• Current Version 2.20
  • Size 254K


<b>NOTE: This app requires installation of the server-side component, which is available on ESETâs website. For more information, please see, or contact your network administrator.</b>

Brand new and improved <b>ESET Secure Authentication</b> is an easy-to-install and easy to deploy mobile-based two-factor authentication solution <b>for businesses</b>. It uses <b>one-time password (2FA OTP) authentication</b> to secure access to companyâs VPN and a range of supported applications such as <i>Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Custom Apps, and others</i>.

<b>Whatâs New in ESET Secure Authentication</b>

⢠Improved Installer

⢠Compatibility with Exchange 2013 and Exchange Control Panel

⢠Extended range with secure access to business critical apps (Microsoft SharePoint & Dynamics CRM)

⢠User Interface Refresh

⢠Remote Desktop Web Access Integration

⢠Increased flexibility with Authentication API and SDK

<b>The two-factor, one-time password (2FA OTP) system</b> is a combination of two security factors â <b>âsomething that the user knowsâ</b>, e.g. a password â with <b>âsomething that the user has,â</b> a mobile phone to generate the one-time password for access.

Rely on ESET â a company with over 25 years of experience in enabling businesses and consumers to enjoy safer technology.

Recent changes:

⢠Improved Installer

⢠Compatibility with Exchange 2013 and Exchange Control Panel

⢠Extended range with secure access to business critical apps (Microsoft SharePoint & Dynamics CRM)

⢠User Interface Refresh

⢠Remote Desktop Web Access Integration

⢠Increased flexibility with Authentication API and SDK

Content rating: Everyone


Free WiFi Spot

by Rsp974
  • Current Version beta
  • Size 401K


This application is a free wifi manager, it allows you to automatically authenticate on the public Wi-Fi networks (hotspots).

Imagine, you come to work quietly. You plug your phone, and you're connected to the hotspot of your internet service provider without having to enter! And yes, the phone activates the WiFi and identifies itself âº

⥠In addition, it periodically checks the status of the internet connection to the hotspot in order to automatically re-authentication (if necessary).

(Other keywords: ssid, wifi, wi-fi, wifi manager, open wifi, free wifi, wifi login, auto login, auto-login, fon)

Recent changes:

⢠bugs fix & optimizations

/!\ Known issues:

-If bug after update please restart your phone.

-Hidden hotspots are likely to be poorly supported: prefer to use a secure network with a complex password.

Content rating: Everyone



by Global Technology Associates, Inc. / /
  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 27K


GBAuth is an authentication application for GTA Firewalls. This application allows users to easily authenticate an Android device to a GTA Firewall. Enter the name or IP address of the firewall and the user identity and password into the appropriate fields for quick and easy access to your GTA Firewall.

Content rating: Everyone


Garena Authenticator

by Garena Online / /
  • Current Version 1.1.0
  • Size 2M


Garena Authenticator works with 2-step authentication for your Garena Account, providing an additional layer of security when managing account details and playing games.

Garena Authenticator will generate authentication codes directly on your Android Phone without the need for a network connection.

Features include:

- Support for automatic account linking by scanning QR code

- Support for time-based authentication code generation

- Support for multiple accounts linking on the same device

To use your Garena Authenticator, you will need to have 2-step authentication enabled on your Garena Account and then link your Garena Account to your Garena Authenticator.

Recent changes:

Garena Authenticator Version 1.1.0

1. Added support for multiple accounts linking

2. Added account management

3. Enabled copying and pasting of authentication codes

4. Improved user interface

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 3.11
  • Size 2M


Add-On for SMS Backup & Restore - Allows the app to

- Automatically upload to Google Drive.

- Automatically upload to Dropbox.

- Send automated emails after a backup.

This app does not appear in the list of apps in the phone launcher. It is used by the SMS Backup & Restore app and gets opened from the "Backup Settings" screen of that app.

