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Cruise Journal

by Jornl Team / /
  • Current Version 0.4
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Cruise Journal to record all your cruise trip memories. If you are a cruise person, this can be valuable diary. Record when you boarded the cruise ship and the different ports and cities you visited. Record location, photos, port of call and many more. Very customized for cruise trips.

Known Issue : Adding photos will not work in Android Honeycomb Tablets. We are working to fix this issue.

Features include:

- Add unlimited cruise trip photos

- Edit cruise journal entries.

- Record location everytime you make a cruise trip journal entry.

- Add entries for people you meet, along with related purchases. (Has separate input item just for wedding purchases)

- Record cruise destinations, port of call, name of ship, temperature and more.

- Record time and date of every cruise trip event.

- Calendar

- Share your journal entries with anyone using email or any other sharing client.

- Password protect your cruise journal entries.

Recent changes:

New Features:

1. Calendar

2. Share your journal entries with anyone. (Both individual entries and all at once)

3. Password Protection

4. Bug Fixes

Content rating: Low Maturity


Vacation, Beaches, Cruise Cams

by zee Software Apps / /
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NOT just still images - To “Stream” or Auto Refresh Images, press the "Select Individual Cameras" button and then Menu.

Web cameras from around the world to some of the best vacation spots, beaches and cruise ship cameras

80 great links are preloaded. This app is fully customizable so you can add your own web cameras

You have the ability to save any image to your phone (sd card)

travel princess pool island IP mountains bikini *** ocean

Recent changes:

To “Stream” or Auto Refresh Images, press the "Select Individual Cameras" button, select a camera and then use the menu button to bring up the options to Stream / auto-refresh.

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Cruise Confidential

by O'Reilly Media / /
  • Current Version 1.2.10
  • Size 2M


Cruise Confidential is a delightfully funny, wild, and romantic adventure below the waterline. Brian David Bruns worked for a year in the ships' restaurants and reveals what it's really like working on a cruise ship. His account will astonish you as you are assaulted with circumstances ranging from the absurd to the bizarre. Did you know that waiters are required to steal cutlery and even food from each other for their own guests? Can you imagine what the crew thinks of the passengers? And ***, don't forget the ***.

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Hoarding Frame Cruise

by Crazy Old Woman
  • Current Version 2.7
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Animated hoarding frame cruise ( H D ) app with relaxing music,cruise ship,beautiful background,best love frames live & live photo frame for all occasions which can be a romantic and lovely experiences to creat a surprise gift. Start creating different background image and picture to be uniquely your's.This app play music,take lovely photo,get image (picture) from gallery by magic touch automatically set image makes it easy and hassle free.

Magic one touch function :-

Green camera icon (left -bottom) launch camera take photos.(mark frame location on screen with non stick paper if necessary)

Save button (camera) transfer image to background and saved to gallery automatically

Green gallery icon (right-bottom) launch gallery image and photos to be set or reset to pervious selected photo.

Pick image (you like) automatically transfer image and /or previous saved photo will set to background.

Screen (touch anywhere) play music and or replay music,

Share with your friends just sent photos, friends to install the same app use gallery one touch function pick photo to auto set photo to background to enjoy the same.

Start to creating your own,best lovely live photo frame,baby frame live, kids live photo frames,valentine live love frames as surprise gift including mother's day,farther's day ,wedding day,anniversary gift,birthday gif,.dating surprises and also grand parent's love morden music box.

Thanks for installing

My regards

Recent changes:

New simple easy android game free.

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  • Current Version 9.8
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Game yells at you if you speed. Requires you to drive around, but be safe...

WikiSPEEDia is a contributor owned database of speed limit signs, owned by me and you. Submit signs now, own them forever!

Why should GPS companies make billions on information you should own and get paid for!

Pro-ver hooks to cruise control!

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Personal Travel Agent

by Top Ten Travel Company / /
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This is a must have app for anyone that travels. One touch access to over 20 Airlines, 30 Hotel chains, 20 Discount Travel Sites, Rental Cars, Cruise Lines, Trip Insurance, Air Travel Information, the FAA, TSA, Rail Lines and more.

Call Airlines right from the app, eliminates searching for phone numbers when you are in a hurry. Gives you instant access to just about any travel resource you may need.

Get instant access to Discount Travel sites like Priceline, Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity, AAA, AirFareWatchdog, and Last Minute Travel.

Get instant access to Cruise Lines like Holland, Viking, Euro River Cruises.

Get instant access to Vacation Sites like Home Away, Flip Key and Rentalo.

Get instant access to Travel Insurance companies like Insure my Trip, International SOS, Square Mouth, and Travel Guard.

Find the best seat on an airplane, check wait times and delays, book a vacation. Everything is just one touch away.

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  • Current Version 2.0
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Cruceros baratos, ofertas cruceros,crucero mediterraneo,viajes baratos, msc cruceros,costa cruceros

Si no tienes muy claro qué crucero quieres hacer, esta aplicación te puede ayudar bastante. Con este buscador, podrás localizar el tuyo entre más de mil cruceros disponibles, seleccionando la fecha en la que quieres viajar, la zona, el puerto del que partes, la compañía e incluso el barco. Cuando hayas consultado toda la información que te ofrece y visto las imágenes del barco, seguro que será más fácil elegir cuáles son los que pueden ser más interesantes, y pedir presupuesto para tu viaje directamente desde la aplicación. Y con los tiempos que corren, está claro que no puede faltar la pestaña de ofertas.

