• Current Version 1.18
  • Size 230K


Tether your Android phone WITHOUT rooting! Klink only needs a data plan and works without a tethering option.



This is a free demonstration version of the paid version of Klink that can be found in the market as "Klink - Tether without root".

- This demo only allows access to a select number of websites and is meant to test compatibility and speed before buying the paid version.

- The paid version is completely unrestricted and can be used with most computer programs, not just web browsers. Access is also unrestricted with the paid version: secure sites and such are never crippled after time.

- When testing Klink at home, DISABLE any other active network connections. (Turn off WiFi or unplug ethernet.) You can use one or the other, but both cannot be active at the same time. Network activity will not occur in that case but will resume functioning as soon as just one device is left active.


*** The paid version currently has limited time introductory pricing! Don't miss out! ***


After installing and running Klink, please tap "Set up your Computer" and follow the instructions. Klink requires the installation of a small companion program on your PC in order to tether without rooting, so following the step-by-step guide is suggested. The same documentation is also available on our website, in case you would like to follow along on a big screen while at home.

Special note to PdaNet or EasyTether users:

* Klink is comparable in nature to these programs and configuration should be similar.

Note that WiFi hotspot mode without rooting can only be performed with a carrier option; however, you'll find better battery life with Klink's USB connection. A connected laptop can usually reshare the connection with others via WiFi if desired.

Keep in mind that Klink's consumption of data depends on usage.

HELP: Please visit the Google Group via, or email


Are there moments when you feel like using your computer but cannot find an Internet connection? Perhaps you need to type a long email on the go despite loathing the idea of pecking around on a touchscreen. Or maybe you prefer to easily browse and chat while sending that email on a comfortably sized screen. Whatever your use case, if you have an Android phone with Internet access and want to bring your computer online, Klink is for you!

Klink allows you to share your Android device's Internet connection with your PC. With it, you can run your favorite browser, most chat applications, many games (TCP/IP and UDP support), and more, all using your phone's existing data plan without an additional tethering option. (NOTE: Data and plan limits still apply, so please check the terms of your plan before using Klink.)


- Does NOT require rooting or a tethering plan to work

- One-time purchase fee -- upgrades are free

- Uses USB for longer battery life and greater speed

- Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.5 (or later), and Ubuntu (32-bit and now 64-bit)

- Written in C (NOT Java) for efficiency, speed, and lower power consumption.

* Handles hundreds of simultaneous connections. Klink can take on the most demanding applications.

* Is fast and capable of handling 4g speeds

- Can transparently rewrite "User-Agent" headers so that your PC browser will look like a mobile device when browsing web pages. This can save bandwidth by conveniently defaulting to the mobile version of websites.

- Designed so that network traffic effectively originates from the phone. This differs from rooted devices, which forward packets directly from the PC. Klink is not a modem!

Recent changes:

- Add WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission requirement so that Klink can properly download files when using the default downloader in the setup guide. (bugfix)

- Add three more user agents.

Content rating: Everyone



by KingsoftNI
  • Current Version 3.0.1
  • Size 2M


Interactive demonstration of car clutch operation aimed at learner drivers and driving instructors as an in car teaching aid.

Demonstrates how biting point is achieved with smooth operation of the clutch pedal and how raising clutch too quick can cause engine to stall.

Change between gears 1-4 and reverse.

Simple animation to illustrate principle of gears. Wheel speed increases as higher gears are selected.

Holding a wheel acts as a brake causing the engine to stall if clutch is not pressed.

If you find this app useful please consider making a small Paypal donation to so I can continue with future support and other apps.

Thank you to those that suggested improvements and made positive comments.

Recent changes:


Lightened colour of tyres for better visibility on darker displays

Added momentum to wheels


Added gear selection between 1st - 4th and Reverse

Added gearbox animation

Added braking

Added tip popups

improved look and animation of tyres

Reduced clutch travel


Bug fixes.

Some cosmetic improvements

Added gear box animation to show link with clutch.

Content rating: Everyone



by Gerry Steele / /
  • Current Version Orignal
  • Size 17K


Dotty is a multitouch test app which can be used to exercise and demonstrate the multi-touch (or lack thereof) on your device.

It is helpful when diagnosing multi-touch axis crossover problems as seen on the HTC Desire and N1 when designing multi-touch UIs.

Why not leave a comment saying which phone you have and how many points you could get!

It is also open source:

FYI: 1.5 and 1.6 may not work as the Api for multitouch was integrated to android later.

Content rating: Everyone


Learner Linguist (WGHS Demo)

by WGHS Computing Department / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 2M


This is a very simple app that tests players' knowledge of French. In this version, only five words are tested!

For more information about how this app was made, visit

Content rating: Everyone


SMSMT Data Capture

by Warwick Slade / /
  • Current Version 1.1
  • Size 29K


A demonstration of driving a form from a model definition.

Content rating: Everyone



by Cow Know
  • Current Version 1.3
  • Size 680K


Caceroladator, the pot-banging protest app, will provide entertainment at demonstrations, civil uprisings and even family gatherings when you can't get hold of a pot or a pan to bang.

All you need to do is open the app and shake your phone to voice your anger and indignation!

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.9.1
  • Size 274K



A simple yet customizable clock widget with colorful semi-transparent background





- Minimalistic style

- Colorful semi-transparent background (You have the complete control of the color, transparency, and even the roundness of the rounded edges / corners)

- Customizable text size, fatness, and color

- Customizable time and date formats

- Live preview of the customized clock in the setting screen

- Possibility to have more than one Nice Simple Clock widgets on the home screen, each with its own customization settings

- Custom time offset option for displaying time in different timezones

- Custom year offset option for special calendar systems

- Ability to launch any user-selected application (e.g. alarm clock) upon a click on the widget

- Different widget sizes support

- Battery-friendly design




How to use:

This is a widget for your homescreen (desktop). To use it, please follow these simple steps.

