Car Rentals


Hertz RentACar

by The Hertz Corporation / /
  • Current Version 2.9.1
  • Size 774K


Need a rental car reservation fast? Or have a reservation and need to make a change? Hertz provides speed, savings, and selection at your fingertips. Save time reserving your car with favorite locations plus look for nearby Hertz locations. Save your Hertz #1 Club Member Number and have it added to all of your Hertz reservations. Enjoy special Hertz deals for Android users – there are new Special Deals every week! Wherever you are, a Hertz rental car is not too far away - use the location proximity search to find Hertz in your neighborhood. Be sure to enjoy your journey - start with Hertz – we give you all the benefits of car rental in the palm of your hand.

Helpful Tip - To get the most out of the "My Reservations" process, please ensure that you have your Hertz Member Number stored in the settings area.

Recent changes:

Minor bug fixes.

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Auto Europe

by Auto Europe / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 27K


Auto Europe provides the best combination of service and price when you rent a car with us. We have over 8,000 car rental locations in over 130 countries worldwide and will help you with all of your rental car needs. The Auto Europe app for Android puts our convenient international car rental services in the palm of your hand wherever you go.

- Reserve a car from one of our 8,000 locations worldwide

- Retrieve your reservation details and view your rental voucher

- Contact us with one of our toll-free numbers from anywhere in the world

- Confirm your reservation through our secure payment process

- Find answers to frequently asked questions about international car rentals

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Price Setter

by The only patented application for smart phones. / /
  • Current Version
  • Size 372K


PATENTS NO. 8,533,097 and 8.655,771, PUBLISHED PATENT CONTINUATION APPLICATIONS 14/080,610 and 14/281,070. © COPYRIGHT 2009-2015, all rights reserved.



Visit our BETA Website at

Using our patented technology Buyers can engage local and online Sellers in a unattended, instantaneous, on demand, real time, lowest price or highest discount competition on the products or services they want such as products bearing UPC and QR codes or, new cars, oil change, hair cut, car wash, hotels, attorneys, real estate agents, restaurants, pharmacies, car rentals, auto leasing, loans, tickets, home Insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, boats, ATV's, RV's, apartment rentals, liquor, contractors, and many more.

Sellers can set their own pricing parameters and deposit them in our database (Price Setter) e.g. a maximum price, a minimum price, a percentage for how low they want their price to go under the closest competitor and other parameters, this way they do not need to advertise their bottom line price across the board all of the time; using Price Setter their prices adjust automatically up or down only when and if necessary and only for each specific transaction not permanently, in response to who their competition is and what their prices are at the moment the buyer requests a price quote, a real win-win deal, making Price Setter the best place for consumers to buy and for Retailers to sell.

Buyers can obtain immediate discounted price results without having to haggle with sales staff.

The prices displayed by Sellers on traditional price comparison shopping apps., websites and marketplaces are linked to those Seller's own independent store websites, meaning that in order to be competitive in a comparison shopping application, website or marketplace their prices will also have to be low on their own store websites; this is is not a good thing for Sellers because many shoppers who do not use comparison shopping and buy their products or services directly from a Seller's independent store website are paying a discounted price even without having to shop around. This way the losers are small business owners who sell with little or no profit, and the winners are buyers who can actually afford to pay more as they do not hunt for bargains but who buy at the discounted prices because the opportunity is there. The real bargain hunters or price conscious shoppers are who get the most benefit using an application integrated with our price competition platform because Sellers who advertise on these applications can afford to set their bottom price competing parameter to beat competitor's prices on the spot.

How can this be done?, by not having to advertise or sell a product at a discounted price on their own store website all of the time and having a larger profit, Sellers members of Price Setter can afford to set their bottom price adjusting parameters to go lower that any competitor who normally advertises a discounted fixed price with little or no profit on their own website.

Test the DEMO categories featured on this DEMO application. Follow the instructions on each of the application screens. Interesting updates coming soon, do not uninstall the app.

Other features covered by our patent include electronic coupons, variable value coupons, deals, ads, digital wallets, shopping lists, code scanners, loyalty cards, GPS, NFC, RFID and more.

