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  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy | Third and State, Fiscal and Monetary Policy. In Case You Missed It: Third and State Blog for Week of March 28. Posted by ( Our thanks to a loyal blog reader for passing this one along.) In other news this week, we blogged about the taxes gas drillers do (or don't) pay,

  • The Office of Taxpayer Accountablity Blog, The Office of Taxpayer Accountablity Blog. Last week was a whirlwind of fiscal and budget reform for Governor Paterson and his Office of Taxpayer Accountability (OTA). The Governor announced three major budget reform initiatives that will save

  • PFM blog: IMF Fiscal Affairs e-Newsletter: May 2011, blog- Fiscal Affairs : May 2011 May 2011 Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) of the International Monetary Fund Useful Links FAD at a Glance Contacts in FAD Previous newsletter Recent Blogs The Long and the Short of It—Government Debt Plans in 2011

  • The White House Blog: Fiscal Responsibility | The White House, is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. The White House Blog: Fiscal Responsibility. West Wing Week: "All These Pens" Posted by Arun Chaudhary on December 17, 2010 at 1:00 AM EDT

  • Navy Facing "a New Fiscal Reality", Aviation, Defense and Space News, Jobs, Conferences by AVIATION WEEK the premier provider of aviation news, information, and data tools for the global aerospace and defense industry

  • Blog > State Budget Solutions, States from Alaska to Georgia are finalizing their state budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year. Check out this week's wrap up of the latest happenings. Blog. Union Rallies Update. by Bob Williams | May 19, 2011. A weekly update on union rallies held around the country. Blog

  • Twitter Trackbacks for Bluedog67 | Fiscal Week Scalar Value, – view page – cached page. My name is Stephen Horne. I am currently out of work and looking for a SQL Server Developer job anywhere in the US. I live near Knoxville, TN. I am a well-trained owner of an Australian Cattle Dog named Blue

  • Stocks Hitting New 52-Week Lows (APOL, OXGN, AIB, CONN, Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL) slid 0.83% to $35.97 after it made its fresh 52-week low of $35.54. Last week, Apollo said its fiscal fourth-quarter profit

  • The President's Fiscal Year 2010 Budget: $34,700 in Spending, News, Commentary, and What to Watch on Blog Feed. The President's Fiscal Year 2010 Budget: $34,700 in Spending per U.S. Family This past week, President Obama introduced his budget for fiscal year 2010

  • This Week's "Fiscal Fitness" | Capital Gains and Games, Home " Blogs " Stan Collender's blog. This Week's "Fiscal Fitness" 16 Sep 2008. Posted by Stan Collender. Here's my "Fiscal Fitness" column from today's Roll Call. What I Did on My Summer Vacation, and Other Stories. September 16, 2008. Coming Down From the Mountain

  • Palmetto Blog | South Carolina Democratic Party, Palmetto Blog. Fiscal Conservative Week Continues: GOPer Rips Off Taxpayers for Millions in Profit (0) It's "Fiscal Conservative Week" in South Carolina, and the South Carolina Democratic Party is helping our Republican brothers and

  • Bluedog67 | Fiscal Week Scalar Value Function, B4PJS wrote up a related blog post here. Please note that this possible solution has some potentially significant limitations: First, the possible solution assumes that the Fiscal Year begins on same date every year (some companies like Cisco have 52 week Fiscal Years)

  • Ed Money Watch Blog | FEBP, FEBP Releases Issue Brief on Fiscal Year 2011 Education Appropriations Last week we wrote that the fiscal year 2012 appropriations process is well underway—at

  • IIFS Blog | The Civic Federation, IIFS Blog. 05.13.11. State Budget Includes Paying for Pension Without Borrowing. Earlier this week the Institute for Illinois' Fiscal Sustainability at the Civic Federation released its ***ysis of Governor Pat Quinn's proposed FY2012 operating budget

  • Welcoming A Discussion of Fiscal Responsibility | , The New York Times tells us that President Obama is going to hold a "fiscal responsibility" summit next week. more »


  • Village Fiscal Officer resigns, Village Fiscal Officer resigns

  • Reality of America's fiscal mess starting to bite, Reality of America's fiscal mess starting to bite And, as my colleague John Plender pointed out this week, Treasury bond yields have been falling as investors flee the eurozone woes