For newer versions of Android (e.g. 4.0), you may drag and drop a "Nice Simple Clock Widget" item from the Widgets tab of your app list to the homescreen. You may refer to this demonstration video:

For older versions (e.g. 2.3.3) you can long press (i.e. tap and hold) on any empty space on your home screen, then select Widgets and choose a "Nice Simple Clock Widget" item.

Different widget items correspond to different widget sizes (e.g. 1x1, 2x2, etc.).

After adding the clock widget to your homescreen, tapping it will open the configuration window. You can add more than one "Nice Simple Clock Widget" to your homescreen and each of them can have its own unique settings.

*NOTE* If the time does not update properly, please exclude this widget from any task killer app that you might be using. You can also try to remove this widget from your homescreen and add it back again, and see if it solves the problem.

Recent changes:

Version 1.9.0:

- New feature: Click-to-launch option for the date text (under "Other Settings")

- New feature: Chinese lunar calendar option for Chinese systems (under "Date")

- New feature: Option to use English date and am/pm display for non-English systems (under "Other Settings")

- Fixed an issue where the weekday wasn't properly displayed when the system setting is used for date display

- Reduced the app file size

Content rating: Everyone


Organized Free

by Luton Solutions, LLC. / /
  • Current Version 7
  • Size 4M


Note: This application is simply a very limited preview of the Pro Version. It is meant mainly for demonstration purposes.

The first Theocratic Suite for Android. This suite is devoted to research, study, and field ministry activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. This project started over a year ago when it became apparent that a full theocratic suite for Android had not yet been developed. This is the result of those 3 basic projects combined into one great app to use at meetings and in the ministry. A media player (audio and video) is included to view encouraging videos from or listen to the recommended Bible reading for the week.

The goal of this project is to provide a full suite of theocratic productivity tools. This project is ongoing, so added features are on the horizon. Thank you for taking the time to consider this app and we hope that it is spiritually beneficial for you!

With a Full Measure of Christian Love,

Rival Technologies, LLC

dba Luton Solutions, LLC

Required Applications: (All the following apps can be accessed from within "Organized")

AnCal Calendar


Color Dictionary

File Explorer (Astro or ES File Explorer work the best)

Version 7A

• Direct Integration with iSilo

• Calendar based tracking of return visits

• Built-in timer to track time in service

• Voice dictation used to prepare notes

• Goggle Drive storage of notes as a text file

• Video and Audio file playback

• GPS location for street name

• Instant search of Watchtower Online Library and Internet search dialog

Please remember this app is not fully featured. It is a glimpse of what the Pro version is capable of doing. If you encounter difficulties please email me and we can sort them out. Bad reviews for a free application will not help the application to become better but, proper documentation of issues certainly will.

Recent changes:

Version 8-9

• Bugfixes

• Removal of all copyrighted/trademarked logos

• Upload Voice Notes to Google Drive (Google Drive must be installed!)

Content rating: Low Maturity



by ReEvolt Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.2
  • Size 836K


En estos tiempos que corren, mejor tener siempre contigo instrumentos pacíficos de manifestación, como la cacerola y la cuchara de palo. Aunque si no los tienes a mano, puedes utilizar esta aplicación. No dejes de aprovechar la oportunidad de hacerte escuchar.

¡Esta aplicación está dedicada a todos los indignados y acampados!

Ánimos a acampadasol, acampadabcn, al movimiento 15M (Democracia Real Ya), y en general a toda la spanishrevolution.

Recent changes:

- Mejoras en la interfaz gráfica

- Añadida página de información

- Mejorado y aumentado sonido

Content rating: Everyone


FlightDeck-Artificial Horizon

by AuraQuest, Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 980K


Just a fun artificial horizon simulator!

Being a private pilot, I originally looked at developing this tool as a backup artificial horizon while I'm flying. However, since the Android phone doesn't have true gyros, it just makes for a great demonstration.

Recent changes:

Added dampening to smooth the display. Adjustable in preferences.

Content rating: Low Maturity


ARS - Intranet

by DiGiCharat / /
  • Current Version 1.0b8
  • Size 2M


The first "Audience Response System" that supported wide platform such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackburry, or any computer/mobile device which has a web browser.

"ARS" can increase audience and speaker communicate in a presentation or seminar. Speaker can broadcast its PowerPoint slide, ask audience questions, view audience response statistic, collect survey response.

All questions and audience response will collected and stored in database. Our Server application can ***ysis and generate a statistic chart.

Audience also can ask speaker any time in a presentation or seminar. Speaker can filter those question and select some of them to answer.

This android application is just only a part of our system, server application and PowerPoint add-in is required.

Server application requirement: Apache + php(support COM object for PowerPoint integration)

Database requirement: mySQL / Oracle

Speaker application requirement: A web browser / PowerPoint

Client requirement: Android 1.6-4.0 / iOS / Web browser with wireless network connection

Contact us for more details!

Recent changes:

Improved loading algorithms

Recovered minor bugs

Content rating: Everyone


Chinese Alphabets Exercise

by Sino Vista Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 3M


Chinese Alphabets is a new method for learning and typing Chinese in easy and fun way.

Chinese Alphabets Exercise is a demonstration application of body exercise used in learning Chinese Alphabets

Content rating: Everyone

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