Biological Father


Fathers of Biology

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It is hoped that the account given, in the following pages, of the lives of five great naturalists may not be found devoid of interest. The work of each one of them marked a definite advance in the science of Biology.There is often among students of anatomy and physiology a tendency to imagine that the facts with which...

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Glympse is a fast, free, and simple way to share your location safely using GPS tracking in real time with friends and family!

No sign up required! Only those you share with can view your Glympse from any web-enabled device. Download Glympse today!

~~~ Hereâs what our users have to say about Glympse! ~~~

âââââ âThe best family and friends finder out there. If you need something that will help you stay in contact with your loved ones and you don't get this app then you are missing the boatâ - via Google Play review

âââââ âNo other location app I have used comes close to this one for accuracy and reliability. Used to keep track of the family unit, great for me.â - via Google Play review

âââââ "Absolutely LOVE this app! I take the bus home from work and my husband picks me up at the bus stop. I send a Glympse when I get on the bus and he can track the location. We also use it when we are running 5k, 10k and half marathon races. It works fabulously!" -via Glympse support

~~~ AWARDS & PRESS ~~~

â 2014 Webby Award Winner

â "[Glympse] is one of those apps thatâs ingenious in its simplicity, insanely handy to have around, and just a little bit fun to boot." â CNET Reviews

â "Glympse: The Coolest Thing Your Smartphone Can Do" â Fast Company

â Named one of "15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011" â Mashable

App Features:

â Easy: no sign up required or contact lists to manage

â Safe: your Glympse automatically expires

â Live: share location in real-time with dynamic map

â Open: share with anyone â no app required to view

â Passive: runs in the background

â Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a data connection

Use Glympse to:

â coordinate a social night out with friends

â let your spouse know your ETA when youâll be home from work

â let your family know you are safe while running or cycling

â find friends at a concert festival

â provide a courtesy notice with ETA to a client when stuck in traffic

â share a charity run route with followers on Facebook or Twitter

â direct emergency personnel to you quickly

Note about PERMISSIONS: If you have any questions about which Android permissions we require or how we use them, please visit...

Note about our WIDGET: Many versions of Android do not allow widgets to work for apps installed to the SD card. If you encounter this issue, moving the application back to main memory should resolve the issue.

We LOVE TO HEAR FROM CUSTOMERS. If you have an issue or suggestion, please use the "Feedback" feature in the app.

Recent changes:

* New map control on most devices that supports tilt, rotate, 3D buildings, and faster/smoother graphics.

* New follow mode. Just press the lock button on the map to have Glympse automatically pan/zoom the map to follow all the people that are currently visible on the map.

* Two new permissions required:

- Activity recognition: Allows Glympse to optimize battery based on if you are walking, driving, or biking.

- Read your own contact card: Allows Glympse to set your initial name and avatar.

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Irish Driving Test Soundboard

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Father loses cool when his son fools him into thinking he fails his driving test

The boy's father is unaware that he has just passed the test. He decides to have some fun with his father, making him think he has failed, resulting in his father not being too pleased.

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Santa Tracker Free

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The Best Santa Tracker

"Brilliant App, our 2 1/2 year old really believes we are tracking Santa... genius"

Track Santa around the world as he prepares for the big day!

Also contains an Advent Calendar which shows lots of Xmas sightings of Santa. See what Father Christmas is up to, is he working in the toy factory? Going for a ride or just having a cup of Tea?

On Christmas Eve he will travel the world delivering in every time zone from New Zealand to San Fransisco just after the kids have fallen asleep.

Sometimes he goes home to the North Pole but mostly he is working hard.

Upgrade the app to unlock these features:

Santa's Blog.

Countdown to Christmas.

Send a letter to Santa.


Totally revised and improved tracking.

Recent changes:

Santa has worked hard on his spelling, great new pictures from renowned children's illustrator Jo Moon after her year long stay with Santa at the North Pole.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Pool Billiards Pro

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Welcome to the Pool Billiards Pro game! How about a nice little game of pool? This is the No.1 Pool game in Android market and it's totally FREE.

