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PalPal presents your social stream of activities with a clean user interface and high resolution images for you to interact with your social networking platform on mobile devices.

Two features significantly features PalPal out from other similar apps are the group-by-person timeline and high resolution images.

The group-by-person timeline groups your timeline by friends not only show what your friends is doing but also who your friends recently active on your social networking platform. When you expand the timeline, the list of activities act as a history of your friends' activities, just like the conversation history you see in any instant messengers.

When mobile devices are having larger screens and the Internet connection speed has been raised, why don't a mobile app enjoy the same resolution as a desktop application? PalPal brings the original image sizes on mobile.

Currently PalPal supports Facebook & Twitter. More social networking platforms will be added soon.

= Features =

Facebook:* view your friends & your wall, albums, groups & likes* show notifications at android status bar* post status, link to your wall & photo to self albums* post status & link to self, friends, groups & liked pages walls* show posts since your last read* swipe gesture to switch page* open extra "actions" besides "Like" & "Comment" of any posts* share friends' posted statuses, links, photos & videos

Twitter:* view your home timeline & @Mentions* view @user timeline* add trigger mode yo show tweets since your last read* show conversation of any tweets* tap to open web links* swipe gesture to switch page* customize number of tweets in one page* select all users in a tweet when replying* use RT style of retweet