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5-Minute Emergency Med Consult


5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult includes practical urgent care information.

5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult delivers practical, quick-read information on over 600 medical conditions to mobile devices. 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult is organized in a proven outline format and optimized for Android devices so you can easily find answers for urgent care.



5-Minute Emergency Med Consult #1 5-Minute Emergency Med Consult #2



  • Who's the Lowest of them All? Glassdoor Reports Companies, So if you're reading this blog as an employer, we hope you'll take some of the feedback your employees are sharing about the good, the bad as If you are a doctor by any chance using Pepid's product, throw it into the garbage and go back to Epocrates, or you might end up

  • The Pediatric PDA blog : hints , news , and advices, The Pediatric PDA is a blog focusing on the usage of PDA and Handheld devices in clinical pediatrics . it has a very rich set of Pepid Mobile on iPhone – link – , How to read the "Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics" on a hand-held! - link - There are 2 pages there , one is listing all blog posts and

  • The Pediatric PDA Blog RSS, This Pepid native app does not do three of the most important dynamic functions that we frequently use on the bedside, namely, the drug dose calculator, PDA Blog - May 23, 2009 Category: Pediatricians Authors: info at pda4 Tags: All All-in-one Applications Opinions iphone Pepid Source Type:

  • Pharmacists:Are Your Drug Information Databases Accurate, 其實這是一個很值得研究的問題,對於身為台灣藥師的我們,尤其是醫院藥師,在醫院沒有重視我情況下,我們該如何強化自己的專業知識,提供病患與其他醫護人員正確的知識呢? 下面的table1會提到很多不錯的資料 Only CP OnHand, ePharmacopoeia, Epocrates, and Pepid PDC were able to identify a potentially severe drug interaction that had recently been

  • PEPID Blog | Continuous Updates on PEPID Activity, Continuous Updates on PEPID Activity PEPID Blog | New Drug for Type 2 Diabetes Patients with Kidney Disease June 24. 15:16

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  • iPhoneGuide Blog: October 2010 Archives - Daily reports on, PEPID, a company that provides clinical decision-support information and technology for Currently in beta, the iPad edition of PEPID is designed to take full advantage of the

  • 26 iPhone/iTouch Apps for EMS Personnel | Online Education Blog, Take advantage of your iPhone/iTouch and checkout the following iphone apps for paramedics, EMTs, and other EMS professionals. Remember, if the app is bought

  • Pepid does not fit into the iPhone! " Pediatric PDA Blog, pda4 Pepid does not fit into the iPhone! When Pepid first launched their new native Pepid native app simply does not fit into the iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Business Technology Solutions | , View the latest business technology news, info, solutions & product reviews. Learn what is best for your work place from the experts at Pepid, a clinical decision-support information provider for doctors and nurses, has developed a version of its Pepid point-of-care mobile app for the

  • Pepcid - Buy Pepcid - Pepcid sale 72%, The conventions Pepcid my Pepid thought. Being married my interest in a to write House sales force and senator who is also Copyright Design: Luka Cvrk

  • CodeRyte unwraps DataScout | ICD10 Watch, icd10 Pepid's new decision support products, Relay Health making compliance tools available via the cloud, DST Health injecting HIPAA 5010 support into its new reader poll, please! tomsullivan's blog. Login or register to post

  • Windows Mobile " Health Informatics Blog, I've just been updating Doctors' . The site has news and will be interesting to see how Skyscape, PEPID, etc respond to this new device and when

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  • Nursing Blog, Everything nursing from continuing education, clinical articles, certification, practice, policy, legislation, publications, nursing humor, books, employment, bulletin boards, schools, and much more


  • Stupid Mr. Watson, please help - Geeks to Go Forums, It's a forum that brings everyone together -- from newbies to tech experts. O4 - Global Startup: Launch Pepid Manager.lnk = C:\Program Files\Pepid\PepidMgr.exe. lead me to believe you're in the healthcare field, but I'd like confirmation before I make any decisions

  • .:: Forum Inherent sub local node Palembang-UNSRI, Forum khusus untuk sharing info-info makanan ataupun tempat makan yang enak khususnya akathisia and phenergan phenergan pepid phenergan nursing infant 172010 News on Phenergan,

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  • Information To Guide Physician Practice: Overview, ABMS Certified Doctor Home Page - American Board of Medical Specialists Web site. GeneCare Medical Genetics Center Services offered and information for physicians

  • Pepid program, I have downloaded this medical program from and now everytime I Hotsync it takes forever (45 to 1hour) to complete the sync. Any ideas?

  • FlightWeb - Forum [printable version of topic 22559], TraumaRN2 I think the program that I like best is the Pepid emergency physician suite. using all the features then I would highly recommend it but if you plan on using it like I do I'd proabably look at other models. FlightWeb - Forum. http:///forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=22559

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  • PC trouble, am I in trouble here? - Home Theater Forum Community, I recently noticed in the event log of activity (McAfee Privacy service) that my computer has relentlessly tried to access a particular website which when I try to go

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  • Forum Zatrudnjivanje: RE: Policistični jajnici -, Forum - Zatrudnjivanje: RE: Policistični jajnici : Problemi sa zatrudnjivanjem

  • Pepid® releases its medical application for the palm® pre, Pepid® releases its medical application for the palm® pre PEPID® RELEASES ITS MEDICAL APPLICATION FOR THE PALM® PRE PEPID, the leading developer of

  • PEPID v11.0 ALL Suites Unicrack - ShareFree, ipmart- PEPID Suites v11.0 Requirements: WM5 or above with .NET Compact Framework v2.0 or later, roughly 35 MB storage space for each suite, Internet connection for online functions. Overview: Healthcare professionals around the world access our

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  • Stomach Ache? - Greytalk, Teddy has been here a month, since being wormed and adjusting to new food, he has not had any problems. Last night on out final walk, he had the run I'd also give a Pepid AC about 35-40 minutes before feeding him. That, too, will help his stomach. Our Cari got sooo upset when

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  • Do you check your smartphone in the hospital?, Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics FAQ. Resources. Features. Physician Job Board - List your job Pepid. Epocrates. Medcalc. Eponyms. OB Wheel. Pedi-Stat. My peripheral brain, if you will. How the hell else am I supposed to

  • Mobilism, Re: PEPID v11.0 ALL Suites Unicrack - ShareFree. Re: PEPID v11.0 ALL Suites Unicrack ShareFree. Re: PEPID v11.0 ALL Suites Unicrack - ShareFree. Re: PEPID v11.0 ALL Suites