Game Features:

1. Realistic 3D ball animation

2. Touch control for moving the stick

3. 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool

4. Single Player Mode: Straight Pool Game (no rules)

- Challenge (2 minutes time limit with high score record)

- Practice (no time limit but no high score record)

5. VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)

6. Arcade Mode: 180+ Challenging Levels (no rules)

How to play:

1) Single Player Mode (no rules)

The object of the game is to pocket your set of assigned balls. The more balls sink the higher scores you get. Touch the screen to adjust the direction and drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike.

The initial time limit of Challenge Mode is 2 minutes but once you sink a ball you will get additional time. As all the balls have been cleared, the pool will create a new group of balls to keep the game going on. Also you can play the Practice Mode which has no time limit but no high score record.

2) VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)

Play against the computer AI/Player with standard 8 ball rules or 9 ball rules. Touch the screen to adjust the direction and drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike. Touch and hold at any point to move the cue-ball and tap to confirm for Free-ball.

3) Arcade Mode (New and no rules)

You need to pocket all the balls on the table within the given number of cues. There is no time limit and rules for this mode but watch out you have only limited number of cues.

Rack em!

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board. Thanks.

Recent changes:

v2.49: Fixed some crash bugs in the last update

v2.48: Added a new stage - Stage 7 (30 new levels) in Arcade mode

(Notes: There still might be occasional freezing issues on HTC EVO 4G because of some strange characteristics of HTC phones. If you encounter this issue again, please kindly send us an email. Thanks a lot!)

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Belajar Berhitung

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Jika putra/ putri Ibu Bapak terbiasa dengan model penjumlahan: 6 + 3 = ... ; aplikasi ini melakukan perbedaan dengan memberikan tipe soal open ended,bersifat terbuka. Dalam tebak bilangan, putra/ putri Ibu/ Bapak akan kami hadapkan pada masalah, contoh: ... + ... = 9. Dengan tipe soal tersebut, anak akan dapat menentukan sendiri bilangan-bilangan yang mengisinya, dan ada banyak bilangan yang dapat mengisi titik-titik tersebut. Dalam aplikasi ini, hanya dibatasi untuk bilangan non-negatif saja, dan maksimum jawaban adalah 5 jawaban. Di tipe permainan Adu Cepat, anak akan dihadapkan pada masalah penjumlahan, masih sama, diminta untuk menentukan 5 jawaban, namun kali ini, anak harus menemukannya dalam waktu 34 detik.

BELUM SEMPURNA, oleh karena itu mohon saran dan masukan ke email kami.

Selamat Belajar Berhitung Adik-adik.....


Update V.2

- ditambah sedikit sound dari Tasya (anak gembala), midi, Free dari Google

- text to speech untuk masing-masing button

- simplifikasi button di adu cepat

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مظفر النواب

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اشعار ÙØ­Ùاة ÙظÙر اÙÙÙاب

muthafer alnawab

ÙظÙر عبد اÙÙجÙد اÙÙÙاب شاعر عراÙÙ ÙÙتÙ٠باصÙÙ٠اÙÙدÙÙØ© Ø¥Ù٠عائÙØ© اÙÙÙاب اÙت٠ÙÙتÙÙ ÙسبÙا Ø¥Ù٠اÙاÙا٠ÙÙس٠اÙÙاظÙ. ÙÙ٠أسرة ثرÙØ© ÙÙتÙØ© باÙÙÙ ÙاÙأدب ÙÙÙÙ ÙاÙد٠تعرض Ø¥ÙÙ Ùزة ÙاÙÙØ© Ø£ÙÙدت٠ثرÙتÙ.

Ø®Ùا٠ترحا٠أحد اجداد٠Ù٠اÙÙÙد أصبح حاÙÙا٠Ùإحد٠اÙÙÙاÙات ÙÙÙا.. ÙاÙ٠اÙØ¥ÙÙÙÙز Ùد٠احتÙاÙÙÙ ÙÙÙÙد ÙÙÙ٠اÙراد اÙعائÙØ©Ø Ø®Ø§Ø±Ø¬ اÙÙÙد ÙاختارÙا اÙعراÙØ ÙÙ٠بغداد ÙÙد عا٠1934Ø Ø§ÙÙ٠دراست٠اÙجاÙعÙØ© ÙÙ ÙÙÙØ© اÙآداب ببغداد. Ùبعد اÙÙÙار اÙÙظا٠اÙÙÙÙÙ Ù٠اÙعرا٠عا٠1958 ت٠تعÙÙÙÙ ÙÙتشا٠ÙÙÙا٠بÙزارة اÙتربÙØ© Ù٠بغداد.

