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Online Voices


Finding the right voice has never been easier.

Online Voices is the worlds very first app in the voiceover industry. It's an extremely user friendly search tool for anyone that needs professional voice talents in any language, for any project and for any media. This app boasts the same features as our website,, but now you can cast your voices wherever you are! On your way to work, at the airport or when you bump into your client at the coffee shop. All you need is your Android phone. The app works over 3G and Wifi.

-Listen to professional voiceovers in over 50 languages- Up to three demos per talent- Make a Favorites list within seconds- Send your list to your client/colleague- Make a booking/quote request straight from your phone

Online Voices is run by Widevox Productions, one of Scandinavia's leading production companies. With many of the worlds most experienced voiceovers in our books, highly experienced staff and organized work flow, your voice projects are in safe hands here. We handle over 1000 recordings each year for corporate videos, TV ads, e-learning, IVRs, games and more.




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