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The ultimate QR code reader

The hyperTOUCH Systems barcode reader enables your mobile phone to âscanâ a 2D barcode sometimes called a QR and decode the information contained within it and then connect to the mobile web and enjoy a range of digital interactions. 2D barcodes can appear in magazines, posters, displays, wrappers and many other mediums.The reader is optimised to interact with the hyperTOUCH Systems campaign platform. For more information on this product and range of our innovative 2D barcode-based mobile advertising services, please contact

Scanning a barcode

Simply launch the app and position the barcode you wish to scan centre on in the screen of your mobile. The barcode will automatically be scanned.A record of the last 30 barcodes which you have scanned. By clicking on an entry in the history list you can revisit the link (useful if you were out of coverage when the barcode was scanned), it can be added to favourites, forwarded to a contact, or deleted.



2D Barcode Reader #1 2D Barcode Reader #2 2D Barcode Reader #3



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