Recent changes:

The USPTO issued patent No. 8,533,097 for our platform on September 10, 2013.

The USPTO issued patent No. 8,655,771 on Feb. 18 2014.

Patent continuation application No. 14/080,610 was filed with the USPTO on November 14, 2013.

The above cover "The price depot" app, and several other apps. like code scanning apps., shopping lists, digital wallets, digital coupons, deals, price matching, loyalty cards, targeted ads, proximity, location, RFID NFC, maps and more.

Content rating: Low Maturity


First Car Rental City Guide

by Advanced Science Applications / /
  • Current Version 3.0.3
  • Size 5M


Explore the wonders of South Africa with the First Car Rental City Guide, produced by Tourism Radio®. It’s the ultimate travel guide to the cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

You’ll find detailed audio and text information about things to do and places to see in each of South Africa’s major cities and their surrounds. Using your mobile’s inbuilt GPS, the First Car Rental City Guide plays hundreds of quality audio clips automatically, as you approach historical points of interest, scenic highlights, museums, restaurants and accommodation facilities. You won’t miss a thing!

Features of the First Car Rental City Guide:

• More than 450 points of interest across South Africa

• Guides to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and the Cape Winelands can be downloaded separately or all together– you decide what you want!

• Host of information at your fingertips, including opening times, prices and contact details

• The First Car Rental City Guide uses your phone’s inbuilt GPS, so after initial setup you won’t use any data

• Search and filter points of interest for ease of use – customise the guide to suit your needs

• Points of interest are clearly marked on detailed, offline maps of South Africa


While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within the First Car Rental City Guide was accurate at the time of publication, we cannot be held responsible should this prove otherwise or should changes occur. By downloading the First Car Rental City Guide, the user agrees that no responsibility for the consequences resulting from any inaccurate information shall be incurred on the application or guide publisher and their clients, or on the third parties mentioned therein. All information is subject to change and users are further encouraged to check information directly with the third party establishments should they wish to make bookings.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Discount Car Rentals Rent Car

by Discount Hotels, Flights, Cars / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 2M


Discount car rentals, rent a car. Find big real time discounts from all your favorite car rental agencies. Rent a Van, Truck, Car, Suburban, SUV, Luxury Cars and More.

Recent changes:

Totally responsive design. Now offering hotels, flights and car rentals.

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ABN Car Rentals

by Allied Business Network / /
  • Current Version 1.4
  • Size 70K


Car rental savings are available right at your fingertips with the ABN Car Rentals app for your android phone. ABN Car Rentals is a free tool designed to make cutting the overall cost of travel easier – and cheaper. This free app makes it easy to claim a car rental discount whether you’re at the rental counter, hunting online, or scrambling for a phone number.

Through the use of the android ABN Car Rentals app, you’ll get an overarching and detailed view of ABN’s Hertz rental car discount program, including enrollment details for Hertz Business Rewards, so you can save money and earn points that are good towards free rental days.

What features are accessible through ABN Car Rentals?

With ABN Car Rentals you’ll save up to 20% on every car rental through one of the most popular rental car brands in the business, Hertz, and have access to these features and benefits:

- Instant savings of up to 20%: online, over the phone, or right at the rental counter

- A detailed overview of the enrollment process for Hertz Business Rewards

- A complimentary membership in Hertz #1 Club Gold®

Who should download the ABN Car Rentals app?

- Frequent Travelers

- Vacationers

- Traveling Professionals

- Car Owners Needing Auto Maintenance

By using the ABN Car Rentals app on your android phone you’ll never pay full price for a car rental again. This handy tool gives you instant access to discounts of up to 20% and the ability to enroll in Hertz Business Rewards – so free rental days are never far out of your grasp.

Content rating: Everyone


MyCar Locator Free

by nomadrobot / /
  • Current Version 4.0
  • Size 285K


My Car Locator Free is the easiest to use free car locator in the Google Play Store, with all essential information displayed at all times.

