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/home/burning/public_html/ Japanese Text ***yzer

Japanese Text ***yzer


A Japanese text ***yzer for intermediate/advanced Japanese learners and native Japanese speakers. Performs text ***ysis using Yahoo! Japan's web services.

*Morphological ***ysis*Proofreading Aid*Kana Kanji Conversion*Ruby Annotation*Dependency ***ysis*Google Translate/WWWJDIC Word Search

Requires 2.2 or higher. Tested with HTC Desire only.




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  • list keywordkeyword Blog - REFERTUS Suchmaschine und Domaindaten, Suche nach list keywordkeyword Blog, search entries for list keywordkeyword Blog A nursing blog dedicated to working, living, and getting through i t all. Links to dozens of other nurse blogs and online NCLEX questions

  • Hands Part II [], Medical and Nursing stories. ER Stories, unusual patients, medical/nursing political issues After fishing about for a short time I got a flash of blood in the hub. Damn, this was not a gentle flash this was the flash you get with an arterial line. I turned to

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  • Printable normal lab values nursing reference card Volleyball, Free volleyball tips, drills and practice plans for volleyball players and volleyball coaches. with reasons also i found very helpful the laminated card in the back of the book of i was looking for a portable nursing diagnoses reference and this book fulfills my needs

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  • Academic Success Centre Blog, So I just sat in the class facebooking, chatting and playing flash games because I didn't understand a single thing, and it was Most nursing students get anxious about being successful in clinical, especially in the MedSurg rotation. I

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  • girl in greenwood, In nursing school, we spent a great deal of time discussing therapeutic communication. process paper to write in the next two weeks. One of my very favorite classmates got a

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  • : Customer Discussions: Need opinions on NCLEX, A discussion in the Nursing forum I graduated as an LVN over a year ago and took the NCLEX once already and failed. I admit, I wasn't mentally/emotionally prepared for it because at the time I was going through a tragedy in my family

  • Local News Comments - , Daily Local Mother Lode News brought to you by the KVML Newsroom. Tuolumne County, Calaveras County & Amador County News I was just a patient at SRMC two weeks ago for a snake bite. I was in for 2 days and they asked twice if I wanted my bed changed but I was in such pain I declined the offer

  • LPN Jobs Forum - Anyone doing Excelsior College's LPN-RN, If I was in a nursing program I believed in and another person's opinion ran opposite to Bullets are good and flash cards once you reviewed the material but it is not the best

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  • Printable surgical Onarım Modu, free vst instruments for cubase le4 free printable flash cards instruments. manicure instruments in germany. printable plus size practice areas for medical-surgical nursing faculty include a variety of settings such

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