web browser over wireless connection.

# Why Upgrade to Full Version

1. No Ads.

2. Secure HTTP enabled, provide 1024 bits RSA encryption.

3. No file upload limits (larger size, high speed and multiple drop&down).

4. Enhanced contact features (group message, add new contact).

5. Full screen Gallery Viewer.

# Features

* Desktop SMS

Message management. Support long SMS, group messages and fake SMS. Partial support sending MMS.

* File Explorer

Manage files on SD card, transfer files between phone and computer.

Multiple upload by drag-and-drop. Gallery Viewer and Text Editor embeded.

* Media Player

Enable you play video/audio on phone side or web desktop side.

* FTP Server

Sync files and folders between phone and computer quickly, manage SD card files in Windows File Explorer, browser or FTP client.

* WiFi Keyboard

Type on your phone using your computer's keyboard.

* Webcam

Turns your phone into a wireless camera, view your camera with web browser.

Support both front face and back camera.

* Screen Capture

Take the screen shot and view it in web browser.

* Contact Manager

Manage contacts and call log.

* Remote Call

Make a call from computer side.

* Shared Clipboard

Share clipboard text between PC and phone.

* Wallpaper Util

Set phone wallpaper by upload a picture or online picture.

* APK Web Installer

Backup apps to SD card, and install APK through the File Explorer.

* Personal Web Server

Serve your personal web pages on your phone.

* LogCat

View android logs in web desktop.

* Terminal Emulator

Remotely access Android's built-in Linux command line shell through web browser.

* Notes

Create a note shortcut on phone screen for text file.


Provide 512, 1024 bits RSA encrypt.

* Network Bridge

Support all internet connections (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), even you don't have a public IP, you still can access your phone at any place.

# Features for Rooted Phone

* Remote Control

Remotely control your Android within your computer. Including mouse & keyboard emulation.

# Online Guide

# About Permissions & Security

It requires many permissions just because those features require them, we don't install any spy code in any our apps and don't collect any data from your device.

# Third-part Library Licenses

Ext GWT: Commercial Licensed

Apache Projects & Libraries: Apache License

JQuery: MIT License

Galleria Classic Plug-in: MIT License

Terminal Plug-in: LGPL V3

Recent changes:

# 5.9.5

✔ Add hang up button on Contact window

✔ Add auto start on power/dock

✔ Fixed IP display issue when using Tethering & portable hotspot

Long time no update is because my pretty baby released :), now I am back. Sorry for the inconveniency.

Content rating: Everyone


Remote Desktop Client

by Xtralogic, Inc. / /
  • Current Version 2.14.2
  • Size 619K


Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile device powered by Google Android platform. Once connected, it gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that's happening on the screen. You can leave your computer without losing access to your files, applications, and e-mail. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client can connect using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VNC protocol. For RDP protocol all the necessary server components are already part of most versions of the Windows operating system (except Home varieties).


•RemoteFX graphics support

•VNC protocol support

•Support for Windows 8 Multi-Touch remoting (a.k.a. Metro)

•Simple Connect (eliminates the need for configuring port forwarding on a network router)

•Custom screen resolutions, including an option to automatically fit to the device screen

•Secure network communication protected by SSL/TLS

•Network Level Authentication (NLA) with CredSSP

•Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway(RD Gateway) support

•RemoteApp programs support

•On-screen keyboard for keys missing on the device (functional keys, etc.)

•Server address book

•Master password to secure server password storage

•Audio redirection to the client from a remote computer

•Microphone redirection from the client to a remote computer

•File transfer between SD card and remote computer

•Copy/paste text between client and server

•Display zoom in/zoom out


•Support for Microsoft Remote Assistance

•RDP data compression and caching to save bandwidth

•Android home screen shortcuts

•Automatic activation of a software keyboard in text fields

•Support for international keyboard layouts

•Support for multitasking: switch to other apps without disconnecting

•Support for a physical keyboard (a keyboard connected over Bluetooth or USB)

•Physical mouse support: drag and drop with a single mouse click, mouse wheel, all three mouse buttons are supported (some features require Ice Cream Sandwich)

•Export/import the server address book and app settings to/from SD card

•Support for importing server settings from .rdp and XML files

•Multi-touch gestures for scrolling, mouse buttons emulation

•API for third party apps to establish RDP connection

Recent changes:

•Added RemoteFX graphics support

•Fixed the issue of app crashing when connecting to Windows 8.1 Preview

•Fixed the "Incorrect data length while decoding TSG_PACKET_TYPE_RESPONSE" problem when connecting through Windows 2012 TSG.