MyCar Locator uses your GPS to remember where you park with the push of just one button and guides you back to your car easily. Never again forget where you have parked!

Also great for remembering the location of your hotel, camping spot, trail head, boat ramp, bus stop or any other location you would like to easily return to later.


David on January 13, 2012

"Worked perfect!

Went to see a concert in a round venue. If you exit out the wrong door, as I always do, your screwed and it takes forever to find your car as eveything looks the same. This app worked perfectly! All we had to do was follow the arrow and we found our car with no problem. Would definitely recommend it."

Mike on December 17, 2011

"nearly perfect.

A great app for everyone that gets turned around in a parking lot. Never loose your car again. The compass needs a little work, but the map will guide you directly to your car. Easy to use and understand, and doesn't use a lot of battery life."

Marc on March 8, 2012

"Awesome app!

If you've ever come out of a stadium and thought "where is my car?", this app is for you. Simply click park before you leave your car and it will guide you back after the game or concert."

--Please make sure your phone's GPS is turned on!--

Keep in mind it is highly unlikely that your phone will be able to get a GPS signal inside any building, including a house or parking garage.

-This app is best used outdoors!

Great to use when:

-Parking in a big city

-Large lots, airport, college campus, theme park, etc.

-Parking in an unfamiliar area

-Parking at a sporting event, convention, concert, etc.

Not just for locating your parked car, My Car Locator Free is also great to remember locations for camping, hiking, boating and many other outdoor activities.

Also great for exploring new places on foot; store your hotel, train or bus stop, that cool place you just found and will want to return to later, whatever!


-Arrow points you to car's location

-Easily choose between feet, yards, and meters

-Store detailed notes about your car's location

-Remembers how long you have been parked

-Provides walking directions back to your car's location

-Choose between map or satellite view

-Two ways to store your location(Press the 'P' in the bottom-right corner, or just double tap on the map)

-Current GPS accuracy shown in real-time

--Please make sure your phone's GPS is turned on!--

Keep in mind it is highly unlikely that your phone will be able to get a GPS signal inside any building, including a house or parking garage.

-This app is best used outdoors!

-May not be compatible with Motorola Cliq

(car locator, finder, parking, gps)

Recent changes:

Updated user interface, improved menu and settings screen.

Content rating: Low Maturity



by Elie Abou Fares / /
  • Current Version 6
  • Size 556K


Talfen is Lebanon's Online Directory. Find any contact information (phone, mobile, address, fax, email, website, map location, ...) for businesses.Talfen covers more than 40 categories such as Airlines, Banks, Beaches, Car Rentals, Cinemas & Movie Guide, Diet Center, Hospitals, Hotels, Night Clubs, Pubs, Recruitment Agencies, Restaurants, Taxis.

Recent changes:

This version of Talfen app adds a graphical user interface for the main directory and the weddings directory. Minor bug fixes were also introduced for faster browsing of the directory.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Car Rental Republic NZ Guide

by Advanced Science Applications / /
  • Current Version 3.0.3
  • Size 5M


The brilliant talking travel guide from Car Rental Republic lets you discover all the great things New Zealand has to offer.

The Car Rental Republic Travel Guide always knows your location, is loaded with well-researched local information and, on top of that, tells you about points of interest as you get close.

Included in the app contains 850 points of interest, covering the whole of New Zealand. It informs you about places to stop for lunch, local sightseeing spots, city and town information and places to stay for the night.

The Car Rental Republic Travel Guide includes the following great features:

• Many hours of high-quality audio about hundreds of points of interest

• As you approach, it brings to your attention things like local history and culture, Maori influence, local landmarks and much more

• There are multiple images of points of interest with contact details as well as text and audio descriptions

• Don’t worry about not being able to find what you’re looking for because the Car Rental Republic Travel Guide contains a built in category filter and detailed New Zealand maps

• You can get directions to any point of interest using the “Take Me There” feature, which uses the inbuilt map on your phone

• You can use this app offline, so don’t worry about expensive data costs

• Incremental download system means you’ll get free guide content updates without having to re-visit the app store

The Car Rental Republic Travel Guide gives you the freedom to travel anywhere in the country alone and find all the things you really want to see. Just head off in any direction you like, with the travel guide telling you about points of interest along the way.