Tienes la oportunidad de buscar no sólo cruceros marítimos, sino también fluviales. Así que ya no tienes que pensar sólo en el Mediterráneo o en el Caribe. También puedes organizar tu viaje soñado por el Amazonas o por el Nilo. Descubre toda la información sobre las naves de distintas compañías, los mapas con las rutas que realizan y los precios que tendrías que pagar según el tipo de cabina que elijas.

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Crociere Scontate, risparmia prenotando la tua crociera tramite "Crociere Scontate"

Fai la tua ricerca per trovare la Crociere che fa per te !

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DISBoards Mobile

by Werner Technologies, LLC / /
  • Current Version 1.3.13
  • Size 2M


This mobile application will let you Join thousands of Disney Fans on the internet's largest and friendliest Disney Community.

Our Disney forums are broken up into several categories. Depending on your interests, you may choose the Trip Planning forums (which include theme parks, resorts, restaurants and more), the Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland , Universal Studios and Sea World or Disney Vacation Club forums.

We even have a Just for Fun Community Area where you'll find Disney fans just like yourself.

** Disney is a registered trademark of the Walt Disney Company. This app and website is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and is a fan site. This is not an official Disney app. **

Content rating: Low Maturity


Indonesia Travel Guide

by Asian Trails Ltd, / /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 963K


Asian Trails Indonesia started operations in 2000 and in the last decade, it has become a well-established Destination Management Company offering services in Indonesia. With more than 70 employees, we operate a wide range of excursions and round trips and offer cruises, flights or beach extensions in all major tourism destinations of our country.

Our Indonesia Travel Guide includes a Travel Guide on Bali, Lombok, Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

Content rating: Everyone


Rostock App

by WERK3 Werbeagentur GmbH / /
  • Current Version 1.1.1
  • Size 3M


Juni Media präsentiert die ganze Stadt in einer App!

Jetzt Rostock mobil erleben und entdecken.

- Zahlreiche Angebote aus Gastro, Hotels, Shopping, Kultur, Event, Specials, u.v.m.

- Die wichtigsten Termine & Veranstaltungen

- Aktuelle Tagestipps

- Stadtrundgänge und Erlebnistouren

- Tipps & Empfehlungen von anderen Usern

- benutzereigene Favoritenliste

Das attraktive Gratisangebot ist wie geschaffen für alle Rostocker und Gäste der Hansestadt. Egal ob geschäftlich oder privat - die übersichtliche Struktur und intuitive Bedienung machen die App zu einem idealen Wegbegleiter.

Die App präsentiert eine Fülle von Informationen und Angeboten zu Rostock und Warnemünde. Und das aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen wie Sehenswertes, Gastro, Ãśbernachtungen, Events, aber auch Unternehmen, Organisationen und weitere wichtige Adressen. Informationen zur aktuellen Stadtentwicklung sind ebenso zu finden wie eine schnelle Ãśbersicht zur historischen Entwicklung der beinahe 800-jährigen Hansestadt.

Mit dem Tipp des Tages auf der Startseite sowie der integrierten Such- und Filterfunktionen wird ein schnelles Navigieren zu den gewünschten Ergebnissen einfach und schnell möglich. Informationen und Empfehlungen sind gepaart mit nützlichen Funktionen wie Adressen, Kontaktmöglichkeiten und Ansicht im Stadtplan. Hinzu kommen die eigene Favoritenliste zum einfachen »merken« oder die Tippliste, in der man seine ganz persönlichen Highlights an andere Nutzer weiter empfiehlt.

Für alle, die auf seebärenstarke Entdeckungstour gehen wollen, sind bildbetonte Touren und die Navigationsliste »Schiffe gucken« zu empfehlen. Hier werden alle Ein- und Ausläufe der Kreuzfahrtschiffe im Rostocker Hafen am Passagierkai Warnemünde rechtzeitig aufgelistet, damit man kein Schiff mehr verpasst.

Wir sind ständig bestrebt die App weiterzuentwickeln und freuen uns immer über Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Wünsche aller Art an

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Zenscript / /
  • Current Version 1.0.12 (fixes for larger screens, tablets)
  • Size 177K


FlyoverGPS is an offline (or online) mapping app that allows caching of OpenStreetMaps, Nokia Satellite or Google Maps Tiles for offline viewing, as in "Airplane Mode" without a Network connection. It displays a flyover map of your plane's location when in flight if your device hardware is capable of getting a GPS fix while in the air. It is optimized for airline passenger use when flying, also displaying




in english or metric units, or can be configured to display heading in compass degrees or speed in knots. This app can also be used to cache maps for offline use in any travel situation, or is perfectly capable of displaying your position and direction with a network connection.

GPSTest included, as GPS fixes in an airplane without benefit of network triangulation can be problematic. The best results that have been reported involve a southern exposure window seat, although newer phones seem to be much better at achieving a GPS fix than older ones. I would be interested in comments documenting this behavior.

Finally, be aware that while most airlines do expressly allow GPS receivers to be used during the cruise portion of the flight, some do not. The in-flight use of electronic devices is always subject to the final decision of the Captain and Flight crew.

Recent changes:

-Fix Resolution on Tablets, other bug fixes.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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