•Streamlined security layer selection interface, added reporting of the negotiated security layer

•Fixed the issue of distorted colors on some bitmaps when connecting with 32 bit color depth

Content rating: Everyone


Desktop Shooter Tapjoy

by lazard
  • Current Version 1.11.23
  • Size 252K


Desktop Shooter :

You can shoot you desktop of phone.

Or load image from gallery and shoot they.

Or photo somebody and shooth them.

and then set this image as wallpaper :)

Content rating: High Maturity

  • Current Version 1.0.0
  • Size 218K


Facing the same desktop is so boring. Let anydesk help you. xanydesk has several built in RSS feeds and search these sites in a user specified schedule. You can change the desktop every hour, day or week as you like. If you live these wallpapers, set auto-save on! Let's fresh your phone with xanydesk! Enjoy and have fun.

Content rating: Everyone


Premium Background Changer

by Jimop Apps / /
  • Current Version 1.96
  • Size 431K


Background changer Premium lets you automatically display your favorite backgrounds, best photos, memories or funny pictures on your wallpaper.. when you want!

A must have android app to easily select pictures (or complete folders) and manage when to auto set them as background.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a new and free trial version "Background Changer", which you may find by searching for pWall. Alternatively use this link:

Use events screen to remember birthdays, anniversary, memories, dates...

Included widget lets you quickly switch background too.

This app auto fits pictures on screen using smart auto-fitting mode or even you can specify an adjustment mode for every picture. Remember that home launcher app fixes desktop size and behavior.

New tablet-optimized screens.

Main features includes:

- Widget Next background 1x1 & 4x1

- Powerful album timer and event scheduler.

- Random order within albums.

- Unlimited pictures and albums.

- Import photos directly from gallery and some other external apps.

- Low battery consumption.

- Cool screen design.

If isn't what you want, ask for a refund within the first month.

Contact me by email or Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest too.

Thank you for your support!

Jimop Apps

Learn more:

Recent changes:

Tablet-optimized screens.

Version 3.3

Skip button in widget and main screen

Shortcut "Next wallpaper" for Nova Launcher gestures.

More scheduler improvements.

Fixes some minor bugs.

Version 3.2

New Holo adapted interface

Improves scheduler.

Version 3.1

Smart adjustment picture mode modified for landscape images.

Content rating: Everyone


Desktop Shooter Free

by lazard
  • Current Version 1.11.23
  • Size 242K


Desktop Shooter :

You can shoot you desktop of phone.

Or load image from gallery and shoot they.

Or photo somebody and shooth them.

and then set this image as wallpaper :)

Content rating: Low Maturity


Desktop Shooter

by lazard
  • Current Version 1.11.23
  • Size 161K


Desktop Shooter :

You can shoot you desktop of phone.

Or load image from gallery and shoot they.

Or photo somebody and shooth them.

and then set this image as wallpaper :)

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 204K


xWallpaper is a cool app that can provide bunch of beautiful pictures for your phone. All of these pictures will be updated everyday. You can choose your wallpaper photo from a big candidate pool which is updated by hour. xWallpaper support auto-update as well. So, your phone can fresh your memory with hot photos everyday.

Content rating: Everyone


Desktop - Spacer Widget Free

by FryDro Design / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 194K


A resizable clear space widget to customize your desktop.

Create a clean home screen, or just an area of it.

Place singles, multiple rows, or pages of blanks.

 How you customize your desktop is up to you. 

Nothing installs to a space covered by Spacer Widget!


- use on more than one screen

- re-size up to full-screen

- uses no permissions

- can be used over animated backgrounds

- features no complicated settings

- simply resize or remove by long-clicking space

- is supported on Android OS 1.5 and higher

- contains watermark (free version)

Please upgrade to remove the watermark, and to help support more applications!

Your feedback is appreciated!

Recent changes:

Version 1.1 Update:

-More phones for free version.

-Now installs on Android 1.5 or higher.

Content rating: Everyone


orange clock desktop clock

by Maystarwerk / /
  • Current Version 2.03
  • Size 2M


orange android quality clock widget

Quality design for your android smartphone. Give your phone a new look with a full designed homescreen desktop clock widget.

orange android is a special designed desktop clock widget with a beautiful homescreen wallpaper.

orange android clock widget comes to your android phone to display the time and date clearly on your background. This clock widget gives you an high class alternative look for your android , letting your phone stand out amongst the rest (the basic clock widgets).

You can even choose the orange droid clock widget click action to tap on this widget and force it to bring you to your alarm.

Stay cool with the orange android clock widget on your android device.

app content:

- orange android desktop clock widget

- beautiful orange wallpaper

- special alarm sound

short instruction to activate your clock widget :

Press and hold on any homescreen on your android phone.

Select Widget under the Add to Home menu.

Choose a widget that you would like to install.

copyright© maystarwerk

Content rating: Everyone

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