This app includes the following regions, towns and cities:

Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Waitomo, Coromandel, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo, Ruapehu, Hawkes Bay, Eastland, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wellington, Wairarapa, Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, The West Coast, Christchurch, Canterbury, Dunedin, Otago, Queenstown, Southern Lakes, Fiordland, Southland.

Please note: Due to updates in this version, if you are updating the application, all previously downloaded guides will need to be downloaded again.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Car Expo Transfer

by Silvio Cantoni / /
  • Current Version 1.0
  • Size 5M


TRUST CAR is a company that offers high quality services and reliability with car rentals

with driver not only in Milan but in any part of Italy .

They are the most demanding customers , managers , politicians , diplomats who rely on Trustcar and the reasons are numerous : the safety of the high quality of the service, the confidence in the drivers , the knowledge of languages ​​and territory , conditions always ideals of the car , all new generation with insurance coverage massima.Tre operating formulas

The rental service with driver proposed by Trustcar is divided on three basic solutions , from time to time accommodating the needs of its customers .

● Service " STANDARD " : includes rent on a daily or half-day .

● Service "TRANSFER " is a service of transfer to your favorite locations .

● Service available " CUSTOM " : the driver and the car are available to customers 24 hours 24 days required by you .











● 24 HOURS 24


Content rating: Low Maturity


ENTER Greece Car Rental

by / /
  • Current Version 1.01
  • Size 2M


Renting a car with Car Rental ENTER Spiridakos is a wise choice, as we guarantee:

a) Secure high quality vehicles,

b) Prompt and friendly service

c) The best prices

d) No hidden charges

Our main priority is your complete satisfaction, and we know from our experience that the key to our success is the satisfaction of our customers.

We work very hard to earn your trust to give you the highest quality services.

We make sure that your expectations will be fully satisfied by your experience, renting the car of your choice with us.

We look forward to serve you, we wish you a safe and pleasant stay.

Team Car Hire ENTER

Content rating: Everyone


MΓΌnchen Navigator

by Deutsche Bahn / /
  • Current Version 1.3.4
  • Size 3M


It does not matter if you use the train, the underground or the bus. If you use the 'München navigator' (in the past the “Navi S-Bahn München”) you can now buy a ticket on your mobile, including all forms of transport within Munich (MVV). You buy your ticket and off you go - flexible and uncomplicated! Additional you get actual informations, when there are disruptions on the track.

How does it function?

Buy your ticket directly by app

You can travel all over Munich using the new ticket (MVV) - single tickets, day tickets, the airport-city-day-ticket, the city tour ticket or a day ticket for your bike. You pay by credit card (visa, master card, Amex) or by bank transfer.

Intergrated information of the Munich timetable (MVV)

The timetable information gives you information about connections and addresses in Munich. It is just as convenient as the German Railway (DB) navigator. You can store the information under 'favourites'.

Check the next Trains at your Station

You can see an overview of all trains at your station and check for delays

Disturbances (Störungen)

You can get information in the case of sudden changes of timetable.

Confirm present position

You can check your present position, especially if you are a stranger in Munich. Use the app. and find out where you are and where the best bus stop or station is in order to reach your destination.

Subscription function (alarm function for delays)

The alarm will inform you of any delays by using the 'press' function.

My DB car sharing and 'call a bike' function

When you have reached your destination you can find stations for 'car sharing' or the position of 'call a bikes' under “Nearby”

Network Maps

Here you can get an overview about the Network-System in Munich.

Construction Works

Here you can get information, when there are disruptions on the track.

Live map of local trains

If you want to find out the present position of your train or any delays, you can use the map.

Recent changes:

- Integration of network Maps

- New function “contruction works” with actual informations about disruptions

- New Ticket “Airport City Ticket” for travelling to/from the airport

- Buying Tickets for other people

- Bugfixes and optimizing Usability taking account of customer wishes

Content rating: Low Maturity

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