Ù٠عا٠1963 اضطر ÙÙغادرة اÙعراÙØ Ø¨Ø¹Ø¯ اشتداد اÙتÙاÙس بÙ٠اÙÙÙÙÙÙÙ ÙاÙØ´ÙÙعÙÙ٠اÙØ°Ù٠تعرضÙا Ø¥Ù٠اÙÙÙاحÙØ© ÙاÙÙراÙبة اÙشدÙدة ÙÙ Ùب٠اÙÙظا٠اÙحاÙÙØ ÙÙا٠ÙرÙب٠إÙ٠اÙØ£ÙÙاز ع٠طرÙ٠اÙØ¨ØµØ±Ø©Ø Ø¥Ùا ا٠اÙÙخابرات اÙØ¥ÙراÙÙØ© Ù٠تÙ٠اÙØ£Ùا٠(اÙساÙاÙ) Ø£ÙÙت اÙÙبض عÙÙÙ ÙÙÙ Ù٠طرÙÙ٠إÙ٠رÙسÙا ÙسÙÙت٠إÙ٠اÙØ£Ù٠اÙسÙاس٠اÙعراÙÙØ ÙØ­ÙÙت عÙÙ٠اÙÙØ­ÙÙØ© اÙعسÙرÙØ© ÙÙا٠باÙإعداÙØ Ø¥Ùا ا٠اÙÙساع٠اÙØ­ÙÙدة اÙت٠بذÙÙا Ø£ÙÙÙ ÙØ£Ùارب٠أدت Ø¥Ù٠تخÙÙ٠اÙØ­Ù٠اÙÙضائ٠إÙ٠اÙسج٠اÙÙؤبد. ÙÙ٠سجÙ٠اÙصحراÙÙ ÙاسÙÙ ÙÙرة اÙسÙÙا٠اÙÙرÙب Ù٠اÙحدÙد اÙسعÙدÙØ©-اÙعراÙÙØ©Ø Ø£Ùض٠Ùراء اÙÙضبا٠Ùدة Ù٠اÙزÙÙ Ø«Ù ÙÙ٠إÙ٠سج٠(اÙØ­ÙØ©) اÙÙاÙع جÙÙب بغداد.

Content rating: Everyone


Natural Dad

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  • Current Version 2.5.1
  • Size 270K


Natural Dad brings together everything the new father needs to know, from parenting, to food, to baby products, to how to juggle life with a new member of the family.

Content rating: Low Maturity


Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie

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  • Current Version 2.70
  • Size 6M


Turn your phone or tablet into a walkie talkie with this lightning fast free PTT (Push To Talk) radio app, which works between Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and PC. Talk to your contacts privately or join public channels to engage in a hot debate.

Zello features:

⢠Real-time streaming, high quality voice

⢠Contacts availability and text status

⢠Public and private channels for up to 1000 users

⢠Option to map hardware PTT (Push To Talk) button

⢠Bluetooth headset support (selected phones)

⢠Voice history

⢠Call alert


⢠Push notifications

⢠Works over WiFi, 2G, 3G, or 4G mobile data

Zello uses proprietary low-latency push-to-talk protocol and is not interoperable with Voxer, Sprint Direct Connect or AT&T Enhanced PTT. Zello Android client supports free public service, Zello@Work cloud service, and private Zello Enterprise Server.

We are working hard to improve the app so please expect frequent updates. If you have questions or issues send us an email at

⺠Visit our website to get Zello Walkie Talkie for your PC or different platform

⺠Connect with other Zello users on Facebook:

⺠Follow us on Twitter:

Recent changes:

- Faster sign in, reduced data usage

- QR labels support

- Improved alerts volume slider for more linear response

- Fixed 'incorrect installation' error on some devices

- Display incoming message notification on all screens within the application

- Fixed Bluetooth microphone not working on Android 5.0 devices

- Fixed autostart option not applying when changed in @Work admin console

- Other bugfixes

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by Magma Mobile / /
  • Current Version 1.0.15
  • Size 6M


Addictive Hours ahead of you!