Google Drive:

It may not work with all devices as the Google Play Services may not be available. Please get in touch with me if you get problems.

Dropbox Settings:

This app only has access to its own folder and does not have access to other Dropbox folders.

Check the "Use Browser for Authentication" if you want to use your default/external browser for authentication rather than the built-in functionality.

Email Settings:

All the settings on the screen are dependent on the Mail Service Provider that you use. The details about the service can be found on the providers site. Some of the common ones are linked at the bottom of this section.

Sender Email Address: The email address from which the email should be sent.

Recipient Email Address: The email address of the recipient. If you are sending the email to yourself then this will be the same as the Sender Email Address.

SMTP Server: The HostName/IP Address of the email SMTP server. For example: for Gmail.

Port: The port used by the SMTP server. Normally 25/465/587. For example: 465 for Gmail.

Security: The security used for connecting to the SMTP server. Use SSL/TLS for Gmail.

Require Login: Checked if the SMTP server needs you to authenticate before sending emails. Check this for Gmail.

User Name: The user name required to authenticate with the SMTP server. For Gmail, its your email address.

Password: The password required to authenticate with the SMTP server. For Gmail, its your Gmail password. If you use 2-step authentication in Gmail, you'll need to generate an application specific password.

Subject: The subject for the email.

Body: The message content for the email.

This App needs access to the following:

* Network communication: To connect to Email/Dropbox/Google servers.

* Your accounts: Used for Google Drive account setup.

* View Network Connections: So that the app does not try to upload when there is no network connectivity.

* Test access to Protected Storage: To read the Backup file on the SD card.

Recent changes:


- Fixed a permission denial problem caused by the previous update.


- Simplified Email Settings

- Added support for StartTLS (Hotmail/


- Added sub-folder support for Google Drive uploads.


- Added auto upload to Google Drive.

- Added Wifi only option for Emails.

Content rating: Everyone


Emue Enterprise Authenticator

by Emue Technologies / /
  • Current Version 1.1.3
  • Size 291K


Available for securing corporate networks and VPNs, the Authenticator is a mobile security token for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

The Enterprise Authenticator supports the following functions:

One-time-passcode (OTP)

Mutual Authentication Challenge-Response

Your organisation must use the Emue Authentication Server in order for you to be able to use this application to log in to your corporate network or VPN.

Recent changes:

Optimized for the latest Android operation systems.

Added support for FastPASS automatic login.

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.0.8
  • Size 2M



Video Surveillance in Your Mobile phone

vMEyePro allows Mobile phone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders.


Mobile phone for Android compatible.

Unlimited video on cellular and WIFI.

Support MultiChannel video encoder.

Support Remote Playback.

Support device configuration parameters.

Support for IP address and dynamic domain name access(do not contain http://).

Support snapshot management.

Support for authentication.

Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom control.

Direct stream connection. without any third party server transfer.

Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local photo gallery.

Support for landscape and portrait mode.

Ability to change framerate and bitrate as desired for internal and remote users.

Demo device detail


mobile port:9106

user name:admin


Contact us

If you are experiencing a problem with either our products or services, then feel free to contact our support team.



vMEye vMEye+ KWeye KWeye+

Recent changes:

Fixed some bugs

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 1.3.21
  • Size 647K


ASSECO Mobile Token is two factor authentication token application.

Recent changes:

Security improvements

Content rating: Everyone


Pass WiFi

  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • Size 116K



Pass WiFiæ¯ä¸åãè¬ç¨WiFiç»å¥å·¥å·ãï¼å¯ä»¥ç¨ä¾ä¸éµç¼éHTTP POSTè¨æ¯ï¼éæå¿«éç»å¥WiFiçåè½


