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3D BMI Calculator 2


Calculate any Body Mass Index and view a 3D human body model.

Body Mass Index Calculator with 3D body view.

Reduced price. Read more below.

Features:- 3D view male/female body - 3 different body shapes for each bmi- Weight calculating for given BMI- Metric and american measuring system- Much infos about Body Mass Index including WHO meaning- Easy value entering for mobile devices

Reduced price:Apple rejected the app, because the icon is not for age "4+". I am an european and american moral sometimes is a bit different. But I am also a father of 5 kids in ages 1 to 11. And I have absolute no fear, that looking at the 3D models in this calculator does anything wrong to them. My oldest son loves his android phone and is my best tester and hardest reviewer. So i have decided to reduce the price to the minimum value possible in android market for a short period. So everyone can take a look.




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