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Manage Android mobile in web browser

Power web desktop enable you to use phone functionalities from computer's web browser, transfer files between phone and computer, or serve your personal web page.

It working on WiFi & USB connection. If 3G connection works is carrier dependent.

# Features:1. Web SMS: provide an outlook similar interface to manage your messages, support long SMS and mass-sending.

2. File Explorer: manage SD card files and transfer files between phone and computer. Support multiple upload by drag and drop (for HTML 5 browser), image viewer, etc.

3. FTP Server: provide a high speed channel to transfer files between phone and computer, enable you to manage sdcard files in Windows File Explorer, browser or FTP client.

4. WiFi Keyboard: allow you to type on your phone using your computer's keyboard.

5. Shared Clipboard: share clipboard content between PC and phone.

6. Wallpaper: set phone wallpaper by upload a picture or online picture.

7. Personal Web Server: serve your personal web pages on your phone.

8. SSL HTTP: provide 512 RSA encrypt

9. Others: App Locker (this feature will be removed), App Manager

# Many new features are are coming soon.

# Original name: Andro Remote Desktop, Android Desktop

# Keyword: FTP Server, Web Server, WiFi Keyboard, File Explorer, Web Desktop, Remote Desktop, File sync



Remote Web Desktop #1 Remote Web Desktop #2



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