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Palm Print Reader ! !


Predict your Life by using Palm Print ReaderThis application uses your camera to detect your following Palmistry lines- Heart- Head- Fate - Life It uses an ancient Asian art to define the fortune using palm line ***ysis to give you accurate results every time.

FeaturesRead a Palm- Life Expectancy- Emotional Quotient - Intelligence Quotient- Happiness - Success - Expected SalaryPredict Today's Fortune- Mood- Wealth- Love- Interpersonal- Health- OutingPredict Marital Harmony- Love- Chance of Marriage- Expected number of children- Expected house size- Male to Female compatibility - Female to Male compatibility

Step by Step Guide1. Enter your name and the date of birth.2. See Sample screen and when ready Press Ok.3. Ensure the lines on your hand match the guide line for more accurate results.4. Press the camera logo when ready.5. Press ***ysis to await your future.!!! Have Fun and try this out on your friends and family !!!



Palm Print Reader ! ! #1 Palm Print Reader ! ! #2



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