ãåªè¦è¨­å®æ­£ç¢ºï¼å¯ä»¥ç¨ä¾å代å¤æ¸WiFiçç»å¥ç¶²é ï¼ä½ä¸¦ä¸ä¿è­é©ç¨æ¼ææWiFié©è­ç³»çµ±ï¼ä½¿ç¨æ¬ç¨å¼éè¦ä¸äºHTMLæPHP/ASP/JSPçåºæ¬è½åï¼æè½å®æ設å®ã

å次使ç¨ï¼è«ä»¥é»è¦éå欲ç»å¥ä¹WiFi身åèªè­ç³»çµ±çç»å¥è¡¨å®ï¼å©ç¨Ctrl+U檢è¦åå§ç¢¼ï¼æ¾å°"form"æ¨ç±¤ï¼å°å¾æ¹action屬æ§çå¼ï¼é£åãå®æ´ç¶²åã輸å¥æ¬App設å®é é¢ç第ä¸åæå­æ¡ç¶ä¸­(exï¼

åä¾å°ä¸æ¹åé "input"æ¨ç±¤çnameãvalue屬æ§çå¼ï¼åå¥è¼¸å¥å°æ¬Appç設å®é é¢ç¶ä¸­ï¼å¦æ該inputæ¨ç±¤å¾é¢ä¸å«value屬æ§ï¼é£å¾æå¯è½å°±æ¯è¼¸å¥å¸³èãå¯ç¢¼çå°æ¹(è¥type=passwordåçºå¯ç¢¼è¼¸å¥æ¬ä½)ï¼è«èªè¡å°ç»å¥WiFiæéç帳èå¯ç¢¼å¡«å¥æ¬App設å®é é¢çvalueæ¬ä½ç¶ä¸­ï¼å¦å¤éè¦æ³¨æçæ¯ï¼é¨åé©è­ç³»çµ±ç設è¨ï¼æ以å¤æ·éåºæéçå¼æ¯å¦çºç©ºä¾é©è­ä½¿ç¨èæ¯å¦æé²è¡ç»å¥ï¼å æ­¤å»ºè­°å°åé inputæ¨ç±¤(åæ¬æéèé±èæ¬ä½)çå§å®¹é½è¼¸å¥æ¬ç¨å¼ç¶ä¸­


Content rating: Everyone


TPG Usage Meter

by Super Mobile-Apps / /
  • Current Version 2.4
  • Size 22K


An easy interface to TPG mobile plan charges.

Note: PAYG plans not available

Please ensure your phone date is set correctly

New in v2.4

- fixed server authentication problem (quite a hassle)

Content rating: Everyone

  • Current Version 10.0
  • Size 47K



ããµã¤ãã¼ãã©ã¹ã ããã¤ã¹IDãã¨é£æºããããã¤ã¹è¨¼ææ¸ãç»é²ã


端æ«è­å¥æå ±ã«ãã¨ã¥ãã¦ç«¯æ«èªè¨¼ãè¡ã£ãä¸ã§ããã¤ã¹è¨¼ææ¸ãç»é²

ãã¾ãã端æ«èªè¨¼ãè¡ãããã«ç«¯æ«è­å¥æå ±ã¨ãã¦ãAndroid æ­è¼ç«¯æ«ã®

IMEIãWi-Fi MACã¢ãã¬ã¹ãæå·åãããéä¿¡çµè·¯ã§éä¿¡ãã¾ãã



Content rating: Everyone


Intesa M-Token

by Asseco SEE / /
  • Current Version 1.0.0
  • Size 451K


Intesa M-Token is an authentication method for the Internet Banking service called I-B@nk, offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania S.A. to his customers. Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania is the first bank in Romania to offer this kind of authentication method to his customers as an alternative to the commonly used digipass device. It combines the commodity and familiarity of using your personal I-Phone with the high level of security offered by the digipass authentication.

The Intesa M-Token offers functions such as One Time Password (OTP) for authentication in the I-B@nk and Message Authentication Codes (MAC) for authorizing transactions in maximum security conditions.

The application is available in three languages: English, Italian and Romanian.

Content rating: Everyone

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