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âMobile Champsâ brings all the best selling Greeting Card Apps to Android Market

Be prepossessing! Send someone you miss âOff the Hookâ iCard! Get rid of rinsed methods of evincing âMiss Youâ sentiments. Try & be smart to let someone realize that you truly âMiss Herâ. Winning heart has been simplifiedâ¦.

This tool can help your relationship blossom. âMiss Youâ is a completely cool app in app store.

This wonder app contains following features.

** 25 simple to use templates, which can be reused thousands of time. ** Miss You Photo Cards - Add your own photo to make it special. ** Have passion to put it in your words? Simmer Down! Just start punching alphabets on your iPod/iPhone. ** Share via Email, Facebook or Twitter ** Powerful quotes that speak volume of your LOVEâ¦. ** Green Gratefulness!!!

Revel in the impeccably sound application to say someone âI MISS YOUâ. Miss You | Srta. usted | å°å§æ¨ | Misser u | Mlle vous | Fräulein Sie | Î ÎεÏÏÎ¿Î¹Î½Î¯Ï ÎµÏÎµÎ¯Ï | voi | ãã | ë¯¸ì¤ ë¹ì  | Senhorita você | Miss Ð²Ñ | à¤à¤ªà¤à¥ याद à¤à¤¤à¥ हॠ| Ø£ÙتÙدÙ

********************************************************Mobile Champs other Greeting Card Apps:Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, Baby Shower Cards,

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Mom Encouraging Kids, Me and My Dad, Me and My Mom, Me and My Parents, Me and My Grandparents




Miss You Cards #1 Miss You Cards #2 Miss You Cards #3 Miss You Cards #4 Miss You Cards #5



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