  • Obama $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2011, Obama $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2011 Maxi-Pedia Forum > Finance, Business, Taxes, Economics, Jobs, Politics, etc. > Politics (Moderator: mod) > Topic: Obama $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2011 " previous next " Jump to:

  • Canon announces 2008 and 4Q sales and profits: Canon EOS-1D, Canon released yesterday the grim financial results of its fiscal 2008 and fourth quarter. And Sony released today the sobering numbers o And Sony released today the sobering numbers of its fiscal third-quarter ended Dec. 31, 2008. Next week, it will be Panasonic's and Nikon's turn. Canon Reports 1st

  • National Forum on Education Statistics - NESAC Winter 2003, The National Forum on Education Statistics: NESAC Winter 2003 Meeting Notes. the week to discuss dissemination of their report. The report is already posted on the NCES website and the print version should be available shortly. Update of the NCES Fiscal Handbook,

  • Open-mike day at president's fiscal commission - Jul. 1, 2010, The president's fiscal commission got advice - often conflicting - from 75 groups and individuals about how U.S. debt should be addressed

  • AXE - Anixter International Inc - HotStockMarket Community, Anixter International, Inc., through its subsidiaries, distributes communications and specialty wire and cable products, fasteners, and small parts. Its communications The revenue effects of the extra fiscal week is limited to 3 days due to the inclusion of the New Year holiday within that week

  • Fiscal Commission Public Forum 1 of 7 Video, Fiscal Commission. Jake Tapper, ABC's This Week. jordanraynor. Jul 12, 2010. Turn the Table - 7/9/10. jordanraynor. Jul 12, 2010. Collectors. Featured on 2 sites. Tags. public. forum. fiscal. commission. politics. economic policy. economy. federal debt. deficit. debt. obama

  • Governors' Forum to Elect New Chairman This Week, Articles, Default Description As Nigeria's 36 state governors under the aegis of the Nigerian Governors' Forum (NGF) meet this week to elect its new chairman, out-going leader of the group and Governor of Kwara State,

  • FxMemo - Forex News - UPDATE 2-Greece discusses fiscal plan, FxMemo - Forex News - UPDATE 2-Greece discusses fiscal plan, lenders' pressure up. We will do whatever it takes to make sure Greece stands on its own feet,' he told a gathering in the southern town of Nafplio last week

  • Forum addresses fiscal crisis | The Pawtucket Times, Forum addresses fiscal crisis. May 15, 2011. By. JIM BARON. jbaron Rhode Island's economic woes at an Operation Clean Government forum on Saturday

  • Fiscal Impacts of School Choice in New Hampshire, Fiscal Impacts of School Choice in New Hampshire NOTICE: The forum will be down for maintenance beginning at 7PM (NH time) this evening. It should be up again by 9PM. Please forgive the inconvenience and feel free to e-mail arick@ if you have any questions or support requests

  • Fiscal Week | Tableau Software, I have been trying to figure this out for days, and nothing is working for me. My company sends out weekly reports and i am trying to re-create them in Tableau, but i can't get the weeks to match up. 2009 went from 12/28/08 through 12/26/09,

  • House Majority Leader Issues Emphatic Warning on Debt at, Hoyer emphasized his deep concerns about the nation's challenges at the "Fiscal Solutions Forum" co-sponsored by The Concord Coalition and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. The program, held Thursday on the last week that focused on the need for fiscal responsibility and

  • SB Forum Focuses on Fiscal Mess | The Daily Nexus, SB Forum Focuses on Fiscal Mess. By Jordanne Pascual Staff Writer The forum, hosted in Campbell Hall, allowed students to directly question Yang and other

  • Gov. Patrick coming to Melrose next week for public budget, Gov. Patrick coming to Melrose next week for public budget forum The governor is scheduled to moderate a public forum in Melrose on the fiscal 2010 state budget on Tuesday, Dec. 15, although a specific time and location for the forum have yet to be determined

  • Gartner chops PC shipment forecasts for 2010 • The Register, It is looking like Friday, October 22, is going to be a fabulous day week before Hewlett-Packard finishes its fourth quarter of fiscal 2010 and also a week

  • Superyacht Forums on , Specialist publisher focusing exclusively on all technical and business aspects of the superyacht and luxury yacht market. Italian Superyacht Forum. Gulf Superyacht Forum. Superyacht Fiscal Summit. Superyacht Security Summit. Superyacht Design Summit