Checkers is a simple but challenging board game involving strategy and played by two players on a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version, you can take this classic version of Checkers with you on the go

One player has dark pieces, and one player has light pieces. They take turns moving their pieces. Players move their pieces diagonally from one square to another square. When a player jumps over their opponent's (the other player's) piece, he takes that piece from the board. By default a potential piece will have to be taken but you can set custom rules and disable this rule.

The player's goal is to take all the pieces of its opponent.

With this version of Checkers (also known as Draughts) , you can play with a friend who sits next to you or play against your phone. We have included various options which will let you create custom rules accross different board games

The artificial intelligence embedded in the game allows a player to play a very easy mode but also much harder and challenging modes.

Will you be able to beat the most difficult level designed ?

Checkers is a Free game which includes a lot of exciting features, including:

* Great Checkers graphics

* Configurable player names and score tracking thanks to Scoreloop

* Ability to choose from a wide variety of Checkers boards

* Supports Checkers International Rules and US Rules

* Outstanding Magma Mobile AI engine

* Play with Friends or against or Magma Mobile Artificial Intelligence Engine

* Undo function

* Option to set up Checkers custom rules

* App2SD. Checkers can be moved to your SD card

Recent changes:

* V1.0.10

- Fixed various bugs

* V1.0.9

- Adding Indonesian translation (thanks to Pras Haryanto)

- x86 support

* V1.0.8

- Adding Italian translation

Thanks to Acauan Matias Bellucci

* V1.0.7

- Fixed various bugs

* V1.0.6

- Adding Czech translation (thanks to Tomas Hromadka)

* V1.0.5

- New translations

* V1.0.4

- New translations

* V1.0.3

- Adding chinese translation

- Adding dutch translation (thanks to Astrid Merkelijn)

* V1.0.2

- Fixed various bugs

- japan translation

Content rating: Everyone



  • Current Version 1.92
  • Size 7M


Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience, which has most popular guns/weapons and their information, including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.

Tap the screen or shake to fire, tap menu for settings.

Camera permission is only for camera preview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.

Recent changes:

+ DSR-50 in sniper rifles category.

Content rating: Medium Maturity



by MacroPinch / /
  • Current Version 2.6
  • Size 2M


Cardiograph is an application which measures your heart rate. You can save your results for future reference and keep track of multiple people with individual profiles.

Cardiograph uses your device's built-in camera or dedicated sensor to calculate your heart's rhythm - the same approach used by professional medical equipment!

â Measure your heart rate

It's never been easier to know what your heart rate is! Without any external hardware, just using the built-in camera/sensor of your smartphone or tablet, you can get accurate readings almost instantly.

â Know how fast your heart is beating

It can be very useful while exercising, if you're under stress, if you have a heart-related medical condition, or even just out of curiosity.

â Track your results

Every measurement you take is saved to your personal history, so you can keep track over time.

â Multiple profiles

Cardiograph is perfectly tailored to allow multiple people to use the app on a shared device. You can create profiles for each of your family members or friends, and each of them has their own individual measurement history.

â Clean and intuitive design

The streamlined and clutter-free design makes it seem instantly familiar, so you can focus on using the app instead of navigating through series of screens.

â Android Wear support

Cardiograph is specifically designed with Android Wear support. You can measure your pulse using the hear rate sensor in your smar***ch. Please note that Cardiograph will work on smar***ches with a heart rate sensor only.

Please note: If your device doesn't have a built-in camera flash, you need to take your measurements in a well lit environment (bright sunlight or close to a light source).

Get in touch with us and follow the latest news regarding our apps:

Recent changes:

* Fixed a crash and freeze on Tegra 2 devices (Droid X2, Atrix, LG G2x)

* Fixed paper drawing on QHD resolution devices (Droid X2, Atrix, Galaxy Tab 7)

* Better performance when dragging to delete a history record

Content rating: Everyone

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  • solete: @themaria My biological father is Russian, he was born in SF tho. My grandfather was from Moscow. My Mom divorced when i was 7, so no ties

  • _tayeee: #whenihadamyspace my biological father saw my page & found out i liked girls, haha that was like 3yrs ago.

  • hornskickbrass: I think for this father's day I'll give thanks to my biological father since he was the only one who wasn't a jerk to me this year.

  • DhrubarkTweets: If a father tells,"I m biological father of my children or ain't isn't d issue, bt my children r my biological 1 or rn't is d main concern".